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My name is Sam Puckett, and January 5, 2010, when I was 14…I was murdered.

"Hmm, well aren't you Olivia Puckett's daughter?" a man of about forty who I'd recognized as my neighbor, Mr. O'Neill asked me on the day of my death. I nodded and kept on my way to my best friend Carly Shay's home. He followed me. I looked back and turned a corner, he grabbed me, pulling me into an alleyway and ending my young life. I screamed, I kicked, but my fighting had been useless.

My friends worried…

"Hey, where's Sam?" Freddie asked, having a seat on the Shay's couch. Carly shrugged and sat down beside him. "She was supposed to be here five minutes ago." Freddie's .forehead creased in confusion, "What if…?" "No, Freddie, please don't start with that…I've called her and some man picked up…" Freddie then shifted to worry.

Carly and Spencer cried, my mom broke down, and Melanie isolated herself from the world, but Freddie…I think Freddie took it the hardest.

"No!" Freddie yelled as the police reported the news to my friends. "She…she's supposed to be invincible…" The police placed a comforting hand on his shoulder but he shook it off, walking angrily out of the Shay apartment.

When I died, I left the Earth…but I hadn't died completely.

The world was so new, so surreal. Everything I loved, I could find there.

Now my only hope of returning to complete my life was in the hands of Freddie…

"I'm telling you, it was Mr. O'Neill!" Freddie reasoned with the detective. Carly groaned. "Why won't you believe him?!" she cried out. "Because there's no evidence!" the detective replied quickly, storming away from the two.

I don't think my neighbor expected Freddie and Carly to be so determined…

Carly snuck through Mr. O'Neill's house, hiding under his bed as he entered the room. She screamed as he found her.

This is the story of the battle…

Carly fights, dodging Mr. O'Neill's hits. Screaming as she's pulled down a gun pointed at her head.

The bravery…

"Well, hello, Fredward." Mr. O'Neill greeted wickedly, sitting in his throwback chair, a glass of whiskey in hand. "I know you killed Sam." Freddie growled. Mr. O'Neill smirked. "If neither you, nor the law can prove it then as far as anyone else knows…I'm innocent."

The heartbreak…

I hid in a reflection within Freddie's window; he reached out to touch me, but all he felt was cold glass. I shed a tear as he turned away and I disappeared.

and the justice.

"Mr. O'Neill, you have the right to remain silent."

My story.

Lovely Bones.

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