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Shoot. She didn't realize he saw her wipe her face. She must have appeared like she was trying to manipulate the situation. He was scowling now. She reluctantly turned toward him again and nodded an ascent. The room was clear by now and Edward was glad for it because his mouth felt like cotton.

They made their way to his office quickly, Isabella no longer crying. He offered her the seat opposite his desk.

Bella was comforted by sitting and enjoyed the ancient wingback with soft worn leather. She fumbled around with her bag as Edward went to the mini fridge and pulled two bottles of spring water out. He felt horrible when he saw Isabella so unhappy. He hated that she felt so, even worse since he knew he was the cause of it. He handed a bottle to Isabella and perched over her on the desk in front of her.

"'Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.' Thank you Professor," Bella quoted, looking up at him. He was so handsome and she loved being looked at by him. She liked imagining what it would be like to have a significant relationship with him. She felt distracted again and sighed to herself. Bella still had no idea what to say to his question and simply shrugged.

"That's all you have for me?" he asked peevishly, he immediately regretted his tone and facial expression, hoping that she would not begin crying again. He shifted uncomfortably; his ass was beginning to get numb from being perched on the desk like this. He was enjoying his position a little though; he could see how long her eyelashes were from this vantage point.

Bella was losing patience with the way he was looking down his nose at her. He was making her uncomfortable with his insistence for a reason. She understood that he deserved one, but it was out of her grasp to give it to him. Couldn't he see that she was sorry? Obviously not, or he wouldn't push her. She decided that maybe the truth would set her free from his ire.

"I'm sorry, sir, but what would you like for me to say?" 'I don't attend your class, Professor Masen because I am hopelessly attracted to you, yet, I can't afford to get kicked out of college and lose the full ride I obtained through my time in Haiti after high school. I thought that maybe you would have seen that my work was above the norm and just let it go, but I see now that that was the wrong assumption on my part and so-if-you'll-just-let-me-go-I'll-not-bother-you- and-take-the-failing-mark!'" Bella was beginning to cry again and she really felt quite silly for not being able to control her emotions. She was a mature woman and resented Edward for making her feel all these things she never felt before.

"Wait-wait-wait, Ms. Swan did you say that you are 'attracted to me'?" Edward was incredulous, huffing loudly and showing his disbelief on his face that this young woman could play this to the uttermost limits of his patience. He was quite incensed that she would go so far to get out of a class. He wasn't used to women wanting to get away from him this badly. Either she was telling the truth or he was being played in a very nasty way. He got up and began pacing the floor behind her.

Isabella couldn't look at her professor. She understood his anger; she even agreed with it. He must have thought she was playing with him to get out of being in class. Taking a sip from the water, she steeled herself for what she would say next.

"I can assure you, sir, that I am not lying," she held her head high now, annoyed with the look of disbelief on his face as he looked up from his pacing. "You are so handsome and smart that I can never follow a thing you say when in the classroom with you, sir. It's really useless for me to attend your lectures." Edward watched the flush spread along her skin at this admission and her downturned facial expression. While he was still inclined to believe that she was at the very least pulling his leg, he was quite distracted by the flush spreading down her neck. He wondered how far the blush spread. Was it just below the neckline, or did it extend even further? He gulped and his mouth opened with a wet pop. He couldn't think straight when she blushed like that.

She observed her professor's eyes as they swept over her face and fell to the rest of her body. He didn't seem convinced, yet he ogled her body. She was incredulous. Her ire raised itself at the thought of being believed a liar and so the flush deepened and gave her courage to say what she said next.

"Sir, please just put me out of my misery and give me the failing grade so I can move on with my life and forget I ever met you…" and the tears she held back so fiercely gave way.

Edward's eyes widened and he relented. She was crying again. Edward was disturbed that his actions had made her so emotional. He remembered that he had had females cry in front of him and it had not affected him in this way. Why were her tears so important to him now? He handed her a box of tissues and knelt in front of her.

Edward spoke in a soothing voice, "The failing grade will not be necessary, Ms. Swan. But you will need to be present in every single class from here on out in order for me to pass you. Not to mention all the assignments need to be done perfectly and handed in on time as well. I will also require you for dinner at my house this evening, eight o'clock sharp."

Isabella looked up quickly, a question in her eyes. How had he gone from exacting her punishment as an unruly student to inviting her for dinner? She was thoroughly distracted by the smooth silky feeling of his voice as it rolled over her for a minute. She looked around, not quite sure what was going on at this point.

"No, it's not what you think, Isabella. I am hosting a mass tutoring session at my house and this was the time the students picked. I expect you to be there and help me with the more troubled students. Do I make myself clear?"

She groaned inwardly. Now, she had not only embarrassed herself by admitting her attraction for her professor, but she had managed to indenture herself to him for tutoring sessions as well. Nothing ever seemed to work out well for her when it came to Edward, rather, Professor Masen.

"But sir-"

"No 'buts' Isabella. Please be on time and bring your textbooks with you," he maintained, standing up. "I will need all the help I can get when it comes to these troubled students. You are no doubt qualified to help me with them and so I am availing myself of your abilities," Edward chuckled darkly and went to his desk thinking of the challenge she was in for. Not just with the students, but he was looking forward to his own game he would play with her until the end of the semester when she would be ripe for the taking and no longer his student. Yes, he was certainly looking forward to that time.

Bella heard his dark laughter and realized it had done very naughty things between her legs. She needed to get out of this man's office before she said more than that she thought he was handsome. She gathered her bag and threw her tissues away.

"Thank you, Professor, I appreciate the second chance." Bella was hurrying toward the door now. All she wanted to do was go sit in her bathtub for a good, long soak.

"Remember, Isabella, eight o'clock and not a moment later," Edward's reminder floated behind her as she rushed out the door.