A sound....

He was waiting for that sound.

No, it was not just a sound. It was a voice.

But which voice? There are billions of voices in this world, each one belonging to a distinct owner. Perhaps...he was waiting for the owner?




.......and yet it was true.

Arthur Kirkland silently poured himself another cup of Earl Grey tea. The bitter and yet addictive scent always reminded him of England, no matter where he was in the world. For that reason, he carried a few Earl Grey bags of tea wherever he went. Now there was the problem. Where did he ever go? Yes, he attended meetings such as the UN and the G8, but any social gatherings? Sure, there were the holiday parties other nations held, but they invited him because he was such an important nation in history. Did he actually have any friends to spend time with? To talk to whenever he was troubled? To comfort him? To just be there?

Yes and no.

There was Kiku Honda, for example. Kiku, the living representation of Japan, was a good ally (and friend?). They have been to each other's homes before, chatted about some issues, laughed a bit..but there was always so much silence in between it all. Kiku was a very kind hearted, shy, timid, friendly person. Both of them lonely, and their relationship is quite well. Despite all this, he was not a prime example of what would be called a "close friend".

Then there was Alfred.

Alfred F. Jones, the living representation of the United States of America. Sure, they drank together sometimes and spent time together outside of meetings.... but it is all too painful. The Revolution....the War of 1812.....all of that burned Arthur in ways that he could not put into words. It was almost as if he was being ripped apart.

And yet he loved being with Alfred.

Why? Why did Arthur enjoy the company of someone that caused him over 300 years of pain? How to describe it....how to put it into words? Yes, being near Alfred caused him unimaginable pain, and yet it brought him happiness that he never thought existed. Arthur always dreaded and yet looked forward to seeing the hamburger loving nation's smile, hearing his laugh, just seeing him. The joy he felt as he and Alfred casually talked was indescribable. It was all...


"I wonder what I should do today," Arthur said quietly. He sat at his kitchen table, blankly staring into the murkiness of his tea. "Maybe I should go buy some more groceries. Yes, I suppose I'll do that." He often talked to himself when he was depressed, shutting out even his mystical friends. At times, the United Kingdom wished to brood over things alone. "Arthur, why not call up Alfred? It is worth a try, right?" A small fairy named Lilac had appeared, resting on Arthur's messy blonde hair. "Why would I want to call that bloody git? Besides, he's most likely busy doing something completely ridiculous at the moment!" All the mystical creatures knew Arthur had a habit of denying what he wanted to do, either out of pure embarrassment or he was just too stubborn to admit it. Lilac sighed, shaking her head, her black curls swaying as she did so. "No, he is free at the moment. I just checked up on him, since I was bored. Alfred was just watching some reruns of CSI: New York."

Arthur chuckled, knowing how Alfred adored CSI shows. "Alright fine, Lilac. You win this time. I'll give the damn wanker a call after I finish my tea, alright? Now, off with you!" Lilac giggled happily before flying off to rejoin her own kind. Arthur smiled softly. Mystical creatures were so nosy, and yet too cute to deny. Right?

Alfred paused the television, stopping at the scene where they discovered that the suspect was murdered. The phone was ringing, bringing a halt to his Saturday activities. Days were getting shorter again, and he was hating it. It meant more time for work, less time for fun. "Hello?" Alfred asked, answering the phone in a dull voice.

"Bloody wanker, have you been staying up all night again? You fucking sound like you're about to die, you git."

Arthur. The American stifled a sigh as he pictured the Englishman's frowning face back in England. "Ahaha, Arthur, you sure do know me well! So, what's up?"

"Shut the hell up, you stupid bugger! I don't even know why I even called.....well, anyways, I was wondering if you were free today to, I don't know...hang out, as you call it."

Alfred laughed. "So that's why you called? Ahahahaha, and here I thought you called to interrupt my shows! Yeah, I'm free! When should we meet up?"

On the other end, Arthur began to stutter. Alfred noted how he always blushed furiously while stuttering, almost as if it was too embarrassing. "W-well, I s-s-suppose around...around....um...5 p.m?" "Sure," Alfred replied eagerly, "Its a date!"


Oh crap, did I just....? Alfred's mind couldn't process anything else but that one thought. From the other end, Arthur was silent as well. Not even the sound of breathing was heard, so Alfred assumed that the comment just took his breath away in surprise. "Um, actually....I just remembered something really important. Its economy business in my country so, I guess we'll have to cancel. Maybe another time, bye!"

Then he hung up.

Alfred stood there in awed silence, still clutching the phone in his hand against his ear. Why did Arthur cancel? Was it because of that one little comment? America was blushing a deep red as he set the phone down, slowly trying to regain his mind. "Okay then...." Alfred muttered in annoyance. Now he was just plain mad. Arthur was always complaining about how tactless Alfred was, but Arthur just showed a prime example of tactlessness! ".....Geez, he's so stupid sometimes."

At that moment, someone knocked at his door. His heart nearly stopped beating as he drew up the possibility of it being Arthur. "A-Alfred! Its m-me, M-Matthew! O-Open up, please?" It was Matthew. Disappointed, Alfred opened the door. There stood Matthew, the identical twin of the American himself, standing there while clutching Kumajiro. "Ah, Matthew! Come on in! Hahahaha!" Matthew nearly rolled his eyes at the laugh as he entered the house. The two sat down on the couch in front of the TV, facing each other. "So, what's up, Matt? Something wrong between you and France?" Matthew's face turned a deep red, outdoing the red of his nation's flag. "N-No! D-D-Don't jump to c-conclusions, A-Alfred! I just...just wanted to stop by t-t-to spend t-time with y-you."

"Oh, really? Maybe you can teach Arthur a thing or two!"



Oh dear, it seems another unspoken argument is brewing here, the Canadian thought uneasily. Alfred and Arthur were famous for their unspoken arguments and quarrels; it was amazing how glances and silence were great weapons for the two. "S-So," Matthew tried changing the subject, "Have you, um, stuck to you d-diet?"

"What diet?"

You forgot already?!

"Hey, Matthew?"


"How did you and France, well, um, get your relationship started?"


"W-Well....you see.... I actually w-went up t-to h-h-him and said I l-loved him. I didn't expect him t-to actually accept.....but he did. It all s-started because of a s-simple confession......I s-s-s-s-suppose...."

Alfred nodded, taking it in.

"And then what?"

"W-What do you m-mean, Alfred?"

"I mean, is that all? Nothing elaborate or dramatic happened? It didn't take something huge to bring you both together like that? Are you sure?" Alfred found himself not simply asking, but almost demanding. Kumajiro, the bear that Matthew always carried, squirmed out from his master's hands and plopped to the floor. "K-Kumajiro," Matthew sighed, "Can't you sit still?"


"I'm Matthew....Canada.....and your owner."

"Matt! Answer me!"

In surprise, Matthew turned to the demanding Alfred. "U-Um, I r-really don't know! Its d-d-d-different for e-each couple!" The Canadian was almost shaking, startled by his brother's sudden demanding shout for an answer he didn't have. Alfred froze, guilt darkening his eyes. "I'm sorry, Matthew. I just....I just want something to happen between me and the person I love, thats all. I was just trying to figure out how..."

"W-Wait a minute, are you t-trying to confess to........"

Arthur stared at the wall blankly, unable to even generate a single thought or word. How could he be so...stupid? Things just weren't going his way. "I really blew it," he managed to say numbly. Tomorrow was the G8 meeting...he had a feeling another unspoken argument was brewing between them, and he couldn't really do anything to stop it from forming. He started the fire, and now it was spreading.

"Nice job," Lilac commented with a sigh of disdain.

"Don't mock me right now, I'm in no mood for bloody arguments."

"Do you two enjoy irritating each other?"


"So why did you hang up?" Lilac lazily plopped down on the Englishman's shoulder, leaning against his collar as if it were a pillow. "You only made things worse, you know?"

Arthur subconsciously traced his fingers over his upper right arm, the scars from the American Revolution almost burning through his clothes. There were many scars from Alfred's rebellion, but the one on his arm was the most sickening to look at for Arthur. It was the final scar. The scar created at their final battle, the battle before America became a free nation.

It was the last thing Alfred gave him before they became separate nations.

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