Bedroom Confessions Outtake - The Honeymoon



We left early the next morning after the wedding for Meteora, Greece. Bella, clever girl that she was, knew all about the ancient city and had mentioned at one time that she had always wanted to go there. I had never heard of it, but she spoke of its centuries old castles and beautiful scenery, so I began to like the sound of it as well.

I'd never forget her face when I revealed that we'd be going there for our honeymoon, which was paid for by my father. Her expression, the entirety of her features contorted into a blend of surprise, excitement…utter happiness.

My heart swelled with joy at how that simple gesture affected her. Nothing to Bella was trivial; even the most subtle acts meant so much to her.

I told her the month before the wedding, when I received the airline tickets in the mail, and she had a suitcase packed by the next day. She was overly excited. I just watched, a smile locked on my face as she moved about the bedroom, pulling out clothes from drawers and talking about all the things we'd do. Her eyes danced the entire time.

We didn't sleep the night before we left, our wedding night, alternating between making love and discussing plans for when we'd get to Greece. She wanted to see the sights, but I would've been content to just lie with her, taste her skin and trace the curves of her petite body with my fingertips, never leaving the hotel room and just enjoying her…enjoying us.

It had been two years at that point since the horrific acts of Riley Biers, Bella's fucked up half-brother, and I still couldn't get enough of her. Despite the fact that our relationship had been virtually devoid of any stress since the night we left Forks for good, my desire for her remained intense, never wavering.

It was a chapter of our lives that we were able to close and move on from. We were indistinguishable from any other couple around us. We laughed at ridiculous movies, ate at our favorite restaurants…

Any indication of the trauma we'd been through had all but disappeared.

But I could never cease thanking God that he gave me Bella. Being away from her left me with the feeling of a slow burn that singed my body every minute until I went back to her.

Then, when I was with her, I couldn't let her go. Desire nipped at me as soon as I walked through the door of our apartment every night. It was that way for two years and only got worse after we were married.

Love, admiration, and passion poured out at the very sight of her. I couldn't help but close the distance between us quickly, desperate to rid myself of the overwhelming tension in my chest that had been caused by being separated from her all day.

My want for her never ceased, especially when we landed in Greece and entered the lavish hotel room that had been reserved for us. My mouth dropped, our suitcases fell to the floor with a thud I barely heard as I was enthralled with the space before us.

"Oh, my God," Bella uttered next to me.

"I know. Holy shit…" I responded.

"How much did this cost?" she asked, still stunned.

I shook my head. "I don't know. But by the looks of it? A lot."

The room must have been larger than our entire apartment in Seattle, and the bathroom was the size of our bedroom. As I scanned the room, my eyes fell on the wrought iron, four post, king-size bed covered by ornate pillows and a burgundy silk comforter. A large, flat screen TV hung on the opposite wall. Candles adorned an antique looking dresser, and next to it sat a vanity that was similar in color and design. There was a wood burning fireplace with a vase of red roses perched on its mantle. A marble topped bar full of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and a bottle of wine was against another wall.

"This is amazing," Bella said with a light giggle. "I don't even know what to do in a place like this."

I nodded in agreement as she headed to the bathroom, and I followed.

"Well, we could just spend all our time in bed, or…" I began to comment but stopped when she flipped the switch that illuminated the bathroom.

My mouth fell open again. "Holy shit…" I said for the second time. "Or… we could spend all our time in here."

We both fell quiet as we took in the luxurious bathroom. It contained two sinks, two showers, and a Jacuzzi tub in the center. The walls as well as the counters appeared to be marble, and the knobs on the tub looked to be made of gold.

"Yeah, we're getting in that tub, first thing," I said with a smirk.

She blushed, and that blush was enough to make my dick take notice and twitch in my pants.

"So, what? You just want to stay locked in this room with me for seven days?" she asked playfully.

I already felt beyond control, desire and need ablaze within me. I stalked toward her and gazed ardently into her eyes. I wanted her. Now that we were alone in the room, I wanted nothing more than to sink into the hot water of the Jacuzzi and trail the droplets with my tongue as they cascaded down her body.

I could hear her breathing quicken as I got closer, my dick growing harder with each step in anticipation for what was about to happen. She stood still, waiting for me as a smirk began to form on her lips. I bit back a groan. Seeing evidence of Bella's desire for me, her hungry looks, always fueled mine even more.

I reached her finally and gently laid my hands on her hips before bringing my mouth down to her ear. I grazed it with my lips and whispered, "Bella, you're my wife. All I want is to be with you, worship your body, and give you all the love and pleasure you deserve."

Her fingertips dug into my forearms as I spoke, and her breathing turned into uneven pants. I nipped at the shell of her ear, increasingly intoxicated by her scent, the lingering of perfume on her body.

"Do you want me?" I asked softly, seductively.

She swallowed hard. "Yes, I want you…so badly," she gasped.

I dragged my mouth from her ear to her neck, kissing and sucking her skin there, and she shuddered. I could almost feel it flow through her entire body. Leaning into her, I pressed my erection against her stomach, showing her just how much I wanted her too, naked, wet…water trickling down her skin.

Suddenly, I felt her hand on me as she slipped it between us, stroking and tracing the bulge my cock had made in my pants. A breath caught in my throat.

"Fuck, Bella," I hissed and closed my eyes.

Her hand began to press firmly, rubbing me in circles and making me crave her more and more. My hands swept over her body, traveling up to her shoulders and down to her ass, which I cupped and squeezed in my palms.

I inhaled her, taking in all of her love and I could feel the intensity of her passion in the way she began to pant heavily as she continued to move her hand against my erection.

Lust consumed me, and I couldn't bear it anymore. I reached for the hem of her shirt and swiftly pulled it over her head. My hands then reached back and unclasped her bra and tossed it to the floor, exposing her prefect, pert breasts.

I continued to move quickly, tugging at the button and zipper of her pants as she frantically pulled at mine. Once unfastened, her jeans fell to the floor, sliding off her body as I pushed them past her hips.

A moment later, she yanked at mine, and they dropped to my feet. We kicked off our shoes hurriedly while our mouths found each other's. Our tongues began to mingle. Her taste, the very essence of her caused a groan to escape my lips. It was sweet, intoxicating…

"I love you, Bella; my wife," I breathed into her mouth.

She leaned back enough to allow her hands to grip the hem of my T-shirt. "I love you, too," she said as she pulled it over my head.

My eyes locked with her warm, chocolate brown orbs. We exhaled in unison, releasing shallow, quick breaths as I lowered my gaze to her beautiful body, now clad in only thin lace panties.

She glanced away for a moment, at the Jacuzzi tub in the center of the bathroom, a quizzical expression on her face.

I shook my head. "I can't stop, baby. I need you, now."

A smirk played on her lips as she began to step away from me. I looked at her in confusion, wondering what she was doing.

"Wait," she simply said, her back to me.

I watched as she walked to the tub and turned the gold colored knobs causing the water to flow.

I chuckled lightly. "You're gonna make me wait?"

She turned her head and smiled at me. "I like this tub," she teased.

I knew what she was doing. She was making me suffer, playing with me, so that our love making would be that much more intense. But I knew deep down, she couldn't wait either. I began to move toward her, my expression hard but laced with want for her. My dick was painfully straining against my boxers, aching to be released. She kept her eyes on me, looking at me hungrily, the smile still on her lips.

Her lips, the way they curved…made my heart pound in my chest.

She turned to me as the tub continued to fill. Her eyes raked over my body as she waited for me to reach her. Instead, I stopped inches from her and curled my fingers into the waistband of my boxers, pushing them to the floor.

When my dick finally sprang free, her attention shifted there, and a look of anticipation twinkled in her eyes.



It was a dream come true. Edward was taking me to Meteora, Greece; my fantasy vacation. I had known about the place since I was a little girl. When Charlie would beat me, I'd make feeble attempts to disappear, even going as far as to order ridiculous travel magazines that featured exotic destinations I knew I'd never see. Greece was one of them. I'd imagine myself standing in front of a castle, a happy family by my side covered in sun screen and wearing cameras around our necks. I would see backpacks and hiking boots as we scaled the mountain sides, bickering with each other when we'd get lost.

None of these things were ever supposed to happen in my world…until Edward, my angel, came along. Now here we were, landing in the country I had always dreamed about visiting, and I had a happy family beside me. He was all I needed. My husband.

He had brought me out the darkness, first with the armoire, but by the time of our wedding, all the darkness in my life was gone completely, thanks to him. Although it had taken time, I learned to let go, of Charlie, of Riley Biers…and of Jake.

And only Edward captured my thoughts that day, the day we stepped into that hotel room and gaped in awe at the elegant space. It was more than I could've imagined in my dreams, which were beyond vivid. The furnishings, the mood, the colors…everything was perfect and breathtaking.

We stepped into the bathroom next, which was just as beautiful, and my eyes went straight to the lavish bathtub. I had never sat in nor even seen a Jacuzzi before, so I was immediately captivated by it. Then I couldn't help but blush when Edward stated that he wanted to make love in it. I wanted to as well.

Suddenly, I lost all will to leave the room…ever. Being there with him, enclosed in our personal getaway was enough for me. The ancient castles and glamorous restaurants meant nothing anymore. I wanted to be with him, enjoy him and allow him to enjoy me.

And then he touched me and whispered into my ear, his breath stirring my hair, making me quiver. He told me that he needed me, that he couldn't wait, and I fought it.

Not because I could wait, but because I knew that by holding him off, his passion would unleash to the fullest extent. He would hold me tighter, kiss me harder…make love to me with every ounce of strength he could muster.

Feeling his body move, feeling him completely let go was the sexiest thing I'd ever experienced, and I ached to experience it as often as I could. The longer we had been together, the more he had allowed me to see what he could truly do. He rocked me with pleasure, quickly driving me to edge every time. It was as if he had to touch me as soon as he walked in the door after work, like it was a need for him. And I loved it.

As the water ran, filling up the tub, he stood in front of me, still at first. Then his hands slipped into his boxers and he pushed them to the floor, revealing his stiff erection to me. I blushed but gazed unabashedly, eager with anticipation.

He came toward me again, and my heart thumped wildly in my chest, just as it always did when he was in close proximity. His hands touched my shoulders lightly, whispering against my skin and then started to slide down gradually.

The warmth of his fingers left the most wonderful sting as they made a trail down my arms, my hands…

He knelt, naked in front of me when his hands kept moving down, making their way to my thighs. We held our stare, lost in beauty of each other's eyes and lost in the ecstasy of tender touches and warm skin.

Traveling back up my thighs, his hands stopped at my panties, and delicately and slowly began to slip them over my hips and eventually to the floor. Heat went to cheeks, and my exhales became sharper and quicker as he brought his eyes down to my center, staring ardently.

"I want to taste you," he said, his fingers stinging my flesh. Chills ran down my body at his words.

I wanted it. I couldn't wait for it. "Please, Edward…"

He glanced at me from under his eyelashes. "Please what? Tell me, Bella."

I hesitated for a moment, still modest even as immense passion flowed through me.

"Please…taste me," I begged.

He lowered his gaze again and shifted his hands to the inside of my thighs, urging them apart slightly. As he did so, I leaned back on the side of the tub in a slight seated position, bracing myself. My eyes fell closed.

I felt the first gentle lick of his tongue as it swept over my center once, and I gasped, every muscle clenching. My fingertips gripped the rim of the tub, and my toes curled.

He made another pass, deeper this time, more fervent. His hands held firmly to my hips.

"Oh, God," I whispered through gritted teeth.

A tingle ran from my shoulders down to my feet as he continued to swirl his tongue and suck at my skin. He kneaded and pressed against my throbbing clit with his mouth as I threw my head back, already on the verge of losing it.

He could sense my holding back and teased me even more, flicking my swollen nub with his tongue repeatedly. A shriek, followed by a moan, propelled from my lips, and my fingers gripped tighter, turning white.

"Oh, Edward. I can't…I can't stand it. I need to…" I trailed off, breathless.

His lips reverberated against me as he said, "Let go, baby. Let go and let me feel it. I wanna hear you."

He moved his lips again, firmly planting his tongue against my clit, sucking ferociously while I bucked my hips and felt warmth overtake me. My pussy convulsed, and my hands flew to his hair as I came hard. I heard a muffled groan and looked down to see his eyes were closed, a hard line in his forehead. He held me firmly in place while I squirmed and tugged at his hair, riding his mouth through my orgasm.

I began to settle after a moment, my breathing uneven and my skin flushed. My legs felt weak underneath me as Edward gave one last lazy lick across my center, taking in all my juices that lingered there. He stood finally, and I collapsed in his arms, spent but thoroughly satisfied.

"So sweet, Bella. You always taste so fucking sweet," he commented, and I chuckled breathlessly, crimson creeping back to my cheeks.

The tub was full, and as Edward still held me, he reached behind me and turned on the jets, setting the water in motion.

Bringing his head down, he grazed my ear with his lips. "You ready?"

I could only nod in response, the movements of his tongue so pleasurable that my body had turned to mush. With ease, he lifted me and gently lowered me into the refreshing heat. Relaxation hit me almost immediately.

But then I felt him again, hardness pressing against my leg as he sat in the water. I wanted him. Even though my body was sated, and I was content, I wanted him inside me. Hunger was still heavy in his eyes; hunger to be with me. To feel him let go and unleash all of his desire for me in this place, on our honeymoon…was the only thing I wanted to feel.

I looked at him, silently begging as the water crashed against his arms and rushed away again, leaving droplets trickling from his body.



The taste of her pussy, that exquisite taste, still lingered in my mouth as I sat down in the tub, closely in front of her. As my head was nestled between her thighs, it took all my strength not to stand up, grab her ass and lift her so that I could thrust my aching cock into her finally.

But I loved to watch her come undone and let go, losing herself in the euphoria of her orgasm. I also loved to feel it happen on my lips and take in her sweet juices.

She was exhausted in my arms and appeared to be relaxed when I laid her in the water, but wasn't soon before she glanced at me, and I saw it there again.




She was eyeing me, begging me to take her, and my dick grew impossibly harder in response. Her chest still heaved slightly, her body continuing to recover from what I had done with my tongue, but her brown orbs looked upon me with anticipation. I couldn't refuse, nor could I wait any longer. I needed to be inside her.

"Come here," I whispered.

She untangled her legs from between mine and moved forward, kneeling with a leg on each side of me. In spite of the extremely warm temperature of the water, I felt the heat of her pussy instantly when she straddled me.

The silkiness of her folds grazed my cock, and I felt a sharp tingle reverberate throughout my body. She continued to tease me, gliding lightly then pressing harder as she stared at me, lust burning between us.

I refused to let the torture last any longer, and once I found an opportunity and she stilled, I gripped her shoulders. Excitement flared in her chocolate eyes. She knew what I was about to do.

In one forceful movement, I plunged myself deep inside her, grunting and closing my eyes as she gasped loudly. Her walls clenched, surrounding my cock tightly. Leaning forward, I buried my face between her breasts and clutched her hips with my hands. Her hips began to gyrate, moving in circles, causing rhythmic jolts of pleasure to surge through me.

I moved my face to one of her breasts and sucked the pointed and hard nipple into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue.

"Oh, God…" she exclaimed breathlessly as she sped up and began to pump my dick in and out of her.

I bit down lightly as she did so and tugged at her nipple with my teeth. My jaw flexed as she moved, rising and falling, and I basked in the way she felt. Soft, slick, warm…tight. Her pussy was divine. She was the only woman I'd ever want. The only woman that existed in my world.

Finally, I released her nipple from between my teeth and looked up at her. Her breaths were quick, labored, and a hard line had formed in her forehead. But her eyes were lustful and determined. Her hands showed purpose as they gripped firmly to my hair, holding on while her hips bucked wildly.

Each time my dick slid out of her and then back in again, I felt the pressure building, my orgasm coming too quickly. I wanted to stave it off. I wanted our love making to last, regardless of the fact that we would be there all week and could have sex whenever we wanted.

I locked my fingers around her hips and held her while staring intently into her eyes.

"Let's take our time, baby. I want to enjoy you," I told her sweetly.

I could feel her body quiver, attempting to calm down, and her movements slowed, dwindling back to the simple swaying she was doing earlier. I leaned forward again and made of trail of torrid kisses along her neck and down to the peaks of her breasts.

Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she threw her head back. "Edward…you have no idea what you do to me," she whispered.

I chuckled and flicked her nipple with my tongue quickly. Her muscles tensed, and she moaned in response. "I think I do," I answered with a smirk.

She continued to roll her hips slowly but with force, encasing my cock completely in her pussy and allowing me to feel every bit of her. My heart pounded; pleasure soared at the sensation. I squeezed and kneaded her ass in my hands as I began to thrust my hips upward to meet hers, steady at first, then gradually increasing in speed. She stabilized herself after a moment, keeping still when I started pumping faster. I knew I was unraveling and holding off was no longer an option.

I could feel myself being brought closer to the edge and my body began act on its own accord, driving into her harder and deeper with each powerful thrust. My muscles burned, my knuckles turned white as I clung to her, but I couldn't ease up. My body refused to.

She whimpered and panted, gripping the sides of the tub as she held herself up.

"Oh, yes, Edward!" she cried loudly. "God, you feel so good!"

Her words spurred me on as I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. She wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I pressed the back of my head against the rim of the tub, and my jaw clenched as I worked, plunging my dick inside her deeply then back out again. The muscles of her pussy flexed, closing in on me tightly. It felt fucking good, and I was on the verge of explosion within seconds.

I wanted to watch her and look into her eyes as I came. I needed her to see what she was doing to me. As I lifted my head from the edge of the bathtub, my eyes fell to her body, glistening with sweat as water crashed around her. She was gazing at me ardently, waiting for me to let go.


She said nothing, but I could read her expression.

"I want you to come, now," it said.

I thrust more wildly, burning pain attacking my joints, but I didn't care. The feel of her…her breasts, her lips, her eyes, her pussy were all I acknowledged.

And then I reached it. My orgasm rushed through me intensely, taking captive every cell in a wave of euphoria. It was almost too much to bear, and my fingers gripped her hips, digging in with force.

"Fuck!" I managed to choke out as I struggled to keep my eyes fixed on her.

She remained silent except for her shallow and exhausted pants, watching me intently. My breath was raw in my throat, and I felt my dick twitch repeatedly as I came inside her. I continued to move, but gradually eased up on her when my body began to calm.

Catching my breath, I fell back against the tub, and my fingers released her from their tight hold and lulled gently. My muscles still burned, but I couldn't help but smirk at her. We had both experienced an equal amount of pleasure, which satisfied me immensely.

Neither of us could get up; it was useless. Instead, I pulled her to me, and her head rested on my chest.

The only sound in the room became the swishing of the water as we fell into a quiet contentment. She nuzzled into my neck, and I ran my fingers through her now wet hair.

"Edward?" she suddenly began softly, breaking the silence.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Would you ever have thought…that we'd be here? Together for this long and married?"

Puzzled by her question, I leaned my head away slightly, still keeping her close, so that I could look at her. "What do you mean, Bella? Of course I did."

"I guess what I mean is, when you met me, did you feel strongly for me right away?" she asked, shyly.

I smiled at her adoringly, enamored with her meekness. "The day I met you, I can't even begin to describe how deeply connected I felt to you. It was like this…pull. And for some reason, I couldn't imagine not ever seeing you again. It was as if from that moment on, I wanted you in my life, in any way possible."

She returned the smile as her already flushed cheeks burned brighter with red. "I felt the same way. I'd never been so instantly at ease with someone. I could trust you right away, and I couldn't explain why." She shrugged. "I just knew."

My heartbeat missed at her words, pride, love, and joy swelling within me all at once. She closed her eyes and buried her face into my neck once again. I held her firmly and leaned in to plant a kiss to her forehead, inhaling deeply, her as my source of happiness and peace.

Lying in that Jacuzzi bathtub with her, I knew that the next seven days, completely alone with Bella, were going to be the closest to Heaven I'd ever reach while alive. A smile was fixed on my face as I looked at her…my wife. I could never love anything more.

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