Caught in an Abyss - Epilogue

Fic Info and Update:
Well I started this almost immediately after the last chapter. I guess I miss writing more than I thought. Anyway, Please enjoy this little story.


(June 23 - Month Eight Back Home)

Kim couldn't believe it.

She just really couldn't believe it.

She was sitting in the back of a Kamanchi helicopter being lead away from her first mission in five months. Global Justice and Betty in particular had been rather insistent that she be left in the care of a G.J. doctor to watch over her healing process after she returned from the award ceremony. Some tests showed that the heart murmur that they discovered was more serious than they thought. The electrocution that she had suffered while in the custody of Doctor Drakken was much more severe than any of the physicians had anticipated. The damage to her body was also rather invasive. After a series of tests and two months in the infirmary, Kim was finally allowed to go home and sleep in her own bed, though she was left to deal with an overly doting mother hanging over her shoulder.

The redhead grimaced, remembering some of the things her mother had been present for while she was in the Global Justice hospital; while under constant watch, she was not allowed to leave her room, but that didn't stop Shego from being forceful and pushing her way into Kim's room, even when Anne had said it was too dangerous for the both of them. Shego had even gone so far as to abandon her wheel chair while still in the first stages of healing, and using her powers to try and burn through the lock on the door when she thought no one was looking. When Anne had found Shego, she was sitting in a plastic chair with her head on Kim's pillow with the young woman, their red and black hair spilling around them in a small pile. Unfortunately for the redhead, she had been muttering in her sleep causing Shego to mutter back about some unspeakable things. Anne had blushed furiously and gone to fetch another doctor to get the former thief.

Kim sighed as she looked out of the side of the vessel. She was wearing a smile as she mused on her partner. Shego walked over and sat behind her, placing a gentle but firm hand on the girl's shoulder.

"What's on your mind, Kimmie?" The green and black clad woman asked. Her lips were obscured by the mouth piece connected to her headset. Kim looked up at her with a smile then over at Ron who was playing with Rufus in the seat across from her. She didn't feel like divulging everything on her mind while he was able to hear.

'Nothing much." She turned and moved their mouth pieces so she could place a gentle kiss on the other woman's lips. "Just you." She smiled when they finally parted. Shego was taken aback by the soft gesture and then actually found herself blushing despite her bullheaded nature.

"And here I thought you would have been tired after your first mission." She smiled.

"I'm never going to be too out of shape for a mission." Kim looked back out and started watching as the cityscape below took over the previously ocean covered view

"Does that mean that you're not too out of shape for a little training session..?" Shego leaned in close and placed a light peck on Kim's cheek, being careful not to bump headsets with the other girl.

"Never." Kim smirked and looked up at her lover.

"Hey that's my look." Shego teased.

"Guess you're rubbing off on me."

"I'd rather be rubbing on you." She snickered.

Suddenly there were two clicks over the headset and both of the girls looked up. Kim blushed when she saw Ron, the two army men, and the captain all taking glances up at them. Shego just laughed harder and reached her arms around the hero's mid-drift to hold her... And give her full breasts a light squeeze.

"Shego!" Kim squeaked.


After Team Possible was dropped off at the Middleton Global Justice Headquarters, they were ready to hit the showers and head down to their personal training grounds. They were stopped in the middle of a little wrestling and hugging match by Doctor Director, who raised an elegant eyebrow as the two women stopped in their tracks on the concrete walkway, Shego with an arm around Kim's neck and Kim pushing elbow into Shego's ribs playfully. When she noticed the look the Director was giving her she quickly jabbed her elbow into Shego's ribs who coughed and almost fell over from the unexpected assault. Kim straightened and smiled with her hands behind her back in the shape of a heart that only Shego could see. The older woman grimaced as she coughed and stood, giving Kim a good punch in the shoulder as she wheezed. She was still recovering, it would seem.

"Well, now that that's over..." Betty muttered and straightened herself as well. "I thought I had told you two that this is strictly a professional environment."

"Of course, Doctor Director." Kim started. "I was just showing Shego-"

"We were just having a little fun, Betty." Shego interrupted. "Lighten up." The former thief moved to stretch her arms over her head, completely ignoring her "boss's" stern look for addressing her so informally.

"When I signed the paperwork to have your criminal record wiped, you were informed that you were to follow all rules and regulations set by Global Justice and its leaders, including myself and soon to be Kim Possible." Betty heaved out, being a little more dramatic than necessary. She was steaming at Shego's impudence. When she was about to continue, the raven-haired woman stopped her by placing a hand up.

"Wait, what?" She asked simply. Betty stopped and looked at them both for a moment. Her eyes then widened and she realized what she had revealed to Shego on what should have been a "need-to-know-basis." She sighed and motioned to Kim loosely with her hand while rubbing her temple with the other. The redhead looked down at the ground and blushed furiously.

"I am being 'promoted,'" Betty used air quotations as she spoke, "and reassigned to a base in Nevada. Someone has to take my place when I am gone. After having mulled it over for some time, the officials have decided that it would be better for Kim Possible to take the seat rather than Will Du, much to his dismay..." She scowled remembering the image of a flailing Will as he finally broke out of his stick-in-the-mud character and shouted expletives at his boss. Betty had just let him rant and get it out of his system. Otherwise, she was afraid he might explode someday.

"So that means that I'll be in charge of the Middleton, Upperton, Lowerton, and Go City Divisions of Global Justice..." Kim continued to look down at the ground sheepishly. Shego on the other hand just stood there aghast as if she were a deer in the headlights. Waving a hand in front of her eyes, Betty realized that the woman had left the conversation and decided that she had gotten herself in enough trouble, so she left the two to muse on this new development while she made a getaway.


It had taken Kim a good ten minutes to get Shego to move after that. Kim decided it was a good idea to take Shego back to their shared apartment, which had previously only been the hero's two bedroom home. Shego was silent on the way home, musing on what the Director has said. She had known that Kim was a wonderful agent and that she was intelligent and resourceful.

But knowing that her girlfriend was going the be the head of Global Justice, an agency that had until recently tried to incarcerate and destroy her, was just mind blowing. "I can't believe it..." She thought to herself. To her, working for Global Justice was one thing; she had something to gain from it and she was in debt to the facility for having dozens and dozens of doctors fussing over her.

But this...

When she plopped on the couch and laid down, watching the redhead look at her with concern in her eyes, Shego finally snapped out of it.

"So you're going to be the leader of Global Justice..." She muttered. Kim hesitated.

"Yeah..." She said and looked away, sitting in the armchair perpendicular to the couch. "Well kind of... Just of the four divisions..." Shego's next question surprised them both.

"Will you still be going on missions?" Kim looked up and seemed perplexed.

"Maybe not as many, but I'm not going to be stuck in the office all day if that's what you mean. Betty had a secretary, but she never let her do any of the paperwork."

Shego sat up and placed her hands on her knees before standing up and walking over to the redhead. She gave her a caring but quizzical look. She tried to think of why this really bothered her. It couldn't be because of her past occupation. She left that behind the moment she told Kim she loved her. She ran a gentle hand over Kim's cheek who was still looking at her with concern and a little fear that the taller woman might leave her because of this. When tears began to well up in the young hero's eyes, Shego thought of Betty for a moment. She thought of the eye patch she wore, and the reason she wore it.

Shego wasn't about to tell Kimmie, but the reason Betty had such a hard time accepting Shego was because of her damaged eye. It had been an accident. There was no real harm meant to happen. But as Shego tried to escape from her very first criminal act, stealing the crown jewels of London, a young Doctor Director, on her first mission as an agent, was caught in a cross-fire; Shego's plasma had been charged and released as a pinpoint blast to quickly and easily blow the firearms out of the other agents' hands. But Betty stepped in the way... And at that moment, all Shego could hear were the woman's screams... All she remembered after that was knocking the other agents unconscious and dragging the blinded and screaming Betty to the hospital. Still being recognized at a hero of Go City, she waited in the emergency room until Betty emerged the next day, with her previously long hair singed short and a bandage wrapped around half of her face, protecting her eye. They had stared at each other for a long moment when Shego had picked herself up from her seat and walked over to see the woman in the wheel chair. Shego didn't know why Betty hadn't arrested her then. She was willing to be arrested at that time. She figured it was because the agent was torn between seeing her as the criminal who nearly killed her and the hero that had brought her to the hospital.

"Shego...?" Kim questioned, pulling the woman from her thoughts. The pale woman looked into her princess' now tear laden eyes and sighed. She pulled the girl up from the chair and brought her into warm embrace.

"It's too dangerous, Kimmie..." Shego muttered, near whispered, into Kim's ear."I don't want to see you get hurt..."

Kim was frozen for a moment. She slowly wrapped her arms around Shego, taking in her warmth and her scent. Then she started to chuckle and it slowly grow into a hardy laugh. Shego growled in her throat and pushed Kim back a little to look into her eyes. The girl was actually laughing at what she had said. The former-thief was about to retaliate verbally, when Kim held up a hand to stop her and leaned back to finish her laugh.

"I'm sorry..." She said, still fighting back a chortle.b"It's just you reminded me of something..."

"And what's that..." Shego crossed her arms defiantly and cocked her hip to the side.

"When I first started Team Possible, I was told it was too dangerous." She smiled and finally simmered down. "That I would fight the worst criminals and the toughest people on the planet." She looked out the window for a moment. "And they were right." She smiled as she looked back to her lover. The look Kim gave her though caused the great Shego to blush. She moved her arms so one was by her side while the other held the bicep of the first, looking almost like a child that had been told they were wrong.

"Princess, I'm not the scariest thing you'll ever face..." The raven-haired woman looked up, almost sheepishly. Kim smiled. She wrapped her arms around Shego and pulled her down into her lap, both of them falling into the arm chair.

"And we will handle them together." Kim said simply. Shego looked a little surprised. "What? You think that because I'm the leader of Global Justice that I'm going to shirk my duties as you're supervising agent? You are a part of Team Possible now. I know that things are only going to get more dangerous for me because. Instead of megalomaniacs trying to take over the world," Shego laughed at the remark. "I'll be dealing with the whole world. And I know I can't take it on by myself."

Kim leaned in for a kiss, stealing a passionate embrace and refusing to let go. Eventually she had to breath and pulled away the few inches that she could.

"And I mean what better body guard could I ask for than the great and powerful Shego?" Kim smirked. Shego looked a little surprised as she took in the heartfelt words and then the snarky remark at the end. With a grin of her own, Shego pushed herself up, using the arms of the chair to reposition herself so she was straddling Kim's hips.

"Does this mean I have to take orders from you..." She whispered in a sultry voice next to Kim's ears. The young woman shivered under the weight of Shego's body. Then the redhead grinned from ear to ear.

"Yes it does..." She whispered back as she placed her hands on Shego's shoulders. "Now..." She said, her voice smooth and sensual. "Drop down... and give me twenty..." Shego began moving her head down to place gentle kisses on Kim's neck and collar bone. She began unbuttoning the front of the other woman's uniform, revealing the white tank top underneath. Sliding her hands up under the cotton fabric, Shego looked up at her "superior" with a ferocious looking grin.

"Yes, Lieutenant Director..." Shego said before biting at the younger woman's neck.

"Whatever your say, Princess..."


The End.