New Kids On The Base

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A/N: I've revised all the chapters, some have been changed more than others but not enough to change the story, it just might be a bit confusing in later chapters as to why certain characters react the way they do, but you don't have to re-read it. I doubt I've change that much.

Timeline: Two years after season 7 for buffy and early season 3 for Stargate.

SUMMERY: Amy sends Willow to another reality along with Xander; both are de-aged to 6 yr olds with hardly any memories of their previous lives. They don't know why Xander only has one eye or why strange things happen around Willow. All in all SG1 thinks this is all very strange! Especially when the two children seem to be having flashbacks, nightmares and sudden memories of their lives as young adults. Then Kinsey and NID get involve and everyone knows that's never going to turn out well...well, at least not for the bad-guys anyway...


Outside the new Watchers' and Slayers' Council Willow ducked as a wave of energy came towards her, it passed over her head; she glared at the offender opposite and waved her hand sending the blonde witch flying backwards.

"Okay, Amy," she said, anger made her head throb painfully. "This is the last straw, you're finished."

This was one time too many; the witch was putting her girls in danger; not that they couldn't protect themselves of course- there were Slayers after all.

"You don't get to decide that," said Amy, her own voice was full of contempt and hatred that matched her eyes and facial expression as she got to her feet.

She started mumbling under her breath too quiet for Willow to hear, but loud enough for her to realize that the blonde was chanting a spell.

The redheaded witch conjured up rope and threw it at the witch; the blonde may be dangerous but she was still human and she didn't kill humans anymore. Not for the last three years anyway. She'd leave the witch's fate up to the Council, she was wiping her hands of the blonde.

She saw Xander running up behind Amy; she realised his intentions and watched as she drew her power up, Xander was going to disrupt the witch's spell. It was over soon one way or the other.

Amy threw her hands out in front of her as Willow's rope span towards her, at the same time as the rope bound the blonde the spell was finished and was thrown at Willow. She was nowhere near prepared for the spell, she tensed with sense of impending doom.

She saw Xander streak towards her.

A flash of blue light enveloped her, she heard a yell from Xander as he crashed into her, the spell hit soon after. It caught them both, she only had enough time, before passing out, to inwardly scold her best friend for his recklessness.

The first thing that Willow noticed when she woke up was that the surface she was lying on was not soft and warm, but hard and cold; she definitely wasn't in her bed.

She opened her eyes curiously and pushed herself up into a sitting position so that she could see more of her surroundings; but she couldn't see a thing, it was all dark.

The small redhead waved her hands in front of her face and smiled when she saw the outline of them, it wasn't too dark then; just so dark that she couldn't see anything but the outline of her hands when they were only two inches away from her face and…well, darkness.

She sprang to her feet and looked around, she saw nothing of course, the scan had been an impulse; Willow stretched her arms out in front of herself to see if there were any walls or obstacles in her way.

Her hands didn't collide with anything but just to be safe she kept them outstretched as she walked forwards cautiously. "Huh?" she murmured as her hands felt a hard surface; she felt the surface- either a wall or a door- and then the surface gave way and she fell forwards with a shocked yelp; she staggered slightly as she almost fell over.

Which would have hurt; so no falling over.

Light filled her eyes, she squinted and rubbed them tiredly before opening them again; she looked around in confusion, did she get lost or something? Mommy and Daddy were gonna be so cross, "Whoops," she mumbled to herself.

She looked around curiously, the walls that she could see were grey, "Wow, what happen to the colour around here? And where's Xander?"

Last she remembered they'd been playing in the playground at recess, she hoped that she wasn't going to be late for class.

Willow bit her lip and looked around, her gaze stopped on a man, who was as still as a statue, just at the end of the hall to her right; she looked around some more and found that he was the only person she could see at that moment.

She sighed and started walking towards the man, when he spotted her and jumped she froze in her tracks- obviously he hadn't expected her to be there.

"Stop there!"

Willow jumped in fright, she hated it when people yelled- unless it was Xander but the voice didn't sound like her best friend's; it was deep and had a note of warning in it. The man was holding a gun which had previously been bound to his leg.

She looked at him anxiously, she was already working out a way to stay out of trouble...too bad she was rubbish at lying- she could try running, but she wasn't good at that either; then a thought passed through her racing mind, she wondered where her mommy and daddy were.

She'd never been to this place before, she didn't think her parents had either; so maybe they didn't know where she was? Okay, so she was reason to panic, right?

What was she thinking! Of course there was a reason to panic...she was lost! She swallowed, eyes wide and chewed her thumbnail nervously- a habit she had yet to break despite her mom's scolding; she shifted from foot to foot; cheeks burning and mumbled, "W-Where am I?"

The soldier slowed and then stopped in front of her, his gun was angled towards the floor and he regarded her carefully, "How did you get here, kid?" he asked, sternly.

Willow shifted again with discomfort, pulled her thumb away from her mouth and replied, "I...I dunno...d'you...d'you know where my parents are?"

How would he know!? Well, she had to say something; he was a grown-up so maybe he did know.

The soldier sighed, "Follow me," with that said, he turned on his heel and started walking.

The six-year-old redhead looked doubtfully at the man's back; follow him? To where? Her parents had always told her to never talk to strangers...but if he just left her there how would she get back home? "But…I want my mommy," the quiet mumble went unheard. She started to feel worried, what if she never found her way home?

She realized that the soldier had turned around to see if she was following him, he looked at her with his arms crossed- like the way her mom did if she was upset, "I'm coming, but I wanna find my mommy…and my daddy, too...and also, I wanna go home, do you know where my house is? I think I know the phone number." She ran to catch up with him, still babbling desperately.

"Ooookay," he drawled, then he continued walking. She followed.

Willow looked around as she turned a corner, the same boring grey walls! Didn't these people know what 'colour' was? "I don't like it here," she muttered under her breath. "I want my mommy and daddy." Her chest felt tight as she wondered whether or not she'd ever find her parents; what if they didn't know she was away from them? There was no 'what if' about that- they were probably away doing work.

They'd never notice.

He looked at her and smirked.

"Sure, have to take you to the general first," he said shortly, then he turned back around.

General? What was that? Another word for something that she hadn't found out yet? Her over-stimulated mind raced as her imagination took over. It was probably one of those 'time-out' rooms that the kids talked about in her first grade class...she'd never been there before- but it was for naughty kids and naughty kids were...she gulped...punished.

A lump formed in her throat and she felt her face burn, "I don't want to go to the general, how was I s'posed know if I was doing somethin' bad?" she muttered as she struggled to hold back tears.

He kept on walking, obviously not hearing her. She felt her nose tickle and she sniffled, wiping her watery eyes she looked behind her. No one else was following, so she couldn't ask anyone else to help her.

She pushed her near-panicked emotions down which was rather futile when her imagination worked over-time to make her feel worse.

Her parents would probably forget about her; they had their work and they loved that more than they loved her, that was obvious enough. They never listened to her and they always broke their promises.

Memories of the missed Zoo trip entered her mind and she fought down the bitter disappointment; stupid parents...stupid work.

At least when she was there with them she could remind them that she existed, she was always doing something to make them listen to her but it never really worked.

She wondered what Xander was going to do without her, she knew how she'd feel if her best friend just vanished one day; she'd be miserable. If there was one person she could count on to miss her it would be Xander Harris.

After all, they'd been best friends since they were three. She tried to think of a memory that didn't have Xander in it but she never seemed that he was always there from the beginning.

Xander was gonna be really sad and his parents- she gasped quietly in mounting horror- oh no, how could she make sure he was looked after by somebody if she was away? Her parents would probably never let him into the house to stay overnight, he'd never be able to get away from his bad parents.

He'd have to stay there all the time, where would he go if his dad got mean again?

Images of Xander curled up and sleeping on the ground outside in the freezing cold filled her mind, her breath hitched inside her throat. Her friend might think she didn't love him any more; every time his parents said something to him that made him feel bad he gone over to her the next day and she had to tell him that it wasn't true.

No one could tell him that now; he was always gonna think that he was 'stupid' or 'a nothing' as his father had yelled at him.

Scared and miserable for her best friend, she started chewing her thumbnail again, she looked at the floor as she thought of Xander and of her parents who would never even notice that she was gone.

The soldier had turned around again and was alarmed to find that tears were streaming down the girl's cheeks, he had the impression that if she could, the girl would have been hiding behind her hair; but the waist-length red hair was tied into two plaits and flung over her small shoulders. He walked up to her and bent down, "Hey, c'mon, you'll be okay."

Head down, thumbnail caught in her teeth, tear-soaked cheeks, she looked like a picture of despair; "You want to find your parents, right?"

After a pause, she nodded slightly and mumbled an affirmation, but to him it was something unintelligible; she raised her head and looked at him before taking her thumbnail away from her mouth. She held her arms out expectantly obviously wanting him to pick her up; "Here we go then."

He hooked his hands under her arms and lifted her up until her head was in level with his nose; then he secured her to him and felt her arms wrap around his neck.

He hitched her up into a secure position and walked to the general's office.

Willow wiped her eyes quickly, she was going to go home! If they didn't let her she'd...she'd...scream, she'd scream so loud that everybody would hear and they'd have to send her home!

And then, she'd be back with Xander again.