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Before I opened my mouth my surrogate father opened his mouth as if he already knew what I was going to say.

"Go," whispered Aro before turning around and addressing the coven "you are all dismissed. Leave!"

I took Edwards hand in my own, knowing that doing so was causing more damage to the already growing situation. Whilst every vampire stood still, I raced towards the large, wooden doors but not without looking back. My eyes sought out Alec's eyes to see what he was feeling. All that reflected was darkness; I've never seen his eyes so black before. I don't know what he was feeling, maybe sorrow, hurt, rejection, betrayal. It could be any of those but it still hurt to see those emotions cross over his face. As I watched him, he turned his back to me and left the room. I was close to tears but I wouldn't let anyone see them. Before I led Edward out of the room, my eyes flicked to Jane. Her face was contorted with rage and I knew that if I was anyone else I would've been dead. Without another word I fled from the hall with Edward close behind me.

When I left the throne room, I led Edward to the outside courtyard. I knew that nobody would enter because Aro had given it to me as a birthday present many years ago. It had an array of different plants and animals. It was my version of The Secret Garden. There were many colourful flowers from peonies to roses, pansies to hydrangeas, sweet peas to lavender. In the middle of the courtyard was a beautiful willow tree that was fully grown. Under the canopy was a wooden bench. It was my favourite spot in the entire castle because it was were Alec had purposed to me. It was were I could find peace and quiet. It was the place were I could talk to Edward and not be disturbed.

I had tears brimming my eyes but I would not let them fall. I could not show weakness in a time like this; especially in front of Edward. He had caused me to much pain in my life and I didn't need anymore.

"Oh honey if you only knew what was in store for you. You need to get rid of Eddie ASAP and go find our husband" said Hellen.

I still hadn't looked at Edward since we arrived in my garden and that had been at least ten minutes ago. I knew he was just begging to ask me questions but I wasn't prepared for them. All I wanted to do was go find Alec and cry while he held me. However, that wasn't going to happen until I had sorted out my past. I just hoped that he would understand and wouldn't get mad. I knew it was time to face my past instead of trying to run away. So I gathered up my thoughts, took a deep breath, and spun around. When I turned around I saw Edward standing at the edge of the willow branches just starring at me. It was rather creepy to be honest. I couldn't take it anymore, he just kept starring as if he couldn't believe that I was real.

"Well no shit Bella! This is the man that you used to be 'madly in love' with. Last he saw of you was when he dumped your ass in the middle of a fucking forrest! He thought you had grown up, gotten married, and had babies; or, worse that you were dead! Not a fucking vampire" Hellen said sarcastically.

*cough cough* "Edward? Are you all right? You look like you just saw a ghost.." I said attempting to joke but failing.

"Bella? My sweet Bella? How, wha-, wher-, I can't beli-, I have to tell my fam-, Charli- OMG!" Edward said, but it was like he was talking to himself more then me.

"Edward, just stop and breathe. I'm not going to disappear. Just take a moment and calm down for a second."

As I was saying this, Edward rushed towards me and embraced me in a bone crushing hug. It was too much and I din't like it at all. I had no feelings for Edward any more. So I gently pushed him away and guided him to the bench. I sat him down and looked into his eyes. They were still topaz but they seemed to lifeless.

" Bella? How is this possible? I thought you were dead! Charlie, Rene, my family, myself, and even the wolf pack have searched for years for you but we never found anything. We didn't want to think the worst but after a while that's all you can think of. It consumes you and eats away until you are nothing. We all finally accepted that you we taken from us but we didn't want to believe it. There's a grave site and everything! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?! WHY BELLA, WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME!" Edward was in hysterics by the end of his rant. He was panting and had tears that would never fall in his eyes.

"Edward I will explain but I need you to understand something first." I stared at him for a moment expecting him to say something but he didn't so I continued. "I didn't leave you. You left me alone in a wet, cold, and darkening forrest. You, Edward, took my heart and ripped it out of my chest. You tore it to pieces that day and then trampled it when you left me by myself on the forrest floor. I'm grateful that you all looked for me, so thank you. Except, I will not apologize for becoming a vampire! It was not my choice but I am happy!" I told Edward, just hoping he would understand.

"How could you be happy! You have no more soul, no chance at starting a family. You won't see your children grow up and achieve all their goals and your dreams. You won't be with me!" Edward yelled.

"I don't want that Edward. I have never wanted that. I hated being human and I never saw the desire for children. However, I do have a soul! I don't believe in your crap about it not being there because I know it is there! If it wasn't I would not know what love is, or the meaning of family and friendship. I know I have a soul because I have an amazing father, a loving husband, and the best friend that I could ever ask for!" I shouted at Edward. "So how dare you of accuse me of having no soul when I have plenty!"

I must have caught him off guard because he just blankly stared at me. As if I had slapped him across the face. I guess in a way I had from my confession but he couldn't speak to me that way, not anymore.

"You go girl!" cheered Hellen.

"..Hus-band?" croaked Edward.

"Yes, unlike you Edward I have moved on. I don't spend my days living in the past because it is exactly that, the past. I had to move on Edward, and you made that very clear when you walked out on me. I found my mate and I couldn't be happier. You might know him, his name is Alec. His sister, Jane, is my best friend. Without them and Aro, I don't know what would've happened to me. I love them with all my heart." I told Edward with so much passion.

"I don't understand Bella."

"And that's okay, all you have to do is have the knowledge that I have moved on. Now if you excuse me I need to go find my family. I will tell Heidi that you are staying and get her to help you. For now, we will leave it here. I will explain more at a later date when you have had time to process all this information. Please do not seek me out, I will find you." I said to Edward wishing he would abide by my wishes, but I have a feeling that it wasn't going to go how I had hoped.

As I left the courtyard I passed many vampires. They were all whispering to each other and would stop as I walked by. Unfortunately they were not all kind with their secrets and accused me of many horrid things. I never wished to be called a whore but it would seem that I was since I left the hall with Edward and not Alec. I need to sort this mess out as soon as possible because I don't think I could handle it anymore. I continued to walk to my destination with my head held high and with tears in my eyes.

I soon found Heidi and explained what I needed to have happen regarding the situation with Edward. She tried to fish information out of me but I wasn't going to tell her anything. The only person I needed to talk about it was with Alec. I needed for him to know what happened before anything was said or done. I just wished that Edward wouldn't tell Heidi any scarring information about my past.

Soon I found myself out side Alec and mines bedroom. I could hear two different voices coming for inside the bedroom. There were two voice and they were talking at the same time. I could only guess that it was Alec and Jane. One voice sounds hurt and angry while the other one was yelling. I just wasn't sure which voice was whose. I stood in front of the door trying to collect myself. I needed to go in there with a level head otherwise it might turn into a blood bath. Both of the siblings had a temper and when they teamed up, it was a deadly. I just wanted to walk away and cry but I knew I had to do this. So I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Well it's time to face the music; try not to die" Hellen said.