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We're unstoppable

"God El, what are you doing here" Olivia asked trying to fully open her eyes. She opened the door to her apartment and saw Elliot with a bag and a tear stained shirt.

"Uhh, can I stay here tonight?" he asked trying to hide his embarrassment.

"You mean this morning" she said looking at the clock, which read 3:47, "Yeah your always welcome, the couch is yours, do you need to talk or are you okay?" she asked sincerely.

"I just need sleep, I will see you in the morning, night Liv" he said and dropped his bag by the couch.

She walked back to her room and hopped in bed. She taught of all the reasons why he would just show up. She taught that Kathy had kicked Elliot out and she suddenly became very hopeful but the joy quickly faded when she realized that she shouldn't get her hopes up, because that usually ended badly. She fell asleep and dreamed of Elliot, just like had done every night since day one.

In the morning Olivia went out to the living room to wake Elliot up. She was surprised when she saw he already awake and making coffee.

"Hey El" she said softly making sure not to startle him.

"Good morning Liv, thanks for letting me crash here last night, oh well I mean this morning. Anyways I'm going to look for an apartment for today" he said calmly.

"Uh sure anytime" she said unsure of the situation, "I'm going to take a shower then we can go to work."

She got in the shower and wondered why Elliot was so calm about the situation. She skipped conditioner and blow dried her hair. She walked into her room with a towel wrapped around her and got dressed quickly.

"Ready to go?" she asked while he grabbed his bag.

"Actually I have something to do; I will be in around ten. Thanks again Liv" he said as he walked out the door.

"Okay bye" she said as he walked out the door, "I love you" she muttered under her breathe.

"Did you say something?"

"Uh no why would you say that?" she said nervously hoping he didn't hear.

He shook his head and continued on his way out. Olivia threw on her jacket on and headed out the door. She was the first one there besides Cragen, which was no surprise because he rarely left.

"Olivia can you come over here for a minute?" he called to her.

"Yeah hi Captain what's up?" she asked hoping the news wouldn't somehow relate to Elliot.

"As soon as Elliot gets here I need you two to tell me what the hell is going on around here, your last two cases were sloppy, sloppy work. I need you two to do better" he said sternly.

"Alright sorry, I will get started he should be here soon, he had an errand to run this morning" she said with relieve. She walked back to her desk and started re typing paperwork Elliot had messed up. He showed up two hours later with a big smile on his face which confused Olivia.

"What are you so happy about?" She said pissed off. She had been correcting his mistakes for two hours now.

"Oh nothing, what are you working on?" he asked while his smile faded.

"All the paper work you fucked up this week. What's going on with you?" she questioned back.

"Nothing I just have a lot on my mind I will take over and retype the work"

"Damn straight you will" she said dropping the stacks of work on his desk. He shook his head and started typing. After about a half an hour of silence between them he broke the tension.

" Sorry for what ever I did to piss you off" he said slightly mocking her.

"Did you find an apartment?" she asked uninterested in his joking.

"Uh yeah you could say that. Thanks for last night... umm I mean this morning" he said in a sympathetic tone.

"Where is your new place?" she asked shaking off her anger.

"It's actually kind of close to yours; it's just down the street"

"Oh wow, close. Maybe I could see it sometime?" she asked in hope he would invite her over.

"Yeah anytime I just have to talk to Brit… I mean uh yeah sure." he said trying to cover up his own words.

"Whoa what did you say?" she said hoping she was going crazy and didn't actually hear him say a woman's name.

"Nothing Liv, I'm just trying to do to many things right now, my words are getting mixed up, I need to work right now." He said in a sharp tone ending the conversation.

Olivia continued typing and praying she hadn't heard what she taught she heard. Is this why Elliot left home? For another woman? She taught to her self. No that's crazy. Or is it?

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