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SUMMARY: For Kana, the second eldest daughter of Chief Neytiri and her consort Jakesully, life as a monarch of the Omaticaya clan is anything by exciting. Trapped between the awesome prodigal skills of her older and younger sisters makes her wonder if Eywa has any plan for her at all. But, when a young, male Na'vi foreigner is found wondering the jungles of Pandora, Kana realizes that her destiny lies with him and with all of Pandora.


The wind whips at my face, filling my nose with the thick smell of the air. I am dipping and diving, weaving through the treetops with expert ease. It's as if there is nothing else on Pandora but me and my Ikran and the sky. We took a sharp left turn off of a cliff, and then we were diving downward, parallel to a waterfall. We kept going and going, farther and farther downward, until the cool water consumed me.


But, of course, dreams are meant only for sleeping.

"Kana, come on, wake up! You sleep like a rock, my sister." I slowly, and hesitantly, opened my eyes to view my younger sister, Sayla.

"Sayla, what is the point of waking me, if you only wish to criticize me?" I asked of her as I sat up, rubbing my eyes. Sayla laughed lightly; the airy, fanciful laugh that captured the heart of any poor creature who happened to be in it's wake.

"Well, one, the morning has come, and, two, mother summons you." I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Mother was always "summoning" me, usually to scold me. I dismissed Sayla with a brush of my hand, telling her that I would come shortly. Without waiting for any further orders, Sayla was off, her prayer beads jingling together as she went.

I stood up in my hammock, and stretched, letting out all of the knots that had formed in my back. Certainly, light was beginning to flood the forest, awakening the clan. I smiled slightly for I loved the way the sun would chase away the shadows of the night. I jumped up, grabbing onto a branch, and lifted myself onto it. I took my time as I made my way to the ground floor of our new Hometree where my mother was certainly waiting. The clan was already alive and bustling; children rushing past me as the played and hunters readying to take to the skies. One hunter in particular decided to join me on my walk of shame.

"Good morning, Kana." said Taka as she appeared out of nowhere next to me. Taka was my older sister, and the feircest warrior in the clan.

"Good morning, Taka. You're up early."

"Yes, father wanted to head out early, so I had to rise early. Were you aware that mother summoned you?" I sighed, and threw my hair over my shoulder with a slight toss of my head.

"Yes, Sayla alerted me of that this morning. I wonder what I did to upset her this time."

"Ah, sister, mother is never upset with you. Just...frustrated." she said with a smile. I smirked in her direction. When we came to the spiraling roots that lead down, we went our separate ways. Taka went up, probably to tend her Ikran, while I went down.

Sayla and Taka were the only sisters I had, Sayla being the youngest, and Taka being the oldest. So, yes, I was the middle child. But, that wasn't all, oh no. My sisters had to bloody prodigies. Taka was the strongest warrior in our entire clan. Most of our young, male warriors could not match her skill, and that was saying something. She was a master of the bow and arrow, and was an incredible hunter. She made her bond with her Ikran when she was only twelve seasons old. Now she was eighteen seasons old, a hunter of the highest level, and a master warrior.

Sayla was a completely different matter, however. She was a spiritual leader at a very young age, and some believed she was a direct line to Eywa. She knew the song of every root and every tree and every creature in Pandora without even making a bond. Even my grandmother, Mo'at, was inferior to Sayla's powers. She was revered and respected above anyone in the clan, even my father. And her bright, bubbly attitude only made the People love her more.

Me, however. There was nothing incredibly special about me at all. I was an expert flyer, but Taka was better. I had a strong spiritual center, but Sayla's was stronger. I was the least amazing of the three daughters of the most respected leaders ever to rule over the Omaticaya clan. Everyone always expected me to fail, and I did on a regular basis.

It took me only a few minutes to arrive at the base of Hometree, even though I tried to take my time. I knew that once I was down there, my day would get exceedingly worse. My parents stood not far from me, talking amongst themselves. They never seemed to age, for they always had the glow of youth about them.

"Mother, father, I see you." I said in Na'vi speak when I approached them.

"Kana, I see you." they responded in turn.

"You summoned me, mother?" I asked, not trying in the least to hide the attitude in my voice.

"Yes, I did actually." she said, her eyes locked on mine. She had that dangerous look in her eyes, like when she was hunting or fighting. Anything that found itself met with that glare was going to die very soon. "The time for you to be mated is fast approaching."

I hissed slightly, knowing that this conversation was going to end in a large confrontation. My mother had been trying to mate me off since my thirteenth name day.

"By Eywa, mother, will this ever end?! I've told you hundreds of times that I don't want to be mated off yet. Why don't you ask Taka, I mean, she's the eldest?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

"Because Taka still has warrior training to complete. She cannot be mated until it is completed." said my father in English. My parents made a habit of speaking in both of their native languages to help teach my sisters and I both.

"And Sayla has decided to bond herself to Pandora as a priestess of Eywa, thus preventing her from being mated to a male." my mother added. I stomped my foot in frustration at being used once again.

"You just want to get rid of me." I mumbled. Of course, they heard me, because they always do.

"No, no, my dear." said my father, slowly approaching me. He was the one I always had the best relationship with. He put his five fingered hands on my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. "That's not it at all. Your mother and I love you very much, and only want the best for you. You have been very successful in all of your ventures whether it be hunting or...anything!But you work too hard at times. Mating with a warrior of high esteem will be good for you. Like Lock'tu. You two have always been such close friends, and he just completed his warrior training. When the time comes to choose his woman, I am certain he will want you. Doesn't that give you comfort, Kana?"

I looked up at my father, confusion and shame covering my features. Father used to be so liberal, as far as Omaticaya culture was concerened, but now...

"You're just as bad as she is." I whispered, staring up into his face. His eyes squinted for a second, and I knew I hit a delicate nerve. Before he could say anything else, I tore away from him, and took off, heading for the top of Hometree.


Jake stood there, dazed and hurt, trying to convince himself that he didn't understand why his daughter would be upset. Neytiri came and stood beside him, placing a strong hand on his shoulder.

"I've really hurt her, Ney. We've really hurt her. God, eighteen years ago, I never thought that raising a child could be this...complicated." He sat down on a large, protruding root, as if he was exhausted.

"Ah, don't worry about her. She'll calm down. How about you and Taka head out to the old RDA base. You two need to spend more time together." she said in the most comforting voice she could manage.

JakeSully looked up at his love, his mate, his wife, and he could swear that he fell in love with her all over again. Jake smiled, and nodded, knowing that what she said was right, for it usually was. He stood, and took off to look for his eldest daughter.

Neytiri bit her lip as she watched her mate walk away, lost in thoughts of Kana. She had this terrible, yet undeniable feeling that she was becoming more and more like her mother every day. Tradition and uniform had become almost law to her, even though that was odd coming from the woman who feel in love with a Dreamwalker, and became the first female chief of the Omaticaya. What kind of fate would befall her high-spirited daughter, who was far too similar, yet slightly different from herself?


I ran through the heavily vegetated branches of Hometree, tears streaming down my cheeks. I had never felt so hurt before! I knew that they were just trying to find a place for me in the clan, but still, they didn't even ask me what I wanted! They never asked me what I wanted.

"Laysan!" I screeched at the top of my lungs. Within a second, my Ikran appeared in front of me, bristling with excitement. She assumed that, from the tone of my voice, a battle was close at hand, and was aching for a fight. My Ikran was a truly beautiful creature. Her rough hide consisted of the colors red, purple, and a blueish-green. She was strong, and a superb flier. We had only been bonded for a year, but we were already one unit. My thoughts were her thoughts, and vise versa. She knew me better than I know myself.

"Shh, shh, I'm sorry." I said as I ran my hand along her long neck. "I was just...upset." She growled low in her throat, making me smile. "But, I'm sure you already knew that." I took my Lekku, and bonded it with her's while nimbly climbing onto her back.

"Tswayon." I said quickly, and Laysan took the sky.

I loved flying. It was the most liberating experience one could have. The world soars below you, the colors and sounds blending into one. The beat of my Ikran's wings was in sink with the beat of my heart. I saw and felt the world as Laysan did, and it was exhilarating.

We had been flying lazily for about thirty minutes, until a large, dark shadow appeared before me. I immediately feared the worst. I looked up, and, sure enough, a Toruk was soaring just above us. He was high enough not to notice us, but far too close to notice. Now, I know that my father once rode and bonded with a Toruk in order to unite the Na'vi clans of Pandora, but, my dad was crazy at times. Laysan tensed, sensing the presence of the larger enemy. I knew Laysan, and I could feel her thoughts clearly. She was going to mess with it.

"Now, Laysan..." I said soothingly. "You know that we can't take on a Toruk. Just slow down, and drop elevation a bit so we can... AHH!"

I didn't get to finish my sentence before Laysan took off. She turned sharply, and flew straight up. I cringed in fear, knowing that this wasn't going to turn out well.

The impact that Laysan made with the Toruk sent of a vibe that shook the sky. The Toruk seemed stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered, and charged us. Laysan either decided that she had bitten off more than she could chew, or she wanted to play a game, for she took off in the opposite direction. I held onto her tightly, but still kept one hand free to grab a weapon if the need arose. I glanced behind me, and the Toruk was gaining on us.

"Niwin, Laysan!" I said, pushing her to pick up speed. She pushed herself harder, using anything she could to propel herself farther ahead of the Toruk. Suddenly, a sharp pain ran through me, and I knew that it was coming from Laysan. A talon was sunk into her thigh. I turned in my saddle, unsheathing a knife that was sheathed across my chest, and slashed out at the attacking Toruk. I cut him across the eye, angering him severely, but convincing him to let go. I knew that Laysan could not fly much farther at that speed with a wound like that in her thigh, so I decided that distracting the Toruk was our best bet.

"Head for Hometree, Laysan. I'll distract him. I'll call you when the cost is clear." I quickly disconnected our bond, and leaped from her back. Just as I had predicted, the Toruk dove after me.

I was free falling for a long time, the deafening silence filling my ears, than I hit the trees. The branches were very thick, and very intertwined when I made contact, so my landing wasn't very soft. I was too disoriented to use my common sense, and use the large leaves to slow my fall, and just fell. The Toruk could not maneuver through the thick branched if he wanted, and Laysan was already too far away for him to catch. He roared down at me in anger, than left me be.

I hit the ground very roughly, surely bruising something. I laid on the ground for a moment, just staring up at the canopy of the jungle. The sun shone through, casting a green light on the forest floor. The sounds of the animals filled my ears, and the wind brushed my skin. It was one of those moments that I could feel Eywa's life pour into me. Than, reality hit me. I groaned loudly from the pain I felt in my legs, arms, and back. I rolled over onto my side, than pulled myself up onto my knees, throwing my hair back. Than, I saw him.

A Na'vi, or at least, I thought a Na'vi male laid on the ground, not far from me. He had all of the physical characteristics that were common to the People, except, his skin was a deep turquoise green instead of light blue like mine. He lay motionless, his eyes closed, and his chest rising and falling steadily. I drew my knife again, and slowly approached, completely in hunter mode. I eased towards him, hunched down on the balls of my feet.

I quickly reached out, and touched him on the arm. He didn't move. I touched him again, and he remained motionless. Seeing him as not considerable threat, I sheathed my knife, and bent down next to him. He was pretty handsome, I must say, with wide eyes, and high cheek bones. I slowly etched my way up his body, poking and prodding, memorizing him with my eyes. His body was scarred severely on his chest and arms, and I noticed his bow not far away from us.

My curiosity getting the best of me, I leaned over his face, breaking any personal bubble he might have had. His face was very strong, and very handsome. I leaned in closer, going on nothing but pure instinct. I put my hand next to his face, dareing to touch it. Suddenly, a strong, firm hand grabbed my forearm. I looked down at the very strong, very alive green hand, than back to the stranger's face. His eye's were open.

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