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Chapter 1:

The fragments of the dust,

Hmph…. Is what come into the mind of Ulquiorra, as Ichigo had refused to kill him. "…you stubborn and pathetic shinigami…" He opened his eyes, what he said was like some sort of chuckle, but it was too faint for them to notice.

Then he turned his face to look at Orihime, who was looking at him all this time.

"…I'm beginning, to see, something…right now," He muttered, he slowly extended his arm, as if he was reaching for something.

"…You guys, are beginning, as well, to interest me…" then, his voice was slowly fading. As if, he was.

Ichigo's eyes widened as he saw a part of Ulquiorra's wings, slowly turning into the dust of the wind.

"Hey—Y-You're wings!!" then his eyes looked down, "Legs—and—Your legs!"

"Silence," Ulquiorra silently said. "…This is what I get…for being too intrigued by such,….pathetic, people…." His emerald eyes gazed at Orihime, who had horror in her eyes.

"….but…. I don't blame myself for it…."

His mouth opened, at first nothing came out, then he repeated.

"….Are you scared of me…….woman?" He asked her, his voice sounds impassive and toneless as ever, however, it sounded like, it was desperate for an answer. His hand slowly opened to reach out, to his vision, it looked like he could grab hold of her.

Orihime didn't flinch, she looked at him with sad eyes, she placed her hand to her chest. "…I'm not…." She said to him, her eyes looking softly at him, that it had struck him.

"I'm not scared…"

Ulquiorra's eyes, that was for a minute ago, cold, and pale with his green color, suddenly softened, into his emerald color, it softened so much, that it became, irresistible. And can't help but to feel sorry for him,

He softly said, and for the first time, it felt like, even if it was so faint….There was an emotion. "…..I….see….."

Ulquiorra-kun…. Orihime slowly reached out her other hand, just as she was about to grab his hand, her hand went through his, leaving dust in the air.

Orihime's eyes widened,

"Ulqui" then as his wrist soon dissolved.

"-o-" then, as his whole arm did.


Ulquiorra looked at her, his eyes softening. …What is this?---This thing you won't stop nagging about?----You humans…. He was almost back being annoyed, until he saw Orihime, still reaching out to him. At the back, Ichigo and Uryuu was speechless.

"…No…wait…!?" Orihime's voice was shaking so much.

.Say that word so freely…. He continued his thoughts calmly….What would I see if I crack open your skull?.....Or rip open your chest?....I've forgotten already…..Ah….wait…… Then his mind slowly turned blank. ….I get it……..….

Then, the static image of Orihime smiling at him slowly began to be clear in color and image, it was the only thing in his mind now.

As the back of his head slowly turned to the dust of the wind, he never stopped looking at her,

Then the last words, slowly formed in his head, and at the same time, coming out from his voice.

The Heart

"The Heart"

Then, his face, together with everything of his body, was gone, turned into dust.

"No….Ulquiorra~…..!" She gasped, covering her mouth to avoid screams that might burst out. "…It's a lie….this is just…!"

"Inoue…" Ichigo muttered as he tried to comfort her.

"Kurosaki-kun….." she muttered, "Ishida-kun…." Her eyes began to water. …It might take everything I have…To heal him but…how??

Then suddenly another huge reiatsu has burst out.

"INOUE MOVE!!" Ichigo pushed her out of the way, as Yammy's fist suddenly came from below.

Yammy looked around, he couldn't trace Ulquiorra anymore. "That dumb kick…Just when I was thinking of giving him some help! Keh, an idiot from the start till the end" He glared down at Ichigo, who struggled to stand up. "…And I can't believe," his eyes went to Orihime's sight. "That he even softened up to a puny little human girl like you….disgusting"

He…did…?? Orihime thought, her hand grasping the other hand.

The sonido was so fast that it Yammy was no infront of her, his brought up his huge fist.

"Haha!!! That doesn't matter anymore! At least now—I shall have a chance on the that damn emo guy's spot!!!" He laughed, "DIE YOU PUNY HUMAN!!!" before it lay a hand on her, Ichigo, together with Orihime's shield blocked his attack. But the impact was so hard that it shattered her glass like shield and sent her flying beside Uryuu.

Uryuu gasped as he tried to reach for her, "Inoue--!!—s-san—A—Ah….!!" But the sword was getting in his way.

"Inoue?!" Ichigo gasped.

"SHUDDAP!" Yammy suddenly slammed Ichigo to the ground

"Gah!!" Ichigo gasped as his back hit hard at concrete cement.

"I'll kill you first, since you are so impatient!!" Yammy grinned an ugly, ugly smile……gross…….

"Kurosaki!—Ugh!" Uryuu gasped, the sword was still penetrated to his guts, it hurt, so much. "D—Damn…!"

"Ishida-kun--!!" Orihime snapped out of herself as she rushed to his side, "Shumpo, Ayame!" her pins click a flash of light as it began to emanate an orange and gold color, healing Ishida fast,

"Orihime, we have to get the sword out!" Shumpo said to her, she nodded as she knelt infront of him. She placed her hand on the sword's handle.

"Ugh—I—Inoue-san…!" he gasped, then panted from the pain that stung him. His deep ocean blue eyes landed at her gray eyes,

"I'm sorry Ishida-kun, but…Please bare with me!" she said to him, worry was all over her voice, as she heard Ichigo being thrown by Yammy. She placed her hand on his shoulder, and the other on the handle, she suddenly became nervous as she closed her eyes.

Then she felt someone's hand on her shoulder,

"…..I trust you…" Uryuu silently said with a grin.

Orihime sigh, she was beginning to calm down,…I can't make it too fast or too slow… Then, she began to pull the sword, she felt Uryuu's grip on her shoulder tighten, she didn't want to open her eyes, afraid she might freeze.

Then the tip was out, she opened her eyes just as soon as she threw away the sword, luckily enough, it slid to Ichigo, which he grabbed and blocked another punch from Yammy.

"Ishida-kun, hold on!" she said as the healing, or reverse time process had began.

Uryuu grinned, although it stings, "…..I told you, I trusted in you," he said.

Orihime smiled back, but Uryuu knew it wasn't as sweet as before, it was no so different.

Then, she felt Ichigo's reiatsu dropping, she looked back, he was weakening, Uryuu noticed it too.

"Inoue-san, I'm fine, hurry!!" Uryuu said, as the stab wound closed up. Orihime nodded as she turned to Ichigo's direction.

Shumpo, Ayame…!... She said in her mind as the faeries flew to him.

Ichigo turned to Orihime and yelled out, "Inoue—Behind you!!"

"Ah--?!" She gasped, seeing Yammy's humongous, and white teeth, grin, with a cero from his mouth just above her. "S-S—Santen Kisshun!" just as the shield appeared, Yammy had fired the Cero.

But, there was cracks beginning to form.

"Inoue-san!!" Ishida gasped, he looked for the bracelet he wore, surprisingly, it wasn't in his wrist, "What the?!—Where?!!"

"Inoue!!—Damn bastard! Stop!!" Ichigo yelled out, but the pain immobilized him to move. "….Dammit!!!"

"!!!" Orihime was struggling. She knew it was going to break any minute now.

"Oy woman!!" a voice came out, it was Tsubaki. "Hurry up and use me!! Or else at this rate!"

"I—I can't! even if I would, we did it the last time I fought with Yammy, you were….I just can't!--??" Orihime noticed at the corner of her eye, the green sword, green sword….the sword that had belonged to Ulquiorra. T—that's right, Ulquiorra's sword was given to him by the arrancar, maybe, maybe it would have an effect!....But, first, I need to fight this one off….

This was going to be difficult, the shield was in the verge to break anytime now. Then suddenly, it shattered, and the Cero was heading straight towards her.

She felt a tug from her sleeve as she was pulled away, inches away from being fried, Uryuu panted, still clenching onto her sleeve.

"A—Are you alright?!"

Orihime nodded, "T-Thanks…" Ishida-kun has already regained his agility….but Kurosaki-kun's, he's still down… She faced him, he still was immobilized.

"You little *****!!!" Yammy yelled out as he prepare for another Cero from his mouth.

Before Uryuu flashed stepped with Orihime out of the way, Orihime began to run towards the sword.

"Inoue-san!!?" Uryuu gasped, then he flash stepped back before the Cero hit him from above.

Orihime tripped before reaching towards th sword, what a stupid thing that had happened, she scrambled to her feet as she grabbed Ulquiorra's sword, her captor, yet, somehow, her misunderstood friend.

She held it very tight, but it was clear she was shaking with fear, Yammy's sonido suddenly made him appear infront of her in a flash and hit her off, making her lose her grip and fell down on the floor, the sword stabbed itself just behind her, as her back gently leaned on the shining blade.

"Hah, trust me, the one I just did was very weak, can't believe it did a huge toll on you" He grinned, "This time, I won't be so gentle." Having a huge and ugly guy to say that, itself, freaks the heck of out Orihime.

"I—Inoue-san!" Uryuu was about to flash step to her, but then suddenly, he couldn't move for some reason. "D—Damn…w-what is this?!—M—My body—can't move…!"

The after shock from the stabbing wound that Ichigo's black katana had given him was now starting it take a toll, true it was healed, but since Uryuu had rushed it, it wasn't completely healed from the inside, and Uryuu fell on his knees again. "D..Damn…!"

"Inoue!!—Hurry up and run!! Inoue!!" Ichigo yelled out, as he struggled to get up, but his body wouldn't move, as Shumpo and Ayame, although not told to, was now being pressured to do their work faster.

"Don't worry, this would only hurt….a lot" Yammy grinned as his mouth opened as wide as it could, and a huge red light began to form, brighter than the rest of the previous Ceros he had done and fired to them.

Orihime moved her hands back to her back, making the bracelets that Ulquiorra had given her, touched the stainless steel blade.

"Oy woman!! Woman hurry!! We have to fire me right now!!" Tsubaki yelled out. "Koten Zanshun!! Yell out already!! Oy!!"

"Use us Orihime!! Hurry!! Please!! Santen Kisshun or something!!"

Even if they say that---m—my body couldn't move….I can't even use the sword behind me…! Orihime's body was now frozen with fear, as she watched the Cero, being formed just above her. She heard the screams and yells of Ichigo and Uryuu, and from her fairies, but yet, she could not move.

Then, it was time for the Cero to fire, Orihime shut her eyes with a loud squeak from her voice, then, the image of Ulquiorra flashed in her mind. From her voice, she muttered silently. She doesn't even know, if she was even moving her mouth.

"…Reject…..Murus….. Hierago….."

Then a huge blast blew, that dust was everywhere, but the strange thing was.

They heard another weird sound just as when the same time the Cero was launched, like it being slapped away. And rustling of fabric, an epic silence filled the air, as the heavy dust has yet to clear.

"…What? So is this what you call a Cero?..."

A voice suddenly come, it was harsh and cold, Ichigo and Uryuu's eyes widened, it was too familiar, like a ghost to them.

"….How disappointing, Yammy…." The voice came again, dark and yet beautiful.

Orihime was shivering, she didn't feel the cold blade from behind her, she didn't even notice the bracelets on her wrist has turned into white gold. Then she felt herself warm up, she noticed that Tsubaki was flying around, and she herself was glowing.

Not only that, but long coattails rustle as it slowly rested on the floor, someone was standing infront of her.

Someone, who she thought was gone.

Then the dust cleared, "I guess you're trash too….Yammy,"

Raven midnight hair, and dark piercing emerald eyes, and a arm extended our, with his wrist looking like it had slammed something with the flick of his back hand. And skin, pale white.

Orihime's mouth flinched, "Ul--"

"ULQUIORRA!?!" Ichigo and Uryuu both gasped, thinking they must have seen a ghost. "W-Wait, is it really him?"

Ulquiorra's eyes moved to look at them, threateningly that it both gave them chills. "….Trash…."

Uryuu and Ichigo both sighed. While Orihime just grinned.

Uh-huh…….It's him alright,

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