Where am I?" asked the dazed and confused Peter Parker. He looks around the area and notices people staring at him, some with fear, others with hatred, and even more with admiration. It didn't take him long to realize that he was hanging upside down from a twenty story high building in his familiar red and blue costume. "Ok, since when did I start hanging upside down in the middle of the city, last thing I did was go to bed and..." before he can finish his thought, he saw a crazy man wearing a green goblin-like costume flying on a jet powered board holding a young blonde girl that looked somewhat familiar.

"AH HA HA HA HA HA!" Laughed the Green Goblin

"HELP SPIDER-MAN!" shrieked the young blonde girl.

"Oh my god it can't be, I'M COMING GWEN!"He shot a web out of his wrist and swung as hard as he could to catch up with the Goblin, trying to rescue the girl he loved the most. He couldn't understand why Goblin took her but he knew that it didn't matter as long as Gwen was safe. He followed him all the way to the George Washington Bridge there the Green Goblin landed at the highest point and held her by her leg, Spider-man finally catches up to them and notices Gwen no longer struggling.


"AH HA HA HA HA...calm down bug boy I haven't done anything to your precious Gwen."


"Oh I will, but first I'm going to give a deal, I turn myself over to you, but if I do that I'm going to drop her and you and me can watch her die together, or I could let her go, but you have to let me go."


"Give her back Goblin"

"Oh your such a boy scout, I'll cut you a deal, you can end this right now and fire your web and risk your girlfriend's death, or you can let me go and I'll let her go."

"Fine let her go."

"Oh poor choice of words." He lets her drop to her death, Spider-man runs towards the edge and fires a web-line catching her. He reels her in to make sure she is okay.

He sits up gasping for air as his sweat drips down his nose. He had been having the same dream every night since that day. He did his best to get over what had happened, swinging around every night beating up random thugs, saving people from a burning building, going one on one with some of his most powerful adversaries.

"Well if I can't sleep I may as well just go swinging around Manhattan." He quickly gets up changes into his costume and starts to swing around in hopes to clear his head. Much to his dismay it didn't, he decides to take a break and sits on the ledge of a building in Hell's Kitchen. He then remembered what his Uncle always told him, and it slowly destroyed him.

"Uncle Ben you once told me that with great power comes great responsibility, but with this great power I couldn't save you I care about the most, what kind of a hero am I?" thought Peter to himself. As he was sitting there a familiar man in red comes swinging by and approaches him.

"Hey there web-head haven't seen you in awhile."

"Hey Daredevil, yeah a lot of things have been happening to me lately I just don't seem to have the time to do anything."

"Ok know tell me the truth where have you been all this time?"

"I really rather not talk about it." Daredevil chose to not pursue what was bothering his friend. They both hear a huge explosion and sees the Vision flying past them.

"Well you don't see that everyday." Joked Spider-man.

"We have to check this out, this could be big." said Daredevil

"This might be bigger than us, this sounds like Fantastic Four and Avengers territory." said Spider-man

"You know the Fantastic Four, they're away in another galaxy and with Thor back in Asgard, the Avengers really could use our help."

"Alright Daredevil let's go but this better not ruin this costume, the prices for superhero laundry is off the roof." Daredevil detected something wrong with what he said, he noticed that he was really down and depressed, and all of a sudden he starts to joke again, He felt that he was hiding something but with whatever it was attacking Manhattan, there was little time to think about.

They arrived at the scene of the battle where they saw Giant Man out cold along with Wasp, Captain America, Iron man, Hawkeye and the Captain Marvel are doing their best to fight against Doctor Doom, but somehow Doom had got an upgrade and was more dangerous then ever. He has the strength to give the Hulk a decent fight, and recently learned new magic spells that almost rivals Dr. Strange. Doom punches Iron man and sends him flying towards Spider-man and Daredevil and both of them catch him and carefully laying him down.

"What took you guys so long?"

"Well you know me Stark, it was another Tuesday night. Stopping robberies, carjackings, and doing it all before my bed time."

"You're the same jokester as ever, well go help Cap and Hawkeye, I'll be fine here." They rush off to their side and Doom confronts them face to face.

"Well now this is a surprise, I was expecting the likes Richards and not those two vigilantes."

"Yeah well we are vigilantes who are gonna kick your butts." said Spider-man

"Is that why you attacked New York? So that you can get your revenge on Reed?" asked Captain America.

"That is none of your concern, now move aside so that I can find Richards."

"Sorry Iron face but they're away right now, you know saving the galaxy whatnot. We're here instead to deliver your normally scheduled beatdown." said Spider-man.

"Hmm no matter then I will just test my new found powers on you." Doom fires his laser cannon at them, and thanks to his spider sense, he got out the way along with Captain America, Daredevil and Hawkeye. Hawkeye fires his arrows at Doom, they had little to no effect on him.

"Fool arrows mean nothing to me now perish by the might of Dr. Doom!" he flies towards Hawkeye giving him little to no time to react rendering Hawkeye out of the fight. Daredevil tried his luck and starts to bash Dr, Doom with his Billy clubs, again with no effect.

"If the archer's arrows had no affect on me what makes you think your pathetic club would?" Doom with one swing of his armor clad arm, sends Daredevil flying towards a building wall knocking him out. Captain America throws his shield at Doom, but only for him to catch with one hand and throw back at him; Spider-man reacting quickly shoots his web at the shield, spins around to gain momentum and throws it back at him with great force that even Doom had to move away and a car behind him gets sliced in half.

"Insignificant wall-crawler."

"Aww, that's the nicest thing I heard all day. Now let me return the favor." Then all of a sudden all the remaining Avengers gets up and all surround him, and since Doom being a genius that he is decides to retreat.

"This battle is done, I got all I need." Then Doom unveils his teleportation device on his belt.

"We got to stop Doom from escaping." Said Captain America. Spider-man once again reacting to what Captain America says web zips towards Doom damaging his teleportation device.

"Fool what have you done?"

"Uhh stopping you what do you think I was doing?"

"You damaged my device now there is no telling where we're going.

"We?" after Spider-man said that, a blinding white light engulfs both Doom and Spider-man, and in an instant they were gone. The Avengers look shocked and in disbelief they didn't know what to do or what had happened.


"Ugh my head." Said the weary Spider-man, "Where am I? And where is everybody?" He looks around the area and all of a sudden his spider sense goes haywire. "What's going on I don't see anybody." Then all of a sudden a tall, rock like creature come rushing through the wall behind him and Spider-man summersaults over him.

"Who are you?"

"Where am I?"

"Not much of a talker ehh? What's wrong your tongue made out of stone too?

"RAHHHHHHHH" screamed the creature as he charged towards Spider-man. He jumps out the way for the creature to rush head first into a brick wall.

"Jeez buddy relax I was just kidding, man do all bad guys have to have no sense of humor."

"Nah they just don't know a good joke." Said a mysterious voice.

"Who said that?" asked Spider-man. As he turned around he saw a green boy wearing purple and black spandex, a big robot with a cannon fro an arm, a orange girl hovering with glowing green eyes, a gray skinned girl wearing a cloak hovering next to the orange girl, and a spiky haired kid wearing a mask a cape and has an R emblem on his chest.

"Uhh who are you guys?"

"Titans go!"

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