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Word Prompt: Cake

Sturdy Formica table, check.

Bottle of Coca Cola, check.

Birthday cake, check.

Bella was all set to celebrate Edward's birthday this year. He would be twenty-one today, June 20, 1955. She knew he was looking forward to getting together with all their friends so they could get drunk and dance the night away.

Rose and Emmett were hosting the barbecue in their backyard for her and she was very grateful. She and Edward did not own a house yet and were renting a half double from Edward's friend at work. Which, incidentally was not working out. On one occasion Bella had woke up to an irate Edward wondering why James was in his house without phoning through first or being polite and asking. It honestly freaked her out a little and she wasn't sure if the guy had all his marbles.

She heard the sound of the front door open and butterflies swirled in her chest. She hoped she would never get over Edward's homecoming; she prayed that his return would always invoke feelings of anticipation and longing. She wasn't stupid, one day the feelings would die out and they would need to rely on their friendship to carry them through. But for now, she would enjoy the fact that seeing him for the first time in several hours made her ache with want to lie on the table and spread her legs for him.

"Bella?" Edward called.

"In here birthday boy!" she answered.

He rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks, his pennyloafers skidding a bit on the robin's egg blue linoleum. He dropped his briefcase on the marble counter and turned back to look at his wife. He simply was astounded. Bella looked like a pinup girl. She had a short, sheer, red negligee on and was sprawled out across the kitchen table looking for all the world like a banquet feast fit just for him.

"A pinup model for my birthday?!"

Edward was proud he picked Isabella.

She hoped he liked what she picked out. Rose had told her all about men's fantasies and she had been aching to try to see if Edward shared the same desires as most other men apparently had. She sent away for the silk nightie, using money she earned cleaning Dr. and Esme Cullen's house while Edward was away at work during the day. Esme had been so kind to her and rewarded her for her hard work handsomely.

"Gads, Bella, I wish it was my birthday every single day of the year," he said walking over to her. He reached out to trail one finger over the line that was created from her foot to the top of her shoulder as she lay seductively on the Formica table.

She sat up and spread her legs, putting the birthday cake in between her legs.

"Oh, don't cover up your-" but Bella interrupted him.

"Now, now, you have to blow out your candles," she chided lighting them, then continued, "Or would you like me to blow them out for you, big boy?"

Her mouth curved into a perfect "o" shape as she blew the candles out gently for him.

Edward's mouth popped open and his cock was as hard as a rock, twitching every time Bella moved.

"Oh, baby, you can blow my candles out any time you want..." his voice husky, gravelly even as he spoke.

She felt the throb when he said 'baby'. As her nipples visibly hardened under the scrap of fabric.

"Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me...Happy birthday dear Edward...Happy Birthday to me..." Edward finished by yanking his belt from the loops in one swift jerk. Taking off his pants, he bent to swipe his finger once through the slit of shimmery flesh at the apex of his wife's legs, pushing aside the string that drew his present's wrapping paper taut.

He pulled Bella to the edge of the table and wrapped her legs around him. She pushed his boxer shorts down and moaned, long and low.

"Now Isabella, you naughty little thing, would you like me to show you what happens to shameful girls when they don't get their husbands proper birthday presents?" Edward crooned in Bella's ear, making her breath hitch. She was quite certain the average housewife had not prepped her technique with Coca Cola bottle for a week in advance of giving her husband a head job; she was really looking forward to perfecting her technique.

"Oh but this isn't all I have for your birthday, darling. Would you like a Coca Cola first? I know you are always so thirsty when you come home and I wouldn't want to neglect my duties..."

Edward was confused how they went from him touching her slick wet meat grinder to her offering him a soda pop.

"Hell no I wouldn't, you just stay right where you are," he continued working his tie loose, "What else do you have for me, then?"

Bella slid off the table to her knees right in front of him. Eye to eye with his penis, he pursed her lips around it and blew. His fingertips caught one of her nipples and he rolled it eliciting a whine from her. He would do just about anything for this vision though so he played along.

"Well darling, if you're thirsty, I have something you could drink..."