Title: Tales of A Single Father: Shikamaru

Summary: We always hear about the single mother's raising their children in this indifferent world. But about the single fathers? Well Shikamaru has two growing troublesome daughters, but a beautiful blonde down the hall just may be the answer to his prayers.

Author: Bibliophile Nincompoop


"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."


Chapter 8: My Life With You

Shikamaru grumbled awake, reaching over to Temari's side of the bed to grab the woman but was met with cold emptiness. He sat up and glared at the blank space where she should have been. I guess she's the kind that doesn't like the awkward morning after.

He rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, he was surprised to find that she had very general body and hair soaps. Nothing really scented at least, for that he was grateful. It was bad enough he had to go make up a story to tell the girls and then come home smelling like strawberries and cherries... well that wouldn't go so well. When he got out of the shower he saw that his clothes, toothbrush, and a towel rested on the bathroom sink. I think I might just have to marry this woman. He dressed and brushed his teeth and hair, and walked into the kitchen where he found the three girls eating blueberry pancakes.

"Daddy spent the night at Miss. Temari's house." Kaiko pouted, "Kaiko doesn't."

Shikamaru and Temari turned to each other and smile nervously, he noticed that her face looked softer now and her eyes showing the slightest of a shimmer. But the smirk on spreading evily on her lips made his insides turn.

"Don't worry Kaiko." Temari reasured, "Trust me it was boring with your father."

"Ouch." Sora whispered, and smiling up at her dad.

"Eh." Shikamaru shrugged, shoveling his food inside his mouth. "Wa ovie r e seing?"

The blonde grunted, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to eat with your mouth full?"

He swallowed his food, "What movie are we seeing?"

"That's right it's Sunday..." Temari tapped her chin thoughtfully. "But I think we've seen all the shows in theater so far."

"We can rent a movie." Sora smiled, thinking of Temari and her father getting the opportunity to snuggle on the couch. "I want to watch a romantic movie."

"No fair!" The tiny brunette wailed, "I want to watch a cartoon."

"A romantic cartoon." Temari reasoned.

"Yeah, with magic!"




"A romantic adventure cartoon with a princess and treasure." Temari repeated, she looked over at her lover. "Any requests?"

"No singing."

The blonde scoffed, "What is a cartoon if no one sings?"

"A good one." He rebuttled.

"Well too bad." Temari humpfed. "How about Aladdin, it fits all our criteria." Shikamaru scoffed, and Temari turned and glared at him. "Do you have a problem with my movie choice?"

"Not at all." He took a sip of her coffee, "If I were five."

She snatched her mug from his hand, spilling some on his lap. He scowled at her and she returned the facial expression. A loud pounding in the hallway caught all four's attention, it seemed to come from across the hall.

Temari walked towards her door. "Who is making so much racket?"

"Shikamaru Nara!" Wailed a female voice. "I know you're in there! You never leave your apartment! Now open this door this instant young man!"

"Oh no." Groaned Shikamaru.

The two girls face's lit up as they grinned wildly, "It's grandma!"

"Grandma?" Temari turned to Shikamaru, who was covering his face with his hands. "You didn't tell me your mother was coming over."

"I would have if I knew that she was." He begrudgingly stood up from his chair, and walked out into the hallway. "Mom."

"Shikamaru." Scolded the older woman in the hallway, "Why weren't you in your apartment!? I called and called, but you didn't answer! Is that anyway to treat your mother?"

"Honey," An older man place his large hand on his wife's shoulder. "don't you think you're overdoing it?"

"No I do not." She humpfed, but broke out into a smile when she saw Temari walk out behind her son. The older woman ran to the blonde's side, "Oh I am so happy to see that my son is dating again. My name is Yoshino, and that's my good for nothing husband Shikaku. What's your name my dear?"

"Temari." She offered out her hand, which Yoshino grabbed enthusiastically. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Mom, we're not really seeing each other." Shikamaru looked panicked. "She's just my neighbor."

"That's why you're eating over at her place, your hair is damp from a very recent shower, and it's way to early for your wake up call." Yoshino glared at her son, reminding him that he inherited her intelligence. Shikamaru slumped his head in defeat. "That's what I thought." She grabbed Temari's elbow and led her back into the blonde's apartment, "So Temari dear tell me all about you and my son."

Temari sat down uneasily on her couch, feeling self conscious as the older woman meticulously scanned her body. "Well I yelled at the dragon lady next door and he fell head over heals with me instantly." Temari chuckled lightly, and Yoshino did as well. "I have plenty of pancakes left, would you two like to join us?"

At that moment, Shikamaru knew, that this was not only the begining but the end of his life.

Temari chat with his mother in the kitchen, while she bounced a giggling Kaiko on her knee. Sora beamed up at his blonde, listening intently on every word spoken. His father scarfed down some pancakes, laughing at the blunt jokes which were probably about him. Temari turned her head towards him and smiled, tilting her head to come over.

My name is Shikamaru Nara, my wife died nearly five years ago, leaving me with our two daughters and a broken heart. Life was hardly livable, but we managed. Until some crazy but beautiful blonde moved in, and she turned my life upside down. She's intelligent, amazing, and did I mention beautiful? The only bad thing despite her habitual yelling, was that she is/was a princess, and her brother's are kind of scary. Not only did my kids fall in love with her but within the first three minutes of talking my parents have fallen in love with her. And the inevitable happened as well, I felled head over heals. Now I can't imagine my life without Temari.

"Shikamaru! I told you to get over here!"

Yep, this is my life.

The End

A/N: It is now finished, I know so sudden. But I did say it was supposed to be short, I took it a little farther than I was supposed to. But I hope you all enjoyed it.