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When Olivia got home she started going through all her draws and purses looking for a business card a man gave to her. She wasn't going to sit at home while Elliot was off with his girl friend. She threw papers all over tearing apartment looking for the little slip of paper. She was about to give up when she sat on the couch and say it lying on the coffee table. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. He was a narcotics cop in Manhattan and they had met at a police conference.

"Hi Dave, its Olivia Benson, we met at a police conference and you gave me your number" she said and instantly felt a tad bit embarrassed.

"Oh hi Olivia, of course I remember you." This made her smile

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight, maybe dinner or a movie?" she asked

"Sure I get off at 7 so can I pick you up at 730?" he said nicely

"Yeah sure" she gave him her address and said thanks, she was about to hang up when he stopped her.

"Wait, one of my friends from collage just opened a restaurant with a dance floor not to far from your house, would you like to go there?" he suggested kindly.

"Yeah sure! That sounds great, see you then" they both hung up and Olivia ran to her bedroom with excitement and started digging through her closet to see what dress she would wear.

She found a short black dress that showed just the right amount of cleavage and black stilettos. She curled her hair and put on eye shadow that made her chocolate brown eyes sparkle. It was five minutes before he was supposed to show up that she realized her apartment looked like someone had had a party and trashed the place, and she realized that he might want to come back to the apartment after the date. She freaked out and started running around throwing random things in drawers and cabinets. When he knocked on the door she straightened her dress took a deep breathe and opened the door.

"Wow Olivia you look amazing!" he said unable to take his eyes off of her.

"Thank you. You look good to Dave." She stepped out of her apartment, locked the door and then walked down the hallway with there arms interlocked.

When they got to the parking garage Olivia looked around for his car expecting it to be something cheap because she knew what a cop's salary looked like. She was surprised when he opened the door for her and the car was a shiny black Ferrari.

"This is your car?" she asked in amazement.

"Yeah is there something wrong with it?" he joked.

"It's so cool!" she said feeling like a four year old who had just seen a new doll. He laughed a little and then started driving. When they got there he opened the door for Olivia and gave the keys to the valet service. They walked in and were greeted by the owner.

"So this is the beautiful woman you told me about?" the owner said. Dave blushed and tried to hide it from Olivia.

"Hello Ryan, and yes this is Olivia" they shook hands and said hello. Ryan showed them to an elegant table with a white table cloth and a red rose in the middle.

"This place is beautiful" Olivia stated.

"I'm glad you like it." He said as he smiled. They both ordered Lobster and wine.

"You work in SVU, right?"

"Yeah, it's a rough unit" she said thinking about the case from earlier that day.

"Wow. You deal with a lot of serious things. I was thinking about transferring into SVU after this year, I'm getting tired of narcotics." He said with a smile on his face.

"Oh that would be nice. Change is good." She said smiling back.

When there food came they ate and continued with the small talk. Olivia realized she hadn't been this happy in a while.

"Hey is that your partner?" he asked while pointing to the other side of the room. She flipped her head around and saw Elliot with his girlfriend.

"Yeah. I guess it is." Her smile faded.

"Fighting?" he asked.

"You could say that. We just don't get along that well, I was actually considering a move" she said looking at Dave resisting the urge to look at Elliot.

"Really? To where?"

"Either Seattle Washington or Los Angeles California" she said.

"Well I hope you don't move. I really like you." He said grabbing her hand. Just then Elliot noticed Olivia was there and he saw they were holding hands. Olivia and Dave finished eating and went to the dance floor she rested her head on his shoulder and he rested his hand on her butt. They danced for two songs and then Elliot and his girlfriend went out onto the dance floor.

"Would you like to um, check out my apartment?" Olivia asked hoping he would get the hint.

"I would love to see your apartment" he smiled they held hands and walked off the dance floor, the entire time Elliot was watching.

When they got in the car she felt her phone vibrate and she saw she had a message from Elliot. She flipped her phone open and read the message………

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