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A/N: Ficlet about glomping. Couldn't resist :D

"Rose, what does 'glomp' mean?" Albus asked Rose.

"Where'd you hear that?" Rose furrowed her brow at her twelve-year-old cousin.

He immediately thought that it was some kind of new sexual innuendo. "Erm, it was in a book I was reading. It was from the library!" The small, black-haired boy, mortified, tried to redeem himself.

She ruffled his short, messy hair, smiled, and said, "I'll show you later,"


The blond Malfoy turn around, slightly confusedly. He couldn't place where the voice was coming from, but he recognized it as one of his best friends, Rose Weasley.

Rose, at the end of the crowded hall, said, "Watch, Al," She dropped her bulky canvas bag on her cousin, and began to run toward Scorpius, who was still looking around for the source of her voice.

Her bouncy red hair flew behind her as she continued gaining speed, weaving through puzzled students. She grinned, as she realized just how funny this was going to be.

When she was only about three meters away from her friend, she called his name again.

He finally saw her. He grinned at his friend, but began to look scared as she didn't stop running.

With a devious grin on her face, she sprung off the floor, and collapsed onto an unsuspecting Scorpius. She wrapped her arms enthusiastically around his neck, as he clutched her waist, desperately trying to steady himself with the new force of weight on his body.

They fell onto the ground in a heap of blond and red hair, and tangled limbs. She was slightly breathless, her heart beating faster due to the fact she'd just ran from one side of the hall to the other.

Scorpius still had little-to-no idea what was going on. He just held her protectively, somehow ending up underneath her small frame.

She was still grinning as she rose up on her elbows, her face alarmingly close to the boy's. "Hello," She said, perfectly pleasantly, as if she hadn't just tackled him.

"Hi," He grinned back up to her.

She laughed, and stood up, clumsily pulling him up with her. There were people around them staring, but they hardly noticed.

Al ran to her side as soon as the "glomping" commenced.

"That, Albus Severus, is what it means to 'glomp' someone,"

A/N: Extremely short. But I just had to post it :D

I was reading my favoritest manga today, called "Beast Master" (It's freaking ah-dorableā€¦ READ IT!), and there was a scene where the main guy glomped the main girl. I immediately thought of Rose and Scorpius and Albus, and how funny it would be for one of them to glomp the other :D

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