Charlie Swan isn't the only one being shocked out of the world as he knows it. See how the entire Cullen Clan and the Quileute Shape Shifters discover that their supernatural world is just a little bigger than they ever realized as they find themselves having an 'Indian Summer' they're not soon to forget!

Indian Summer: an informal expression given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, typically in late October or early November, after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost but before the first snowfall

Indian Summer

Part I: Forks

This story starts out in Forks Washington in June. 3 months before Nessie has her 2nd birthday and Bella has her 2nd Vampire Birthday (This would be the same day) and as far as Charlie knows 3 days later is Bella's human birthday when she will turn 21—he knowing nothing about any vampire birthday or her being 18(almost 19) forever.

Chapter One:
Nessie and the Bear

Charlie POV


There I was, sitting on the pretty white sofa at the Cullen's house feeling as my heart sank. My daughter Bella took my hand in her cool firm grasp and looked intently at my face with her topaz gold eyes. I had accepted so much. I had ignored so much. So much had changed since she came back from her honeymoon almost two years ago. But I had dealt with it. I had been reasonable. So WHY was she leaving and taking my little granddaughter with her?

"Dad, you know I have put off college for two years and now I need to go. Edward and I are going to take extra classes so we'll only going to be gone for a few years. Then maybe we can move back out this way so we can be closer--If you would like."

"If I would like?" I asked. Wasn't that obvious? "Of course I would like. But Bells, Nessie is growing up so fast." I didn't mean that in the normal way. Nessie WAS growing up WAY to fast. She would be two in three months and I swore she looked more like a eight or nine year old. I again chanted my mantra to myself, Need to know. Need to know. Need to know.

Edward, who had been quietly playing his piano, came over to sit beside my beautiful daughter. He looked at me as if he knew the conflict raging inside my head. "Charlie, you know we could maybe arrange for you to come out to visit for a weekend every other month if you would like. New Hampshire is really beautiful. You would probably like the fishing out there." Bella reached over and kissed his cheek.

"We might even be able to come back here once in a while also." Bella piped up. That did sound a little better. "And we won't be leaving until after Nessie birthday in September."

"Did you forget that your birthday is in September as well Bella?" I quietly reminded her.

She half smiled and said, "I don't need to celebrate birthdays anymore Dad." Edward suddenly looked a little to still next to her. I'd noticed Bella doing that a lot too.

I sighed and shook my head. "You've got to be kidding me Bella. Now you sound like Renee. What is with you women? Oh well, I'm going to celebrate both of my girls birthdays. How about you Edward? Are you with me?"

Edward grinned at me. "Absolutely." He said then he turned a mocking glare at Bella.

"Anyway Dad, you still have a little more time. We probably won't even be leaving until late October."

"Can you wait until after thanksgiving?" I pled. "Honestly, if you're going that late, the next semester doesn't start until after the new year."

"We'll see Dad. We have to get a lot of things taken care of since everyone is going."

"Everyone?" I was more than a little surprised.

"Yes Dad. Everyone has kind of put off their college to be around Nessie and to let you have some time with her. Carlisle is going to teach some classes at the medical school there as well." That was more bad news. Dr. Cullen was such an asset to the community of Forks. I was really going to miss him too.

Just then Jake burst through the door with my granddaughter riding on his back. She would have looked too big to ride piggyback on just about anyone else-but Jacob was so huge. She laughed and the sound was like the tinkle of bells.

"Grandpa!" She exclaimed as she leapt off Jacob's back doing a somersault mid-air as she landed gracefully at my feet and was in my lap clinging to me in the next. Oh, how I would miss this. There was nothing like the feelings I had for this amazing granddaughter of mine. Yes, she wass mine. I didn't know how and actually, I didn't want to know how. I was just glad that she was. Of course I love my Bella with all of my heart but who could have guessed that there would be another little girl who I could love so much. I hugged her back fiercely. How would I get by without her? It reminded me of a time long ago when Renee took my Bella away. 'Well, this time is different.' I just had to keep reminding myself.

"My little Nessie! Did you have fun with Jacob?" I asked her with a smile on my face. Honestly though, I was still perplexed as to why Jacob was ALWAYS with her. I wondered what he thought about them all packing up and leaving. It would probably be pretty hard for him as well. He was ridiculously attached to Nessie.

"Yep! And now I am all ready to go and have fun with you!" She pulled back and planted a big wet kiss on my cheek. Then she was off jumping into her mom's lap. I loved watching Bella and Nessie. My daughter was such a good mother. Who would have guessed? Of course I should have guessed, she always took such good care of me.

Edward got up and picked up a small suitcase by the front door. I got up too. At least I got to have Nessie to myself for a whole weekend. I had lots of fun things planned. I hope she would have a good time. I was excited! They all followed me out to my new SUV. I guessed some perks definitely came along with my new son-in-law. My new black Cadillac Escalade being one for my last birthday. I must admit though, I was still shaking my head over that one. It certainly was the nicest transportation I'd ever had. Every time I got in it and I smelled the leather and sat in the cushy seats I swore I felt like turning on the fancy GPS system and taking me a road trip. Maybe if the gas prices kept going down I would plan one out to New Hampshire.

"Hey Jake," I said as I opened Nessie's door and helped her in, "What do you think about all of the Cullens leaving for New Hampshire?"

"I think it's great! I'm going with them!" He replied with a voice that had more excitement in it.

"What are you going to do in Hanover?" I asked shocked.

"I'm going to go to Dartmouth too. We might even talk Leah into going." Now I was the one standing there with my jaw open. I finally just shook my head. I wasn't really sure what I thought about that one. I would have to ask Sue about it when she came over later today to go with Nessie and me to the movies in Port Angeles.


Saturday had been fun. Nessie seemed to enjoy the Disney movie that Sue and I took her to. More than once when she laughed at a funny part she would place her small hand on my arm and her voice would sound in my mind-telling me in detail what she thought was so funny. It was disquieting. The first time she did this, I thought she was actually speaking out loud and I bent over to remind her again to please not talk during the movie, but as I saw her face and her smiling lips, I realized that she was speaking to my MIND. I didn't want to scare her. Bella better be told about this though. To keep from panicking, I silently chanted my mantra. Need to know. Need to know.

We enjoyed the boardwalk and then came home and had dinner with her. I was surprised when Nessie told Sue and I a story after dinner. It was a very detailed and long story, much too mature for two year olds. Honestly, if I were really to think about it, it sounded too involved for a lot of high school kids I knew. It was one I had heard before but I couldn't remember where. When I asked her the name of it she replied, "To Kill a Mockingbird". I was a little taken aback. I thought it was a little old for her. Once again I chanted my mantra. Need to know. Need to know. Next she wanted me to tell her a story but after hers, I was a little intimidated. I made one up. She seemed to enjoy it. Sue and I tucked her in Bella's bed in Bella's old room. She was always excited to sleep in her mom's old bed when she stayed over. I watched the moonlight fall on her golden bronze curls as she slept. She was my little angel. How I would miss her.


Sunday morning dawned bright and early. Nessie was up and excited to go fishing with her "uncle" Billy and me. We loaded up my fancy SUV and drove down to LaPush to get Billy. I was surprised to see Sam Uley on the side of the road as we entered the reservation. I pulled over and rolled my window down. I'll admit, I was a little suspicious as well. It almost looked like he knew we were coming and was waiting for us. It must be the policeman in me. "Good morning Sam. What are you doing out here so early and in the middle of nowhere?"

"Just waiting for you. I see you have your granddaughter with you. Hello Nessie." He called out to her in the back seat.

"Hi Sam!" She sang out.

"I'm sorry Sam, Did you say you were waiting for us? What in the world for?" I was even more confused.

"Well, I was out running and I got tired. Then I remembered that Billy had told me that you were picking him up for fishing this morning and I thought I'd wait till you got here and hitch a ride over to his house."

"Well, get in." I said as he loped around to the passenger side of the car.

Before he got in Nessie sang out in her sweet clear voice, "You're getting a werewolf escort because of me, Grandpa!" She laughed in delight. I was busy chanting my mantra as we drove off. Need to know. Need to know. Need to know. After picking up Billy we headed out to our favorite fishing spot and quickly set up my sonar fishing system. I told myself every time I set it up that it wasn't really cheating. It was just using my Christmas present. Right!

It was shortly after lunch that trouble found us. By trouble I mean a very large grizzly bear. I thought that if we made a lot of noise and threw some of our caught fish towards the bear it would leave us alone and we could get out of there. Unfortunately the bear wasn't having any of that. He walked right passed the fish. Actually, walk wasn't quite the right word. More like a run. Yes. That bear was definitely running--running right at us. There I was with my little granddaughter and my best friend in a wheelchair. I put myself in front of them just as the bear attacked.

Four things seemed to happen within the next two minutes. First I felt pain shoot up my arm as the bear grabbed hold of me and started pulling me off. At the same time, I yelled to Renesmee and Billy to run. Renesmee looked around as if wondering why I was being hauled off by a bear.

Billy looked at Renesmee and yelled at her, "Get him Nessie! That bear is yours!"

Nessie seemed to get an excited look in her face. She turned TOWARDS me and the bear. ' No,' I thought frantically. 'Run AWAY.'

My thoughts were cut short as Nessie did two things simultaneously. First I heard her voice in my head crystal clear as if she was shouting, "Don't worry Grandpa, I'm coming to save you!" She was still a good ten feet away from me. Then she let out one of the most ferocious yells I had ever heard. It chilled me to the bone. It also apparently scared the bear enough to drop my arm. I stared up at the bear just as Nessie launched herself at him. Then the darkness closed in over me.