Well here we are on the 2nd one-shot of this little adventure I'd like to call Mackenziegirl's 100 word challenge...or more aptly titled Seddie Con Queso. Why, you may ask, is it called "Seddie Con Queso"? Well it's because it's our favorite Seddie, and I didn't skimp on the Cheese. Yes, folks there is a Cheesy factor of 11 here, But I hope you'll find it savory enough for you.

These are the remaining 14 words of the challenge, starting with the word CAMPING (all words are in bold). Now what am I going to do with that one? Hmmm. Warning: It's kinda long for a one-shot.

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"We'd like to thank Somer and her 6th grade class for demonstrating what it would sound like if an army of frogs had hiccups!" Freddie zoomed in for a close up on Carly while Sam acted like a frog catching imaginary flies in the background. Sam was just about to introduce the next clip when they were all startled by a sudden loud tapping on the glass of the studio door.

"Uh oh," Sam said as she caught the source of the noise. "Spencer's busting a vein about something again."

Freddie swung the camera around to show Spencer's face plastered against the glass. He was urgently tapping with one hand, and had a large red velvet envelope in the other. His wide grin told them it wasn't anything bad, but whatever it was, he thought it was extremely important.

"Ok," Carly thought quickly. "We're just about out of time anyway, so until next week remember…Always be kind to old people."

"Because," Sam jumped in, "you never know when they'll decide to play hide and seek with their teeth. Really Jama-maw? I'll never see gelatinous desserts the same way ever again."

Pop music was cued in the background and the two girls danced wildly around the stage to finish out the show. No sooner had Freddie announced, "and we're clear," than Spencer burst through the door.

"GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT!" He grabbed Carly by the shoulders trying to bring her into his revelry.

"You caught your underwear in your zipper again?" Sam answered as she grabbed the turkey leg she'd hidden behind the dash of the car sculpture.

An audible groan was heard from Freddie at the A/V cart as Spencer's face fell. "No…and thank you for that painful reminder."

"Well what is it?" Carly asked trying to bring back the excitement.

"I just got back from Socko's, and Alexus is back in town!" Spencer started jumping up and down and pulling Carly with him.

"OMG, that's awesome!" Carly cheered as she bobbed up and down with her brother.

"Are you Serious? I love that dude!" Sam joined in, waving her turkey leg dangerously with every leap.

Freddie's face watched them all curiously. "Who's Alexis?"

"Alexus is Socko's brother." Carly stopped to brief her friend. "He's an entertainer in San Francisco and throws some of the most outrageous parties ever!"

"Speaking of which," Spencer wore a smug look on his face. "They're having a camp party tomorrow, and guess who he's invited." He waved the velvet envelope in front of them. "He's having some performance artist friends come. Since you guys are local internet celebrities, he thought maybe you'd want to bring along the camera and maybe do an interview or two for the show?"

"What? No Way!" Sam exclaimed excitedly.

"Absolutely we're going!" Carly rushed.

"Fabulous!" Spencer jumped heading for the door. "I'll go tell him right now. Then it's off to shop for the party!"

The girls started jumping up and down, leaving a clueless Freddie to chuckle behind them.

"So, I thought all of Socko's siblings had weird names." Freddie mentioned curiously. "Alexus isn't that weird."

"Weird enough when he's named after a car." Carly saw the look of confusion spread over his face. "Hello, A Lexus?"

"Oh." He nodded as the realization finally started to hit him. "Well anyway, the party sounds like fun. I have a new sleeping bag and digital flashlight I've been wanting to try out."

"Try out for what?" Carly cocked her head at the boy.

"For the camping party."

"But, it's not a camping party," Carly explained simply. "It's Camp party."

Freddie looked at her with renewed confusion. "What's the difference?"

"It's CAMP!" Carly's vague explanation did nothing to clear his confusion. "You know, it's where people dress…"

"Whoa Carlton." Sam stepped in front of her and purposely caught her eyes. "Maybe it's better if we don't try to explain it. Maybe we should just show the bobble head, yeah?" A sly smile crossed her lips before she turned her attention to Freddie. "Be here at 7:00 tomorrow, we'll have everything you need ready for you."

Freddie looked at Sam skeptically then he turned his attention to Carly.

"No, It'll be cool," Carly promised. "Spencer's taking us shopping for it anyway. We can get your stuff, no big deal."

"But what kind of stuff are you…" Freddie was stopped short when Sam came up behind and started pushing him toward the door.

"Jees! Again with you and your questions! Just go home and write your Dork Universe Fanfiction and let us handle the rest." She didn't give him a chance to respond. She pushed him into the hallway and locked the door behind him.

"Sam!" Carly Scolded. "I really don't see why we couldn't tell him what a camp party is."

"Because we need someone to run the camera." Sam explained as if the whole thing should be obvious. " You really think he'd agree to come if he knew what he'd be wearing?"

"Hmm." Carly nodded as she grabbed her coat. "Good choice. Now, lets go get our stuff for the party!"

***************************************************Time passes******************************************************************************

Spencer and the girls were out for most of the morning leaving, Freddie by himself most of the next day. He busied himself with homework and various chores until the alarm on his Pear Phone beeped 6:30. He took a quick shower and did his hair before finding himself in front of the Shay apartment door promptly at 7:00.

His curiosity had slowly built into anxiety over what their plans might actually be. Just to be safe, he already decided that if he saw any hint of hair clippers he was ready to run to Florida if he needed to. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He was slightly relieved when Spencer answered looking relatively ordinary. In fact the only difference he could see was Spencer's extra fluffy hair and the bathrobe he was wearing.

"Hey Freddo!" Spencer rushed him through the door. "I'm still getting my stuff ready. Carly is getting dressed, I was told to tell you your stuff is in the studio, and to go up immediately and get changed."

"What am I cha…?" Freddie called as Spencer was darting out of the room.

"Can't talk, gotta go!" Spencer disappeared as his bedroom door gave a loud click.

Freddie trudged up the 2 flights of stairs to the studio. He glanced through the door to see a coat rack in the center of the room. A garment bag was hanging from it and a non-descript shoebox sat at the base. He walked over and saw the white sheet of notebook paper attached to the bag. He recognized Sam's barely legible scrawl from the many hours of passing notes she did during 4th period history.

Dear Fudge Face,

POP CULTURE DICTIONARY: Camp: Over the top, outrageous, and irreverent dress and/or behavior, to the point of amusement.

This is what you're wearing to the party tonight. Carly will help you when you need it. No sense in arguing, we need you there. Can't wait to see everyone put together.


P.S. Don't even think of backing out. By the time you read this, I will have kidnapped your precious Nub Nub, Princess Oblongata and every other Galaxy Wars doll you have ever owned. I'm holding them hostage until the end of the party tonight. See ya later, sweet cheeks!

"They're action figures!" Freddie yelled at the paper. He wadded up the note and threw it at the frozen video frame of her and Carly on the monitor above the car. Memories of standing in the halls of Ridgeway dressed as a clown flashed through his brain. He turned back to the garment bag and breathed a deep sigh. "This can't be good."

He hesitantly reached out and unzipped the zipper. The shock of fabric and red tulle spilling through the fresh opening sent him reeling backwards, tangling his feet in the shoebox. He kicked to free himself of the box, and before he could right himself, he was hit in the chest with a hairy wad that looked like some sort of foreign animal. He felt several tiny spikes against his arm and completely freaked out.

He quickly threw it off of him and ran for the door. "CAAARRRLYYY!!!" He looked back to make sure whatever it was didn't escape the studio and start following him.

"CARLY! CARLY! CARLY!" He yelled her name repeatedly like an alarm as he ran down to the second floor.

Carly poked her head out the door to see the screaming mess coming down the hall at her. He was too hysterical to even notice she was dressed in a short grey chiffon nightgown, and had grey ears on her head. "Well, I guess there's no need to announce that you're here! What is wrong with you?"

"There's a…THING!" He pointed trying to catch his breath. "In the studio…jumped from the shoebox and attacked me!" He held his chest where the thing had landed. "It was all hair and teeth, and Grrr! We have to call animal control!"

"Animal control?" She asked curiously. "Freddie, calm down. What are you talking about?"

He took a deep breath and tried to continue. "I tripped over the shoebox and this thing jumped out at me and landed on my chest."

"Uh, huh." Carly tried to stifle a laugh. "Freddie, what color was this so-called animal?"

"I don't know, like red…orange…something." He stood trying not to remember the horrible thing.

"Okay." Carly sighed. "Come with me." She grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs back to the studio, her small tail swishing behind her.

"Be Careful Carly, it could be anywhere ready to attack!" He quickly looked around waiting for something to jump out at him.

"What?" Carly bent down and pulled the offensive ball of fur off of the floor. "You mean this?" She dangled the thing from her upheld hand. "It's called a wig, Freddie. They don't attack, they just itch you to death."

Freddie looked cautiously at the less frightful wig. "But I could swear I felt teeth!"

"It was probably just the…" Carly jostled it around until she finally had it upright. "…the hat!" Freddie looked over to see a small fake watermelon bowl (complete with melon balls) on top of a headband that had been glued into the wig.

"Nobody said anything about hats." Freddie's voice was starting to rise. "Nobody said anything about wigs!"

"Aww, but it goes so well with the dress," Carly cooed. "Besides, you always said redheads were sexy."

"Yes, when someone else is the redhe…Dress?" Freddie's eyes were as wide as saucers. His ever-fading calm veneer finally had broken. "UNDER ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCE DID ANYBODY SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A DRESS!"

Carly giggled nervously. She knew she shouldn't have let Sam talk her into making this a surprise. "It's really cute, actually." She walked over and finished unzipping the bag. "See?"

She pulled the bag off and held the dress out in front of her. Freddie's stomach felt like it had dropped down into his toes. He stood staring open-mouthed at the sight before him. There were two small stuffed watermelons over the chest, the stems created a halter up the neck, the leaves doubled as lapels, and there were red puffy sleeves. Just below the "melons" was a fitted red, green, and white pinstripe fabric that came down into a flared short skirt with a red tulle petticoat below. It was neatly finished with a frilly white apron tied at the waist, and a giant slice of watermelon appliquéd on the front.

"What is that?" Freddie finally managed to squeak out.

"It's a watermelon dress!" Carly said brightly. "Sam picked it out."

"Of course she did!" Freddie threw up his hands in frustration and started pacing the floor mumbling. "Every time…EVERY TIME! I give her the benefit of the doubt and trust her, and every time she ends up making a fool out of me. Why do I even bother? It's not like she even likes me. I'm just her little toy to torture and put…"

"HEY!" Carly rarely shouted, so Freddie automatically came to a halt. "Sam is my friend, and she's your friend too. For your information, MY idea was to put you in one of those Banana lady dresses with the large bowl of fruit on your head."

She put the dress back on the stand and started poking his chest, backing him further across the room. "It was Sam who thought that maybe it might be a little too much for you, and we should think simpler. It was Sam who picked out the watermelon because she knows you like it, and it was Sam who went to all this trouble to make sure that you'd have a little bit of fun instead of hiding in your room playing video games all night. So instead of bad mouthing her behind her back, maybe you ought to be thanking her!"

With one final poke to the chest, Freddie toppled over one of the beanbag chairs that had been left in the floor. Carly threw the dress on top of him. "Put this on. I'll be back in 15 minutes to do your hair and make-up." She swished across the room headed out the door. "I'm going to my room to finish getting ready. Do you have any questions?"

"Uh" Freddie looked at her curiously. "What are you?"

"I'm a mouse!" She pointed up to her hears. "Duh!"

"Oh." Freddie looked her over and chuckled. "Nice tail!"

"Ugh!" Carly grabbed her tail and held it to her chest. She spun around and marched out the door giving him a glare through the glass as she went.

Freddie giggled at her reaction then he reached down into the shoebox. "So this is Sam being nice to me, huh?" He pulled out a long white tights and a red leather high-heeled pump. "Oh Lord, I think I've reached hell."

***********************************************************Time Passes*************************************************************

45 minutes and 32 swear words later (only 7 of which were uttered by Carly), Freddie finally arrived on the first floor, pink-cheeked, ruby-lipped, and red-wigged. He took one last moment to adjust his skirt before stepping wobbly out of the elevator. He had barely cleared the door before he stopped dead in his tracks.

Spencer was standing next to the counter in his costume. He was dressed neck to pointed toe in tight royal blue spandex with sequined light blue and purple webbing woven though it. A delicate design of glitter swirls was painted across his right temple and down cheek. What was the hardest to miss, though, was his size. Spencer was unusually tall anyway, but with the ice skates he was wearing, he suddenly seemed like a giant.

They both stood eyeing each other, daring the other one to speak. A smile finally spread across Spencer's face. "Hey Freddie."

"Don't say it." Freddie winced, knowing what was coming.

Spencer gave a nod and raised his eyebrow. "Nice melons."

Freddie shook his head at the sparkly man. "You just had to say it, didn't you…you Amazonian Ice Princess?"

Spencer took the chance to egg him on a bit more. "Princess, huh? Big talk coming from a guy in a dress!"

Freddie was already on edge and ready to argue. Warming up with Spencer was fine by him. "Well at least I don't look like I got caught in Adam Lambert's paper shredder."

Spencer reeled back pretending to be insulted. "Are you calling my costume trashy?!"

Freddie raised his eyebrow and jutted out his chin. "Whatever twinkles your toes there, Sparkles McDazzle."

"Oh ho!!" Spencer stretched out to full height. "Funny that it takes putting on a skirt for you to finally start acting like a man there, Sunshine. Why don't you come over here and say something."

Freddie narrowed his eyes. "No problem. I can bring it anywhere you want it!" He opened his mouth to sling another insult, but when he took a step forward on his high-heels, his foot twisted underneath him and he toppled over, landing ungracefully at Spencer's feet.

Freddie blushed as he pulled his skirt back down over his lap. "Okay, correction. I think I have a slight problem."

Spencer gave him a little chuckle. "Not as easy as they look, are they?"

Spencer reached out his hand and took a step to help him up. Before he could reach the boy, though, he caught the edge of the barstool with his skate and face planted right into Freddie's chest with a muffled, "Oof!"

He took a second to collect himself before finally sitting up. He looked back at Freddie who was slowly getting up. "Hehe. Like I said, 'Nice Melons.'"

They managed to get to their knees on their own, and then used each other for support to pull themselves up the rest of the way. Once they were sure they were steady, they carefully let go.

"Stupid torture devices!" Freddie tried to kick his foot, but his ankle began to buckle underneath him again.

Spencer reached out and pulled him upright. "You know, normally they tell you to practice walking in them for a couple days. Since you don't have that, we'll have to do a quick Heel Training 101."

"We? As in you and me?"

Freddie groaned and rolled his eyes as Spencer took his place next to him. "Okay, the first thing in successful heel walking is good posture, sooo..." He turned around and leaned over with his hands braced on his knees so that he was level with Freddie's ear. "CHEST OUT, STOMACH IN, HIPS TUCKED IN AND RELAXED, SON!" He called out in military drill form.

Freddie quickly jumped into the position that Spencer was yelling at him. He was still trying to calm his breathing after being startled, but he did notice the difference the new posture made. He let out a little smile and mumbled, "cool!"

Spencer stood back up next to Freddie and assumed the same posture. "Alright, now on to the actual walking. When you walk, you're not landing on your whole foot like you do in Tennis shoes. You're going to gently put your heel down for balance, but then quickly transfer your weigh to the ball of your foot, and then step off with your toes." Spencer leaned forward trying to demonstrate, but the method didn't work the same wearing ice skates. "Okay, you try. Heel-ball, and then move forward with your weight on the ball. The heel is just for balance."

Freddie walked halfway across the room using this method. Although it did feel less wobbly, it still lacked the grace he usually saw. He figured it must be woman thing. He carefully turned around and walked back toward Spencer. "How'd I do?"

"Better…" Spencer nodded approval, but his face didn't register 'impressed' yet. "You've got the whole balance thing down, now you just need to get the oomph."

"The oomph?"

"Yeah, you know that thing that ladies have that you just can't take your eyes off of?" Spencer raised his eyebrow and gave him a knowing nod.

Freddie gave a little smile. "Oh, Yeahhh!" He knew exactly what Spencer was talking about. "Okay, so how do I get that oomph?"

"Well, I think you need to narrow your walk." Spencer glided carefully forward on his blades trying to get a feel of just how to explain it.

"And how do I narrow my walk?"

"Well…" Spencer stopped and put his hand to his chin. "Most guys walk with their feet slightly apart because of…" He cleared his throat. "…obstructions."

"Okay." Freddie smiled following along so far. He was mildly amused that he wasn't the only one feeling awkward with this.

"Instead of walking with your feet apart like you're straddling a drain pipe, try walking with one foot in front of the other." Spencer demonstrated by walking back toward Freddie. "See like walking a rope!"

"A rope, not a pipe," Freddie repeated to himself as he prepared to take his steps forward. When Spencer reached him, he set off across the room. He stepped one foot in front of the other, making sure to land on the balls of his feet. As he reached the halfway point he called back. "How am I doing?"

Spencer stood laughing at the counter. "Nice hips dude! As my great granddad use to say, 'If I had a swing like that in my back yard, I'd paint it red!'"

"Uh, huh. Don't be hatin'!" Freddie reached the door and gracefully pivoted on the balls of his feet. "Hey look at that! I got this baby down!" He called as he stepped purposefully back toward the counter.

"Yeah, you do," Spencer called, finally impressed. "If you were a laser, you'd be set to Stunning." Spencer sniggered at his bad joke. Both were so involved in their practice that neither noticed Carly come down the stairs.

"Uh, what are you guys doing?" She stared at them wide-eyed.

"Spencer's teaching me how to walk in high heels," Freddie called as he started for another lap across the room.

Carly spun around and looked suspiciously at Spencer. "Why do you know how… Never mind. I think maybe it's better if some things are left a mystery." She shook her head and walked into the kitchen muttering, "Of course my brother would be tutoring my best guy-friend on how to walk in heels. My life's not weird."

Freddie had reached the door and was on his way back when the doorbell rang. "Spencer, get that. It's Sam," Carly called from the kitchen. "Freddie, Sashay your butt over here and take these ibuprofen. Your legs will be killing you later if you don't."

Freddie had just taken the pills from Carly and was reaching for his glass of water when he heard Spencer shout, "OUTSTANDING!"

Carly's eyes lit up and a big smile crossed her face. "Yeah, Sam. You look amazing!"

Freddie tossed the pills in his mouth and took a big gulp before turning around to see what Sam was wearing this time. He took one look at her and immediately choked on the water, clumsily dribbling it down the front of him. He tried to control his coughing as he watched her strut toward him. Her hair was wantonly tousled so that it looked freshly windblown. Her fitted blue spandex top showed off plenty of her mysteriously well-toned stomach. The matching skirt dangled effortlessly from her hips leaving plenty of leg exposed to the tops of her red leather calf length boots. She even had the red satin cape swirling behind her like a flag. Every comic loving geek-boy's fantasy was right before his naked eyes, and he suddenly realized with horror that he couldn't take his eyes off the "S" across her chest.

It was only when he heard Carly mutter over his shoulder in a mocking tone, "Got something on your chin there, Sergeant Smooth," that he finally managed to tear his eyes away.

"Wow, Sam. You…Supergirl…WOW!" He stammered still not able to shake his mind into clear focus.

Sam stood tall with her hands on her hips. She turned her head to him and nodded. "Thank you, Ma'am."

Spencer and Carly were starting to turn red from trying to hold in the giggles as Sam started strutting toward him. He could only roll his eyes, cause he knew what was coming. He braced himself as she circled him slowly taking in the costume. He knew there was no way she was going to let this go without a comment.

"Will you just get it over with already?" He finally blurted out with frustration.

"Get what over with, Fredward?" She stopped in front of him pretending to look confused.

"Whatever insult you're going to make about the costume."

"I wasn't going to make an insult about the costume. It actually looks great!" She gave Freddie a small smile, which for some reason bothered him way more than an insult would have. He was ready for the insult.

"You do?"

"Of course!" She stepped back to admire the outfit. "The dress is awesome, and Carly did a great job with the hair and makeup." She started circling him again. "I only have one question."

"What's that?"

She stopped right next to him and grabbed his left butt cheek really hard. "Is this seat taken?"

"Sam!" Freddie's shout could barely be heard over Carly and Spencer who were both doubled over with uncontrolled laughter. "Man, I've been in a skirt for less than hour and already I've heard all the cheesy pick-up lines!"

"Dude, you haven't begun to hear the bad ones yet, like..." Sam put her hand on his shoulder. "If I had a garden, I'd put your tulips and my tulips together." Freddie rolled his eyes as she and Spencer started laughing.

Carly quickly popped up behind him. "Hey Freddie do you happen to have a band-aid?"

He breathed out a sigh, quickly losing patience. "No, why?"

"Because I think I scraped my knee falling for you." She collapsed against Sam's shoulder in a fit of giggles.

"Oh, hey!" Spencer tried controlling his laughter to join in. "Are you sure you aren't Jamaican? Cause you're Jamaican me crazy, Mon!" He slowly fell to the couch, laughing, and knocked the lamp off the side table with his skate.

"Are you a baker Freddie?" Carly started in again. "Cause those sure are some nice buns!"

Freddie's aggravation was starting to pick up, but he knew they weren't through yet.

"Yo, Frederella," Sam started looking around her. "I seem to have lost my Teddy bear. Can I sleep with you?"

Freddie's patience and finally busted. "Alright already!" The three started to calm their laughter while Freddie continued with his rant. "I get it! Freddie's in a dress, let's give him all the cheesy lines we can think of! Will you just stop with it already?"

"Alright guys, let's give him a break." Spencer peeled himself off the couch and started pulling him away from the girls. "The poor guys had enough. There you happy now?" He turned to look at Freddie and then reeled back with a surprise look on his face. "Hey you got something in your eye." Freddie started digging into the soft fleshy part next to his eye until Spencer stopped him. "Wait, it's….It's just a sparkle."

The three picked up with renewed laughter, much to his irritation. "That's it!" Freddie quickly shrugged Spencer's arm off of him and started toward the stairs. "I'm out of here. You can do the interviews without me!"

"No, no, no, no, no…" Carly raced to block his access to the stairs. "We need you, besides it's already time to go. I promise we'll stop." She pointedly looked at Sam and Spencer. "Right guys?"

"Right," Spencer smiled.

"Sam?!" Carly was still waiting on churlish friend.

"Fine! I won't give Freddie cheesy pick-up lines anymore." She wrapped her cape around her and hopped onto the stool.

"Good." Carly put her arms down. "Spencer you go get the car, the equipment's already loaded. I'm just going to run upstairs and get the show folder with the note cards and consent forms."

Freddie watched Carly and Spencer both leave the room, and apprehensively turned to Sam. She had her phone out and was holding it out toward him. "Sam, what are you doing?"

"I promised I wouldn't say any more cheesy pick-up lines." She continued to press a few more buttons and then lined it up toward him. "I didn't say anything about texting pictures of you."

"No!" Freddie rushed to grab the camera from her. "I finally got over the rumors that I use my mom's razor to shave my legs."

"I know." She kept squirming to keep the camera out of his reach. "But I told that one over a month ago, and it's already starting to die down."

Freddie stood back startled and stared at her. "You started that rumor?"

"Yeah, what's the big deal?" She started pushing buttons again. "You proved it wrong."

"Yeah, because I wore shorts to school every day for a month," he started yelling. "…in the middle of January…and it SNOWED for seven of those days!"

She lined up her shot again. "Hey look, we got the bulging vein this time."

Freddie launched himself at her to try to get the camera again. She twisted and pulled and managed to keep it just out of his grasp, when suddenly his foot buckled underneath him, and he fell to the ground at her feet.

He surprised her when he didn't get up right away. "You alright?"

"What do you care?"

Sam slid herself off of the stool and crouched down next to him. She looked at the picture on the phone of Freddie and his 'Watermelons'. "It really is a good picture." He watched as she shifted her thumb and pressed the little button that said 'delete'. "I guess I can save you this one time." She stood up and offered her hand. "After all, I am a superhero."

Freddie took her hand and wobbled his way upright on his red leather heels. "Thank you." He took a minute to admire her costume again. "You know, your costume really does look amazing. It's like it was suited for you."

"I know," she said assuming her superhero stance again. "And you're not exactly as hideous as I thought you'd be either."

"Wow, such praise!" Freddie chuckled. "Carly said I have you to thank for this outfit."

"Of course!" She stood back and presented her arms toward the outfit. "What could make my day better than seeing Fredward Benson in a watermelon dress?"

Freddie gave a soft chuckle at her enthusiasm before continuing. "Carly also said I have you to thank for this outfit." He watched her face to see what expression came, but all he saw was confusion. "She said what she had picked out was much worse."

Her expression changed quickly. "Oh, that." Now she wore a guilty expression, like someone who'd just disappointed their grandmother. "I did it for the show." She quickly defended. "We're all dressed like preschoolers at Halloween compared to what you'll see tonight. Carly wanted to dress you over the top, but I figured if you saw that you wouldn't come. Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, we do kind of need you."

Freddie leaned down a bit toward her. "Uh huh, and is that the only reason." With his new height, she didn't quite look so powerful next to him.

"Well, I couldn't let you miss the social event of probably our lives!" She spun around to see his grinning face. "I couldn't let you kick yourself in the morning. That's MY job." She expected him to back off, but she found herself locked in his gaze, as he still stood there grinning.

"Alright guys I got the folder." They quickly broke apart as they heard Carly's voice coming down the stairs. "Let's go, Let's go!"

"After you" Freddie motioned Sam toward the door.

"Oh no," she motioned back. "After you. Ladies first." They both stood there trying to get the other to go first before Carly finally got behind and pushed them both out the into the hall before running back to get her folder and keys.

"So Benson," Sam smiled as they waited. "Can I get a bite of those tasty melons."

"That depends," he raised his eyebrow at her. "Can I get a bite of yours?"

She stood in shocked silence, impressed with his response. Carly came rushing out the door to see them still standing there. "I thought I told you to go, we're going to be late! Move, Move!" Sam grabbed Freddie by the watermelon pocket on his apron and pulled him down the hall, leaving Carly to lock the door.

"Tell you what Benson," Sam said smoothly as they stepped on the elevator. "Ask me again when the night's over, and I might say yes."

Freddie whipped his head to look at her, but he had no time to respond. Carly entered the elevator and the doors closed. He let out a little smile to himself as they all rode down in silence. The night was suddenly promising to be much more adventurous than sitting at home playing video games.

So there we have it, all 100 words. It was kind of fun, thanks Mackenziegirl! So, dear readers, I have reached a decision that you may or may not be happy about. I purposely kept both of these chapters with the theme of cheesy (CON QUESO). I think I may want to continue and do more short stories along this theme. (Nothing springs to mind right now, but I'll keep it open just in case). I don't know if I'll continue with more random words or try some different subjects. I might even recycle and continue with this list. So reviewers (please, please, please, review) maybe you can help with building a new word bank, or maybe a particular "cheesy" theme. Just add it to your wonderful and well thought out reviews. (:

On to story notes: I really wanted to use a line about Sam not wearing any lipstick, and Freddie offering to give her some, but it seemed a little too bold for Fredward, dear, and I really couldn't figure out how to add it in.

I originally had Sam sign the note 'S', because sometimes I'm too lazy to do my own signature (and that seems like a total Sam thing to do). It was later I figured out she's be dressed as Supergirl, so now the 'S' has a couple different meanings. BTW, Jennette would SOOO rock as Supergirl, Just putting that out there.

Carly's dress doesn't seem super camp (they all seem a bit mild, actually) but it is a reference to the Halloween costume that Karen wore in Mean Girls (mouse was one of the words, so it had to be). I figured that'd add a little camp.

Also some of the cheesy pick up lines came from a twitter feed #failedpickuplines (sadly some of which I've had used on me), and a few that I already knew. I tried to keep them PG, except for Sam who stretched a bit to PG-13.

Oh, and I forgot to credit Somerdaye with the "Pickleweasel" in the last chapter, so I used her name as the 6th grader in the beginning (pssst. She's not in 6th grade.) Thanks Somer. And so I don't forget, thanks to The Infamous Katie, Panda Hallows, and Fictions of Legends for helping with other stuff.

Thanks for joining me on this 100 words, check back for more Cheesy goodness. Don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions (or random words) at the review button below. Thanks.