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Note: This story is set before the Dark Tournament in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, but several things have been altered (such as them all living in the house together, you'll see why as the story progresses)

Kurama smiled as he looked around the decent sized house that Koenma had given them to live in. It was a two story white house nestled in a forest near the city. Koenma said that it was so that he would have an easier time gathering the team when they were needed, but he and Hiei had both noticed the strong wards that guarded the place. They knew it was for their comfort and protection as they trained for the upcoming Dark Tournament. Kurama decided that only one thing was needed to make this place feel more like home. A garden.

Golden eyes watched their mate closely, flashing in annoyance when a day dreaming smile crossed those soft lips. The demon growled wondering if its mate had been unfaithful in the time they had been apart. Its fears were soon put to rest when the reason for the smile was revealed. His mate was now combing through a seed catalogue and the demon reminded itself that the Fox would be very angry if he knew he had been suspected of infidelity.

Still the Demon knew that while one half of the agreement with his mate had been kept the fox had failed to keep the other. The demon knew that the human body he was watching contained his mate, his fangs pressed against his mouth demanding to know why the change had occurred. Realizing that lurking out of sight watching his own mate like a stalker was not appropriate to his station the Demon straightened and made its way to the house.

Kurama had sensed their visitor the second Hiei appeared at his side with sword drawn and at the ready. Kurama's emerald eyes narrowed as he took a quick surveillance. The wards had not gone off which either meant that their visitor had no ill intentions towards them or had destroyed the wards all together. Sighing Kurama set down his magazine and wondered if it was possible to have a quiet afternoon.

It was then that Kurama caught the scent of their visitor, his eyes widened with recognition before he said to Hiei "That will not be necessary." Kurama sighed as he looked over his form, their visitor would not be happy with him and have many questions. He went to the door and opened it knowing that the visitor would never lower himself to knocking. There standing before him was Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru was gazing down into the emerald eyes of his mate and knew that his disappointment showed when his mate looked away. He reached forward and cupped Kurama's cheek forcing the proud fox demon to turn and face him. "This Sesshomaru demands to know what has happened to his mate." He said tonelessly completely ignoring the fire demon that stood nearby and the human who had joined them.

Kurama had known that his mate would want to know what had happened and it was his right. Kurama had asked for time before they became an officially mated pair and Sesshomaru had generously given it to him, even though it was his right to claim Kurama, or rather, Yoko as he saw fit. He felt the heated glare from Hiei and sensed curiosity coming from Kuwabara "Why don't you come in?" Kurama invited, it was going to be a long day.

Sesshomaru allowed his mate to lead him to a living area. Immediately after everyone was settled he disappeared and brought them all tea which seemed to be expected by the others. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes; they were treating his mate as if he was a servant. He tightened his grip on his sword in anger; he would have to have conversation with his mate about his current living situation.

Kuwabara sat down on the couch and looked as though he wished he had popcorn when he saw the looks being exchanged between Kurama and the new demon. Hiei had taken his spot on the widow seat, his red eyes narrowed as he tried to place this high ranking demon.

Sesshomaru could tell that his mate was going to be stubborn about this and decided to start. "When you asked this Sesshomaru decades ago if you could have time before our official mating ceremony I was generous enough to allow it to you. On the condition that you would return to me untouched and in the same state as you left." Sesshomaru took a breath closing his eyes before opening them, the slits of his demon visible as he demanded "You agreed to that condition, and now I have come to collect you and find that you are a trapped inside of a human body living amongst these fools acting as though they were your betters!" Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes as he reached forward and cupped Kurama firmly by the chin once again "Explain yourself." He demanded, barely holding his poisonous talons in check.

Kurama winced at the firm grip and told himself that he had been expecting this. He saw the others tense and immediately react. He held up his hand signaling that he was fine, even Hiei was now standing with his sword drawn. Kurama took a deep breath and then looked into the enraged golden eyes of his mate. He smiled softly and said "It has been an interesting few decades…"

Sesshomaru did not appreciate his mate evading the questions but then considered whom they were discussing this in front of. "Would you prefer we continue this in private?" Though he was angry with his mate he knew that Kurama was not foolish and so must have been forced into this current situation. It was then that the human decided they needed to speak up. The brutish looking human said roughly "If you have anything to talk about with Kurama you can talk about it with us!" Sesshomaru growled and felt his claws extend in anger; this action was met with a whimper from his mate. He remembered then that he was still holding his mate's face in his hand and sighed as he pulled his hand away. He then looked to make sure none of his poison had infected his mate before glaring back at the human "We will discuss our business privately."

Kurama watched the interaction between Kuwabara and Sesshomaru closely and thought it would be a better idea if they did continue this discussion in private, there would be fewer casualties at least. He nodded his consent and gently took himself out of Sesshomaru's grip. He guided Sesshomaru to his room and thought that the door sounded ominously loud as it shut and locked.

Sesshomaru closed the door and locked it securely as he eyed his mate. He decided that even though his mate was currently entrapped inside a human body his beauty showed through. He made his way silently across the room and wrapped his arm around the slightly smaller form of his fox. He leaned down and gently nuzzled his mate's neck, finding the faded claim mark that was not yet a mating mark and kissed it. "This Sesshomaru has missed you."

Kurama found that their closeness did not leave him untouched. He had needed his freedom to adjust to the idea of being mated. His time as a human had allowed him the time to grow emotionally and his final years as a demon had allowed him to mature to the thought of having a mate. He leaned back into Sesshomaru's arms. Kurama arched his neck so that Sesshomaru could do as he wished as he explained the situation. "I was injured…the prize was a trap that cost me my best friend…I was too wounded to survive much longer and was forced to take the place of a human baby."

Kurama allowed this information to sink in and Sesshomaru growled for him to continue "I only needed ten years to regain my strength… but before I could leave I found myself indebted to the human who gave birth to me. Later she became extremely ill and to repay my debt I joined Hiei and another Demon ,Gouki, to steal from Koenma's vault. The item I wanted was the Forlorn Hope…with it I intended to restore the woman's life to her and then turn myself in for my crimes."

Kurama was clever enough to leave out the part that he intended to die in order to give his human mother her life back. The tightening of Sesshomaru's grip told him that his mate was not fooled and knew that information had been kept from him. "In exchange for my freedom I repaid my debt by helping Yusuke defeat the Spirit Beasts. I remained part of the team…well…out of having nothing else to do I suppose." Kurama ended his report with a small laugh, looking up at his mate to see if he was forgiven.

Sesshomaru shook his head and cupped Kurama's cheek gently this time, he leaned down and licked the small almost invisible cuts his claws has left on Kurama's skin. "You have been incredibly foolish in the time we have been apart." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes as he looked into Kurama's brilliant green eyes, inside of those eyes he could still see his Yoko inside of this human body. He pulled away and said "I suppose your foolishness can be forgiven this time."

Kurama shook his head but noticed something strange about Sesshomaru's embrace. "Your arm…" He said softly, pulling away to examine it closer. Sesshomaru shook his head and firmly pulled Kurama close to him again "It is no matter…" He did not want his mate to know of his weakness. To stop the exploration he lowered his head and gently pressed his lips against Kurama's. He felt a smug smile pulling on his lips when he felt a shiver of pleasure go through his beloved fox.

Sesshomaru gradually pulled away and said "Now that I've given you the time that you have requested it is time we return to the demon world and you take your proper place as my mate." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes when he saw Kurama look away, before he could ask why the fox demon was hesitating the door crashed open.

The door fell to pieces on the floor to reveal an enraged Kuwabara "You're not taking Kurama anywhere! He belongs right here with us!" This statement was joined with silent agreement from the fire demon. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes with displeasure and remembered the other question that had yet to be answered "And who are you exactly?"

Kuwabara was impressed that his nervousness wasn't showing. He had faced many demons since joining the team, but this one seemed to be a whole new level. Those cold and impassive golden eyes, the expressionless face with the crescent moon on his forehead and those strange markings. The demon had long silver hair and a traditional outfit covered by battle armor. With two swords at his side and even the small showing of power Kuwabara had seen so far he knew this demon wasn't to be taken lightly. Still he had to stand his ground at least for Kurama's sake "I'm Kazuma Kuwabara Spirit Detective and Kurama is part of our team!"

Sesshomaru had only taken a cursory inventory of the people his mate was staying with. However now that he understood how his mate came to be in this strange situation, they had his full attention. This human looked especially dull; his unflattering hair color was fashioned into a 'punk' hairstyle on his head. He was wearing a dark blue jacket with jeans and a red shirt.

The next on his list was the one whom Sesshomaru believed deserved the most attention was the demon. The fire demon's size didn't fool him; he could sense the strength lurking in that small body. The fire demon had dark hair that was spiked on his head, crimson eyes and black fighting clothes with a sword at his side. Sesshomaru noticed a bandage on his forehead and sensed a source of power lying covered beneath. This one was strong, but not strong enough to keep him from taking Kurama with him. He had seen the trouble his mate had gotten into only the few decades they had been apart, he had no desire to tempt the fates and leave his mate alone for much longer.

Koenma was busy stamping away his paperwork muttering under his breath that the work was far to demeaning for an important person like himself. He barely heard when George came to his side and said nervously. "My Lord it seems that Lord Sesshomaru has found his way to Yoko Kurama and is demanding his mate to return with him…there also seems to be a fight heating up between the other two spirit detectives and Lord Sesshomaru." Koenma stamped another paper before what George was saying managed to compute in his brain. "WHAT!?" He shouted, making all the paperwork fall as he rushed from the desk.

Sesshomaru had had enough of these two and pulled his sword "My mate and I had an agreement; I have kept my end of the bargain, now he will return with me…with or without your permission." He narrowed his eyes and was preparing to attack when an infant came into the room shouting for them to stop.

Kuwabara didn't have a chance to say anything before Koenma slapped him in the face "Shut up!" The small ruler shouted before the second toughest punk at Sarayashki Junior High School could say anything "You have no idea with whom you're dealing with, that is THE Lord Sesshomaru ruler of the Western Lands! Have more respect for your betters you ignorant whelp!"

Koenma turned after berating Kuwabara and smiled weakly at the Demon Lord "Forgive him Lord Sesshomaru he is just a human fool…" Koenma trailed off, knowing that he had to address why Lord Sesshomaru had come here today. "It seems that you have come to reclaim your mate at last…"

Sesshomaru smirked at the fool's treatment and nodded "Yes, I have come to reclaim my mate…does that not suit you?" He challenged silently, raising his brow as his hand naturally fell to his now sheathed sword.

Koenma gulped as he tried to figure out a way to explain to the Demon Lord that he could not take his mate with him yet and get out of this alive. Luckily for him Kurama chose that moment to speak up.

"Sesshomaru…" Kurama said softly calling his mate's attention back to him "I cannot yet join you in the Western Lands, as a Spirit Detective it is my duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves." Kurama took a breath knowing that Sesshomaru would not be pleased with what he had to say "I have already agreed to fight in the upcoming Dark Tournament to prevent the wrong team from getting the prize, until after the Tournament is over I cannot return with you to the Western Lands."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at his mate and stepped closer to him "This Tournament requires a team of five does it not?" He looked to Koenma for a response which was a fearful nod. Sesshomaru turned his attention back to his mate and asked "And those two are your other teammate …who else is there?"

Koenma spoke up again "The leader of this team is Yusuke Urameshi, he is currently in training with Master Genkai" Sesshomaru nodded recognizing the respected woman's name "Then who is the fifth?" When no one replied Sesshomaru knew he had his answer "Very well…I will join your team and enter this Dark Tournament, once it is over Kurama will return with me to the Western Lands."

Kurama's eyes widened in surprise, he had not expected this as it was very out of character for Sesshomaru. Then again perhaps not, Kurama knew that a good battle always appealed to his mate. This would be a chance for Sesshomaru to demonstrate his strength and frighten off enemies who might have harbored thoughts of challenging him. Kurama secretly wondered if Sesshomaru was also doing it to impress him, but immediately ignored the thought, thinking that it was a bit too sentimental for the Demon Lord.

Sesshomaru saw the disbelief in his mate's eyes and smirked to himself. The Dark Tournament sounded amusing and when it was done he would have an added measure of security when he started his new life with his mate by his side. He saw that his announcement had made Koenma very happy and there were darks looks directed at him from his Mate's team. His smirk deepened at their reaction and told himself that he had joined this insane venture to demonstrate his strength and ensure his mate's safe and speedy return to the Western Lands. Nothing else and certainly not because he felt it was necessary to prove his worth as a mate.

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