For: Stephanie



In the moment that she left the room the album started skipping. Goodbye, to beauty shared with the ones you love, a shadow that has fallen over this town. Attention, all of my worst critics who were once the best of friends, you're all just crows on the power lines. I found it difficult in my excitement to keep from floating off into romantic speculations.

"Listen up sweetie, we all know your a beautiful girl in this horrible world." Klaiver said as he nudged Rose's side. "huh? Whatcha say?" Rose asked as she picked up her head. "Nothing, I was just messin' with you" Klaiver said as he put his arm around Rose's shoulder. "Isn't this just beautiful? Just sitting here with you, it's like our own little world!" Rose said as she looked into the setting sun. "I know!" Klaiver said as he leaned in for a kiss……..If only that would of happened……I remember you told me "oh, the idea of being in love…… the idea of being yours, forever."……."No, No! that can't be true!" Rose said to Klaiver as she was trying to find a exit out of his apartment. "Did my heart love until now?!" Rose yelled as she was clenching her chest. "Yeah." Klaiver said, "Yeah, I'm "forever yours" Klaiver added. "Lies! All you speak is lies!" Rose said as her back was pushed against the wall. "I gave up my life for you!" Rose said as she pointed her finger towards Klaiver. "Life, what life? The life you lived where you slept in the alleyway?…..Begging for food, warmth, clothing, a family to call your own, I picked you up, I dusted you off….. Fine, go! see if I care!" Klaiver said as he pointed toward the exit. "I-I-I……..*whimper*." Rose said as she ran out of the building. "I don't need him…..He's a fake!" Rose kept on saying to herself.

"Hi there..." the man said to the little girl softly. She backed away, "Its ok, I wont hurt you." the man added as he extended his hand. "T-t-thank y-y-you s-s-sir." the little girl said as she dusted off her tattered dress and got into his car.

"Believe this, believe what I say and I just cant help it.... And, I just cant help it im so tangled up in you." was the last thing Rose said to Klaiver before she left. She only wanted to know one thing.....If the lead bullet was still loaded, ready to shoot, waiting for her. That memory was haunting her every single minuet......She was worried that Klaiver would go looking for her so she ran, ran into the night. "I'm putting up one last fight . I'm going to tell myself I will pull through with nothing more than a bruised heart and a tired mind. But I will still be running, it doesn't matter if I don't reach first place, as long as I continue to run, as long as I make it to the one who is waiting on the other side of that boluvard. I don't need to be a hero I just need to put up one l ast fight." Rose said as she sat on the street corner crying.