-Other Universe-

With the appearance of the five new heroes aiding Spider-man, Nightwing, and Starfire the confrontation got less one sided, however, it was still not enough. While the villains Warp pulled out from different timelines were manageable, Warp still possessed the fragment making him more powerful then before. Whenever things started to look bad for him, he would just make a new time ripple and pull out a group of henchmen to do his bidding, whether they wanted to or not.

"This is getting us nowhere," thought Starfire as she was firing her starbolts at Plasmus.

"Agreed, what's our plan of our attack?" thought Nightwing

"Woah I can hear everyone's thoughts. This is the coolest thing ever; this must be how Professor Xavier feels when he is reading minds. Wait does this make me a mutant? If so I am so flying the blackbird." thought Spider-man.

"Sorry, that's me doing all of this, the name's Miss Martian."

"Wait so I'm not a mutant?"

"Nope." Thought Miss Martian.

"So does that mean everyone heard what I thought?"

"Pretty much." Thought Nightwing.

"Well this is embarrassing." After he finished his thought, his spider-sense went off, and he ducked Clayface's arm that had transformed into a giant hammer. "Ok guys does anybody have any idea on how to stop Warp? The longer the fight goes on, more of this reality falls apart."

"I have an idea you guys just listen up." Nightwing quickly went over his plan and introduced Spider-man to the rest of the team. Spider-man had quickly learned about how after the Titans split up, Nightwing and Starfire were the only ones admitted to the Justice League and together formed Young Justice. After they went over Nightwing's plan, Super-boy grabs Spider-man and started to twirl him around.

"Wait can we rethink this plan?" Super-Boy then lets go of Spider-man and gets launched towards Warp. Warp sees this and creates a blue barrier around himself and Spider-man faceplants himself in front of Warp. "Nightwing your plan really sucks."

As he was getting thrown, Warp's team got distracted and tried to stop Spider-man. As they were distracted, the rest of the team launched a devastating attack on each one of Warp's team. Artemis fired five ice arrows freezing Clayface and then she uses her bow to swing at the frozen Clayface and smashing him into a millions of pieces. Super-Boy punches Cinderblock in the gut with all of his strength a couple of times, grabs his left arm and tosses him to the ground and leaps up to land on top of him and continuously pound on his face until Cinderblock passes out. Aqualad uses his water-bearers and turned the water it was holding into maces and attacks Sandman. He tries to defend himself, but with the maces being made out of water, pieces of Sandman fall off, rendering him armless.

"You should've picked a location where there is more sand than water Marko." He drenches Sandman with water with his bearers, and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the head, taking him out of the fight.

Scorpion was firing acid from his tail as Kid Flash kept dodging every single one of them. One of his acids barely touches Kid Flashes arm burning a piece of suit off.

"Whoa you almost got me there. Tell you what I'm just going to jog and maybe you can actually get me." Kid Flash ducks out of the way and runs towards Scorpion and punching him each time he ran past him. Scorpion was getting agitated by Kid Flash starts to spin around rapidly and firing acid all over the place with no caution to who he was going to hit.

"Guys heads up acid coming your way!" warned Kid Flash. Miss Martian phased through the ground, confusing Overload as to why she did that. As he looked up Scorpion's acid hits the microchip and short-circuiting Overload. Nightwing got the warning combines his two escrimas making it into one long Bo Staff and whacks Rhino across the face, steps on his left thigh and leaps over him hitting him in his kidney. Rhino was too distracted too see the acid hit him in the face, and as he was recovering Nightwing appeared before him and delivered a beatdown with his Bo Staff, delivers a kick to the gut and knocks him out powerful whack across the face. Once Scorpion finished firing his acid, Kid-Flash grabbed on to Scorpion's tail and ran around him so fast that he Scorpion began to twirl with him. Kid-Flash lets go and Scorpion goes flying and the next thing he sees is Super-boy's left fist colliding into his face, knocking him out.

Meanwhile Spider-man was slowly getting up from being thrown towards Warp's shield, and while a bit groggy, he was about to make out two figures Kraven and Plasmus.

"To be honest I envisioned the ending of this ultimate hunt to be a bit more challenging." Said Kraven. He pulls out his knife and throws it at Spider-man's head. Spider-man's spider-sense went off, and moved his upper body to the left.

"Well you're in luck, I have no intentions of becoming stuffed with cotton any time soon." Spider-man fired two web-balls at both Kraven and Plasmus, temporarily blinding the two. He then leaps up into the air and shouts, "Ultimate Web," and fires two giant web-lines at Plasmus says "Gotcha, Throw," and rapidly spins forward and then slams Plasmus on top of Kraven. "Sorry about that," said Spider-man as he landed on top of the two, he then notices Starfire and Blackfire fighting each other viciously. He notices that the fight between those two was very vicious and web zipped towards the two to make sure neither one of them goes overboard.

Starfire and Blackfire were trading blows back and forth, Blackfire catches Starfire's right hand, puts her in a hammerlock and puts her left arm around her neck.

"Earth has changed you little sister." She lets Starfire go and then blasts her with her own starbolt. "You've grown soft, you are no longer the warrior princess who left Tamaran." She then continues to barrage her with more starbolts. "I guess your love for the Spider has affected your fighting prowess." Starfire gritted her teeth and flew towards and her fists hitting Blackfire in the stomach, and she then grabs her and spins around and throws her to the ground and fires starbolts from her eyes. Just as Blackfire tried to get back up, Starfire lands on top of her and punches her face over and over again even when it was clear Blackfire was out cold, Starfire did not stop.

Spider-man finally gotten up from Nightwing's brilliant plan and saw Starfire's barrage on her sister ran towards her to stop her.

"Starfire, stop you won."

"Get your hands off me."

"Star you were about to kill her." She looks back at the bloody face of her sister and felt no remorse for what she did.

"So what, she deserved what she had coming to her. She tried to frame me of her crime, started war between Tamaran and Drenthax IV just to get rid of me, and sided with the Gordanians just to kill me. She deserves nothing less then death."

"If you had killed her, you would just stoop to her level. You're better then that Star. I don't know the whole story between you and your sister, and she probably deserved to get knocked around a bit. But just because you can kill her, doesn't give you right to." Starfire stares at Spider-man with a confused gaze. She understood that this was not the same Spider-man as the one she knows

"I don't get you." Said Starfire, "Why do you care so much about me? You do not seem the type to care about others, at least not to this extent."

"There was a time when I only thought about myself, and I paid the price for it big time. I don't want to see anyone else to me go through what I went through." Starfire could not see behind Peter's mask, but she got the sense that he had a sad, and hurt look on his face. In that brief moment she started to think about her relationship with Kaine before his betrayal. She then started to wonder if maybe she had met this Spider-man instead would things be different.

"Spider-man...can you tell me...what you and me are like in your world?" Spider-man was taken a back by this. It wasn't so much the fact that Starfire is asking this question at a worst possible time, but it was more of her sounding less threatening then before.

"Oh...uh...about that...see...we never really got to know each very well." Spider-man took a look at Starfire and he saw a hurt expression on her face. Whether she knew zit herself, he did not know. He knew he had to say something to help her feel better, despite what is going on around the two. "I do know one thing, I know that she really cares about everyone and cherishes life everyday. And she was willing to defend and protect her friends from danger." She perked up when she heard this. She started to think back to all the times she had spent with Kaine, and the rest of the Titans. She thought about the fun times she had with her former friends, and the adventures they went on together. She then remembered the times both she and Kaine together fought off countless threats, and the times they spent together outside the heroic stuff.

"Uh Star, are you okay? In case you forgot there's a reality getting torn apart." Said Spider-man.

"Huh? Oh yeah I am okay. But I can ask you one more thing?"

"Yeah sure, but this is the last question this reality can afford to be answered."

"Can I call you Kaine?"

"Kaine? Um uh okay why?"

"That was the name this reality's Spider-man went as." Underneath the mask, he gave an annoyed look at Starfire. He could not figure her out at the moment. At first she was willing to kill him at any moment, now she was trying to play twenty questions with him.

"Star, I don't know what you had between this Kaine, but right now there are more important things like everything falling apart!" Before he could continue to berate her, he notices that Starfire had a genuine hurt look on her face. "Sorry about that, you can call me Kaine if you want to." Starfire perked up after hearing that and gave shy and sweet smile. Spider-man saw her face and turned away to hide is embarrassment.

"Woah since when was Starfire this cute? What am I doing there is no time to think about this."

"Is something the matter Kaine?"

"Uh, No, I think the team took out everybody else, and closing in on Warp so let's get going." Starfire nodded in agreement and together with Spider-man made their way to Warp. They made their way to the rest of the team as they surrounded Warp.

"Give up Warp, you are done." Said Aqualad.

"Impossible, I am Warp the master of Time and Space I cannot be defeated by these second hand rejects."

"Guess what?" Said Spider-man from above. He fires a web-line at the tablet and yanking it away from him and into his hands. "These second hand rejects are going to give you a good ol' fashion fanny whooping." He then fires another web-line and pulls towards his left, "he is all yours." Aqualad uses water mace had whacked across his left cheek. Miss Martian sends a psychic wave giving Warp a massive migraine. He the takes a couple of steps back from Miss Martian and Kid Flash quickly runs by delivering a couple of jabs. Super-Boy then delivers a powerful upper cut that sends him up in the air. Artemis fires an arrow that quickly entangles him. Starfire flies up in the air and punches him in the stomach that sends him to ground hard. Nightwing leaps into twirling his staff and slams one end of the staff on the Warp's chest causing a small explosion. Right before their eyes the tears that they saw in the skies of Bludhaven slowly disappeared, and when they turned to make sure Warp had not attempted to make an escape. They saw Warp's body slowly de-age and turned into an infant. The heroes all looked at each other not knowing what to do in a situation like this.

"Shot not changing his diapers." Joked Kid-Flash, who then got smacked across the back of his head by Artemis. Spider-man kneeled to pick the fragment that Warp dropped, and as he got up the rest of the heroes approached him.

"Hey I'm just going to take this and go." Spider-man tries to get the fragment to teleport him back to his world. He shakes it, punches it, and finally tried gnawing to no avail.

"Great...so you guys don't happen to know how to get this thing to work?" asked Spider-man. The fragment began to glow and Spider-Man began to slowly fade in and out.

"Well I guess this is goodbye, hopefully this Kaine of yours learned a thing a two from my reality." Starfire walked towards Kaine, grabbed on to his forearm and pulled his mask halfway up.

"Uh Star...What are..." before he could finish, she kisses him leaving everyone speechless. Before Spider-man could respond, he finally fades away back to Madame Web's dimension.

-Original Reality-

The Joker was towering both Kaine and Nightwing. The two were measuring him up and thinking of a way to take down the behemoth. The Joker takes a step and laughs maniacally.

"What's so funny?" asked Kaine.

"What's so funny? This, everything is hilarious HAHAHAHAHA." Replied Joker, "I've beaten Batman, and the first ones to try to take me on are boy blunder, and some nobody who thinks he is Batman."

"I assure you, we will beat you." Said Nightwing.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA OH THIS TOO MUCH PULL THE LEVER BOB!" the henchman named Bob pulled the lever electrocuting Batman.

As Batman screamed in pain, Nightwing throws a batarang at Bob knocking him out.

"Wrong lever Bob, but whatever HAHAHAHA." Joker leaps on top of a nearby platform and signals more of his henchmen to leap down and surround both Kaine and Robin.

"What's wrong Joker to scared to face us yourself?" mocked Nightwing.

"Please you guys are hardly worth my time I am just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show with the rest of Gotham." He sat on his makeshift throne watching patiently as his henchmen surrounded them. The two go into their fighting position to prepare themselves.

"Any ideas?" asked Kaine.

"Just one, we wait." Replied Nightwing.

"Wait?" Kaine confused was going to ask Nightwing to elaborate, but the rooftop gets bombarded with Starbolts knocking out the henchmen.

"My friends you are not harmed?" asked Starfire as she floated back to the rooftop.

"No, but you could've maybe fired one or two of them over there." Said Kaine as he pointed to Joker.

"I was just concerned about you guys."

"Next time think about the situation and..." before he could he noticed Starfire about to cry, so he calmed down, gave a deep sigh, and put both his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down.

"Thank you for saving us." Starfire immediately calms down, gets extremely happy and gives him a giant hug.

"Hey get off, get off, get OFF!" shouted Kaine.

"Hehe sorry." Joker this whole time was not amused at how easily Starfire took out his henchmen. Annoyed he gets from his throne and leaps down to confront the three.

"You three are no fun at all. Let me invite a few more guests to this little soiree." The Joker uses the fragment to summon Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane, Doctor Octopus, Rhino."

"Boys and Ivy, kill them." Before the fight could get started the T-Jet flies over and the rest of the Titans jump down with the rest of the team.

"Took you guys long enough." Said Kaine.

"Well considering we built a fully functioning jet in three hours, I think we got here pretty early." Said Beast-boy.

"You mean me and Raven built a fully functioning jet, you just played super monkey fighter five." Said Cyborg.

"Hey I was supervising!" said the annoyed Beast-boy.

"Guys now not the time to argue about this." Said Raven.

"What six versus five, I like those odds." Said Beast-boy.

"Well I don't." said Joker. "Let me even things out shall we." He uses the fragment one more time and summons a ghost of the Titan's past.

"Slade..." said Nightwing in disdain.

"Now, now Robin or is it Nightwing? In any case is that any way you treat someone who helped save the world." Slade pulls out a grappling hook fires it Nightwing. One hand of the grappling hook latches on to his chest while the other end fires itself towards a tank of gasoline. The tank of gasoline is then hurled at Robin. As Robin braced for impact, Kaine catches the tank, unhooks it, and throws it back at Slade. The explosion causes the villains to scatter and each one of them charges at the Titans. Mr. Freeze fits an ice beam at Raven, as Rhino charged at Cyborg. Raven created a shield around the two in order to protect them, and while the Ice beam did nothing, Rhino's horn was able to pierce the shield.

"Hey what the!? Let go" said Rhino. Raven then used her magic to lift him up and while in the sky she lets him go and Cyborg fires his sonic cannon at Rhino sending him flying away. The two then turns their attention to Mr. Freeze as he fires another ice beam. Cyborg counters with his sonic cannon while Raven levitates nearby debris and slamming it on top of Freeze.

Starfire fires her starbolts at every vine Poison Ivy threw at her. Poison Ivy then encased herself inside of her giant rose monster and summoned two giant vines to fire toxic spores at her. Starfire dodges every toxic spore and fires starbeam from her eyes and detaching Poison Ivy from the stem. She quickly flies towards Ivy, breaks Ivy free from the monster plant and knocks her out with a quick jab to the face.

Beast-Boy transformed into a giant octopus in order to combat Dr. Octopus, Beast-boy uses his extra limbs to grab hold of Doctor Octopus's metallic tentacles. With his other four limbs remaining, Beast-boy wraps them around Octavius in order to choke him out. Octavius forcefully breaks his tentacles free and whacks Beast-boy across the face.

"Stop this pointless battle, if you want you can join me and I'll be able to cure your disease." Said Doctor Octopus.

"Nah, I actually like being green Doctor Squidface."

"GRrrrrr. IT"S OCTOPUS!" said the enraged doctor. He launches two of his tentacles at Beast-boy. Beast-boy transforms himself into a giant ape, catches both of the tentacles, throws him to a nearby wall, and yanks Doctor Octopus towards him and clotheslines him, knocking him out.

Nightwing was in a duel with Slade as the two battle each other using their bo staff. Slade tries to do an overhead strike, but Nightwing blocks it and counters with a leg sweep, but Slade leaps over it creating space between the two.

"What's your plan Slade? You were never the type to take orders from anyone."

"I don't, but after my resurrection I found my organization taken by the Kingpin, so I'm left with going back to my roots." Slade then charges at Nightwing with a flying sidekick, Nightwing moves to his left preparing for his counter.

"Never knew you started out as a mercenary." He tries to whack him with his bo staff, but Slade catches it with his right hand.

"I'm more then just a simple mercenary." He throws Nightwing, and pulls out a 12mm auto pistol, preparing to fire it at Nightwing, "And from now on please call me Deathstroke." He fires his pistol, and Kaine on instinct shoots his web to cover Bane's eyes and zip-lines in front of Nightwing, getting hit on the lower right abdomen. Kaine falls to the ground covering his wound, and gets on his left knee. Deathstroke pulls out his katana as he walks towards Kaine.

"Last time we fought there were so many opportunities to kill you, but your survival was necessary. But now, you're life means nothing to me." He then winds up his katana so he could decapitate him, "Don't this too seriously, after all its just business." Before he could strike, Raven forms a bubble around his hands, levitates him and throws him at Bane. Bane had finally tore off the web on his face, catches him and throws him off the rooftop and he then increased his dose of venom and charges at Kaine. The rest of the Titans tried to stop Bane, but none of them were prepared for how strong he had gotten. He grabs Kaine by the back of his neck, and his right thigh and lifts him over his head.

"I once broke the bat, breaking you shall be no problem," declared Bane.

"Sorry Bane, but I'm going to break you." He uses all of his strength to break free, punches him in the stomach, leaps into the kicking his chin in the process, and slams both his fists to the back of his head knocking him out.

"Looks like I have super strength back." With everyone taken out the Joker gets up from his throne and walks towards the edge of the platform.

"No, No, No, you're not supposed to spoil the fun." Said the Joker.

"I've always been told that was a party pooper." Said Kaine. He fires multiple web-lines at Joker. The Joker struggles to break free, but Kaine manages to pull him down and due to the Joker's sharper, and longer nails, he gets stuck on the ground. Kaine leaps towards and delivers a beatdown. He ends the beatdown with a powerful uppercut sending him in the sky. He fires another set of web-lines and pulls him down to the ground. The force of the pull causes The Joker to break through the rooftop and land on top of the power generator, electrocuting him. He slowly gets back on top of the roof, preparing himself for the fight.

"I can take it, I can take anything you can throw at me." Said Joker, "You can't beat me, I'm actually going to win. Ready for the next round?"



"Whether I'm in my own reality, or another, I will never let you win." The both charge at each other. Kaine clenches his right hand, and puts all of his strength into his next punch. His fist connects to Joker's face knocking him back and out cold. Kaine then heads over to Batman freeing him, and gently brings him over to the Titans as the GCPD starts to enter Arkham Asylum in order to restore order.

The rest of the Titans start to get back on their feet, and Nightwing immediately rushes over to Batman. "How are you feeling Batman?" asked Nightwing.

"What happen to Joker?" asked Batman.

"Over there his unconscious, but should in a lot of pain." Said Kaine.

"Spider-man, I told you not to get involved."

"If he didn't you could've been killed." Said Starfire. Ignoring what she said Batman walks over to the Joker, retrieving the fragment.

"Is this what you're looking for." Said Batman as he the fragment to Kaine. "You and the rest of the team can leave, I can take care of the rest. The rest of the team all turned back to the T-Jet. "You guys did a good job." Said Batman. Kaine was taken aback by this and stopped at his track. All his life, he always wanted to hear praise from his mentor, his father. Before he could react, he starts to fade in and out and soon altogether he fades completely. The Titans stayed on Arkham to help Batman restore order, despite his protest. Nightwing immediately went on a search for Deathstroke, but to his frustration the body was nowhere to be found. Throughout their time, the Titans were expecting Spider-man or another version of him to appear, but it never happened.

-Madame Web's reality-

Kaine finds him in the same area with Madame Web, and Spider-man. He was still confused by everything that has happened to him, and wanted answer right away.

"Where am I and who are you?"

"I'm you sort of, and the creepy old lady over there is Madame Web." Spider-man walks over towards Kaine and starts to measure him up in awe "are you like the future version of me? Because if you are then tell me how I can get jacked like you, or me, whatever."

"Get me back to my own reality now." Said the impatient Kaine. Madame Web complied and snapped her fingers, teleporting him back to his own reality.

"What the hell? I get sent to another reality, and he gets to go home what gives?"

"Hush, you have to find one more fragment in another reality." Answered Madame Web.

"Why can't my other me in that reality do it?"

"He has already been sent to your world, and I'm afraid your friends will be in grave danger."

"Why what's wrong with me, or him?"

"He is someone who cannot be trusted, so make haste and find the last fragment." She sends him to another reality. Smoke surrounds Spider-man, blurring his vision. As the smoke cleared, and his vision started to clear. He finds himself inside of sort of a large room with two power generators, a large screen, and bunch of equipment.

"Well this is no Titans tower, or the Watchtower." He takes a look around the area in search of some clues as to where he is. He hears the door opening, and turns to where the door is. To his disbelief, and fear he could not believe had entered. For two people entered the room were the last people he wanted to see, Dr. Doom and Norman Osborn.

"Ah Nerts."

-Original Reality-

The Titans returned back to their base in New York beat and tired. They were prepared to go straight to bed, however sleep was luxury that had eluded them once again. For the fragment that was used to find the other fragments was gone, and in front of the machine was a man in crimson red. Thinking he is Spider-man they immediately rush over.

"Spider-man what happened here?" asked Nightwing. As he turned around, it quickly became apparent that he is not their Spider-man. There was no spider insignia on his chest, and had razor sharp claws, and sharp fangs.

"Who...who...are you?" asked the terrified Beast-boy. He just stares at the terrified Titans, and when everything seems to be okay, he responds with just high pitch shriek leaping towards the Titans.