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Truth, Justice, and the Amazon Way — Ch. 1: Unknown Unknowns

by Mark Question

How it began was innocent, a thought germinated from the black and white pages of a book discovered by happenstance.

It was in the dusty, little used back-room closet of his two bedroom apartment that Diana found the harmless looking paper binding resting unassumingly against a floorboard. Her first reaction after examining it had been surprise, a form of disbelief which soon swayed into a blush, leaving her swearing never again to volunteer to help Clark with his springtime cleaning while he was away.

The man obviously had more dirt in his closet than just lined the walls and floorboards.

The title of the book read: 'Role-Playing for Dummies'. It made no further attempt to explain itself, arrogantly speaking a code its readers would instantly understand. She flipped to a content index before lighting on a highlighted page that read "Domination". It had only taken Diana a brief glance for her to figure out it wasn't a biography on Stalin, or even a dissertation on the merits of competitive sports for the disinclined, but something else entirely.

The entire thing was 'something' more sinister; a secret of the prim and proper newspaperman not immediately obvious on his sleeve or the prose of his weekly Sunday Editorial.

So, naturally, she should've put the book down right away. Shoved it into the forgotten recesses of said closet to be, well – forgotten. At least by her. The subject or question of its existence never to be broached.

At least not by her.

And naturally, she did all of these things – wedging it back where she'd found it, resolving not to ask or wonder why he had it or where he'd bought it.

It wasn't her concern.

Shoving the thoughts from her mind much like she had the book into the closet, The Amazon went about the important business of everything else in the apartment that was not the book. When that was exhausted, she exchanged casual dress for something more serious – tiara, bracelets, and lasso; scanning to make sure she was alone before lifting off and into the air. Metropolis wasn't her city, but the residents were used to the presence of heroes, delighted with one as beloved as Wonder Woman above their heads.

Everyone knew Superman and Wonder Woman were friends.

For once the night was uneventful. As if the city's gallery of rogues sensed its sentinel's departure and dared not tempt him back. She managed to stop one robbery attempt at the Metropolis First National Bank, foil an attempted purse snatching on Fourth and Grand, and assist in the cleanup of a train derailment. All the while, not once thinking of the implications of a small book, back in the closet of a dusty closet, sandwiched between a copy of Robert Frost and a second edition of 'War and Peace'.

Returning to his apartment, she changed again, made herself tea, already having made herself at home. After the two had started to see each other romantically, it had become like a second one. Each had managed to leave a belonging at the others place of residence – like a ritualized mark of territory.

Finding herself making a second cup of brew, Diana then checked in with J'onn, just to look in on things – never mind that she didn't have watchtower duty until the day after the next, she liked to be thorough. It had nothing to do with a certain book, and any curiosity about it and why Clark had it.

Who knew, maybe it wasn't even his? Or maybe it was and it had been a gift.

Or maybe...

Eventually, she gave up the pretense and just went and found it. Scooping it up from the disused nook without further preamble.

It most certainly was her concern.

Flipping past what she'd already read, the Amazon lighted on a fresh page, not for the first time curious why the rest of his library of books were openly displayed, but Clark had this one hidden away. Its contents brought a flush to her cheeks, true, but they weren't that bad. Amazon's had a number of works on the erotic, there was no shame in it.

When Clark got back, he would find that in his absence Diana had taken care of his apartment for him, watering the plants, collecting his mail. His neighbors in the building – some just acquaintances, others friends – already knew he had a girlfriend, so no one had been suspicious of the tall, statuesque brunette who occasionally visited, queerly never needing to make use of the elevator or the stairs.

She was a leggy one, they thought. That, and nice. Serene.

Had he looked, Clark might've noticed a certain book, hidden away, wasn't so hidden anymore, and in fact, wasn't even there.

Had he looked.


What Diana couldn't know was that the little binding had been purchased by none other than Clark himself – interestingly enough, for none other than her.

Utilizing a judicious burst of super-speed, Clark had procured the book by zipping into a small, independently owned and operated adult bookstore on Metropolis' Lower West Side. The cashier, sorting inventory and not seeing anyone in the shop at the time, was none the wiser as to how $19.95 in crisp denominations miraculously appeared on his counter.

Put quite simply, Clark had a particular... fantasy, but he was too embarrassed to broach the subject directly to her. It was cowardly, but eventually he resolved an indirect nudge would be the best way to proceed; find out whether it was something she'd like, without actually querying the pickle of a question himself.

It seemed like a stroke of genius at the time.

Thus, the business trip. With him gone, Diana would occasionally stop by to maintain the upkeep of his apartment – something he did when she was likewise indisposed. Though a minor deception, his conscience was assuaged by the conviction that he would tell her, albeit at some later time. Two days before he was to leave, he'd snuck into his closet – which, couldn't really be termed sneaking; it was his closet, after all – and left the unassuming book under a pile.

Batman wasn't the only one that could plan ahead.

Leaving nothing to chance, he'd bookmarked the section in the book that pertained to his little fantasy. The rest, he didn't care about. When she saw it, it would be a simple matter of knowing, and deciding whether she had an interest or not.


When he'd returned from his business trip – which was genuine, a colleague at the Planet had left for the competing Globe, and Perry had asked him temporarily to take the workload, which included a bout of foreign correspondence work – he'd found the book missing from the closet. All was going according to plan.

At that point, it was just a waiting game.

What Clark, however, didn't know and couldn't have anticipated, was that, in his haste, he'd displaced his bookmarks and accidentally reinserted them into the wrong sections in the book. So when the Amazon had found it, conveniently perched where he'd left it, she'd found the marked portions, just as he'd hoped, but she'd had no way of knowing the mistake.

What he didn't know that he was about to find out was that what Diana didn't know could, in fact, wind up hurting him.


Two days passed, then three, then a week. There was nothing. And after a point, he forgot, going so far as to cast away the silly idea to begin with. Nothing had come of it.

Until one night, when something did.

In bed and alone together, Clark couldn't help but notice an abnormality, a ripple in what he knew and had cataloged as the current of Diana's behavior, the flow of her desire and wants.

She was...

... more.

Which didn't really explain it very well. Because she was already quite a lot, but more in that she demanded more, with her lips and her words and the gentle insanity that was the coaxing of her body. Always had she known what she wanted, but now, she vocalized it like never before. No longer seemingly content to just let their passion dictate their course, she became explicit, expectant. A mathematician confident in the veracity of her equation, not a pupil experimenting in cause and effect.

"You seem different." He grunted, sweating, because he was inside her, which was, for him, akin to an altered state. The only drug he'd ever need.

She smiled. It was dark – the night, not the smile, well, maybe that too – but he could still see her clearly. He always could. "Do I?" The Amazon asked.

He eyed the column of her throat. "You do."

Shifting, the Kryptonian moved, turning them over, but his efforts were intercepted, and she tried to pin him back underneath her. He chuckled, indulging her, but after a few minutes when he moved again to do the same and was met with equally lame results, he started to become frustrated.

An unholy light seemed to burn behind her eyes. Lit by the friction of his skin bared against hers.

Then she'd slapped him.

He sputtered. Totally caught off guard. "You just hit me." Apparently a side effect of being hit by an Amazon was stating the obvious.

"I know."

She did it again.

He gritted his teeth, never having seen this side of her. Frankly, he hadn't even known it existed, and he wasn't sure whether he liked it. He preferred it when it she was doing it to Solomon Grundy or Darkseid. Lovemaking was about intimacy and connection, pleasure and the reinforcement of everything and everywhere words failed. Not getting slapped in the face by a woman strong enough to wreck a tank.

"Stop that."

Diana bit her lip. Face a rainbow of pink. "I'm sorry."

"It's all right–"

He was interrupted by her slapping him again. Clark cursed.

"Hey–" her hand was in his hair, making what could vaguely be interpreted as a sensual crawl from the curve of his ear, slopping along to his scalp. Except it was anything but sensual the way she was doing it: palming his face. The Amazon only ended up pushing his hair into his face, pulling on it almost to the point of pain. He was... having trouble... breathing... "Whaph–" he tried to protest, words muffled by her hand dragging bizarrely – erotically, she thought – over his mouth. "Stoph... stoph thack!"

Suddenly her hand did. On top of him, her sexy gyrations that accompanied it ceased as well.



"You just... you appeared uncomfortable."

He clenched his jaw, deliberating on how best to respond. 'Please stop suffocating me' and 'gosh it would be swell if you didn't asphyxiate me' were mood killers.

"What was that?" he finally asked. Settling on a more neutral investigation.

"I thought we'd try something new. Did you like it?"

He hedged his bets. "You might say that."

"Really? I was afraid you wouldn't. I'm... glad."

She reached for his face again, to begin the lovers dance anew, but the man beneath her hesitated.. Diana frowned; 'Role-Playing for Dummies – Chapter 12: Domination' had said that pain and pleasure could be equal partners in foreplay. To make it fresh and new. Diana tried to take this to heart. What for her had been dubious uncertainty at first had just now blossomed into satisfaction at Clark's reaction and approval.

"Kal, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing. Maybe we could... try something else."

"But I thought you enjoyed it?"

"Oh, no, I... did." He argued quickly, "I do. I am. So much. So much. It's just that... I'm tired. Why don't we just... snuggle instead?"


"Right." He agreed. "I'd love that so much, to just snuggle. Nothing else."

"Is that really what you wish?" she asked, shifting above him.



It was almost endearing, the way the warrior-Amazon looked like a deflated child denied her new favorite toy. A few minutes later Diana lay on his chest, head rested against his shoulder deep in sleep. For the remainder of the night, she lay curled softly into his side. But Clark lay wide awake.

Things were not turning out how he'd planned.


Author's Note: Clark's sure got himself in a situation. No one to blame but himself, really (and me!). Hope you guys enjoyed that. I'll post more chapters as soon as I can. Tell me what you think!