Author's Note: This is my first published fanfic. This is dedicated to my fanfic friend NusiainForks, who encouraged me long ago. I have been working on a couple of stories but this one is screaming at me. It will eventually be Jasper and Bella but it will be a steady buildup. If you are not a big Jasper x Bella fan, you may want to hit the back button. Let me know what you think. I will try to update weekly but sometimes real life may get in the way.

Obviously I am not Stephenie...I just like to play with Jasper ;0) The beginning in italics is a direct quote from Eclipse so I am giving credit where it is due.

I found myself with my back pressed against the sheer cliff face. Edward stood in front of me, holding a posture that I knew at once.

Relief washed through my mind at the same time that my stomach dropped through the soles of my feet.

I'd misunderstood.

Relief---nothing had gone wrong in the clearing.

Horror---the crisis was here.

Something was coming for us.

My back was pressed against the towering stone wall behind me where Edward had left me only moments before. I couldn't press myself back any farther into the barrier as the terrifying scene unfolded before my eyes. The wind was whipping around my head and my eyes were filled with tears as my hair blew wildly about me, slapping me in the face. I was swiping at my eyes with my sleeves so I could see better but even then I didn't trust my human eyes. I was certain of one thing, the scene that was playing out was worse than any horror movie Hollywood could create.

Seth was battling very valiantly before me against the male vampire who Victoria had called Riley. He gripped the vampire by the arm and pulled suddenly to the left, taking the limb with him. Riley instantly shot forward swinging his remaining arm at Seth's neck. The sandy colored wolf danced sideways avoiding contact from the enraged vampire. It seemed he was gaining the upper hand and my mind shifted to the other fight that was taking place closer to the tree line in the distance.

A flicker of red was dancing with a shock of bronze. It was a battle as old as time, a battle for love. One side was fighting for a love lost to death and the other for love finally found. Edward appeared to have caught up to Victoria before she made it into the dark trees. He was circling her as she danced away from him. They were a confusing, twisting blur of movement and I could only catch glimpses of color – red then bronze then red again. I was extremely frustrated that I couldn't follow the deadly dance more closely. I didn't allow myself to cry aloud for fear that I would miss something important, as if by keeping my eyes trained on them I could actually will Edward to victory.

I heard a keening following by an otherworldly screech to my left where the young werewolf was battling the newborn vampire. I glanced anxiously at them trying to ascertain who was winning that battle. Seth pulled back a few steps and Riley surged forward toward the wolf and I realized that Seth had Riley's other arm in his jaws this time. He skillfully skittered sideways before the vampire could reach him. Before I could follow the movement, he was behind the unlucky Riley pushing him forward to the ground. Once the vampire was on the ground, a growling Seth placed two of his huge furry paws on Riley's back and locked onto his neck with his iron jaws. He merely flicked his head to the side and with another loud keening sound Riley simply ceased to exist.

When I turned my attention back to Edward and Victoria, my heart plummeted. She had somehow gained the upper hand and had Edward on the ground as she straddled his prostrate form, her knees pinning his arms to the ground. He turned his beautiful face to me and the anguish that was evident in his beautiful features brought me to my knees. Terror gripped my body as I felt the hole in my chest open up again. I opened my mouth to cry out to him but my voice would not work. My vision blurred as I saw her pull Edward's head from his body and cast it over her right shoulder. She rose and stepped to the side, and pulled a lighter from her pocket. I shuddered as despair fully overtook my soul as she set my love on fire.

The next sound I heard was a horrifying wail. Loud and inconsolable, it filled the entire area where we were. I realized with a start that the sound was actually coming from deep inside me. Victoria turned to me with a smile playing on her lips. My vocal chords once again became dormant as the sound from within me ended with a whoosh. She began to move painfully slow toward me, reveling in the torture I was now experiencing. She paused briefly to pick up Edward's head and to my horror, throw it in the roaring fire behind her.

"How does it feel, human? How does it feel to see the love of your life die before your eyes? I only wish he could have seen you die first. But no matter, I will still enjoy killing you," her baby voice warbled toward me.

I saw Seth spring to action as he began running toward her. Out of my peripheral vision, I caught another blur coming from just to the right of Victoria. I vaguely thought that it sort of looked like Jasper. The blur reached Victoria before Seth and with a movement too quick for me to focus on; her head was flung carelessly to the side as her body crumpled to the ground. I raised my eyes to see Jasper standing over her, looking at me with an expression of anger, sympathy and concern.

Jasper turned to Seth and began to shout instructions to him about gathering the pieces of Victoria and Riley. Jasper pulled out a small silver lighter from his front pocket and backed away from Victoria's body. With a small flick of his wrist, he set her on fire. Seth was running in large circles gathering stone like pieces of vampire and bringing them to the funeral pyre Jasper had begun.

Jasper turned his face toward me and began walking forward with his hands held out toward me as if trying to sooth a scared colt. I realized he was afraid he would startle me if he came at me at vampire speed. My tears had suddenly stopped and now I had dark spots dancing before my eyes. I could no longer see Jasper's face clearly and I vaguely realized that my mind was shutting down. As suddenly as it had stopped before, the wailing sound was back and coming from deep within my soul. I saw extreme sorrow cross Jasper's face just as my world went black.