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Johnny POV

I was at the Curtis home, sprawled on the couch, waiting for either Ponyboy or Dally to come and drag me off to where ever. Two-bit, Sodapop, Steve and Darry were with me in the living room occupying themselves with whatever they enjoyed doing. Two-bit was watching Micky Mouse on the TV, eating a whole chocolate cake and drinking a beer. Darry was reading the Newspaper like usual. Soda and Steve were playing with cards. Their game quickly turned into an arm wrestling competition. The gang didn't have to try and include me in anything, they knew I was just the pet of the gang, and as soon as Pony or Dally came, I would follow them around til I had to go home. So I waited.

About 4 minutes later, Dally came in the door. He looked like he always did, unamused.

"Well hey, Dal!" I greeted him.

He gave me the "nod" and he found the closest available seat.

Right behind him came Ponyboy. He had a...Popsicle. Normally that wouldn't have bothered me, but the way he was eating it had captured the attention of all of us. We watched as he put more than half of it in his mouth than pulled it back out to lick the sides. "Man!" He said. "It's hot outside!"

Soda was the first one to speak. "Hey Ponyboy! Whatcha got there?"

"A Popsicle." He answered simply. He pushed it back into his mouth this time managing to capture more. He pulled it out almost all the way before sliding it back in. What a tease.

I somehow managed to pull my eyes from the scene and looked around the room. Everyone had their eyes on Ponyboy and all their mouths were slightly open. When I looked back at Ponyboy, he had changed his method. Now he was licking it from base to tip, allowing his tongue to swirl around the tip before it slid back down to the base.

God, this is torture.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Steve shift uncomfortably, he the shot up, without a word and ran to the bathroom. We all turned to the where the door slammed and Pony asked, "What's his problem?"

Nobody answered him, they just continued to stare at the now dripping Popsicle. "Oh, shit!" Ponyboy yelled as the juice of the Popsicle dripped on his hand and slid down his arm. He began to lick it faster and faster. Then, Soda jumped up and walked calmly to his room. The door closed with a soft click.

Finally, Ponyboy finished the melting treat, and he threw the stick at me playfully. However, I didn't move, nobody did. He licked the juice of his arm slowly. Then, he picked his head up and smiled evilly at us all.

"You guys...um...maybe you should..." He laughed. "Maybe y'all should excuse yourselves."

We all looked at him confused. Then he said, "You should check, um, below the belt."

Again, we were confused, then we did as he said, and checked 'below the belt'.

"Shit!" We said in unison and we worked to hide ourselves.

All Ponyboy did was laugh. We glared at him and he said, "I knew that would work! You perverts!"

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