Chapter 1

As a typical teenager I never liked reality.

Every morning I used to get up and think about the same thing, the same place, somewhere but not here. It used to hurt me so my much when my step-father John told me that I should stop daydreaming and think about now and my future. "Daydreaming won't get you a job in the future when you finish school."- He said to me once after giving out to me when I didn't pay attention to something on the radio about the current Leaving Cert students. But what if daydreaming can get me a job in the future? What if it'll give me an idea, a some kind of guideline of what I'd like to do when I finish school. All my friends had something to put down on their CAO forms but I had nothing. Nothing at all. I just couldn't see myself as a teacher or as a musician or as something that my parents would want to see me as. I've thought about it million times but never came up with anything interesting that I'd want to do for the rest of my life.

At one stage I really wanted to become a TV star. My mom said it'll be impossible so I started wishing of becoming an archaeologist instead. This time both of my parents stepped in against this idea. According to John, archaeologists don't get any money for spending their time playing in dirt. Being an artist was a bad idea too. They said that artist become famous only after their death. Yes, that was the understanding of art my parents had. But what they didn't have was the understanding of my world. They never thought about what I wanted to do. Of course I don't blame then, they only wanted the best for their child but I think what parents think is the best thing for their child, might not be the best thing at all.

So here I am, looking for something I want to do with my life.

*Beep- beep! Beep- beep!*

I looked at my phone which was lying beside me. "Oh not Victoria again." I thought out loud. She texted me again asking if I wanted to go out tonight with her and her boyfriend, Frank. Victoria and I are not exactly what you might call friends. We hang out together and talk but I just don't feel like trusting her with my thoughts and secrets. Whenever we go out somewhere we always ended up fighting. Thankfully now she has a new boyfriend so I don't have to accompany her everywhere she goes. I'm too sick to put up with another night out around her. So I texted her a quick "no" and continued with my pain-in-the-eye Home Economics.

In about 20 minutes of reading I fell asleep. My dream was about something out of this world. In this dream I saw a door in my basement and a little note hidden behind a very old painting that hung on the wall. I took the note and opened it but could not understand what it said, as it was on a different language that I didn't know. There were a few sketches of our house in the note but what caught my eye was a very detailed sketch of the basement. It looked a bit different to what the basement looks like now, but I recognised it straight away. And then I noticed there was part of the note that was torn off. As I looked at it closer, I realised the piece that's missing is the most important part in this note. Curiosity took the best of me and I started looked for the missing piece. I looked through old boxes filled with dusty toys and then looked into mom's ancient chest with newspapers and magazines but found nothing. It was then my dream got blurry and completely meaningless, the only thing I remembered from this mess was my granddad's face. It was like he knew something that must have been important to me. He just stared into my eyes and suddenly smiled a wide grin.

"Happy birthday" he whispered.