She is my whole world, perhaps my universe. Even as a teenager, she loves playing childish tricks and pranks. Mostly on me. But that is because I am her only friend, I think.

Friend. But I love her more then that. I love her enough to selfishly rip her humanity out of her just to be with me. But not yet. She is too young, too fragile to live as a vampire. I may be selfish, but I am not heartless enough to rip childhood from any mortal. Especially from one with hardly any happy childhood.

Her father was brutally massacred by an insane vampaneze. The vampaneze could have killed her, had I not been the one tracking him. I was sent by the princes to get rid of the vampaneze for aimlessly killing. I was too late to save Rosie's father, but the Vampire Gods allowed me to save Rosie. Two people died that night; Rosie's father and my target.

The proper thing for a Vampire General to do would be to leave the girl to figure out what to do next. But I could not. She stood beside me, shaking, clutching a small stuffed dog to her face, shielding her face from the bloodshed. She was seven years old at the time and I could hardly imagine what heartbreak and confusion she was going through her head.

Without thinking I held my hand out to her. She looked at me for a moment with large brown eyes, dropped her stuffed dog loosely to her side, and took my hand. Still looking at me, she asked, "What will happen now?"

I did not know what to say at first. Then I smiled and said, "What is your name?"

She giggled, a noise I hope to never forget, "Rosie."

"My name is Larten Crepsley. Would you like to come with me?"

"What will we do?" she asked.

"What would you like to do?"

She looked at her father. He was ripped to shreds. I had to close his eyes after I killed the vampaneze, but his mouth was gaping open in a scream that would never be heard or remembered. She looked back up at me and said, "I want to go with you."

And that is how we ended up together. I made sacrifices for her; I abandoned my General duties and denied my nomination to become a prince just for her. I could not tell my superiors why I did it, they would not understand. I simply and politely said that it was none of their business.

As years went by with my Rosie, she went through the normal human changes. At first, she called me "Daddy" but I told her countless times not to call me that. I did not want her to know me as that. Then she called me Mr. Crepsley, which I allowed. But as she hit her teenage years, she became fresh. She called me by my first name, thinking it meant disrespect. She did not do it to really disrespect me, but to perhaps get my attention.

She loved to fight. She remembered how I killed the vampaneze who killed her father and wanted to know how I did it. She wanted to learn to defend herself. I taught her and she picked up. I mostly taught her the basics because that was all I hoped she needed to know.

Because I was illiterate, I could not teach her to read and write. She did learn some when he father was alive, but could not read big words. I had no choice but to enroll her in school. A private school. I lay awake in my coffin all day thinking of her and how she is doing. I would get out of my coffin at sunset and find her sleeping on the floor right outside the door, too exhausted to finish the trek to her room. She had matched her sleeping patterns to mine in order to play with me more as a child. After two years of school, I took her out of school. She could read anything and her penmanship was readable (I think). I had to get her out of school because we had stayed in that town for too long. It was a vampire habit to not stay in one place for too long.

I have watched her grow. I have seen her cry and laugh. I know her more then anyone and I almost want to keep it that way. Nine years later, she is still with me. I never lied to her. I told her what I was and she did not mind. She knows and follows the vampire way like a real vampire.

Her story will be told by me, Larten Crepsley. I will start her story with a series of events that happened while she was with me in her earlier years. These stories are very important, so pay attention! The first few chapters are not in any particular sequence or order, but they will eventually, once I speak of her sixteenth year; her most important age.