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Chapter Seventeen: First Step….

Orihime's eyes widened, and her heart beated so fast the she wondered if her heart had used up all of the heart beats and that she was already dead.

But she wasn't, Ulquiorra's soul piercing eyes were still upon her, awaiting for her answer. Was he serious?

Was she kidding herself?—Look at the face!

Her whole face blushed, "…U—Ulquiorra-kun…." She muttered under her breath.

"It's fine…." Ulquiorra began to say as he kissed her gently on the neck. "Even if you don't answer me…." He said, his voice low and irresistible. "…..I know your answer…"

"?" Orihime moved her eyes again to his, had he known that she had secretly loved him from before?

"…" Ulquiorra suddenly began to stand up, and lending his hand out to her. "….Stand up,…..and get changed, you'll catch a cold…"

Orihime blinked, it's as if what he had done was nothing to him, he looked so calm, that she was envious of it.

Nevertheless, she took his hand, and stood up, wrapping herself with a towel.

Her face was still red, she could feel him watching, she stared down to her clothes that was properly folded for her to wear after bathing, but he was still there.

"….Um…" She looked at him through the mirror, "…Aren't you going out now?"

"Why should I?"

It's embarrassing, Orihime thought. "Please…go out…"

"I WON'T."

"Why?" Orihime asked him questioningly,

"Because if I do, Grimmjow will come in."

He's too protective now… Orihime sighed, a sweat drop across her head. Being lovers with an Espada really won't be easy now. "…At least turn around…"

"…." Ulquiorra didn't answer, but he relented and turned his back around. …Such nonsense, why am I refusing to leave? He asked himself. …However… his hand slowly clenched onto his chest, as if the burning sensation that pained him slowly was being released. …Such relief…

His head began to turn to look at the woman he had fallen inlove with, I once thought that 'love' was a weakness, to humans. It won't make you any stronger, just weaker… his body slowly faced her as he walked towards her, his arms extending to her as she dried her hair. However…If I do think as such…I would be a fool,…

"!" Orihime gasped slightly, as she felt Ulquiorra hug her from behind.

For me to think that these basic emotions, were nothing but a nuisance…when infact that,…it was because of these mere emotions.

Ulquiorra's eyes closed, as he smelled the sun before him, holding her closely to him. That I was able to come back into existence….. he began to say, in a soft, not so low, but almost desperate like voice. "It's your fault….isn't it?"

"?" Orihime looked at the mirror, and a smile slowly came from her face. She placed a hand to hold his arms around her. "I love you…too…..Ulquiorra….."

"….." He felt himself sigh of relief, but it was very small, that it was barely noticeable, his eyes slightly opened, as he looked at the mirror reflecting their image. My mind is clear now…I will not falter anymore… He told to himself firmly. This I swear…Orihime…

.Good job…Ulquiorra…

Ulquiorra didn't mind if the ghost voice of Himeno echoed within him, he didn't mine if Grimmjow was yelling from the living room asking where they hell are they and that he was angry.

He only paid his full attention to one that is fully worthy of his presence right now.

The sun, that lit the darkness within him.

The sun within the midnight sky…

Days had passed, after the news that she and Ulquiorra were together, surprisingly, no one had complains, even Ichigo seemed happy about it. Sado and Uryuu was fine with it, not one of them had any complaints.

Except for Tasuki, who was still keeping an eye on Ulquiorra everytime she was with him.

Then the day before the Christmas party came, everyone was in their classrooms, but before the day started, they received a shock of their lives.

"E" Ichigo

"CLIS" Rukia

"SI" Orihime

"&" Sado

"AZA" Uryuu

"BA" Orihime

"CHE" Rukia

"The fuck…" Grimmjow

"…" Ulquiorra

"Class, we have some volunteers from other schools to help out~!" their teacher smiled happily, "Both Principals have decided to combine both schools, both Karakura High School and Tsubakure Highschool!"

While all the girls were squealing, and the boys cheering.

Eclissi and Azabache were both holding their heads with a headache. Such stupidity!

Ulquiorra held his head with a sigh, he can detect a massive head ache right now. I am beginning to suspect that this…unrealistic happenings, are somehow…A work of someone that is utterly stupid.


Eclissi: Why are we suddenly in Karakura Highschool?

Azabachi: Things are being rushed.

Ulquiorra: *nods*

Blackeclipse: Sorry, I just wanted to put everyone in one party! :D plus…I'm going to introduce another new character here! :D :D :D :D :D :D



After the teacher had finished the instructions, the class was left to decorate the room, a part of the groups were in charge of assigning the food and programs.

Tsubakure students were also helping out in each classrooms, Eclissi and Azabache, together with other students were assigned in the same class as Orihime and the rest.

Neliel though didn't go to school. So you can imagine her being bored in a labyrinth like mansion.

"Eclissi-san, can you put this up please?" Orihime asked, after jumping towards the ceiling to stick a Christmas ball.

Eclissi put down a stack of boxes on the floor and nodded as she began to go towards her, and took the ball from her hand, "Up here, correct?" Orihime gave a nod, and Eclissi looked up. In one jump she was able to reach it.

"I'm jealous of you, Eclissi-san!" Orihime pouted when she saw that.

"Hmm?" Eclissi turned to her.

"You're taller than me…" Orihime muttered, and she could have sworn she saw Eclissi grinned slightly.

"…You'll grow, Orihime-sama…" she said, "Now, if you would excuse me…" Eclissi bowed her head slightly, going back to help out carrying the other things.

Orihime wondered if the Espadas are really polite by nature.


Orihime sighed. "…Everyone except for Grimmjow-san…."

"Ah, Inoue-san….can you help out over here?" Uryuu began to wave at her, as they tried to carry a huge card board.

"Ah!—c-coming!" Orihime rushed over, "One, two—three!" and at the same time, she, Uryuu and another student tried to carry it, but it was extremely heavy. They tried again, as Orihime shut her eyes, trying to lift it up the ground.

Before she knew it, a suddenly lift from the ground made her open her eyes, and saw Ulquiorra helping out, "Ah, Ulquiorra-kun!"

"…." Ulquiorra didn't answer as he helped out, sooner or later, Ichigo and Sado came, as they moved it to the small stage at the front of the chalk board.

Rukia was helping out with Azabache arranging the chairs, until she notices one of the Tsubakure students not helping out. "Hold on Azabache…" she told him as she moved towards the student.

"?" Azabache followed her with his eyes, and sighed. "….Him, huh?"

"Excuse me but, don't you mind but helping out?" Rukia began to say to the student that was just sitting there.

The student, was a male with a dark blue jacket, there were white stripes at the arms, and he had a hood on, you could barely see the face since his neck and lower portion of his face was also covered by the turtle neck of the jacket. You can see his oval shaped eye glasses, and a bit of his black bangs showed from his forehead.

In his hand was a book, although Rukia couldn't see it since it was covered by one of those book covers in the bookstores.

His eyes looked at her, like a glare, and then looked back to his book.

Rukia was getting a bit angry, "Hello?—Oy, you!"

He still didn't answer.

Rukia sighed, she couldn't make out if he was a student of Karakura or Tsubakure. She gave up and went back to helping Azabache.

"The nerve of that guy!" Rukia muttered angrily, pouting slightly. "And to think I even used the polite way of asking…!"

Azabache moved his eyes to her. "You asked the wrong guy." He began to say,

"Eh?" Rukia stopped as she looked at him.

As he continued, "That guy over there, he's a new student as well from our class, and he barely speaks to anyone….Not one of us has heard his voice, well….except for one."

"And that person is?" Rukia asked him, Azabache looked her way and passed her as he said.

"Eclissi…" and off he went to help out Sado in other stuff.

Leaving Rukia with that answer, Rukia's eyes moved to the young man, and to Eclissi who was busy somewhere else. Honestly, I can never understand them…

"Cielo-san!" one of the students called out to her, which was Chizuru, pushing her glasses.

Eclissi turned her head to her, "…?"

Chizuru pushed her glasses again, a small nose bleed dripping out. I-MUST-CONTROL-MY-SELF!

Eclissi somehow sensed the disgusting vibe, and slowly began to move away.

Tasuki sighed as she took over, she caught Eclissi by the shoulder, together that she held up boxes of decorations and gestured with her head, the door. "Can you be the one to design the class room from the outside?—everyone else is full with the other preparations." Then she pointed to the young man who was still reading. "Ask that guy too…..He doesn't listen to me, plus, that jerk has to do something…"

Eclissi took the box from her, "…Understood." She nodded, as Tasuki shrugged her shoulders and left.

Eclissi looked to her sides before she went off, she couldn't find Orihime and Ulquiorra, which somehow troubled her. But then later on decided to shrug it off, if Ulquiorra wasn't there, he surely is with her.

She then proceeded to the silent young man, "….Kai."

"?" Kai moved his eyes to her, his eyes were deep brownish yellow, the rings around his iris was bright yellow, making his eyes quite unique from the humans.

Eclissi held the box with one hand, "…Come, we have to decorate the classroom from outside…"

Kai looked back at her, coldly.

And Eclissi did the same, as the people around them began to move away from.

"Tch…" she finally heard him say as he stood up.

"UWAAAHHH! HE ACTUALLY STOOD UP!" one of the people said.



"Hurry up," Eclissi said as she turned around, with 'Kai' following from behind her.

Rukia was watching from the corner, "Hmm, Cielo is very impressive…"

Azabache sighed, "That's because any guy, would fall for her….she's the 'boss' in our class after all…"

Rukia turned to him, confused. "'Boss'?"

He gazed at her with a bored look, "She's the President…"

Rukia just froze, "But how can that be?—Aren't you both new students?"

"She shot down the previous president for being lousy."

Thank goodness I'm in Karakura High… Rukia told to herself when she looked away.

Curious enough, Rukia couldn't resist but she began to watch over them both.

She looked around if anyone needed any more assistance, but the room looks half done, now sure, she began to make her way outside, pretending to be carrying a box of more decorations for them as she went out of the class room.

There, she couldn't believe her eyes…

Even the other students passing by…

"Kai, move that a bit to the right…"


Eclissi was on one chair, well, at the tip of the back rest.

While Kai was doing the same.



"Wow!—Look at them go!" one of the students gasped in amazement.

"Sugoi—Just to be expected by the Tsubakure High students!" the other added in.

Rukia sweat dropped, she didn't think the school name mattered, no matter. Humans working along side with arrancars are truly remarkable… Rukia sighed as she looked down.

Which now reminds her of something….

Where were Orihime and Ulquiorra right now?

===Roof Top===

"So you are here…."

"?" Ulquiorra's eyes opened from the familiar of a voice coming from the roof top's door. "…..It's you."

Orihime let out a soft giggle as she closed the door behind her, Ulquiorra was there leaning on the metal fence of the roof as he sat there, taking a small nap. "…Tired?"

Ulquiorra didn't reply as he just looked at her.

Orihime knew that side of him, and just continued to walk towards him.

When she was standing beside him, she leaned on the fence, and looked through the scenery, feeling the small coldness of air blowing her hair. "Christmas is getting closer, huh?" she smiled, "Ah!—that's right Ulquiorra-kun, what did you do for Christmas in Hueco Mundo?"

Ulquiorra just looked at her, emotionlessly. "…Nothing…" he then stood up, "We don't even know that Christmas existed…"


Ulquiorra looked at her questioningly We are Arrancars…how should we know anything about Human occasions when we exist in another dimension?

"Looks like I'll have to make your first Christmas very memorable then!" Orihime pointed out with a wink in one eye, and a shining smile.

Ulquiorra looked at that, and his eyes can't help but to soften even a bit, a small warmth coming within him, and the pain, gone….

All the confusion in his head was gone, as he looked at her, he turned away, hiding the small smirk. "Do as what you see fit….woman…"

Orihime's face pouted, "You still call me that!"

"There is no particular rule of me calling you by name, is there?"

"Yes there is!"

"May I see it?"

"Uhh, um, well…."

"No evidence, huh?—such rule does not exist…." Ulquiorra said as he looked off to the distance, his hands buried both in his pockets. "Why do humans bother with such name calling?"

"It makes people feel special!" Orhime debated.

"Oh?" Ulquiorra muttered, "Then, why do you always add a suffix to my name?"

"!" Orihime blushed as she looks away. "…That's…." Jerk, I just wanted you to call me by my name…!

Hmph… Ulquiorra thought as his eyes traveled to his girlfriend, that looked off in the distance.

"Fine…." Orihime sighed in defeat. "You're such a meanie, Ulquiorra-kun!"

"….." Ulquiorra sighed, "You're very rude, aren't you?" his head looked down at Orihime panicked.

"EH!" Orihime's eyes widened, "W—WHY!-!"

Before she asked him anymore questions, his hand grabbed her shoulder and turned her, making her back facing the fence, and her face facing his as he stood before her in such speed.

His hands in either side, making any escape inevitable.

If it was even ever needed….

"It's a human courtesy of saying 'please' when someone asks something from another person…isn't that right?" Ulquiorra scolded her, his eyes looking at her deeply, as Orihime had a bit of a shaken face.

Then she began to pout, "Y—you were teasing me!"

"I was simply giving you something to realize….." Ulquiorra said plainly, but he didn't hide the fact that he had a small sound of a chuckle, though it was very faint to hear. "…However…"

"!" Orihime's eyes widened.

"I will take exception to this…thus, no punishment is needed….." Ulquiorra softly said as his face came closer to her, as she felt his breath tickling her lips, his eyes slowly closing. "Orihime…."

And then their lips locked as the sun and moon kissed under a winter sky…

Orihime smiled inside herself as she kissed him back, something within her has given her, a sudden relief.

As if a 10000 gallons of water have been lifted off her chest and shoulders, now knowing clearly what her feelings are….for him.

The doubts that she had, everything that she thought about, all the ache was gone….

The confusion and pain….

They were all gone…..

She felt free from within herself,…and she wasn't afraid….

From the very start, she was never afraid of him…..

Not now, not ever…..

Because she knew very well enough…..


The Ulquiorra feels the very same thing…

"….Ulquiorra…..I…" Orihime said between breaths as the kissed broke.

"Wakatta…" Ulquiorra hushed her. {Translation: I know…) "…." And sealed it with another kiss.

Then it broke…

Orihime's eyes widened as she looked at him….

"What's wrong?"

"…Please, hold on for a minute…" Ulquiorra said as he took a step back, he looked at her small shoulder bag. "Orihime, can I have a pair of scissors?"

"Eh?" Orihime reached for it anyway, "Okay but…" once she got it from her bag, she handed it to him. "What will you use-it-for…!" before she asked anything else, her face went pale, and blue when Ulquiorra took it from her and faced to the direction of the slightly opened door.

With just one flick of Ulquiorra's hand, the scissors began to dart towards the dark slit.

"GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! !y#!(*#&!(*#&(#*^&#(*&(#*&(!"

Orihime knew that mouth anywhere…

Then the whole place began to be flooded with Ulquiorra's reiatsu….

OH SHIT…Grimmjow froze.

Orihime held her head, Oh dear….



*Snap* Rukia sighed as the chalk she held while decorations the board (with so many unusual drawings of a….rabbit/bunny garden..) broke.

She knew that reiatsu very well

And it was incredibly,



Well, let's just say she feels like dying…

She turned her head as her human classmates helped her to sit on her chair, Uryuu was trying his best to move swiftly. Together with Sado who was arguing in his mind whether to use the stapler when the reiatsu of Ulquiorra is still very blaring.

Then she looked to the ones outside, Azabache just came in, looking perfectly fine, as if he hadn't felt anything at all.

Rukia gave a huge sigh of defeat. I need more training…Nii-sama!

Yes, you do…

===Outside the Classroom===

"!" The young man, Kai, quickly regained his balance before falling off the chair, he had lost his balance for a split millisecond, and went back as if nothing had happened.

Eclissi's eyes shifted to him stealthly, she had noticed it quite clearly.

He, felt it, huh? Eclissi asked herself as she continued putting the finishing touches to it.

Then something began to happen.

"!" the ground began to shake, well, the floor that is.




Eclissi cocked her head to the side when she saw smoke coming towards them at the hallway, it was them.

Ulquiorra was carrying Orihime in his arms as he ran away from Grimmjow, who was chasing them with a pissed off face and a big lump on his head, and blood coming down from his forehead where a scissor was stuck on.

Ulquiorra's face, emotionless as ever.

Orihime's face, worried and in panic as ever.

"AHH! CIELO-SAN! AND UHH,….GUY WITH BLUE JACKET-SAN! PLEASE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!" Orihime cried out as they are going right towards them.

Both Kai and Eclissi moved to the side with bored faces, watching the pair and wild cat pass them by.

"…Those are…?" Kai began to ask her as he stood beside Eclissi.

Eclissi sighed as she held her forehead. "….Friends…" she shook her head, "Excluding the blonde student…"

"Blonde…?" Kai tilted his head. "….." he moved his golden eyes to the path the 3 took and blinked slightly. "…"

"What's wrong?"

"…." Kai just turned away. "I'm done here right?—Don't bother with me anymore…" and with that, Kai began to walk back inside the classroom and into his small corner (of darkness).

Interesting… Eclissi thought to herself, pushing her long red locks back to her shoulder as she looked up to the sign they decorated, together with a troubled, deep thought inside of her. But she soon decided to shake the idea of her head.

"What's wrong, Eclissi?" Azabache began to ask, coming out of the class room and leaning on its frame. "Spacing out?"

"I'm doing nothing of the sort….." Eclissi sighed as she looked down, then looked back at him. "…..But, I'll have to talk to you. Later…."

"..?" Azabache blinked as he slightly tilts his head. "Aah, wakatta da yo…" (Trans: Yeah, I got it…)

"Now if you will excuse me…"


"I'm going to follow Orihime-sama….."

"*Sighs*" Azabache sweat dropped as Eclissi went off with a bit of her reiatsu leaking out from her. An over protective guardian?—Honestly Eclissi, even if Aizen is gone, you're acting as if we're still in Hueco Mundo…

====Meanwhile, backside of the school====

"U—Ulquiorra-kun…." Orihime sighed, a hand was reaching out to him, but decided to pause as she bowed her head and a sweat drop fell down. "…He's dying…"

"…" Ulquiorra blinked as he looked down at his feet, there was Grimmjow, looking like he's some kind of dead body out of the mortuary. With scissors sticking out.

And where in the world—did you get all those scissors! Orihime thought, as she slightly turned pale.

Then before she knew it, the real Grimmjow came out of his Gigai.


Grimmjow growled as he gave him a very improriate finger.

Which, didn't make the situation any better.

Ulquiorra turned as he walked towards Orihime.


"Orihime…" Ulquiorra bent down to her, shaking the girl awake. "Watch over my gigai…"


Before she knew it, Ulquiorra leaned his back on a tree bark and came out of his gigai, letting his gigai sink down to the ground, Orihime ran to it as he disappeared by the help of his Sonido.

"Wait!—YOU GUYS!"

"OH SHIT!" Grimmjow gasped as a dodged a stab from Ulquiorra's hand.

Orihime sighed, "They're not listening…."


"?" Orihime turned to the gentle voice approaching her, and a sigh of relief began to overcome her. "Cielo-san!"

"?" Eclissi tilted her head, as she saw her together with the empty gigai of Ulquiorra, and moved her eyes to the…..well, dead looking gigai of Grimmjow.

She then turned her observing eyes to the two Espadas having another death match just behind the school, "…Shall I punish them for you?"

Before Eclissi went off, Orihime grabbed her arm, "A—Ah its fine!—it's fine Cielo-san! Really!" What we really need know—is another high ranking Espada out there—if I don't say the right things—our school's done for! She hid all her thoughts through an unconvincing smile.

However, Eclissi relents and sighed. "Then we should leave them alone…."

Orihime sighed of relief.

Thank goodness….


! now what?

Eclissi began to point to their gigais, "If we leave them their gigais like this… will cause problems…"

"Ah—you're right!" Orihime nodded. Then turned to Eclissi with determination in her eyes, "LET'S DO THIS—CIELO-SAN!"

Eclissi nodded.

However, she can't help but wonder…

What was she so pumped up about?

===A few minutes later===

"I don't think I can heal Grimmjow's gigai here…"

"Is that so?"

"Yeah" Orihime nodded.

Ulquiorra's gigai looked like he was reading a book, with these weird glasses that came out of no where.

Grimmjow, well, his gigai looked, like, well, uh, dead.

"There's a lot of blood…." Orihime sighed as she sat down beside it, "And if I heal him here….there would be chances of students passing by…"

"Perhaps we should ELIMINATE the evidence…"


Eclissi began to bring out her sword out of no where.


"It wouldn't, huh?" Eclissi sighed, a bit, and slightly disappointed as the sword bursts into feathers. "!" Eclissi's eyes widened as she grabbed Orihime and pulled her out of the way as they jumped back.

Before Orihime asked any questions, she could see the real Grimmjow being slammed down to the ground by Ulquiorra who had his neck in one hand, and his other hand in his pocket. As usually, his usual style of fighting.

:Ah, thanks Cielo-san…" Orihime shivered slightly, imagining what would have happened if Eclissi didn't pull her away.

"One moment please…"


Orihime turned her head, to see Eclissi's gigai falling to the ground, and the real Eclissi appearing like a knight knelt before her as white feathers showered her.

Orihime gulped, this wasn't good.

Ulquiorra's eyes moved to her direction and quickly used Sonido to disappear.

Grimmjow quickly stood up, "WHERE YA GOING! YA DAMN B—OH SHIT…!" Grimmjow's eyes widened when Eclissi was right infront of him, with her hair flowing elegantly as her reiatsu consumed him entirely (Imagine Yamamoto, the old man's reiatsu)

"You…..are…" Eclissi's eyes began to glow as she looked down to him.

While Grimmjow was already down to his knees, trying to resist the crushing pressure.


Orihime's eyes widened as she felt herself shiver from fear, until Ulquiorra suddenly appeared infront of her and took hold of her. "E—Eh, Ulqui-" before she knew it, Ulquiorra used sonido to bring them a bit farther from them.

He began to face her, blocking her view. "I advise you to cover your ears…"



"Eeek!" Orihime squealed as she slammed her hands to her ears.


Once the terrifying punishment was over, Eclissi grabbed Grimmjow's neck.

While Ulquiorra and Orihime watched from afar.




Eclissi, is now grabbing the gigai of Grimmjow…




"C—Cielo-san…" Orihime sweat dropped, when Eclissi slammed Grimmjow to his Gigai. Then throwing him to the wa-


"Ehhh…" Orihime sighed, as she bowed her head down, she can't even do anything to help them stop.

While she felt sorry for him, Ulquiorra looked at Eclissi, who seems a bit restless when she went back into her own gigai.

"Orihime-sama….I best be back to your classroom…" Eclissi suddenly just appeared behind her, which scared the hell out of Orihime.

"EEEEEYAAAHHHHHH!" Orihime cried out when she brought her hand out to hit her out of reflex.

Eclissi, on the other hand, took the slap on the face.

"!" Orihime's eyes widened in shock, "I—I'M SO SORRY CIELO-SAN! I—I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS—I MEAN YOU JUST!—A—ARE YOU ALRIGHT!"

Eclissi blinked, "….No…" then a slight smirk came from her. "Actually, that helped a bit…."

Orihime blinked from what she said, "…What?"

"It's almost time for dismissal,…..You two may leave early…"

"How about Grimmjow-san?"

"LEAVE HIM TO ROTT" both Ulquiorra and Eclissi said in a dark voice.

Leaving Orihime nothing to say.

Eclissi slightly bowed her head as she walked away, with Orihime slightly waving at her as Ulquiorra watched the Cero Espada leave them be.

Something's troubling her… Ulquiorra noticed it, but decides to leave it be. He then turned to Orihime, "Shall we leave then?"

Orihime turned to him and smiled, "Yeah—Besides, I need to get some groceries for dinner tonight…"

"Is that so?" Ulquiorra said as he slipped back into his gigai, his eyes slowly opened, then blinked rapidly as he removed the weird looking glasses, he began to ram a hair through his hair as he stood up, and slightly fixing his collar. "…Then, we shouldn't waste time."

"Okay!" Orihime smiled as he stood beside her, and began walking towards the gate of the school.

From up to the level of floors of the school, someone was looking at them from the window.


"Kazeshi-san!" a student from Tsubakure began to call out to him, as he turned his eyes to him. "It's time to go now, aren't you coming?"

"Hmph…." Kai turned away as he got his bag and walked passed that student without saying anything else.

"…Man, that dude's freaky…what's his problem?" the student complained as his friends shrugged his shoulders.

================Out in the streets==============

It wasn't long before the streets began to be flooded with people passing by, it was already getting late, and the sun was setting in the sky as Orihime walked nearly brushing shoulders with Ulquiorra.

Who had his hands in his pockets and looking straight.

While she was glancing at him from time to time, slightly feeling nervous herself when she did that. It was a long walk away to the mall, and when she looked around, all she saw were couples holding hands.

Strangely enough, she felt the urge to tug his hand out, but she tried not to do something like that.

S—Since we're together now, I heard irresponsible girls gets break ups early...a-and Ulquiorra-kun is responsible so…Orihime shook her head, trying not to act childish even if she shaking her head in that kind of manner is actually childish.

But she can't help but fantasize them holding hands together….

As if…

A smile began to rise from her face, a small smile though, as she imagined it in her mind, knowing that she's too much of a coward to even do that.

But maybe…If I try…

Her small fragile hand began to reach out to his slowly,

Although it wouldn't stop shaking slightly, she felt very nervous.


No, she didn't grab his hand…

But she got his sleeve.


"?" Ulquiorra stopped in his tracks.


And looked at her as he raised his hand, with her hand clinging onto his sleeve like a child.


Too close!

Her face began to flush up with the brightest red he had ever scene, she was mixed with embarrassment within herself that she felt like blowing up from her huge.


"What are you doing, Orihime?" Ulquiorra asked her straightly, his eyes piercing through her, but as he expected it, it didn't effect her one bit.

"Eh…uhhm, n—no!—e—err, it—it's nothing at all!" Orihime finally let go of his hand and began waving her hands in a weird manner. "…L—let's go! It's n-not that far…!"

"…" Ulquiorra just stared at her. And begins to sigh as he moved his eyes to the sky, "It's getting late, if we do not hurry, I am sure Grimmjow will do something utterly idiotical…." He then turned to her. "Don't let yourself be distracted."

It's just grocery shopping….Ulquiorra.

"A—ah—U—Un!" Orihime nodded her head, as she slightly sweat dropped from his words.

"…" Ulquiorra sighed slightly as he turned and in due process grabbed her wrist to make her walk faster.

"…Ah….." Orihime's eyes widened from his actions as she tried to keep up with his pace.

Until his hand slowly met with hers, as they walked together, he began to even his own pace.


Orihime's eyes widened, again from his sudden actions.

Her eyes turned to him, as he kept on looking forward.

"It's what you're trying to do, isn't it?" Ulquiorra began to say that gave her heart a huge punch. His eyes closed as he sighed again, and opened them to look at her. "…Then, why not ask?"

Her eyes widened from his words.

Even her heart was thumping madly….

And the warmth within her was getting even warmer….as pure happiness began to come within her soul as well…..

And to think she doubted everything with him…..

I guess, I was wrong… Orihime thought, as she went closer to his arm, and began to grip onto his hand tightly.




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