Alright so this is the first part of a series I am making called "Somewhere out there". The series will be predominantly Alexandrianshipping (VolknerXJasmine), especially in part one. However there might be some Palletshipping later on (You won't find out how that will tie into the story until part 2 ;P )

Also, by parts I don't mean chapters (in case anyone was wondering). Each part will probably average out at about 5 chapters

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Those are all words that could describe my life. Once upon a time I had spirit, and promise. I had an ambition to be the best. I got pretty far too, all the way to the second member of the elite four. Now I sit in the gym all day, doing anything to distract me from my miserable life.

I've tried many things to cure my boredom over the years. First, there was the painting. Out of my boredom I painted the entire gym myself. And I mean every square inch, top to bottom ceiling included, three coats per wall. Eventually though, I got bored with the colour, so I did it all again...and again...and again. If I hadn't stopped after being hospitalized for the fumes, the gym walls would most likely be an inch thick.

Then came the clothes. When I couldn't re-design the gym, I re-designed myself. I mean, every gym leader has a style right? For a few months I was changing my look every time I got a new idea. It got so bad that my gym trainers stopped trying to keep up. I kept that habit up until I got a visit from Flint one day. He took one look at my excuse for an outfit and burst out laughing. Needless to say that I've stuck to my original style since then.

Now, it's the traps. I've become obsessed with finding ways to trick, trump and trap my challengers. I know I'm starting to get carried away, but I don't care. I've even been reprimanded by the league committee a few times, because apparently my mazes are a bit too difficult. I don't mind though, that just gives me an excuse to remodel again. Currently, I've been working on a particularly fiendish trap which includes warp panels, trap doors and a rather malevolent electric bidoof.

I was just adjusting the input on the warp panels when Flint walked up behind me.

"Don't tell me you're making an other one? My hair is still fried from that last stunt you pulled with the invisible electric fence!" I sniggered and faced him

"Oh come on! The voltage was like, nothing! And besides, how can you possibly tell if your hair is fried? It's puffier than a mareep!" He crossed his arms

"Ha ha very funny. But seriously Volt, I really think you should give the renovations a rest and get out more, I mean you have all this vacation time saved up and you never use any of it." I frowned

"Yeah and who am I going to visit, my father? Oh yeah, that's exactly what I need."

He sat down on the chair next to me as I went back to work .

"Okay, granted, visiting your old man would be like locking a seviper and a zangoose in a closet. But you can't just sit here and no nothing! Besides, you don't have to visit your family you know. Time with your kin does not a vacation make." I lifted my head from my work and raised an eyebrow. He always tries to sound smart when he's got an idea, tries being the operative word.

"What would you suggest?" He smiled

"In a few weeks there's going to be a World wide cruise leaving from Snowpoint. It's going to stop at every major beach in every continent, it's awesome!" I sighed

"Flint, if I'm bored here what will I possibly find to do on a cruise?" at that, Flint's smile became even more devious

" There's going to be girls. Girls in bikinis." I sighed again.

Flint's always been like a big brother to me. He helped me through my crushing defeat against the elite four and then got me an interview for a gym leader position at the ripe age of fourteen. The one aspect of my life I wish he wouldn't mess with was my love life. "I'm not going to go on a cruise alone just to get girls. And even if that was of any particular interest, it still doesn't change the way I feel about boats" I stated lamely.

At that, he visibly deflated. "Shoot, I forgot about that" I smiled faintly

"don't worry about it man, you were only trying to help" He looked at me apologetically

"No, it's more than that." he sighed "Look, I was really hoping it wouldn't have to come to this" I put down my wrench and looked directly at him

"come to what Flint?" He looked right at me

"The league says that if you don't take a vacation, they'll make you take one". My eyes widened "They're going to do what?"

He got up and walked over to where I was working " Look, they aren't going to fire you. They just think you really need to take a break, and to be honest I have to agree with them. Leaders are supposed to take breaks every once in a while. When was the last time you took a vacation? Three years ago?" "And you remember how badly that went." I retorted.

"Like I said, you don't have to visit your father."

I closed the fuse box and slumped into in the now vacant seat, pouting.

"I guess you're right" he smiled again, trying to lighten the mood.

"Of course I am. I mean how can you stand looking at these grey walls every single day?" My mouth twitched up at the corners

"It is not grey, it's faded moss". I could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

"Whatever it is, it's definitely better than that god awful red-orange colour it was before". I sat up and smirked

"If I remember correctly, that one was the exact same colour as you hair" He gave a smirk to match mine

"Ha ha, aren't you funny"

"I try, I try. By the way, how much time do I have to plan all of this? I wasn't really anticipating a vacation in the near future" His face became pensive once again.

"They're giving you two weeks before they drag your sorry butt out of here" I sighed

"Alright I'll figure something out" He smiled

"I knew you'd come around. Alright I'm off, we've got a challenger coming soon and as I hear it, this one's a real firecracker."

"have fun" he turned around to leave ."Hey, Flint?"


"thanks for coming" he smiled again

"Anytime man" and at that, he left.