The Miscellaneous Files are just that, miscellaneous plot bunnies that got written down and then degenerated back into dust. I may continue some of these on, others will just linger here. If you want to use anything found here in feel free but atleast have the decency to give credit where it is due alright? Thank you.

Misc. Files -- Entry 001

Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Title: Most Eligible Bachelor or Not

Chapter: N/A (unfinished)

01/09/10 -- 1188

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter (Rowlings).

AN: For those of you who may recognize the way this is heading, I did indeed ask permission from the folks that I got the idea from. They (because my memory sucks) got the idea from Potato-kun and Sakehime.

"Oh shite…"

It was another glorious day in the life of Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, Savior, glory hound, nut job, etcetera. He had been everything and anything in the eyes of the Prophet influenced wizarding populace but this was the worst. As of eight hours ago he was of legal age to consent to more…intimate activities. The early release special edition of the morning Prophet gave him a new title – Most Eligible Light Wizard. In just a matter of hours it beat out Savior and Boy Who Lived for most hated title for one very good reason.

Fan girls.

"There he is!"

"Get him!"

"Stupefy him!"

"I want his glasses."

"No! I want his glasses!"

Harry took one look at the stampeding herd of female hormones and took the only reasonable course of action.

He ran.

As if the hounds of Hell were baying for his blood, which, as far as he was concerned, they were.

Harry zigged and zagged, down alleys, around corners, and through shopper streets of the Alley. Without thought he rabbited into Knockturne and only succeeded in losing his under 16 pursuers and replacing them with desperate hags, old crones, and suspiciously beautiful women. Knockturne was narrow, cramped, and rickety. The sun couldn't successfully bypass the roofs to reach the Alley floor and instead cast gloom and shadow everywhere. Any hope the fleeing Savior had of losing his pursuit in this miserable warren was dashed when the Diagon women merely followed the lead of the Knockturne counter parts.

With a strangle moan of dismay Harry put on a burst of speed and pulled further ahead of his pursuers.

Crossing from the two Alleys he knew about Harry entered and quickly passed through Alleys he never knew about because Everyone assumed that Someone Else told him about them. Harry fleetingly mused Everyone and Someone Else could jump in the Black Lake and save him the trouble of drowning them. Then he made a mental note to revisit these new Alleys when those hormonal things weren't so close to jumping him and ripping chunks of flesh from him.

Idle thoughts were immediately forgotten as the red light of Stupefy narrowly missed his head and he sank fully into the primal instinct of the hunted to flee the hunter and live another day. Vertick Alley (home to the Wizarding equivalent of hotels, apartments, and condos), Radic Alley (which looked like someone's bad psychedelic trip), Mystic Alley (if Radic Alley looked like a trip this is where the tripper got his wares – the permanent haze in the air even dazed his rabid fans), and finally into the much feared Lyber Alley.

Even the Ministry feared to tread Lyber Alley's streets. Honey tongued men and women lived there able to change the minds of even the most narrowed minded individuals. Lyber residents were all for change and progress but there was sense of chaos surrounding it. Flags big and small denoted different beliefs and factions and more than once the Aurors were called in to break up fights between different group members. The Pro-Everyone versus the Anti-Creatures versus the Pro-Sentient Beings/Anti-Animals was a common brawl. The Pro-Marriage For All versus the more conservative Civil Unions For Everyone Not A Witch and Wizard cropped up occasionally, usually in the form of rallies and sit-ins. The Pro-Personal Defenders (Wizards and Witches have a Merlin given right to defend themselves, their family, and their property by any means necessary) versus the Preserve Life Group (no one has the right to take another's life for any reason) and Pro-Wand Control (restrictions should be placed on wands to stop the use of dark/dangerous spells without a proper license) groups was rare but tended to become violent and messy.

The Witches had groups specific to themselves (Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice being the main) and became extremely violent against any Wizards stupid enough to butt into their female business. There was an Anarchist group but the other factions kept them well under control ever since one Anarchist slipped a copy of The Anarchist's Grimoire to a muggle who then made a muggle version called The Anarchist's Cookbook. Surprisingly 80 percent of the residents of Lyber agreed on separation of the worlds and took the Anarchist's breach seriously.

In the few seconds his pursuers hesitated at the border between Mystic and Lyber Harry managed to pull far enough ahead to duck down a side alley and into one of Lyber's most controversial factions.




Focused so intently on losing his pursuers Harry didn't notice the human blockade standing in his way until both fell down in a heap. Scrambling up, panicky green eyes searched behind him before bending down and offering his hand without looking at his victim. A surprisingly warm hand grabbed Harry's and almost hauled him back to the ground pulling the other person up.

"Watch where you're going Potter. You're running around like a nundu is after you," a deep voice scolded. Blinking in confusion Harry turned his head around to face a black, dreadlocked teen in nice but casual robes that were now rumpled. Confused for a moment, recognition finally set in when the teen turned his head and the dreadlocks swung in a familiar arc.

"Oh! You're that Slytherin in Malfoy's year. Um…Zabini right? Blake, Blain…"


"Oh, right. Um, sorry for knocking you over but I've got to go – now!" With that Harry got ready to bolt, the feeling of his impending doom growing stronger with each passing minute. However, his escape was thwarted by a hand grabbing the back of his robe.

"Honestly Potter, what are you so frightened of that you can't even properly apologize from running someone down?" Zabini asked, his voice a curious mix of crossed amusement.

Unfortunately Harry didn't have to answer him as a loud "There he is!" followed by eardrum shattering squeals rent the air. Not willing to leave his schoolmate, opposing House or not, Harry slipped out of the suddenly slack hold on his robe, grabbed Zabini's wrist and started running. In a moment Zabini overcame his shock and started running on his own.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Zabini shouted over the noise of the stampede behind them.

"The Daily Prophet! I became legal last night," Harry replied. Abruptly Zabini yanked both of them down a narrow side alley. Taking the lead, Zabini followed an unmarked twisting narrow trail of narrow side streets, cluttered back alleys, and occasional backyards. Harry followed without question since Zabini obviously knew the area and knew where he was going.

"In here," Zabini said and promptly barreled shoulder first into a shut non-descript dark brown door. It never stood a chance. The door surrendered with a bang and Harry just avoided crashing into Zabini's temporarily stalled frame. Whirling around Harry slammed the door shut and Zabini began layer ever entry restriction spell he knew. Afterwards Harry added his own and as a final result the door took on a luminous sheen of magic.

I plan to add more later, but I reached a dead end here. Feel free to use this as a jumping board if it inspires you just give credit where it is due, yeah?