Raven looked in disbelief, in front of her eyes was Jump City up in flames, buildings in ruins, and there were very little signs of life. Around her, she notices a ripped cape of Superman, Captain America's shield broken in half, Green Lantern's ring on the ground with no power in it, Wolverine's adamantium skeleton lying on the ground, and Cyclop's bloody visor lying next to a pile of diamond dust. She turns around and saw her friends defeated: Cyborg is in pieces, Beast-boy's head had been turned 180 degrees, Starfire lying underneath a pile of debris with her hand sticking out, and Robin impaled on to a nearby building. She then sees Spider-man all battered and costume ripped kneeling down heavily breathing as three shadowy figures approach him. The center figure wraps his hand Spider-man's neck and squeezes his neck until it snaps. The figure then throws the lifeless body at the feet of Raven and as the figure got closer, she then realized that it was her father Trigon.

"Your destiny awaits you daughter." He then laughs manically and suddenly everything goes dark.

Raven was awakened by the sound of the alarm early in the morning, she was panting heavily and cold sweat ran down her body. She quickly calmed herself down and immediately headed to the living area. She sees everyone there all ready for action, except for Beast-boy who gave a big yawn.

"*YAWN* what seems to be the trouble?" asked the tired Beast-boy.

"Dr. Light is attacking a an oil tanker nearby." Said Robin.

"This early? Alright lets get this over with, I was having awesome dream that I was flying and kicking butt and stuff." Said Beast-boy.

"Why is that awesome, you are Beast-boy, you can just transform into a bird and fly." Said Spider-man, and everyone except for Raven laughed. They immediately headed downtown with their T-jet to confront Dr. Light.

Dr. Light was shooting up the place like a madman, even though he had the money, he wanted to gain the Titan's attention just so that he can try his hand at their newest member Spider-man. He still hasn't gotten over the embarrassment he had faced when he "fought" Deadpool he wanted to get over that by fighting the Titans.

"Come out Titans! Face the wrath of Dr. Light."

"Dr. Light, for a person that is obsessed with light, you're not very bright."

"Yeah next time you commit a crime, do it somewhere we can see it from our living room."

"Oh..." Dr. Light fires a flash of light at the Titans. They all dodge his light; Cyborg fires back at him with his cannon, but Dr. Light blocks it with his light beams while he was distracted Starfire fires her starbolts and Dr. Light creates a force field around himself; he then throws a device from his block trapping her in a transparent sphere. Beast-boy transforms into a wolf and attempts to slash and bite Dr. Light; Dr. Light backs off for a bit throws several mini light balls and explodes in front of Beast-boy's eyes temporarily blinding him. Robin leaps into the air to attack, however Dr. Light quickly fires another light beam hitting him square in the chest. Cyborg rushes over to attack, but Dr. Light infuses both Cyborg and the concrete with his light. Raven readies her magic, however she took too long to recite it and gets hit.

"What's wrong afraid of a little light?" asked Dr. Light. Raven eyes turned black and used her magic to lift a nearby motorcycle and throw it at him. Dr. Light lifted his hand in front of him and destroys the motorcycle.

"Is this the best you Titans have to offer?" All of sudden Raven's eyes turn crimson red and floats up in the air and black tendrils appear and wraps around Dr. Light and drags him towards the dark abyss.

"OK WAIT, I SURENDER, I GIVE UP, I'LL TURN MYSELF IN, PLEASE! LET ME GO!" screamed Dr. Light as he is being dragged into the darkness.

"RAVEN STOP!" shouted Robin. Raven hears this and regains her senses before she killed Dr. Light. When the Titans came to, they were frightened by Raven's appearance.

"Raven..." said the worried Beast-boy. Raven had a scared look on her face; she realized at that moment what she had done and didn't know how the Titans would react to her actions.

"I...I have to go." Raven then opens a portal and immediately enters the portal, leaving the Titans both scared and worried about her. As the cops take Dr. Light away, he starts to ramble about what he had witnessed, quaking in fear.

"That accursed Goblin promised me I would regain my lost reputation I once had." Robin upon heard this rushes over grabs Dr. Light by the collar.

"Who did you say came to you?"

"Why do you care?"

"Don't make me repeat myself." said Robin with stern tone of my voice as the rest of the Titans all prepared to take down Dr. Light.

"Alright, alright, he's name is the Green Goblin."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know he came to me."

"Should we let Spider-man know about the Goblin?" asked Starfire.

"If we can find the guy." said Beast-boy.

"We are already up might as well use the rest of the day to search for him." said Robin. The Titans all went their own ways to find Spider-man, well Beast-boy lagged behind.

"Oh come on! It's too early for this." complained Beast-boy as he transformed into a pigeon.

Later that night, Peter Parker was in his in his regular outfit, trying to stay low key from the Titans and tried to not attract any unnecessary attention to himself. Sitting at a random diner trying to figure out how to get back home. He looked up at the TV screen and saw how the Titans stopped Dr. Light. He quickly looked away from the screen, and tried to mind his own business. However, the moment she heard how Raven disappeared he immediately looked up. Someone came up to him breaking his trail of thought.

"More Coffee for you?" asked the waitress.

"Uh yes thank you." As the waitress poured coffee, she noticed how Peter was avoiding the TV screen and was cringing over the mention of the Titans and Raven's disappearance .

"What's wrong? did something happen between you and the Titans?"

"I really rather not talk about it."

"You shouldn't be afraid to talk about what's bothering you."

"I'm not, it's just. I have a lot things on my mind right now, I'm just trying to sort them out." The waitress just looks at him with a small concerned look on her face.

"I know I'm just a stranger to you, but here's some word of advice. Those who you keep pushing out of your life and they keep coming back, those are the ones you should keep. But, if you push them too far, even they won't come back." She finishes pouring the coffee, gives him a small smile and walks away. He gives a small smile, and goes back to minding his own business. He was trying to enjoy his solitude until Starfire entered the diner. Peter sees her and tries to quickly hide his face away and avoid any eye contact.

"Hey Peter." said Starfire.

"Uh hi, wha...what are you doing here?" stammered Peter.

"Looking for you. Next time you decide to run away, make sure to turn off the communicator, it comes with a built in tracker."

"Yeah, why do you have a built in tracker?"

"So we know where a runaway Titan is." deadpanned Starfire. The two sat there long and quiet, trying to figure out what to say next. Starfire was hoping that Peter would be the first to break the silence, however Peter was just as silent, also squirmed in his seat. Peter did everything he could to avoid eye contact and escape, but he just couldn't, until she broke the silence. "Why did you leave us?"


"Peter why did quit on us?"

"It's just...I..."His spider senses goes off and grabs hold off Starfire and dives across the diner avoiding a huge explosion. As the smoke cleared Peter looked out and saw the Green Goblin flying away laughing maniacally.

"Goblin..."said Peter in a serious tone. He quickly chases after him leaving Raven behind.

"PETER!" shouted Starfire. Peter didn't hear her, he was too focused on chasing after the Green Goblin. He quickly changed into his outfit and swung after the Goblin.

"Ok Spidey lets think if I was a raging psycho who clearly has bad taste in costume, where would I be?" His spider-senses go off and leap forward as two pumpkin bombs explode.

"Well well Spider-man, I thought by now the police would have arrested you for what happened last time we fought."

"What can I say we heroes have some sort of a immunity to jail time." Spider-man then swings around and kicks Goblin in the face. As the Green Goblin falls, the glider immediately flies beneath him and catches before he fell to his death.

"Lucky hit," he then unleashes a group of bronze spheres with razor sharp blades, "Let's how you fair with Goblin Bats." The Goblin Bats come flying at him while Spider-man is swinging away to dodge all of the bats and fires web-balls at them. One of the bats slices through the webs and sends Spider-man falling. He quickly fires another web on to a building and fires another web-line at a bat a swings it at another bat destroying two out of ten bats.

"How did you even find me?" asked Spider-man.

"You're not the only one who made new friends in this fair city." Said Goblin as he threw up a T-Communicator.

Meanwhile Raven entered the portal to return to her home realm Azarath. She hadn't been to her home since she first left to Earth. She had wandered around and already began to notice that there are no signs of life around, not like she expected a parade for her return, but still this was to her unsettling. She then saw a dove fly by her and landed on the fingertip of her mother.

"Arella." Arella looked back at Raven and turns back forward and walks. "No wait," said Raven as she reached her arm out and floated to her. "I've come back, mother please help me."

"You always had a home here my child, but help we could not give."

"The prophecy it's happening, you have to tell me how to stop it." She walks towards her mother in hopes of finding an answer.

"Nothing can be done, the promise of your birth was absolute."

"I don't believe you, there has to be a way, I don't want to help him. Mother I am afraid."

"You always had the love of your people, even knowing what you will become, and what that would bring. It was too late for Earth as it was too late for Azarath." Then right before Raven's eyes, a flash white engulfs her. She sees her home in flames and as she looks around for help, she hears Trigon's voice.

"Earth shall share the same fate as Azarath, it is your and the Spider's destiny."

"No, what does Spider-man have to do with this."

"While I am able to enter Earth, I cannot stay for long as the portal will suck any material outside of Earth realm. In order for me to stay I need a host who is suffering with great despair, and Spider-man has been suffering quite a lot lately."


"Yes...the end of Earth shall come to pass and there is nothing you can do about it."

Back in Jump city, Spider-man is doing whatever he can to beat Green Goblin. He managed to destroy all of the bats swinging through swinging through tight spaces. He swings around and tackles Goblin down onto a roof a ceiling. He punches Goblin's face over and over again to vent out all of the anger he had towards him, all Goblin could do was smile and laugh.

"What's so funny? Stop smiling you deranged lunatic." Yelled Spider-man as he continued to punch him.

"My dear, dear wall crawler. You are just too much fun. Why I haven't had this much fun since I dropped that blonde off a certain bridge." Spider-man infuriated by that statement continued to punch him until goblin grabbed his fist and kicked him off. Spider-man was then flying ten feet in the air and the glider then rams him from behind sending crashing down. As he got up, he saw a strange insignia, similar to the one he saw on Slade, on his forehead. Spider-man knowing what this meant, immediately calls the rest of the Titans.

"Spider-man where are you?" asked a concerned Robin.

"Just use the damn tracker on the communicator."

"We'll be right there." Robin cuts off the transmission and just then Goblin was right in front of Spider-man, lifts him by the arm and slams him down to the ground. Spider-man recovered fires a web to blind Goblin and uppercuts him then does a spinning heel kick to the face. Goblin feeling very little of the attacks kicks him Spider-man on the chest causing him to fall back a few feet away from him. Goblin then takes out a few bombs and throws it at him, and although Spider-man is fast enough to dodge all of the bombs, however the explosion was enough for Spider-man to feel and his suit began to rip; half of his face was revealed.

"Aw what's wrong little Spider did that big ol' bad bomb hurt?" He then kicks him the gut and grabs him by his hair. "Once I'm done with you I'm going to go after all of your friends starting with your precious Raven."

"No." said Spider-man, he then gathers all of his strength and kicks Goblin in the chest. Once let go of Goblin's grasp, Spider-man then fires two web-lines at his feet yanking it back causing him to fall. He then leaps high into the air still holding on to the webs and yanks Goblin towards him and landing on top of him. He leaps off of him and fires another web at a wall and yanks it down so it can fall on top of Goblin. The Green Goblin emerges from the wreckage, and oddly enough wasn't his usual chatty self.

"Please, Please stop."


"It's me Peter Norman Osborn, the real one."

"Mr. Osborn?"

"That's right Peter it's me you have to help me."

"It can't be...You and Gwen..."

"It was the Goblin's fault not mine. Please Peter I've always been a father to you so please help." An enraged Peter ran up to him, wrapped his hand around his throat and lifted him up off the ground.

"I should kill you where you stand." He reeled his free arm back, getting ready to punch him. He stops right before his flinching face. He thought about his Uncle Ben.

"Is this really what you want?" Peter sees Uncle Ben come out of nowhere. "Will killing Osborn make you feel any better? Look at him, scared and confused out of his mind. If you go through with this now, you'll be no better than Osborn. Remember Peter just because you can do something doesn't mean you should." Spider-man let's him down, and then webs him up and slowly walked away leaving him there.

"What are you doing? Peter, you can't leave me here." said Norman Osborn as he secretly pressed a button.

"I'm leaving you up to the police. I'll let them handle it from here."

"You can't do that! I've done nothing cause you nothing but trouble. I deserve to die." Turned around quickly in rage, and got close to his face.

"You like that wouldn't you? But you're not getting that off that easy. You'll face the consequences of your actions and live with them for the rest of your life."

"No you must finish me, I'm the one responsible for all the pain I've caused you. Please help me, I've loved you like a son, so please do what a son would do for his father."

"I already have a father, his name is Ben Parker." Osborn, was not too happy about this. He felt betrayed by Peter's declaration, and did not want to let Peter get away.

"God speed Spider-man." He then signals his Glider to draw out a blade and fly towards Spider-man. Spider-man's spider-senses go off and leap into the air dodging the glider; Goblin not having enough time to dodge is left standing.

"Oh." The Glider then impales Osborn leaving him only a few seconds to live. "Peter...please...don't tell Harry." Osborn's body goes cold, and right at this moment the Titans arrive.

"Yo man what happened here?" asked Cyborg.

"A man losing a battle against he's demons." Spider-man then looked down at Osborn and picks him up.

"Are you crazy we have to get him to the hospital." Said Starfire.

"It's too late he is already dead." said Robin.

"Oh my..." said Starfire.

"If you don't mind can we drop him off at his home?" the Titans allowed Spider-man to carry the dead body of Osborn with them to drop him off at his home. The stop right outside of Osborn's window and Spider-man sneaks in and puts Osborn into his bed, as he does this, Harry walks in.

"Dad? Spider-man? What have you done to him?" Spider-man immediately jumps out and into the T-jet and fly away. Harry runs to his dead father's side, "Oh God no, dad, please...no. Not you, Not you too..."

The next day, the Titans are still worried that Raven never came home, and Peter got a call from Harry to attend to his father's funeral. Peter, along with the Titan's attend to the funeral, and after the funeral Peter approach Harry.

"So glad you came." Said Harry as he hugged Peter.

"Don't worry I'm here for you."

"Funny, all it took was my father's funeral to get you to show up on time."

"Harry I'm so sorry, I never wanted this to happen."

"Don't apologize, you did nothing wrong. It was all Spider-man's fault. I saw him, he killed him."


"I know they hated each other, but he didn't have to go that far. He just needed help, that's all he ever asked for."

"What will you do now?"

"I moving back to New York with my mom, after all that has happen including Eddie, I can't stay here. Besides I have to work out the details of my dad's company."

"You inheriting your dad's company?"

"Yeah when I turn 18. Peter, you and my mom are the only family I have now." The two hugged again

"Don't worry if you need anything I'll be there to help." said Peter as they let go of their hug. They both parted ways, Peter walks back to where the Titans were waiting. They feared that if the Titans came along Harry would realize who Spider-man was.

"How is he?" asked Robin. Peter was silent, refusing to answer.

"Is he okay?" asked Cyborg, Peter was still silent and continued to walk.

"Dude answer us!" said Beast-boy as he grabbed hold of his shoulder. Peter stopped, but still didn't turn around.

"This doesn't change anything. Eddie lost his parents, and now Harry lost his dad because of me. It's all my fault." All of a sudden from a distance the skies above Jump City turned crimson red blood and captured their attention.

"Are skies are supposed to turn red?" asked Beast-boy.

"I've never seen this happening ever here." said Starfire.

"That's because it's not suppose to." answered Cyborg. The Titans all got into their T-Jet, and Robin turned around to Peter.

"Peter I know you've been through a lot, but the city needs you, we need you. One last time?"

"One last time." Spider-man got in the T-Jet and flew off to Jump city.

At downtown of Jump city, a portal appeared and out came a horde of fire demons and leading the army were Dr. Doom and Slade.

"So it begins." Said Slade

"Yes it does...let us find the Spider."