The weeks that followed were incredibly boring. Kaoru and I didn't even so much as kiss each other. He hardly looked at me. I was getting extremely frustrated with him.

"Kao-channnn…" I drawled as I snuggled into him that night. He didn't answer. I suppressed my groan of anger and wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer. His back was to me so I rubbed my cheek in his hair. He was wearing a shirt too, which was strange.

"I love you, Kao-chan." I whispered in his ear. He sighed as he wiggled out of my arms and turned towards me. His face looked almost… sad.

"What's wrong, Kaoru?" I asked as I frantically sat up. I took his face in my hands and looked deep into his eyes. They were so deep and once again sad. I always loved his beautiful eyes, but not when they were tinged with oncoming tears. He took off his shirt and wiped his eyes with it. After he tossed it onto the floor he leaned forward.

"How about another experiment?" He smiled, but I knew there was sadness hiding behind it.

"Like?" I asked teasingly as I pushed myself on top of him.

"Well…" His cheeks were red, and his body was hot. "I mean… You know…"

"Nope, I don't think I do!" He was looking away now, so I took his chin and pulled his face towards mine.

"You know what I mean… Don't make me say it out loud." His expression was so innocent I could hardly contain myself. But I still didn't want my fun to end.

"Kao-chan, you have to tell me what you want."

"I mean can we have sex?" He almost shouted it, then immediately covered his mouth with both hands. His face was completely red now, and he tried to look away again. I smiled at him, pulled his hands away from his mouth, and leaned forward to meet his lips with mine. They were warm and inviting, yet still a little hesitant. After a few more seconds, Kaoru melted into the kiss. His body was radiating heat, and so was mine.

I broke away from the kiss.

"Just… an experiment… right?"

"… Right." It sounded somber, and he looked away again. I wasn't sure why that made me feel so… rejected. Unwanted even. I leaned forward again; my body was hot against his.

"Kiss me," I said. "It's your turn to kiss me, I always kiss you first. So, kiss me."

Kaoru looked perplexed. He raised his head and closed the few inches of gap between us and lightly pressed his quivering lips to mine. My lips twitched upward in a small smile, and then I gave in and threw myself in the kiss. I entwined my fingers in his hair, I could smell his sweetness, I could feel his softness. It was a deep and passionate kiss. Completely experimental, of course. When we finally broke free it was so my mouth could travel down to his neck. Kaoru was breathing heavily now, and his eyes were half-lidded. I stayed at his neck, nipping and sucking, until I felt that there would be a considerable hickey there. Then, I moved down to his chest, lapping at the little pink nubs there. He seemed to like that, because he had to catch his breath when I started. After that, I went further down, and settled at his navel. I played around there for a little while before moving on again. When I got to the edge of his pajama pants Kaoru began to breathe heavier again, and his body seemed to get even warmer, if that was possible.

I tugged at the interfering clothing until it came all the way off and he was completely exposed to me, I then discarded it on the floor. Kaoru was already considerably hard due to my foreplay. I lowered my head again and looked up at Kaoru who was looking down at me as well, and whose face was beet red. I didn't waste any more time and took him in my mouth, he gasped and stifled a moan as I worked my magic. His toes were already curling and his panting grew heavier. I knew he wasn't going to last long, because we were together 24/7, leaving no room for masturbation. I decided that we would have to work on that. He looked at me in disappointment when I stopped. I smiled at him and then took off my pants and threw them to the floor. I then quickly rearranged myself back on top of him to where our faces were close and our members were touching. Kaoru's face was radiating with embarrassment as he tried to look away from me again. I stopped him and trapped him in another kiss.

I was extremely surprised because this time Kaoru put force in the kiss, and locked his arms around my neck. When we broke away I took in his expression. I'd never seen his face full of so much passion. When I saw this joy swept over me, and I wrapped him up in a hug.

"Hey, are we going to do this or not?" Kaoru interrupted my thoughts. I smiled at him again, and he smiled a bewildered smile back.

I raised up my body and looked down.

"This is probably going to hurt. A lot."

I spread out Kaoru's legs and placed my tip at his entrance. I slowly entered him, and watched his expression change. I probably should have used some sort of lubrication, or maybe have done something else. But I was new at this, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I continued, and then began to slowly pump. If I remembered right, there was a spot I was supposed to hit. I continued my search, but I started to go faster, and deeper. I heard a small whimper and looked at Kaoru's face. He was biting his hand. I continued pumping, harder and harder. And then I heard a moan.

"There!" Kaoru shrieked.

The faster I went the more his face twisted with pleasure, and the more tingly my own stomach felt. The feeling grew larger and larger until I couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to cum!" I said loudly.

"M-me too."

After that we stayed in each other's arms.

"… I love you, Kaoru." I said softly. He quickly jolted upright.

"D-do you mean that?" His face was so excited and pained at the same time. I smiled at him.


"I-I love you too, Hikaru…" He looked away and blushed. I, of course, tackled him and started kissing him. I chastised him for being so cute and making it hard to stay in control. After that we fell asleep, foreheads touching. Comforted by each other's warmth.