Authors comments: This first chapter is extremely short but there is a 2nd that is much, much longer, the 2nd chapter has a (somewhat) lemon so be warned!

Me and my brother are very close. Very, very, very close. We're so close that sometimes we "experimented". The experiments started one day during summer vacation, and we were home alone for the day.

"Hikaru?" Kaoru looked up at me as I was dazing out.

"Um, yes, Kaoru?"

"Are you okay? You seem kind of zoned out." We were sitting on our bed and he crawled closer to me, his face hovered over mine.

"You know, Kao-chan," I said seductively. "When you get close to me like that, I find it hard to suppress the urge to touch you…" I reached out my hand and caressed his cheek lightly.

"Hah, H-Hikaru… don't…" his cheeks were turning a bright pink. "When you do that it makes me want to… to…"

We both burst out laughing. This was a daily occurrence in our household.

"You're so funny, Hikaru."

"Yeah… Funny." I sighed. I looked into his wide brown eyes and smiled. There was a creak in the bed as I suddenly changed positions to where I was on top of him. He looked up at me questionably but didn't complain.

"Hey, Kaoru, what do you say we try a little experiment?" My features rearranged themselves into a slight smirk.

"What kind of experiment…?" A smile was forming on his face as well.

"Well…" I leaned forward testing his reaction. He didn't flinch or cringe away from me so I continued. "Like this…" I whispered as I pressed my lips to his. My eyes slid shut as I shut down my senses and felt nothing but my twin who was eagerly kissing back. Kaoru made a cute little noise as I nibbled at his bottom lip. I slid my tongue into his mouth the moment it opened. Our mouths followed the will of the others which were our own. We finally broke free when we needed to breathe.

"I think I like you're experiments, Hikaru." He smiled at me, breathing heavily. I rolled off of him and snuggled into his side.