My thoughts were on steroids that night. How do I feel about her? The question plagued my mind for hours. I mean, I knew I liked her but to what extent? None of the girls Flint tried to hook me up with ever made me feel like this. I went on and on like this all night.

I was really out of it at work that day. Ok, I definitely had strong feelings for her and she might have some kind of feelings for me. As amazing as that may be she is leaving to go back home, on an other continent no less! Even if I did decide to pursue this, it definitely wouldn't work. What would we do? Pen pal it?

As usual my aide was going on about something absolutely trivial to my life. I tried to listen, but I was too zoned out to care. That is, until he mentioned something about my vacation. Ugh. That damned trip. How could I think about that when I had Jasmine plaguing my mind?

"Wait a second" I said, not realizing I had spoken aloud.

"Uh, yes sir?"

"The league said I could go wherever I want for my vacation, right?" I asked.

"Yes sir, anywhere sir." he replied firmly.

I could feel my face light up instantly. I shot up out of my chair in an instant.

"Tell the employees they'll be on paid leave for the next two weeks starting immediately and wipe the dust off the the away sign!" I said more enthusiastically than I had ever said anything in my life.

"So I take it you've decided where you're going sir?" he said curiously.

"Yes I have. Tell the league I'm going to Olivine."

Within minutes, my carefully organized closet had been turned upside down and my room with it. As I rummaged through an exceptionally large pile on the floor I grew more and more frustrated. Really? I could have sworn it was just here! It appears finding my shirt was going to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

I looked up as I heard movement from a pile near the door.

"What the hell is going on here?" Flint managed

"I'm preparing for nuclear winter" I said said sarcastically "have you seen my green shirt?"

"I'm not sure I can see anything in this mess, when did you get so much stuff?" Flint replied, incredulous.

"I don't get rid of anything, Remember? Hand me those jeans will you?" I was so buried in the pile, I couldn't see his face.

"Why are you in such a rush anyway?" Flint asked as he handed me the faded jeans.

"Unless you've forgotten, I've been given a deadline to get by butt out of here" I reminded him.

That wasn't exactly the reason for my whirlwind packing, but he didn't have to know that.

Flint sighed

"It's not like they are going to kick you out the minute the seven days are up." he said, irritated

"They just want to know that you'll take some time off, no need to unleash the hurricane"

I scoffed

"Shame, maybe then there would be some action around here"

"Yeah, yeah, life is so boring, bane of existence, yada, yada."

As I stuffed the last crumpled item into my suitcase, I took a last glance at the clock. 11:50, perfect.

I carried the bag out of the room with an exasperated flint on my tail.

"So you aren't even going to tell me where you are going?" He asked, irritated.

I felt bad. I usually tell flint everything, why then was I hiding my intentions now? He was the one who was so adamant about finding me a girl after all.

"I'm going to Olivine" I stated confidently. I waited for a response, but he just stood there with his arms crossed looking sceptical. My confidence faded.

"I'm taking a break, just like you said" I added as I grabbed my coat. I was being a bit defensive, but it wasn't like I was lying.

"And this has nothing to do with Jasmine?" he asked, eyebrow raised.

Damn it.

"How...?" I started but the answer was obvious. Gym leaders had to notify the league when they were on vacation and he's one of the elite here. Of course he knew.

He smiled "You should have known I'd notice your new found spark" he said playfully, "I haven't seen you this keyed up since your league challenge." I deflated.

"Is it really that obvious?"

"You have no idea" he grinned evilly, "So, how far did you get?"

I froze, dumbstruck. "what?"

"have you had -"

"NO" I couldn't even believe our conversation had taken this turn. "I barely know her!" I yelled exasperated.

"And yet you are about to follow her to Olivine?" his was voice tinged with concern and disbelief

It was then that I saw how ridiculously idiotic I was being. I wasn't even sure she liked me. What was I doing? Flint noticed my change in mood and put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"It's not that I'm not happy you found a girl, I really am. But you've got to look out for yourself. Have you even asked her if following her to Olivine would be ok?"

I couldn't answer him, I just bit my lip.

"Look, I get it. She's a beauty, but jumping headlong into the unknown unprepared isn't the smartest thing to do. You are acting like your father. Will the thrill you felt a minute ago be able to cheer you up if she rejects you?"

I looked up at him now and saw that he was right. I was so foolish to think that after a few days she would suddenly be ok with me following her halfway around the globe.

"Flint, I just... I've just never felt this way before" I said, trying to justify my insanity.

"And that's what ever person who falls for the first time says. There will be others, trust me."

Was he right? I though about it. There are certainly other girls out there. But they would never be the bashful, quiet girl I met at the beach that day and for that girl I had to try. I suddenly found myself running out the door.