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Naruto stared out at the town he could see from the top of the hill he was standing on. Immediately, Sakura, Kakashi, and Konan were beside him, viewing the town for themselves- noticeably, all four of them were tense. From this distance, they could at least see that it was a bustling town full of humans, though the general style was a far cry from anything in the Elemental Nations- as described by Hinata earlier, but they wanted to be extra sure for themselves. Kakashi sighed as he relaxed his stance. "Well, this proves it- wherever we are... we're nowhere near home."

Naruto grit his teeth in frustration. "Damn it all... Sasuke... where did you go? Where did... you take us?"

- - -


Naruto had been chosen to take part in what was supposed to be a final assault against Akatsuki- well, what was left of it, anyways. All that really remained now were Madara, Sasuke, and his "team"- everyone else, including the weird plant dude, had been confirmed dead.

The alliance consisted of extremely powerful members from each Hidden Village who had been affected by Akatsuki- which translated to all of them. Kakashi, as Hokage, had handpicked Naruto and Sakura due to their extreme abilities in offense, and in Sakura's case her ability to heal others. He had also brought along Hinata, who was extremely distance capable compared to even "gifted" Byakugan users, in order to track anybody should they try to escape (sadly, Madara was capable of "warping" impossible distances), and Tenzo (known to Naruto as "Yamato"), as both a capable jutsu-specialist and to handle Naruto... just in case, even though his hold over the Youko was greatly diminished since Naruto lost his necklace during the battle with Pain, and conversely the seal had somehow strengthened while Naruto was fighting.

The Raikage had chosen himself and his brother to destroy Akatsuki- "No one else was needed", as he claimed. And with good reason- even with one arm, the Raikage's jutsu were entirely seal-less, so his fighting style suffered only in that it was now slightly more predictable. As for his brother, the man had laid claim to Kisame's blade Samehada, and now enjoyed the full benefits of such a fearsome weapon- able to completely negate other people's chakra, add it to his own already massive supplies, while still being able to wield the extremely fearsome demonic chakra of the beast inside of him. Killer Bee and Naruto immediately hit it off, and the Raikage was surprised that Kakashi had chosen the boy as his personal bodyguard. Apparently the news that Naruto had been the one that defeated the previous leader of Akatsuki, Pain, had not reached his ears. Hinata, on the other hand, was scared half to death of the Kumo ninja- though she admitted it was more a phobia than anything to do with them in particular.

The Mizukage, a woman known as Terumi Mei, had chosen the same two people she had brought with her to the meeting of the Kage- Chojuro, a lad Naruto's age and yet of the same famed group that once counted Zabuza and Kisame among their numbers, and Ao, a man who apparently had taken the Byakugan off of a Konoha shinobi's corpse. When he first revealed this ability, he had angered Kakashi by comparing their eyes, and implying that Kakashi had done worse- stealing the eye from his own comrade. The self-control he had built up over the years, and especially during his recent tenure as Hokage, allowed him to do no more than give the venomous remark- "It was a gift."

The Tsuchikage, an extremely short old man known as Onoki, did the same- he brought along his two bodyguards, a giant of a man and a rather manly woman. The woman seemed interested in killing Sasuke, which Naruto silently took offense to- Kakashi knew the boy would try to save the fiend, but everyone else on the alliance- especially Raikage and Bee- were dead set on his death.

Gaara, not surprisingly, brought along his two siblings, but in addition to them he brought along a girl that many of the ninja hadn't heard of, but Naruto recognized her as a girl named "Matsuri"- Sakura and Kakashi only knew her as "one of Gaara's crazy fangirls".

Takigakure had declined to join in on the assault, because losing their Jinchuriki was a "negligible loss", and their other grudge with Akatsuki- their hiring of Kakuzu- had already been settled, which had angered Naruto greatly. Amegakure, on the other hand, was willing to provide as many supplies as necessary, and Konan herself appeared to help fight Sasuke's team. She refused, however, to actually fight Madara directly, claiming he was far too powerful for her to be of any help (Kakashi had to roll his eyes at that one- she had taken out a great many of Konoha's shinobi effortlessly, and was only distracted by the Aburame).

Hinata was able to spot their lair far before Ao was, and they had closed in on it quite quickly. Like the first lair they had come across, it was protected by little more than a boulder in front of a cave. They hadn't even bothered to protect it in advance- apparently their seal master was long dead. Ao, whose Byakugan was far more chakra sensitive than Hinata's, had warned them that they were attempting a non-contractual summoning of some sort- an extremely large one, at that, and it was apparently nearing completion. Raikage and Sakura punched through the boulder as quickly as possible- the plans had already been discussed well in advance, this was far too valuable of a mission to be just making things up as they went.

Everyone charged through the debris as quickly as they could, but they were too late; the summoning jutsu activated as soon as they could see where they were going. A giant gate rose from the ground, but unlike the ones that Orochimaru summoned, this one was decorated with an image- a great dragon, breathing fire, fighting a great demon, covered in dark energy, fighting against the backdrop of the night sky. It was rather awe-inspiring... and then it decided to open, rather slowly. Even the smallest crack, however, greatly increased the flow of the air in the room, and the alliance realized they would need to work quickly in order to prevent its full opening.

Sasuke's three squad mates stood defiantly in front of the alliance. The big one apparently had a Curse Seal, as he began transforming into the Level 2 state that had been reported as exclusive to Orochimaru's followers. The swordsman took out what remained of Zabuza's blade- even with more than half of it chopped off, he refused to use another blade besides one of those of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen. Since this was now known information, it was decided that Killer Bee be the one who "disposed of" Suigetsu. Bee had taken him out easily before, and as the only swordsman in the group- and wielding the most powerful of the Seven Swords- it wouldn't even be a problem, and Bee liked the irony of it all. Raikage had volunteered to curbstomp Juugo, as the man was no match for him. Sakura had insisted on taking on their chakra sensor- apparently, they had met before. Everyone else was either to assault Madara and Sasuke,who were EXTREMELY dangerous, or sneak-attack the other ninja should they somehow have tricks up their sleeves (Konan in particular volunteered for this job).

The three heavy-hitters leaped towards their targets, and each were blocked by their opponents- Bee, by water chakra running through Suigetsu's blade and extending beyond it. Raikage, by sand that appeared from nowhere. Finally, Sakura's advance was thwarted by a wall of ghostly blue flames.

All three of the allied shinobi jumped backwards, and shock spread throughout the alliance. Gaara was first to speak. "Shukaku... that's... that's his sand!"

The Mizukage spoke next. "And that water-blade ability, which could even thwart Samehada... that was the Third Mizukage's specialty! Where did you learn that?!"

Both Raikage and Killer Bee took note of Karin's ability, as well. Bee spoke first, his tone mournful. "Yugito's flames... "

His older brother, however, spoke with a tone far more venomous. "You... you instilled these brats with the power of the Bijuu?! Have you no shame?!"

Madara chuckled at their reactions. "Well... it's not like it's permanent or anything. Bijuu sealed into adult hosts are more easily removable, and far less likely to kill their hosts upon removal... though, it's something I could never attempt with Bijuu as powerful as, say, the Kyuubi."

The gate had cracked open wider now, and the wind was now blowing around loose clothes and hair. Naruto grit his teeth as he glared at Sasuke, who was staring at him impassively. "And you, did you take that power too?!"

Sasuke smirked- something Madara noted he had not done in his presence before. "Of course I didn't. Those beasts can be tamed with nothing but a glare- I don't need the power of beasts like that."

Raikage growled. "Enough banter, they need to be killed!" Immediately, he ran at Juugo again, and again the sand came up to meet him- but before Juugo could even blink he was punched from behind, and slammed into his own sand wall.

Killer Bee charged Suigetsu, Samehada in hand. He made a swinging motion well in advance, causing Samehada to stretch like a whip. As Suigetsu moved to block it, Bee suddenly appeared to the side, a chakra-enhanced kunai in hand. Suigetsu decided the blade was more important, but the moment Samehada was deflected, the kunai pierced his body, leaving him paralyzed from the electric shock. "D-damn it..."

Sakura quickly attacked Karin again, who commanded the flames to attack Sakura. Sakura grabbed the earth beneath her, lifted up a gigantic piece of stone, and merely tossed it through the flames at Karin. The flames, not being particularly hot, were easily passed through by the boulder, and Karin was only barely able to not get splattered by it. The chunk continued sailing through the air, and slipped through the now moderately open gate. At the moment, the ninja were having a hard time even just standing without using chakra to hold to the ground, due to how powerful the winds were. What was behind the gate was now clearly visible- it looked like the night sky, but the Alliance knew there was something far more sinister behind it.

Kankuro growled at his sister. "Can't you do something about this wind?"

Temari, appropriately enough, barked her answer at him. "With what? My wind jutsu are meant for blowing, not... did that on purpose!"

Kankuro, despite himself and the seriousness of the situation, laughed at his sister's expense. "Maybe, maybe not."

Kakashi gave the signal- the three forward ninja were either disposed of or distracted, so now they could focus on Sasuke and Madara, the last of the Uchiha. Naruto, already in Sage Mode, charged Sasuke, causing the Uchiha boy to smirk evilly as his Mangekyou Sharingan activated. "That's not very smart..." His smirk changed to a frown when his vision was blocked by Gaara's sand, which was now actively trying to grab him. "You barely beat me WITH Shukaku, Gaara, what makes you think you can beat me now that you've lost that power?"

Gaara's response was monotone, but the Alliance shinobi could sense Gaara's intent. "Because... I have friends, who I fight to protect. The same reason why Naruto was able to defeat me when you couldn't."

Sasuke glanced downwards, and Naruto burst from the ground, fist first, as he had once done against Neji. Sasuke casually dodged the attack, but was surprised with the speed Naruto showed in attacking him with a spin kick. He knew he was unable to avoid it- his actual speed had surpassed his reaction time once more, even with his fully mature Sharingan- so he was forced to summon Susano'o to block the attack. He was even more surprised to see the armor crack significantly when Naruto's shoe connected with it, and Sasuke slid backwards a bit, towards the ever-widening gate. "What the... you weren't like this before.." Sasuke stared into his opponent's eyes, and noticed their cross-shaped pupils. "You... your eyes..."

Naruto grimaced. "Thanks for noticing. I'm not the Naruto you knew, Sasuke. I'm far more powerful, far more knowledgeable... and far more understanding of you."

Sasuke clenched his teeth in anger- how dare he?! "What do you know of my hatred?! What do you know about losing your family because someone decided to kill them?! What do you know about me?!"

Naruto's stare was unwavering. "You know Jiraiya, right? He took care of me... while you were with Orochimaru. He meant so much to me... I wondered sometimes, "Is this what it's like to have a father?" And then, one day... Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, killed him. The pain in my heart... threatened to consume me. I wanted to kill him. And then he came to Konoha, and killed Kakashi-sensei, and Shizune-neechan, and Fukasaku-sensei..." Sasuke was about to interrupt his story with the obvious flaw that Kakashi was standing right over there, but Naruto continued. "Four people, who were all my family... and I couldn't bring myself to kill him, because that's what Jiraiya would've wanted me to do. Pain, he... he even killed a girl who confessed her love to me before fighting Pain while I was unable to do it myself, and... I knew such rage, such sorrow, such... such pain, that I was willing to kill myself and destroy the whole village if it meant he would just die." Naruto was glad that Hinata couldn't hear him right now- nobody could. Gaara had deliberately shut them off from the other combatants with his sand, and he could sense that some people were rather upset about it. "But then the ghost of my father appeared to me... he told me, that Pain was just another avenger, someone who had lost his family and was lashing out against those who stole them from him, and that if I killed him, I would just be stooping down to his level... to your level. Someone would want to avenge him, and then the circle would never be broken. So I let go of my hatred- proved that it could be done. And Pain? He respected that. He was touched that someone would be able to let go of such hatred, hatred he had created to be greater than his, and decided that I should be the one to break the circle of hatred, not him. He used the last of his strength to resurrect everyone he killed in Konoha... except Jiraiya. I'll never have him back, so I'm going to do what he would've wanted me to do, and end your hatred once and for all!"

Sasuke was nearly speechless. Obviously enraged, but nearly speechless. "You... you think I'll be moved by some sob-story?!"

The force of Naruto's chakra intensified. "Do you think the rest of the ninja world will?! Look at yourself, Sasuke- you're so far gone down this path of hatred, there will be no one to avenge you when you die. Itachi gave his life so that you would be happy- so that the circle of hatred would stop with him. And you... you spit on his wishes! Even if I forgive you, no one else in this world will!"

Sasuke seemed ready to about lose it with rage- although he claimed to have not taken the power of a Bijuu, the weight of his chakra was weighing heavily on the chakra-sensing Naruto, far more than even the Youko's chakra. "No one else in this world? I don't need this world! I don't need you, I don't need Konoha, and I don't need your forgiveness! All I need is to see your corpses, reduced to ashes, and your village nothing but a smoking hole in the ground! That's what will make me happy, not your fairy-tale forgiveness!"

Naruto seemed... almost sad. "...I was hoping you wouldn't say that. I was hoping that... if you heard what I'd been through, that you'd be willing to try letting go a chance. But I see now... that you won't." He rose his hand into the air, and then pointed at Sasuke- tears were now flowing from his eyes, the cross-shapes having turned into rounded rectangles- not unlike a frog's eyes. He had an extremely sad smile on his face, his lips now wet with tears. "Goodbye, Sasuke... it was fun while it lasted, huh, teme?"

As the sand wall behind them suddenly advanced with a near impossible speed, Sasuke's madness induced expression turned into a sinister smile. "Too late... dobe."

The gates stopped moving with a great clang, and the wind was now so great that Sasuke was picked up from the ground and drawn into it with greater speed than the sand could move. Madara, who was dodging attacks by the other four Kage, jumped towards it, and disappeared into the void. Juugo, who was unconscious, had long ago disappeared into the vortex, as had the paralyzed Suigetsu; no one had paid it any mind before now. Naruto, realizing that the gates weren't going to be summoning anything anytime soon, jumped through them himself, and Konan, who hadn't said or done much of anything until now, was the first to follow him.

Sakura had a firm grip on Karin, however, so she was still in the cave with the rest of them. Sakura snarled as she shook the other kunoichi. "What is that?! Where does it go?!" Karin took the opportunity to hold her superior knowledge in Sakura's face- she had heard about the pink-haired girl from Sasuke, and any way she could elevate herself above the other kunoichi was an advantage in her mind. "It's a portal. To where, I dunno; Madara claims it contains power enough for us to be able to come back and destroy anyone who gets in Sasuke's way, and that's good enough reason for him to go." Sakura snarled- Sasuke had escaped? Not on her watch! She charged the gate, Karin in tow, who seemed quite pleased with herself. "Come on, everyone! If we don't follow them now, they'll come back more powerful than ever!"

Onoki looked at her incredulously. "Are you nuts? I'm the Tsuchikage, I'm not going anywhere near it!"

Mei seemed to be of the same opinion. "I have a duty to my home more than anything; if Madara's gone, then I shall return to it."

The Raikage, however, had no such hesitations. "Come on, Bee! We're not letting some girl and her wimpy boyfriend beat us to the punch!"

His little brother couldn't help but smile. "Yo yo yo, right behind you, bro!"

Kankuro, Temari, and Matsuri were behind Gaara, arguing over the situation. Kankuro was rather indecisive at the moment. "What should we do? If we don't go after them, we're doomed, but we have no idea what's beyond the gate!"

Matsuri was more than a little frightened. "There might not be a way back, and if there's greater power there than here, we could get killed before we find them again!"

Temari, on the other hand, had already determined that their course was forward. "If there's a way there, then there's a way back! Come on Gaara, let's go after them!"

Gaara himself, however, was still impassive. "I'm thinking..."

Kakashi sighed. "I'm temporary Hokage anyways... history won't mourn my loss. Naruto's, however..." He motioned to Hinata and Yamato, and the three of them jumped into the void as well.

Matsuri, by this point, had run out of strength to withstand the vortex, and flew through the air towards the open gates. "Gaara-sama! Heeeeeeelp!"

Gaara stopped hesitating that instant, and jumped into the air as well, allowing the vortex to take him. Kankuro and Temari just stared at the occurrence stupidly for a moment. Kankuro was the first to speak. "Did he just..." Temari nodded. "Because she..." She nodded again. "....huh. Well, I'm not gonna just sit here and let Gaara have all the fun! Come on, Temari!"

Temari smirked, and they both took to the air as well, and the void welcomed them into its grasp. The remaining two Kage merely stood in shock, but eventually Onoki spoke. "Did... did three Kage just jump into that vortex, possibly never to return?"

Mei nodded dumbly as the doors started closing rapidly. "I... I think they just did."

The eldest Kage let out a heavy breath as the wind died down, and sat on the floor. "I'm getting too old for this crap..."

The far younger redhead seemed to have heard it differently. "I'm too old to be married? I'LL KILL YOU!" Their bodyguards merely sighed in annoyance as the gate shut, and slowly slid back into the ground, sealing many great and powerful shinobi on the other side...

- - -

Ending note

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