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Darren sat still as stone on the table. His sister's kitchen table, the same sister he hadn't seen since he first became a creature of the night. He stares at the page in front to him, everyone else is asleep, but he was unable to fall asleep himself, haunted by dark memories.

Looking at the paper, he realizes that everything on it is a dark reminder of his life. He also understands why his late friend Gavner used to draw pictures to express his feelings towards things. Drawing them out on paper was like release from the pain that life brought involuntarily with it.

But Gavner didn't draw what was on the paper. Darren did. He doesn't think there as good as the vampire general's were, but they show what they need to, and that's all that's important. They show death, in all its entirety. Five scenes, each holding a different person, each reflecting different emotions.

The first is Gavner, lying completely still with his back pressed back against the wall of the caves of vampire mountain. A dark torrent of blood on the front of his shirt, where Kurda had stabbed him with his knife. It showed Darren, injured and crying, sitting on the floor next to him, and Kurda, standing, and staring in shock at them, just a little farther back. Seeing it pulls the whole event to the forefront to Darren's mind. Planting itself forever in his memory.

A little to the side of that was Arra Sails, Mr. Crepsley knelt beside her, cradling her head in his lap. Tears on his face as he watched her die from the deep stomach wound the vampaneze, Glalda, had inflicted on her. She was smiling up at him, her mouth open as she said what were probably her last words to the love of her life. Darren could hardly stand to look at it, but at the same time he couldn't look away from it.

To the right of Arra, at the top corner of the page, was Kurda. He was facing the entire vampire clan at the trial that would end his life. Desperation shone in his brilliant blue eyes, practically begging the vampires to listen to him, to save the clan by joining the vampaneze. Even though Darren knew that his blonde friend was long dead, he couldn't help but feel that Kurda was looking straight at him form the picture he had drawn. Like he was able to see the half vampire even though he was just a drawing.

On the rest of the page there were only two pictures. Each taking up half of the remaining space on the paper.

On the left was Mr. Crepsley. Falling from the platform in the fight against Steve, Gannen, and the decoy lord of the vampaneze. The picture showed him falling through the air, his red clothes torn and bloody from the fight, into the pit of fiery stakes down below. The red and orange flames seem to swallow him up in the picture, tainting the last view he had of his beloved father-figure with darkness, despite the light the flames gave off in the otherwise dark cavern.

The last picture showed Steve Leopard and Shancus Von. Along with Darren and Darius. Steve had his arms around the small snake boy, and his mouth was turned upward in a cruel, sadistic smile. Pure fear showed in the small boy's eyes, fear and confusion, at the vampaneze lord threatened to kill him. Darren looked at his own self in the picture, his features twisted with hate and rage. Holding his own nephew tight against him, threatening to kill him if Steve didn't let Shancus go.

That was a new one. He had only drawn it about an hour ago. Unable to sleep, the murder of the young boy vivid in his mind. He looked over all the pictures again, all his friends who had been killed, murdered before there time.

He vowed that Shancus would be the last picture he would ever draw on this paper. He wouldn't let Steve and his demon followers kill anyone else who was close to him. He promised himself, it would never happen again.

He folded up the paper, and put it in the shirt pocket directly above his heart. That's where all his long gone friends belonged. They all had a special place with him, and he would keep the picture there as long as he lived. Which judging by the way the war was headed, might not be that long.

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