Caught in an Abyss

By: HKrisH

Fic Info and Updates:
Hey all. As a disclaimer, as always, I do not own any of these characters; they all belong to their respected creators who work for Disney. This will be the second Kim Possible fic that I write that actually has chapters. lol My first one was pretty well received for the most part. =3 I got a lot of good reviews. So, this time I will attempt to do something a little bit different. If there is another fan fiction that resembles this one, please don't flame me. I haven't read that many fics and I don't mean to steal anyone else's ideas

Anyway, this is just the prologue. It's supposed to be short and I know it seems to go by quickly but that's because I started in the middle of something. lol This time I'm going for something a little different than the last one that I wrote. It will probably seem a little cliché and over done in some areas, but oh well. Let's see how Shego deals with being out of place for once.


"Aahhh-!" Kim moaned in pain when she was slammed against the wall with Shego's foot pressed firmly to her neck merely a second after the impact. The thief seemed to laugh low in her throat, but Kim couldn't concentrate on the sound, as her windpipe was being constricted by the woman's boot. Shego chuckled a little more when she saw Kim struggle to get air. She felt sorry for girl, in a sadistic sort of way, so she lowered her leg and let her nemesis fall to the floor. Kim coughed and couldn't seem to get her footing fast enough. She looked up at Shego with as much hate as she could muster in her eyes, which turned out to be very little.

"You fucking-" She got cut off again as Shego picked Kim up by her throat causing the young woman to start choking again.

"Watch your tongue their Princess... Such bad words..." The taller woman grinned.

"Let-Mmee... down!" Kim coughed between words and struggled to get them out. Shego just grinned and was about to throw the girl against another wall. Kim used all of her force to kick both legs up and hit Shego just under her collar bone hard enough to send the woman across the room. Shego hit her head on a large, electronic console, denting the flimsy plating. Kim coughed a few times before she stood from her knees and walked over to make sure that the woman was still conscious. Much to her surprise, Shego laid there unmoving yet still breathing. "Oh shit..." She muttered under her breath.

"Irreversible water hatch opened. Enjoy your last three minutes of life" The intercom somehow was programmed to say in a cheery voice. All Kim could hear was the constant blaring of the alarm system going through its countdown while the portholes in the lair burst and filled the facility with water.

"Of all times for Ron to not come with me..." She groaned to herself. The water was already up to her calves. She was about to start towards the exit of the lair as she turned on her Kimmunicator. "Wade, I need you to set up ride in the middle of the Atlantic."

"I'll get right on it Kim." Wade responded quickly typing something into his computer. Kim was about to respond with the water already past her thighs. She then stopped and looked behind her to see Shego lying one the ground, the cold ocean waters starting to consume her body. The pale woman was almost completely submerged. Kim looked at the door and the direction of the emergency evacuation vehicles and then behind her to the rest of the lair. Her mind moving a million miles, she managed to spot a door that appeared to be water tight.

"Wade, cancel that evac and do your best to catch this signal before it goes dead!" Kim yelled over the roaring waters before swimming towards Shego, who was rapidly beginning to sink under the rising water.

"Kim what are you-" Wade was cut off by static as Kim dove under the water as fast she she could. She kicked her legs quickly to make it to Shego and wrapped her arm around the woman before making her way to the water tight door. There was a glass barrier around it. Kim looked at the hand scanner and quickly removed one of Shego's gloves, placing her hand on the device. Small bubbles began to escape from her mouth and nose; she couldn't hold her breath much longer. The small glass hatch opened and once she was inside it instantly shut behind her. Even in the water, Kim could hear some sort of voice explaining something. The water in the glass environment began to drain as though it were a shower that was over filled. Kim gasped for breath and then looked around her in the glass bubble. The glass dome was timed and pressure controlled based on its appearance, making it impossible to trick the door into draining the whole lair.

That's when the large water tight doors opened to reveal Drakken's bedroom. It was enormous with a large king bed, a fireplace, a mini-bar as well as an assortment of sofas and couches. There were three other doors in the room that Kim could only assume, as she carefully hefted Shego onto the bed, were at least a bathroom and a closet.

"Typical Drakken..." Kim said aloud. The young woman sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. And placed her head in her hands, taking a quick moment to think about what had just happened. Everything had happened so quickly. She didn't even know if Wade had the chance to track the her before the Kimmunicator's signal went dead, thanks to being waterlogged. Thinking back on what happened, she didn't understand how she was able to get here so quickly.

"Then again..." She thought to herself. "They said that you'll do anything with ten times as much persistence when..." The redhead looked at Shego who thankfully had a reflex to hold her breath while still unconscious. Kim gently placed her hand on the woman's leg and sighed to herself.

All she could do now was wait.


To be continued in Ch. 1

Next Time: Shego wakes up and finds and uncomfortable situation. How soon until the two women are rescued?