A/N: I wrote this when the Kopenhagen Summit was all over the news, then forgot about it, then found it again. This is complete nonsense and simply for the lulz. No srs bsns here. P:

IDK My BFF England

All of the world's nations had gathered to discuss a very important matter. The issue at hand? Global Warming. The desired end result? Total agreement from all parties involved. Currently, most of the countries agreed that America and China needed to contribute the most, the argument being that America and China had contributed to the majority of the world's CO2 problem. China was busy discussing this with his and America's boss, hoping that they could come up with a plan, and America was…

America was bored.

He slumped down on the toilet (yea, he was hiding in the bathroom, so?) and blew his bangs out of his face. He needed a haircut. He needed to find a more comfortable place to hide. And god damn did he need something to do!

His phone went off; it was his boss. He put it on silent, and saw that he had received three text messages. The first two were from China and his boss, and, surprisingly, the last was from England.

Why did China just text me asking where you are?

America sniggered and typed a response.

idk my bff england

England responded faster than he thought he would. America was so proud, England was really getting good at the whole texting business! Now if only he could get him to tweet…

Don't get cute with me, America. Aren't you supposed to be meeting with him right now?

America pulled his feet up and sat cross legged, trying to get comfortable. He began to respond.

but i can't help it, i'm naturally cute ;)

It took England a good five minutes to respond to that.


America frowned.

u don't have 2 get mad England! I just went 2 the bathroom

You've been in the toilets for the past half hour?

I'm awesome like that :D

Suddenly, the door to the restroom burst open. "America! Get your arse out here this instant!"

America bit his lower lip to keep from laughing and decided to respond via text.

make me :p

England heaved a sigh and knocked at his stall. "Come on America, it's time to get back to work."

America sent him another text.

wanna just keep me company in here instead? ;)

England's phone chimed. There was a moment of silence, then the bathroom was filled with the sound of England's shouting. "You're so immature!" he sputtered. "The, the nerve!" England stormed out of the restroom in a huff.

Moments later, America received another text message, this one from Italy.

ve~ what's wrong with england? he's storming around muttering your name and he's beat red!

America laughed.

just madeout in the bathroom. was pretty hot

A few seconds later, another text:

ooo never tried it there before :D me n germany just did it in the broom closet ^_^

respect man, respect.

i no, rite?

England texted him again:

I hope you know that when all the polar bears DIE it'll have been entirely your fault, you prat.

Moments later:


End :'D

A.N: In my mind!canon America and Italy are BFFs for realz. 8D