Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi was unassuming. Resourceful. Surprisingly adaptive. A little inept when it came to dealing with romantic affections or unwanted attention. And his hyper-intuition hasn't been wrong yet. Regardless, he didn't need that indication of doom to know that Reborn was the harbinger of utter chaos.

Warning: Liberties taken with the storyline, Out-of-Character Tsuna, Reborn's teaching methods, Mukuro's perverted tendencies, EXTREME-ness, swearing, violence, organised crime and Hibari. Cause his sheer presence in any fic deserves a mention.

Tsuna was sitting at his desk, idly fiddling around with various wire and cables, a pair of pliers and an assortment of gears. Pieces of paper with diagrams and scribbled notes were scattered around him like leaves from the neighbours' garden.

Nana poked her head around his bedroom door.

"Tsu-chan," she called, "your father's still working abroad at the oil fields, and he won't make it home today. It'll just you and me tonight, so was there anything special you wanted for dinner?"

Oil fields. What a code word for working in organised crime.

"Anything's fine," he said absent-mindedly, trying to figure out which wire – red or blue? – would bring out the desired effect.

"Ok!," his mother said cheerily, before asking, "By the way, did anything interesting happen at school today?"

At lunchtime an irate Mafioso I've never seen before tried to kidnap me.

"A weirdo offered me candy. I ran and told the teacher." And then the stranger was arrested.

Nana raised a hand to her mouth in shock. "I heard about that. That's my boy - don't take anything offered by strangers. Should I call Iemitsu?"

"Nah, it's not very important," Tsuna connected the blue wire, and was rewarded with a brief spark of light.

"Alright then. I'll just make some stir fry. Dinner will be in half an hour!"

"'Kay," he muttered back. The sound of footsteps receded as he joined the object in his hands together, the sphere emitting a dull blue glow. Tsuna patted it contentedly, then placed it in his desk draw, along with a bag of marbles, some lengths of string, a pen with a built in laser and a couple of juvenile smoke bombs. If another guy tried to abduct him, he may have to resort to something new.

The man might be prepared for capsicum spray next time.

He then trudged over to his bookcase and started feeling around with small hands. There was a hidden cavity in the back that he had high hopes for, but he'd have to renovate it himself, and figure out how to fit a flat computer screen and all the cables needed through the back…

Maybe when his mother left for her weekend shopping trip. It would give him a couple of hours, and he could get the welder and miniature saw out. Perhaps he should also soundproof his room first, just in case, so he didn't disturb the neighbours.

A small part of his mind told him that if his father wasn't away from home all the time, he wouldn't be able to get away with a lot of the things he got caught up in. Another part of his mind rationalised that if his father wasn't the outside Advisor to a Mafia family, he wouldn't have inherited any genetic makeup predisposed to illegal activity. Or something.

He took the precaution of burying information on the Vongola he had dug up from their files and the Internet on the lower corner of his bookshelf, disguised as normal children's books. He would read through them again until he made sure the information was memorised, then burn all the evidence.

At least he wasn't being watched by Vongola intelligence, or tailed by bodyguards. Otherwise they would have intervened by now, and he would know they were there.

Tsuna was five years old when his mind understood the concept that his father couldn't always be there. No matter the good intentions, the Family had to come first. Tsuna wasn't bitter about it. He wasn't angry or angst-ridden either. No, Tsuna was just resigned to the fact that Sawada Iemitsu had more important, pressing matters like talks with Chinese Triad gangs instead of his only son back in Japan.

And hey, nobody had successfully killed him yet, so it could be worse. Tsuna's strife stemmed from being able to sense trouble, but still managing to get caught up in it, one way or another.

He wondered if it was a hereditary trait.

The Mafia Wants You!

By swordsmagician

Target 001: Of Mafia Men

Sicily, Italy

It's the clichéd shady bar setting. The place is dim, quiet, and cigarette smoke pervades the air. The two men at the bar nursing drinks don't even bother turning around.


"Called out by the Old Man again?"

"The popular ones have it tough. Is it Rome this time? Venice?"

As was the life of the notorious mafia hitman. Sure, he was always busy, but life was never boring, and his skills were needed once again. Reborn never thought that he'd end up going into teaching, but his merciless training style had already worked in turning out one exceptional Mafia boss.

And Reborn was not one to tolerate failure.

"It's Japan."

Intakes of breath from the two men, who rotate sharply. "Japan! The Old Man finally decided?"

"This one will probably be a long journey," Reborn said, almost to himself, before pwning some no name mafioso.

Chuck Norris had nothing on him.

Namimori, Japan

The sun was just peeking over the horizon. Birds were twittering. A bus pulled up along the curb, leaving a diminutive character to pace a short distance to a typical suburban house. A plain piece of paper slid gently into the mail box, which had "Sawada" etched onto the nameplate.

Meanwhile, pay close attention to the interior of the house, more specifically, the bedroom on the second floor. It is, for all purposes, the room of an ordinary teenage boy. There are papers scattered haphazardly across the desk as usual. Clothing is in the wardrobe, rightfully, except for the school uniform casually laid out on a chair. The bed is unmade, as if its occupant has already woken to deal with more pressing matters than catching up on sleep. The bookshelf is cluttered with reading materials and miscellaneous items. There is a TV and game control in the corner. More papers and books litter the ground. In one corner you can barely see the floor.

The entire place harbours a feeling of chaos, but it is one of organised chaos, to its occupant at least. And nothing should be taken at face value anyway.

Let's leave the woman who has woken to collect the newspaper and daily mail, when she happens to come across a flier of dubious origins. What is a great deal more important is the boy in the middle of a conversation in that very room.

"You better watch yourself. There's no shortage of rumours about this guy, and if he's really coming to Japan, your worst fears have been realised."

The brown haired boy sighed, fiddling with the phone in his hand. "Not to mention, my senses were prickling since yesterday. That's never a good sign. Someone's got to take the fall for this…"

"And guess who that will be? Anyway, if you're really dealing with that sadist, it was nice knowing you."

Sawada Tsunayoshi chuckled. "I'm hoping it's just a coincidence, maybe another job that has nothing to do with me whatsoever, but constant vigilance and all that, right? I may not be able to keep regular contact, but say hi to everyone for me, will you?"

"Will do!"

Tsuna ended the call and resisted the urge to bash his head against the wall.

There was a welcome interruption of "Tsu-chan!" as he shoved an errant text together with the rest of his schoolbooks. "I'm coming!" Swinging the bag over his shoulder, Tsuna ambled downstairs to where his mother's face was smiling sweetly from the kitchen.

"Morning." He felt that this day wasn't going to be good, by all accounts.

"Good morning!" his mother fairly chirped. "And right on time! That's great; you don't want to be late for school now!"

"Yeah," Tsuna sighed while snagging a piece of toast and chomping on it half-heartedly.

It didn't start off particularly promising, but maybe fortune would smile down on him and today will be somewhat normal. No unexpected calls at three in the morning about mafia hitmen, no assassins trying to kill him (or entice him to join their organisations), no sudden pleas for help from a bunch of conmen pulling off a heist that could use a kid in the ruse…

"By the way, there was an interesting flier in the mailbox." Nana waved a piece of paper. "Starting today, a home tutor will be coming."

Wait, what?

"I gave them a call immediately!"

Oh hell. That was probably when Tsuna was talking on his phone. Why didn't I tap the phone lines or jam them when I had the chance? he thought desperately.

Nana turned over the flier and read aloud. "I will raise your child to become the leader of the next generation. I am young and good looking." (Tsuna sweatdropped). As long as they have a place to sleep, and a meal, they'll teach you twenty-four hours for free!"

Tsuna's eyebrow couldn't help twitching at his mother's words and the suspiciously timed flier. I must have been naïvely hopeful to think this was all one big coincidence, or that I'd have more time to work with.

"Mum, it's probably a scam! I'm sure the next generation will do great without me leading them anyway. I mean, the previous generation seem to have gotten along just fine," Tsuna reasoned. He turned to escape/leave for school–


–only to run into a fedora-wearing, chameleon-carrying, harbinger of chaos.

Tsuna's first thought was Shit, he's in my HOUSE!

His second thought was Where exactly did he get a suit from in that size?*

"Are you Tsuna?" The baby asked, looking so innocent that at once Tsuna was deeply suspicious.

"No. I'm actually the reincarnation of a God. Retired. Hi," Tsuna replied, heart rate calming down as he stared at the baby in his living room.

Reborn didn't even bat an eyelash. This guy was good. "Well, starting from today, I'll be looking after you."

"…I see. Who are you again?" In light of mounting evidence of the 'you are screwed' kind, deny, deny deny.

The baby pulled out a business card and brandished it at Nana and Tsuna. "I'm the home tutor, Reborn."

There was a moment of silence as Nana and Tsuna peered down with identical faces that give away nothing but mild surprise. Tsuna eventually sighed. "The tutor is a chibi." Reborn's facial expression remained as it was. "Well, this to Japan. You'll fit right in."

He sidestepped Reborn (Must. Not. Run. Maniacally.) while massaging his forehead. "Whatever. I'm leaving then!" He made his escape. Never had school seemed so appealing.

Nana waved a hand cheerfully while Reborn stared at his new victim- er, student. Sawada Tsunayoshi… how interesting…His eyes narrowed. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Meanwhile, Tsuna was walking briskly in the direction of Namimori Middle School. "A tutor? Just great. What is with that chibi anyway?"

"I'm a hitman."

"Oh, that explains everything – wait a second." Tsuna looked up at Reborn, who was sitting snugly on his head, amid all that spiky brown hair. "Alright, listen Hitman-san, why are you my tutor anyway? I don't really need one, my marks aren't that bad!"

"Sawada Tsunayoshi. Your academic and athletic achievements are average at best; you can cook, seem to have some aptitude with technology, and you're considered as nobody important at school. It's not the most stellar record, but I can work with that."

"…Are you sure you're not a stalker instead?"

Reborn jumped from his head onto the road in front of him. "Gathering evidence is a basic skill, Tsuna."

I'll say. That's why I hacked into the Vongola database, to make sure stuff like this wouldn't happen. Fat lot of good it did me.

A girl with a Midori middle school uniform peeked around the corner. She privately squealed. I-I saw it! My heart's already beating so fast! He's just so cute; I just want to hug him right now!

Tsuna had the feeling that someone was watching. Reborn, that is. He liked to let himself fade into the background; it was less troublesome that way.

"Aw, how cute!" They were interrupted when a girl in the Namimori uniform ran up to them and bent down to be on eye-level with Reborn.


The orange-haired girl smiled just as cutely. "Good morning!"

The idol of Namimori Middle School, Sasagawa Kyoko, was cheerful, pleasant, popular and a sweet girl all round. And they were friends. She kind of reminded him of his own mother, as they both shared a similar temperament. Most of the boys, if anything, were envious of the fact that Kyoko enjoyed talking and being all friendly with Tsuna, the veritable nobody. However, Tsuna had no romantic interest in Kyoko whatsoever, though he did have a sneaking suspicion that was why they got along so well.

"Why are you wearing a suit?" Kyoko was asking.

"Because I'm in the mafia." Reborn gave her that artless smile of his which didn't match up to his words at all.

"Wow, that's so cool!" Kyoko said as she got up, brushing at her skirt. "Good morning Tsuna-kun," she said amiably.

"Morning Kyoko-san," Tsuna smile was sincere in return. "Heading off already?"

"Oh, yes. Mochida-sempai wanted to tell me something this morning; I think it's something to do with the committee. I'll see you later in class!" she beamed, before strolling off.

"Ok. Bye." Tsuna's face was friendly as he raised a hand to wave in return. Inside his mind, gears were turning. Mochida was captain of the kendo team, accepted, good looking (or "totally hot" according to many of the girls at Namimori Middle School), and possibly looking for more than just friendship from Kyoko.

This was unacceptable, as he was dating Tanaka Megumi from class 2B. Younger kohai and anyone else who had bore the guy's hounding could readily attest to this fact if they weren't wary of what the older boy would do to get even.

Reborn looked up. "Is she your friend?"

"Well, yeah," Tsuna answered, scratching the back of his head. Tsuna would be lying if he wasn't worried for Kyoko. She was so nice, but what did she think of Mochida?

"And you probably get along well because you have no interest in her romantically."

Tsuna's mind came back to earth, and he stared down at the other accusingly. "How do you know all this? And since when is it any of your business?"

"As your home tutor I should understand all of these kinds of relationships." Reborn paused. "Yet you do not like this Mochida she mentioned."

Trust a mafia hitman to be perceptive. "Just leave me alone already, I have school now."

He stalked off, but Reborn was persistent, if anything, and accompanied him.

Well, he'd worry about chibi mafia hitman tutors later. Tsuna liked Kyoko well enough that he was willing to intervene for his friend. That meant one thing.

"You're taking this hitman thing pretty well, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna shrugged. "Stranger things have probably happened. Besides, I could be lucky. Maybe you're just a figment of my overactive imagination?"


"Wow, my mind's even registering pain!"

"Ok, now you're just being a smartass."

If Tsuna had been stupid and told anyone directly, Mochida's reputation could have been adequate protection to put a stop to whatever came next. Tsuna"s social status was nonexistent, because people never paid much attention to his presence, if at all. He was just a nameless face; if anything, he was the boy that happened to be friends with two girls that enjoyed a more elevated status, which naturally drew any attention to them instead. Anything he did to "tarnish" the upperclassman would be taken as a direct challenge.

And if Mochida decided to confront him, it would most likely be in a kendo battle, not just for obvious reasons, but because any match would be rigged by the captain placing a biased team member as referee.

So he would approach the one person he knew he could trust in this state of affairs.

Hana's eyebrows furrowed as she held a hand to her chin in thought. "Mochida-san dating Megumi?"

"I thought you might already know about it," Tsuna said, "considering I saw them making out when I went to buy groceries for my mother a couple of weeks ago."

Hana was Kyoko's best friend and Tsuna's other good friend, who had the makings of a top-notch lawyer, what with her razor-sharp wit and tricky mind. Behind that cool gaze and beatific smile was a person who could effortlessly convince and influence people around her, often without their knowing.

Most people had the impression that Hana was intelligent, mature, headstrong, and downright rude when the situation called for it. To Tsuna she was an iceberg; striking, calm, and with much more going on underneath the surface. He often wondered how Kyoko and Hana became best friends. In fact, how did he himself become friends with the both of them?

Kurokawa Hana tried to manipulate Tsuna once, when they were both in elementary school and she was still working on her technique. Not only did she fail miserably, he remained absolutely clueless towards her machinations. It was weird.

Hana had made sure to hone her scheming abilities until she could control the things around her with ease. Though her skills had improved when she entered junior high, she was still quite good at it when she was younger. But when Sawada managed to diffuse a situation effortlessly and unthinkingly, her curiosity was piqued. Tsuna was a natural manipulator; unaware of his instinctive actions that manoeuvred himself and those around him into more favourable circumstances.

He never was respected like Hana, or popular like Kyoko, but the two girls had befriended him anyway. Tsuna himself never complained about his reputation, but he was a private sort of person and appeared to revel in his anonymity. For the most part, he was unremarkable to the students and inhabitants in Namimori. Most of them, anyway. Hana prided herself in being more observant than most, and Kyoko had taken a shine to the kind boy.

Of course she was aware Mochida was interested in Kyoko. She was wondering what action she should take (he hadn't tried anything yet, but with his general flirting and romancing girls on the side, there was no way that jerk was going to be all over her best friend), until Tsuna met her before school to discuss it, or at least to make sure she was informed. What impressed her was that Tsuna not only knew about Mochida's interest and existing girlfriend (he had a similar kind of naivety that Kyoko did when it came to romance) but that he came to her for aid. It was logical; not only because of their friendship, but that he was one of the few people who were probably aware of Hana's calculating talents.

"Now that you mention it, I always thought something was going on between the two. Intuition playing up again Tsuna-kun?" she couldn't help but tease good-naturedly.

Tsuna's grin was sheepish. "Something like that." His senses were good, to the point that she and Kyoko poked fun at his 'supernatural sixth sense', likening it to a woman's intuition. For a supposed nobody, Tsuna was really quite insightful and ingenious, as well as adorable in his own way. She wondered why he wasn't a girl.

"You're spoiled as a boy, Tsuna," Hana sighed at her guy friend before ruffling his hair, making it stick up even more.

"Ah…thank you?" he said, confused.

She chuckled to herself, before sobering slightly. "You look a little tense. Anything else happen today? You can spill all your secrets to Hana-chan."

"So you can update your blackmail files? No thanks," Tsuna shook his head affably. "It's fine, just some family stuff. Nothing to worry about."

"Well, if you say so," she muttered, totally not buying it. "Now, leave it to Kurokawa Hana to sort out this mess. I mean the absolute cheek. No one messes about with Kyoko, not when I'm around, with this amazing mind at my disposal."

She grinned at Tsuna, who did so back. "I leave Kyoko's wellbeing in your capable hands, Hana-san," he said, saluting sharply.

The image made her want to coo, but that would just fluster him. Ryohei and Tsuna were two guys she knew she couldn't manipulate like everyone else. Kyoko's older brother and staunch protector, Ryohei, had an EXTREME-ness that meant any of Hana's intrigues were either too complicated to even bother doing (she had to be more direct in his case) or they rolled off of him like water on stone.

And for all his ordinariness, Tsuna had some underestimated talents. Like Hana's birthday last year, when someone tampered with the sound system, replacing the customary morning bell with the voice of her favourite actor called out birthday wishes. And instead of the Namimori school anthem, Hana's favourite song belted out, all seven minutes of it. The teachers were at a loss as to why, as was the Disciplinary Committee. In the end, they had to call in electricians to fix the problem.

Hibari had been in a bad mood all day, interrogating suspects ("who was the suicidal herbivore that dared taint the school anthem by replacing it with J-pop rock?").

Inwardly Hana was cackling madly. She didn't know her friend had it in him (it couldn't have been anyone else, and Tsuna had been keeping something to himself all day, she just knew it). When she pestered him on how he did it, he just looked at her with a look that simply said 'Me? As if the insignificant Tsuna could pull off something like that.'

Yes, the boy was entertaining, with his own little character quirks. Like how it had taken ages for Tsuna to call her and Kyoko by their names. Now all she had to do was manipulate him into dropping the suffix, but she might need to enlist Kyoko's help on that one.

"Hey Tsuna," she said before she went off to deal with the problem.

"What is it, Hana-san?"

She smirked evilly. "How do you think Ryohei's gonna take all this when the circus gets out?"

Tsuna paled. "Between you and Ryohei-sempai, Mochida's dead."

Ten minutes before the beginning of classes, a pretty girl with ribboned ponytails ran up to the Mochida and slapped him. The upperclassman clutched a hand to his red cheek, which was throbbing painfully. "What was that for!"

"You womanizing jerk! We are so over!"

Though well-liked, woe betide those who fall afoul of a woman scorned. Soon, girls were thronging around the area, glaring at the kendo captain with dagger eyes. Tsuna whistled to himself. That was fast.

Hana really scared him sometimes. Now Mochida would have rumours and whispers following him all day.

"Rika-chan heard it from Miki-chan, who got her information from Jun-chan, that Megumi-chan was dating Mochida-sempai! Imagine her surprise when she found out he was chatting up other girls…"

"No way! Who knew that Mochida could sink so low? Poor Megumi-chan. And to think he might have tried to dupe Kyoko-chan too."

"How dare he try to defile Kyoko-chan's inherent goodness and purity!" Ah, that was Fanboy #1. And Fanboy #2 added his own two cents in with "Two-faced bastard!"

Tsuna learnt first hand that rumours were a bitch.

Mochida should know that too, considering that he started so many of them.

The whole manipulative thing was Hana's forte all right, but he guess it really hadn't been too hard, as schoolyard gossip did most of the work for her. Kyoko wasn't the idol of Namimori Middle School for nothing. Evidently, everyone agreed she deserved better than Mochida.

"Why are so many herbivores crowding around the place? Get to class."

The drama was eventually broken up when Hibari, the Head of the Disciplinary Committee made an appearance, scattering students and teachers all over the place. Hana was pulling a somewhat clueless Kyoko away from "that no good Mochida", but the dark-haired girl winked at Tsuna as she passed him by.

He ambled off to his next class in much better spirits.

"Luckily Mochida was ousted, eh Tsuna?" Reborn said innocently. He'd popped up in random places all day. That pretty much proved that the school had secret passages around. (Tsuna used some of the bigger ones to get to class quickly, or unseen, after he tracked down the real blueprints of the buildings).

His answer was to lift an eyebrow just as innocuously. "It's called karma. You know how gossip travels. Maybe he was trying to be covert, but with some of the girls around here talking, I'm honestly not surprised Mochida-san's cheating ways got around."

"Ah." Reborn was staring at him curiously. Tsuna pretended not to notice.

The silver-haired boy stared at the sprawling school grounds before him. Students were milling about in small groups after the bell had rung, socialising and chatting casually.

His eyes focused on a lean figure with brown hair, which was waving goodbye to two girls as it heading towards the school gates.

"So that is… the Vongola's Tenth generation boss candidate, Sawada Tsunayoshi." The boy looked so young, so naïve. It left a foul taste in his mouth, to think a brat his age, one who knew nothing of the mafia, would be succeeding the Family.

His reverie was broken by a scuffle in the courtyard. "MOCHIDA! Putting moves on my sister has awakened my EXTREME wrath! Face my FISTS OF FURY!"

The Land of the Rising Sun was full of surprises. He reminded himself that this was a place that had spawned samurai and ninja, not to mention the Yakuza.

"Everyone! Ryohei's kicking Mochida's ass!"


"Hey Kyoko, you're brother's protecting your virtue."

"Hana, don't be ridiculous! Nii-chan! Don't worry, I'm fine!"

"No fighting on school grounds, or I'll bite you to death."

Gokudera Hayato watched as the white-haired boy with bandaged hands picked up the one with darker hair and a large wooden stick, walked a couple of steps until the two were clearly outside the school gates, and proceeded to resume his "extreme wrath".

This entire experience… might just be tolerable.

Home. Finally, after a tiring day in which his 'tutor' spent most of following him around. "Observing you in your natural habitat" as Reborn had put it. "Pissing me off" Tsuna privately thought.

The two had spent a few minutes watching Mochida get the crap kicked out of him (with Reborn muttering about 'potential recruits' while avidly watching Ryohei) before Tsuna headed for home. A small tape with the entire day's incident was nestled at the bottom of his bag disguised as jazz music. He had a few copies in case any were damaged or taken, just to make sure there were backups. He reminded himself to give one to Hana. She'd probably like to add it with whatever dirt she had previously dug up in case the future called for some info.

Right now the teenager gritted his teeth and endured. His mother was visiting one of her friends down the road, leaving Reborn and himself to 'get to know one another'. Tsuna was quietly writing in the black notebook in his hands# while the baby was sipping the cappuccino Tsuna had made for him.

The sight of the baby's unspoken approval with the beverage brought up a small spark of pride. Tsuna was close to his mother, considering his dad was absent the majority of the time. Sometimes, like when Iemitsu was called away urgently, she'd teach him to cook (their mother-son bonding time, he guessed, and because Nana always wanted a daughter to instruct some of her signature dishes to). Now he was definitely more proficient, though his mother still insisted on making his obento every morning.

Reborn put down his cup with a muted clink. "And now, Tsunayoshi, onto business."

Tsuna tilted his head. Finally, the moment of truth. And hopefully some answers. "Okay, shoot."

Reborn easily resisted showing any recognition at those words. He secretly doubted Tsuna was as 'in the dark' as his father and the rest of the Vongola believed. Still, his drink was as excellent as a genuine Italian cappuccino, so at least his student wasn't as hopeless as he first thought he might be. There were stories of Iemitsu's son being a clumsy boy when he was younger.

"I'll be frank with you. You're the Vongola family's tenth Generation boss."

Tsuna dropped his black biro onto the table with a clatter.

"I came here because I was requested from the current Vongola family boss, the Ninth, to train you to become an admirable mafia boss."

Tsuna blinked. "…I'm sorry, I don't follow." A yellowed piece of paper was thrust in front of his face, which he took tentatively. A general feeling of trouble overtook him as he stared at the names of the family tree.

"The Vongola family's first boss retired and crossed to Japan. He's your great, great, great grandfather."

A quiver went through Tsuna. "I've never heard about this…" That was true. No one had told him, he'd come across that surprising piece of information on his own. He was eight at the time and had promptly fallen off his chair in shock.

"In other words, since you inherited the Vongola blood, you are a legitimate candidate to become the next boss," Reborn continued blithely.

Ok, that was new. He knew of the relation, but it hadn't occurred to him that the Mafia wanted him to… enter the family business. "…Bullshit," Tsuna breathed, as the words fully registered.

"Don't worry, I'll train you to become a great mafia boss."

"Why are you deciding everything by yourself?" Tsuna demanded. "That's my life you're talking about, and I'm not becoming a mafia boss!"

The baby ignored him. "It's sleepy time, see you tomorrow." And with that, Reborn calmly bounded up the stairs. Tsuna pocketed his black book and followed, annoyed. Reborn was already dressed in a small pair of pyjamas, in his bed and surrounded by tripwires and grenades.

Tsuna crossed his arms. "What the hell did you set up?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, if you try to disturb my sleep those booby traps will blow up."

"Fine, I'll sleep on the futon." Tsuna reconciled himself to his sanctuary's invasion. He'd never have his room to himself.

Hopefully Reborn wouldn't realise there were borderline illegal electronics hidden behind the bookcase, or that he had shoved all sorts of junk in the attic that he preferred no one went searching through. He turned back to Reborn again, who was already sleeping – with his eyes open. As befitting a hitman he supposed.

"Probably just sleeping early because of the jetlag," Tsuna muttered. "Don't think you can just come here and disrupt my life, whatever Vongola seems to think!"

The nose bubble inflated and deflated quietly as the baby continued snoozing.

Tsuna threw up his hands in irritation, not noticing the fleeting smile that passed onto Reborn's face.

* Reborn's suits are all tailor-made. Mafia hitmen may assassinate for money, but they do so for a great deal of money, and in style.

# Unfortunately, not a Death Note, or Tsuna would have had an infallible weapon. No one would think to suspect him if Reborn were to have a heart attack.

Author's Note:

I am trying to improve my writing style. What's your opinion? Like it? Hate it?

I've wanted to write a KHR fanfic for a long time now, one with an Out-of-Character Tsuna. I mean, a Mafia Advisor father absent overseas for most of the time, and a mother who disregards most of the strange antics happening? (She knows more than she lets on though, I'll give her that). I reckon Tsuna could have a rather… colourful childhood.

Not to mention, Saluta Morte de Parte Mia by shizuke inspired me to get out my old, neglected draft version of this chapter. And healthy doses of crack from the Internet XD

My major changes: Tsuna Who? rather than No-Good Tsuna. He actually gets along with Kyoko, and Hana (who would have a larger part if it was up to me). There would be OCs running around, because Tsuna knows people outside of Namimori and the Vongola. And side stories galore, just for good measure :)

This version of Tsunayoshi hacks, creates technical things, has contacts in the underworld, knows more than he lets on, and has taken badly to the idea of becoming a Mafia boss, what with Vongola and Reborn's joint efforts. I feel bad, Tsuna's in for a tough ride…

I'm not sure if I'll be continuing this, but damn, is it fun dabbling in Alternate Universes :D

~ SwordsMagician