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Darren had Gavner's book in his hands. He was searching for the vampire general in the winding corridors of the mountain, but he had yet to fond his missing friend. He had asked several people if they had seen him, but none had been able to recall meeting with Gavner that day, so Darren had to locate him himself.

He had searched through all of the halls and adjacent storage areas and the only place left to look was Gavner's bedroom. SO that was where he was currently headed to, his last option of finding his friend. The room was a t the end of a long hall, parallel to Mr. Crepsley's.

Darren knocked on the door, but when he received no answer he decided to go in. When the small amount of moss lining the walls began to glow, Darren took the time to glance around the room. The middle of the room looked identical to all the other bedrooms strewn across the mountain. A large wooden Coffin stood in the center, along with a wooden desk, a chair, and a large bureau. But the walls were a different story entirely.

Along the left wall was a mural, drawn on a piece of white parchment that stretched across the entire length of the wall. Darren placed the worn illustration book on the desk, and moved closer to look at it.

At the far end was a life size drawing of Gavner himself, although he looked younger, and with less scars. He was smiling, and had his fingers raised in the familiar position "Even in death may you be triumphant". Stretching along the wall were five different scenes, all running together like a movie.

The first of which, showed a large hallway, lined with spikes. A tiny Gavner showed at the far end of it, swinging in and out of the stakes like a pro. At the bottom was blackness, and Darren guessed that if you fell in, you would never get out. Above the pictures, there are words describing the pictures. In large cursive letters it read, "The Chasm of Darkness".

The next one was a huge leopard, stretching from the top of the wall to the bottom. Its eyes, the only part of the picture that was colored, were brilliant red, and it bared its teeth in a vicious snarl of attack. It had its shoulder muscles bunched like it was going to attack at any moment, and Darren had to admire the detail in the body of the animal. All the muscles were perfectly aligned, and it looked like it could jump off the page. Above it, in elegant writing it said, "The Mad Leopard".

Third was a raging storm. Lighting sprang from every cloud, and rain gushed onto the world below. In the middle of what seemed to be a field was a tiny Gavner. He was watching the ground with his head cocked to one side, as if he was writing on the ground to do something. Then Darren noticed the water that seemed to be rising on the ground, as if none was going to be absorbed. It was labeled, "The Field of Floods".

The fourth showed a giant mountain. It was gagged, and went almost straight upward. When Darren looked, he could see a small Gavner at the base of the mountain wearing a pair of shorts, just fastening his hands into the rocks at the bottom. He realized that Gavner was climbing the mountain, with no equipment, no shirt, and apparently, no shoes. Above it in Gold lettering it was labeled, "The Climbing of Vampire Mountain." With a start, Darren realized that Gavner was actually climbing Vampire Mountain, where they were currently located.

The final picture showed Gavner on top of a tree. He was gazing into the forest. Darren looked close and saw the outline of a person, drawing ever closer to the general. In Gavner's hand was only a small knife to defend himself with, and Darren could tell by the position of his muscles that he had been running recently. "A Run from Death."

Darren had no idea what the pictures were, but they were obviously a significant point in Gavner's vampire life, or he wouldn't have drawn them. Maybe he could ask about them later.

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