Six months later…

Winter Raven, Connecticut; a small, plain, slow, quiet, town…the perfect place for a family…a family who was anything but normal.

Lydia is sat in the darkness of her bedroom just like she always does after school and plays a record of sad classical music….She is utterly alone.

Barbara and Adam Maitland, a young ghostly couple, stood as the only model of a perfect marriage. They were always there to greet Lydia when she cam home from school, always there to give warm hugs, a listening ear, food, and friendship….but they are not inside the house, they have been with Juno, their ghostly case worker.

Charles, Lydia's father, continued his long distance business relationship with his boss Max C. Dean. The boss decided to keep Charles on board despite the corny ideas and the damaged nerves only because he still manages to produce the company more money than younger newcomers.

Delia, Lydia's step-mother, was no longer a lost cause, but even though there were times that the red head would become pre-occupied in her work of becoming a famous artist, there had been even more times that she would sit and place time for her Step-daughter. Thesculptures were still odd and frightfully scary, but still said to be in Lydia's own kind words "Too ahead for it's time."

Lydia hated her life because it just wasn't dark enough, it just wasn't the same without the presents of her ghostly friends, and the mystified essence of …. "Magic." She sighed heavily as laid her head on her desk and cried.

"Whatcha cryin' for ?" a voice came from out of nowhere.

Lydia raised her tearful face and looked around the room.

"Hey…" whistled for her attention as he waved is hand "down here."

Lydia's eye's widened as she gazed upon a familiar ghostly man…a gross ghostly man, who almost became her husband.

His miniature form stood on Lydia's desk, leaning oh so casually against a pencil. "Long time, no see Babes." His name is….

"Beetlejuice !" Lydia announced out of shock, then quickly covered her own mouth in remembrance from what happened the last time.

"Come on Babes, say it two more times." he grinned.

"No." She protested. "Get off my desk, and leave me alone."

Beeteljuice pointed up to her "Don't be that way with me…I should be the one crying, not you." He left form the pencil to pace around her desk "Not only did you back out of our marriage agreement; I almost got swallowed by a sandworm, Juno was up my ass twenty-four-seven, and I've been sentenced by the court to this miniature state, and I gotta tell ya….it really sucks."

Lydia's face fell "I'm sorry."

"Sorry ?" Beetlejuice was taken aback.

"I'm sorry about the sandworm thing, but I can't marry you." She exclaimed.

"Too late." Beetlejuice grinned. Lydia raised a confused brow as he pointed to his ring, which was till on her finger. "How do you think I was able to come back here…can't leave here without the ring Babe."

Lydia never removed it, she didn't know why…she didn't even try, but she remembered something "The ceremony wasn't finished, so we're not married."

Beetlejuice scratched his head "The court's are still trying to determine that…but for now you, still have my ring, which, make's us bound."

"So you'll be stuck with me as long as I have this." Lydia pointed to the ring.

"Thaat's…riiiight." He sang, then grinned "It's looks good on you."

Lydia sighed "Well you can't stay on my desk, I have to do my homework."

Beetlejuice pointed to her notebook and asked sarcastically "Do you plan to write your homework with a pencil like normal people, or are going to continue to use tears ?"

Lydia sighed. "Do you see anywhere you would like to rest ?"

"The bed." He grinned while pointing toward Lydia's bed.

Lydia knew Beetlejuice is a pervert. "No." She went into her closet, and pulled a childhood item "You can stay in here."

It's a pink colored house.

Beetlejuice looked up with an insulted gaze "You want me to stay in a gay bar ?"

"It's a dollhouse." Lydia spat. Then she scooped Beetlejuice in her hand, carried him gently, and placed him inside.

Beetlejuice walked around looking at the light pink colored plastic walls decorated with hot pink roses, he admired the sticker plastered food that's smeared on the plastic doll table, and he sat on the hard pink sofa. "Unbelievable." He muttered. Then he noticed an almost pleasing thing….a doll, a Barbie-like doll sitting across from him, He walked over and peeked up it's dress. He looked up at Lydia with an annoyed gaze "Would it kill 'em to make the thing atomically correct ?"

Lydia rolled her eyes, then left to go back to her desk, and when she sat down…

He was waiting for her. "Whatcha workin' on ?" Beeteljuice asked as he floated over an open book.

"Math." Lydia replied gravely, knowing it's not her best subject. "I'm going to fail this test, I forgot my study notes and calculator at school, and the test is Monday."

"Hmmm…." Beetlejuice hummed in thought, then an idea. He used his ghostly magic to produce a large old device which was used by great mathematicians.

Lydia gazed upon the strange thing "I can't play beads BJ, I have to study." cleared her throat "You don't mind if I call you BJ, do you ?"

Beetlejuice smiled "Nah…I like it." then pointed to the old device "That's not a bead game, it's an abacus."

"A what ?" Lydia frowned.

"It's like an old school calculator…" He explained. "maybe it can help you."

"How about a new school calculator ?" Lydia asked.

Beetlejuice smirked "Look….my power is limited while I'm at my mini-state, if you want the goods, say my name three times."

Lydia wasn't buying it "No."

"Ok then, abacus it is." Beetlejuice replied.

Lydia sighed….and sighed…and sighed some more as she studied the long hard way; all her hard work, all the pre-paring for this test was left at school, she hasn't been graded a 'C' since she met Adam Maitland, a ghostly man with a natural gift for math. She looked over to Beetlejuice, who was eating a piece of toast she given to him as she got a snack.

"BJ…." He looked to her. "What if a asked you to get my study notes for me ?"

"You'll have to say my name three times." He sang in response.

Lydia knew there was a price for the last favor she asked of him. "What do you want in return ?"

"I would like something…" Beetlejuice held a toothy grin, then he shrugged his shoulders "I'll take whatever you think I should have."

"The ball's in my court, I decide your reward ?" she asked.

Beetlejuice nodded "That's right Babe."

Lydia took a breath "Beetlejuice." she became scared, but continued "Beetlejuice." She expects him to kill her, but hopes if he does…he'll do it quick "Beetlejuice."

He showed a wide devil smile "It's show time." then he appeared in normal size, wearing a black and white striped suit….it looked good on him.

Lydia closed her eyes as Beetlejuice leaned closer to her, he whispered in her ear "Aren't you going to tell me where your notes are in school ?"

She didn't open her eyes "one place could be my locker, number fourteen on the first floor, or…in the study area, room 24, in my desk with my name on the desk, on the second floor."

"Ok that'll be easy." Beetlejuice claimed.

Lydia looked up at him "Please don't scare my Dad or anything."

Beetlejuice flashed a toothy devil smirk as he faded away.

Stay tuned for chapter 2.