The demons were banging on the door with all their might to get into the room. Sam and Dean poured the rest of the salt around the door and the one window. "What the hell are we going to do?" asked Sam walking over to the window. The window was little; they could never fit through it. Shit. They didn't even have enough ammo to get through all those demons. Could this actually be the end?

"Going out with a bang, Sammy," said Dean loading the rest of the gun. "Like we always thought we would." Sam nodded but he didn't want it to end like this, Dean felt the same way too, but would never show it, never show a weakness. They finished with their guns and they nodded to each other. It was now or later, or the salt would wear off and they come running in.

Before they even got a chance to open the door they heard a loud crash and the room around them started shaking a little. They looked around the room seeing some of the wall fall to the ground. They saw people, or demons, running by the window. The brothers turned their attention towards the door and Dean was the first to go towards it. They heard gun fire and some laughter and a little cheering. Dean opened the door, gun pointing at arm's length as he ran out, Sam behind him. They froze seeing a huge dumpster truck crashed into the department store they were hiding in. The brothers looked around seeing no one around. The only people they saw were the ones dead lying on the floor. The brothers didn't waste time getting out of there.

They heard more of that laughter when they were outside of the store. The town they were in was deserted; it was a little town in Alabama. Sam looked at Dean and they followed the laughter. The only thing they knew about the laughter, that it was a woman's, could be a trap, maybe a demon. They went around the building to see a girl, maybe the age of eighteen maybe nineteen, run around the corner. She was wearing dark blue denim jeans, a quarter sleeve brown shirt and a black vest. Her blond hair was up in a pony tail and she was running right past the Winchesters.

"I wouldn't go that way boys," she said as she ran by. They followed her with their eyes. They heard running behind them and they turned to see the demons running right towards them. They didn't think twice about running and they followed the girl for what seemed like a few minute with those demons behind them. She turned backwards while running not even looking at the brothers as she took out her gun and started shooting the demons. The brothers got the idea and followed in suit. The three of them turned back around and saw a road block of cars. The three jumped over the cars and started shooting. They heard a voice come out of nowhere.

"Baby, where are you?"

The girl took out a little radio, still shooting at the demons coming their way. "Road block, get your ass over here. We won't have time."


The girl smirked and glanced over to the two men that she found. "Yeah, found a couple hunters. Looks like they could beat you at any hunt, any time." If the brothers weren't in a middle of a hunt trying to save their asses they would have taken that as a compliment. The girl put the radio back in her pocket and they heard an engine roaring down the road. A dirty old pickup truck pulled up behind them and the girl jumped into the back and looked at the men who were still shooting at the demons.

"Hey, you coming? Or you just going to stand close to the fireworks?" The brothers looked at each other and hopped in the back. The guy in the cab of the truck handed her a grenade and the guys looked at her like she was crazy. She pulled the key out of the grenade with her teeth and threw it towards the demons. The guy in the cab slammed his foot on the gas pedal and they were off. When they were a few feet away a big explosion went off and the rest of the demons were gone. Dean and Sam watched the explosion spread catching buildings on fire and leaving nothing there, like the town was never there. Just like the demons wanted it, except they thought they would survive it, looks like they were wrong.

Sam and Dean sat back against the side of the truck and looked at the girl and the guy in the cab. The girl opened the cooler and looked up at them. "Want anything? We got, cold beer, water, Gatorade…oh, my favorite," she pulled out a pink bottle and smiled, "Skinny Water, Goji Berry flavor."

"Water," said Sam. The girl looked at Dean and he nodded. The girl pulled out two waters and chucked the bottles at them. The guys were a little nervous at the two people that were helping them out; they didn't know who they were, where they came from and how they knew they were there.

"Baby, could you call Dad, and tell him were on our way back," said the guy in the cab. The girl grabbed the radio from her pocket and sat down across from the brothers.

"Yo, Papa Bear," she said and took a drink from her Skinny Water.

"Good to hear your voice, Baby. What's going on?" said another man on the other end. The brothers tried to recognize the voice as a hunter they may have ran into before but nothing came to mind.

"Demons, death and destruction. Also, met a couple hunters out here. Just checking in Papa Bear, see you in a half an hour." She set the radio down and leaned her head back and sighed.

"So, who are you?" she asked lifting her head up and looking at the brothers.

Sam spoke first. "Sam Winchester and this is my brother Dean." Dean nodded in acknowledgment.

"I'm Baby and the driver is my brother, Michael." Michael put his hand up as a hello and kept driving.

"You're name is Baby?" asked Dean raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you have a problem with that?"

He shook his head. "No, you're my first Baby, I ever met…ever."

Baby smiled. "First for everything isn't there." She turned her head towards Michael. "Yo, Michael, you have anything to eat in there! I'm so hungry I could eat a cow."

"Got a bag of pretzels in here."

"I guess that'll do." She sighed and opened the little window even more and slid her body into it. Dean and Sam watched as she squeezed herself into the tiny window and raised their eyebrows and only for two reasons. One, her squeezing through and two, she had a nice ass.

"Dude," said Sam noticing Dean doing the same thing as him, "I bet she's only seventeen. Two words, jail bait."

Dean turned his head and smirked. "Come on, Sammy. You can't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing." Baby came through the window again with a bag of pretzels. "Want any?" She offered the bag and the brother's grabbed handful.

"Where are we going?" asked Dean.

"To our home, if you don't mind."

Dean and Sam shook their head. "So, how did you know about the demons?"

"Well, my sister, Kat…"

"You have a sister named Kat?" asked Dean. He was bewildered about these names the girls had been given and how the son had a normal name.

"Yes, it's short for Katherine, unlike me, Baby, is just Baby…but anyway, Kat, she knows how to track demons. She has made it her whole life to track these things, and me and Michael go and hunt it. Sometimes my father tags along if he feels it's too dangerous."

"You only hunt demons?"

Baby nodded. "I mean, we can't kill them exactly but we do send the bastards back to hell where they belong. It's a messy ass job, but someone has to do it, right?" Sam and Dean just nodded slightly and glanced at each other. "What about you guys?"

"Anything and everything, sweetheart," said Dean.

Baby smiled and began her observations on the two brothers. Sam had dark brown shaggy hair, beautiful big brown eyes, he was tall and seemed more muscular and toned. He was absolutely adorable!! Baby just wanted to squeeze him. She then eyed Dean up. He wore a brown leather jacket that looks like it seen better days, biker boots, flannel shirt and a Lynard Skynard shirt underneath. He had green eyes with a hint of brown in them and dirty blond short sort of spiky hair. She could tell he was the rebel of the two and she sort of liked that. He seemed he could satisfy her in every way but her dad would kill her! She was his baby girl, giving her the name Baby.

"Whoa," said the brothers as their eyes landed on the house they were pulling up to. It was a grand estate, three floors, two garages, one for weaponry and the other for vehicles, and a pool in the back which Baby loved. A huge iron fence boarded the whole property. Michael pulled up and Baby turned around and faced the intercom.

"Harrison Estate," said the guy on the other name. His name was Cutter, a friend of Michaels who stays with the Harrisons.

Baby smiled and leaned closer to the intercom and pressed the button. "Hey stud," she said in seductive voice. "You want to get lucky tonight? It would be worth it, I can lick that big, long…"

"Baby Harrison!" yelled an older woman's voice.

Baby let go of the intercom and looked at Michael who was shaking with laughter. Baby turned to the brothers. Sam was laughing a little and Dean was smirking. She turned back to the intercom and pressed the button.

"Hi, Mommy," Baby said sweetly.

"Don't you 'hi, mommy' me. You get your butt in here right now."

"Oh, mommy, we have guest…"



"Well, bring them in let's get them fed and them a room."

"You hear that Cutter let us in!"

The gate opened and Michael pulled in as the gates started slowly closing. Baby stood up and looked at Sam and Dean. "Come on, you heard Mama Bear. Don't want to get her upset twice." Dean and Sam stood up and followed Baby jumping out of the truck and towards the house. Michael drove the truck to the one garage.

"Over where Michael is driving is the garage for the vehicles, on your left is the other garage where the weaponry is, we can show you that later after you two get settled in…if you want to stay of course." Baby turned around and started walking backwards watching the guys take in the scenery. "Mama Bear would probably not take no for an answer though." She smiled at the boys. She turned back around and opened the door to the house. She let the boys in and closed the door. The brothers took in the sight of the house. Baby walked in front of them and closed their mouths with her hands getting their attention again. "Come on, you can gawk later." She headed towards the kitchen.

Baby saw her mom at the long island in the middle of the kitchen preparing dinner. Baby's mother, Sharon, was medium height, short curly red hair, sort of chunky and green eyes. She had on a red dress with polka dots and a little tan sweater. She looked up and smiled at the boys and then looked at Baby. With a rolling pin in her hand she pointed it at Baby and the brothers swore she was going to hit Baby over the head with it. "Where did you learn to talk like that?"

"Quinton Tarantino movies," said Baby shrugging then taking off her vest.

Sharon looked at the boys and put on her nice smile again. "And you are?"

Sam automatically thought schizophrenic, and then mother was the only word that came to his head. "Sam and Dean Winchester."

"Nice to meet you boys…you didn't happen to be related to John Winchester?"

Baby looked at the boys quickly remembering John and could see him in their eyes. She should have seen it.

"Yes, mam, he was our father," said Sam.

"How do you know our father?" asked Dean.

"He helped, Charlie, Baby's father, out on a case a few years back. He was a good man, I'm sorry he passed."

"Yeah, me too," said Dean. Baby saw the hurt expression on his face for a split second then it vanished.

"Yeah, he was a good man. Saved my father's life," said Baby and smiled at the boys when they turned to her.

"Well, why don't you take them to see your father while I finish cooking and you, young lady, get back here so we can talk about your little stunt you pulled."

"Oh, mom," said Baby walking pass the boys and then turning to face her mom. "That's not the worst thing you've heard come out of my mouth." She winked at her mom and her mom made a noise that sounded almost like a growl and snort put together. Baby laughed and motioned for Sam and Dean to follow. "Plus I need to go see how Kat is. Where is she?"


"Woo hoo, pool time," said Baby to herself. "Follow me boys, we're going to Papa Bears study." She walked up the first flight of stairs, the boys following, and down the hall to her father's study. She stopped at a closed door and knocked. "Papa?"

"Come in, Baby."

She smiled and opened the door. She grinned seeing her father and ran up and hugged him. "Hi, Papa Bear." Charlie was a man that looked like he had gone through a life of hell. He was bald, dark brown eyes, scars on his face and looked like he was older than what he really was. Baby let go of him and turned to the boys. "Dad, this is Sam and Dean Winchester."

Charlie eyed the two, studying them and then smiled. "Hey, boys, Baby treating you alright?"

"Yeah, yeah, she's been something," said Sam. Charlie motioned for them to sit down and they did.

"That's Baby, the youngest and wildest of my trio." He patted Baby's back and she smiled.

"I am amazing aren't I?"

"And she's a little conceited girl. The youngest Harrison hunter."

"Harrisons have been hunting for a while?"

"Three generations of hunters. My grandfather worked in a child's psych ward and a young girl came in. She was talking about things that no child would ever know, especially at the age of six. She kept claiming her name was Meredith and her real name was Sarah. My grandfather took an interest in her and studied her."

"The demon let him study her."

"Yeah, it was all fun and games for Meredith till my grandfather learned the truth about her. He performed an exorcism on her. She fought a good fight but like always, she was sent back to hell."

"And the girl?" asked Sam.

"Sarah didn't make it; the demon was too strong for her. That's when my grandfather left the hospital and started hunting. He wanted to save others. So, here we are today still doing his work." Baby smiled at her father and then looked at the boys, her eyes remained on Dean's for a while and he smirked at her. She bit her bottom lip and got up from the desk.

"Well, I'll leave you three alone to get to know each other." She walked to the door.

"Where are you going?" asked her father.

She turned and smiled at him. "Swimming." She walked out the door and Charlie shook his head at his youngest and then looked back at the boys. "She's a fish."


Baby came up from the water and leaned on the edge. "I win." She smiled at her older sister, Kat. Kat had long dark hair and light blue eyes. Kat and Baby both had the same high cheek bones and strong chin from the Harrison side. Their bodies, believe it or not, just like their mother before she had kids. Kat was four years older than Baby, she was twenty-three and Baby was nineteen. Yes, she was the youngest.

"So, are they cute?" asked Kat and she started floating on her back.

Baby got out and sat on the edge. "Yeah, you can say that. I mean, the one, Dean, he is hot and Sam is the adorable younger brother. He looks like a teddy bear."

"I love teddy bears," said Kat. Baby laughed and stood up. She walked over to her lawn chair and grabbed her towel drying herself off. She turned the radio on and smiled. "I love this song!" She turned the volume up and 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl?' by Jet. She twirled around and sang the song. "So 1, 2, 3, take my hand and come with me, because you look so fine, and I really wanna make you mine. I say you look so fine and I really want to make you mine!" Kat laughed and leaned on the edge watching Baby dance around. "Oh, 4,5,6 c'mon and get your kicks
now you dont need that money, when you look like that, do ya honey." Baby grabbed the towel and shook it in front of her.

"Woo!" yelled Kat and started clapping.

"Yo, Dean, look at this," said Sam. Sam and Dean had gotten settled in to stay only for a couple days, to make sure no more demons were around Alabama. Dean and Sam got their own room, but Sam went in to check on Dean and of course Dean had gotten the room with the balcony. Dean walked out and leaned on the railing and saw what Sam was looking at. The Harrison sisters.

Kat was in the pool cheering on her sister Baby who was dancing around in just her bikini. It was a black bikini. Dean watched as the sun shown down on her and the water glistened off her, she looked like she glowed. He long blond hair was at the middle of her back and it was being tossed right and left when she moved. She moved her hips expertly and Dean felt himself taking a deep breath.

Sam patted Dean on the back and laughed walking into the bedroom. "Don't even think about it. Charlie would cut your dick off and feed it to you."

"Come on, Sammy, she's too young," he said and stood up straight. He took one more look at Baby and then walked into his room.

"She's eighteen, don't you remember those girls from the high school last year."

Dean chuckled. "Oh, yeah." He scratched the back of his neck and yawned. "After dinner I have to go and get my baby."

"Baby?" asked Michael walking by with a guy with dark hair. "You talking about my sister?" Michael had long golden blond hair and dark brown eyes. He was fit and wore muscle shirts and sweatpants all the time.

This time Sam chuckled. "No," said Dean. "My car, I left it about a few miles away from the town your sister blew up."

"Good old Baby. By the way this is Cutter. I can give you a ride to your car unless Baby beats me to it. She hasn't driven in a while."

"Kat! Baby!" yelled Sharon out the door. "Dinner!"

"Race you to the kitchen?" asked Baby wrapping her towel around her.

"Let's go Baby!" yelled Kat and started running.

"No fair! Cheater!" yelled Baby.

"There's no fair in hunting!" yelled Kat running into the kitchen. Baby ran up behind her and jumped on Kats back. Kat screamed and fell to the floor. Kat turned around and grabbed a fistful of hair. Baby grabbed some of her hair.

"Just because you're older doesn't mean anything!" yelled Baby and Kat rolled her over and pulled more hair.

"Girls! Girls! Knock it off!" yelled Sharon, she walked over them with plates in her hands.

"Alright!" yelled Cutter as he, Michael, Dean and Sam walked into the kitchen.

Baby slapped Kat in the face. "Just because you're the baby doesn't mean you can get away with everything!"

"Old Bitch!" yelled Baby.

"Young Slut!" yelled Kat and Baby turned her over and pulled more hair.

"Baby and Katherine Harrison! Don't you make me get your father!" That still didn't stop them. Sharon put her hands on her hips and looked at Michael who was standing back with the others watching and laughing.

"Alright, Cutter, help," said Michael as he grabbed Baby who was kicking the air and Cutter grabbed Kat before she could grab Baby again.

"They always do this," said Cutter looking at Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean weren't really paying attention to what Cutter was saying. They were paying attention to the cat fight that was happening between the two hot sisters. Kat in her pink bikini that seemed to be ripped on the top now and Baby was panting from the fight and her hair was wild and her top was starting to untie. Michael put Baby down tied it back up. Cutter hesitantly put Kat down and the two girls hugged each other.

"I love you, Baby Girl," said Kat.

"I love you, Kit Kat," said Baby.

"I am very confused," said Dean watching the girls make up. The girls let go and turned towards Sam and Dean.

Baby smiled at them. "We're girls Dean, we make up faster than a cat gets high off of cat nip."

"That was the weirdest comparison I've heard come out of your mouth," said Cutter laughing.

Baby and Kat still had their arms wrapped around each other and Baby noticed the way Sam was looking at Kat. "Oh, Kit Kat, you didn't meet the Winchester Boys. This is Dean and this young handsome man is Sam."

"Hey," said Dean feeling a little left out that he didn't get an introduction like Sam.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Dean," said Baby and she let go of Kat and put her arm around Deans shoulder. Even though they didn't really know each other, Baby was the kind of person that didn't care who you were, she would still talk to you and treat you like you're part of the family. "This adorable, handsome, attractive man is Dean." Dean gave them a cheeky smile and the girls laughed. Baby turned her head to face Dean, "Better?" He nodded and they heard someone clearing their throat behind them. The four of them turned to see Charlie standing there with an eyebrow raised. Baby giggled and took her arm off of Dean. "Hi, daddy, I was just introducing Kat to the brothers."

"Why don't you two get dressed?" he asked.

Baby giggled and grabbed Kats hand and ran up the stairs. "Oh my god! Sam is so cute!" whispered Kat harshly. "You are freaking amazing that you found those two."

"Well, you're the one that sent us there, so you are the one that gets the thanking my dear sister."

"We both get the thanking," said Kat and they separated to their room.

Kat and Baby came down dressed and arm in arm. Baby was wearing a short pink dress and her hair was in a messy bun. Kat was wearing low rise jeans and a black tank top with her hair still down and a little wet.

"There are my girls," said Charlie. "Cleaned up and not fighting."

"Oh, Papa Bear," said Baby sitting down on the right side of him and in front of Dean. She smiled at him and Kat sat down on the other side of her mom. "Where's the fun when we're not fighting, right Kit Kat?"

"Righty oh, Baby Girl." She blew a kiss at Baby and Baby pretended to catch it.

"I'm sorry for our crazy family," said Michael who was sitting between Sam and Dean. "Well mostly for my psychotic sisters."

"Well being normal is overrated," said Baby and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I agree," said Dean. Baby grinned at him and sat up a little more. Kat chuckled a little started eating some of her food.


"Has your sister always been so…" started Dean. He sat between Baby and Michael in the cab of the pickup. Baby was going high speed down the dirt road and screaming and laughing.

"Crazy, yeah. She was dropped on her head a lot as a baby," said Michael and held onto the dashboard as she stopped. There in front of them was Dean's baby.

"You've got to be shitten me," said Baby and she jumped out of the cab, Dean followed in suit. "A 1967 Chevy Impala, best year for the Impala." She turned to Dean and put her arm around his shoulder. "You are a God."

He smiled. "Nah, just call me Dean." Yup, Dean was definitely attracted to Baby but she was about ten years younger than him. And her dad was a scary man.

"Why don't you show me how she rides?" Baby asked and Dean could have sworn there was a little twinkle in her eye, a mischievous twinkle and seduction in her voice but that could be just him.

"My pleasure," said Dean and he took out the keys.

"Michael go ahead, Dean's gonna show me how she is." Michael nodded and backed up and drove off. Baby was so excited to be driving in a 1967 Chevy Impala. She was totally in love…with the car. She got in the passenger side and Dean started her up. "Ugh, listen to her purr." Dean glanced at her before putting her in drive and smirked.

"You like that?" he asked and drove off heading towards the Harrisons.

"That's freaking hot. I love muscle cars, they're fucking sexy." Dean grinned. He loved getting compliments about his baby especially from a hot girl. Baby ran her hand over the dashboard feeling how smooth it was and then over the leather seats. "I would do anything for a car like her. She is B-E-A-Utiful."

Kat was in her father's study reading up on omens when she saw Sam walk by. "Hi, Sam." Sam stopped and turned back. He couldn't get Kat off his mind. She was very beautiful and seemed a little crazy, but not as crazy as Baby. Sam probably couldn't handle someone like Baby, but Kat, she's different. Sam walked into the study and saw her sitting on her father's desk with her legs cross and a book in her hands.

"Hey, Kat," he said and sat in the chair in front of her. "What are you up to?"

She smiled at him. "Just reading up on some omens. There have been a lot of demonic omens happening all over the world lately."

Sam tensed. He knew why. The Apocalypse. "Really? Baby said you could track demons."

"Mmhmm, also ghost and certain mythical creatures. It's my talent. I grew up learning how to do it and now I'm as good as my grandfather, maybe even better."

Sam chuckled and got up and sat on the desk next to her. "Where were you a few years ago?" Kat looked at him oddly and tilted her head. The look he got from her sent shivers up his spine. He gave her a crooked smile and sighed. "My mother died in my nursery when I was a few months old…" And Sam proceeded to tell Kat the whole story about what happened to his mother, how his father became a hunter after that, how is old girlfriend Jess had died the same way, the yellow eyed demon, Ruby, Dean going to hell, the demon blood, and the Apocalypse. "And then we ran into Baby and Michael." He turned to face her and she seemed to actually be listening to him. She listened without cutting him off, asking him why, no, she just sat and listened to everything he said so she could understand him. Kat put her hand on his shoulder and gave him a little smile. "Well, you have the Harrisons now. No need to be alone in this." She kissed him on the cheek and he smiled. He just didn't know if now was the right time for him and Dean to have people like the Harrisons in their lives.

"It just seems every time we get close to anyone, or if anyone helps us, they end up dead," said Sam. He noticed it and he'll be anything Dean has noticed it too.

"Don't worry about the Harrisons, Sammy…or Sam…"

"You can call me Sammy." He smiled. He liked the way she called him Sammy. It wasn't like Dean. He made Sammy sound like a chubby little brother. Kat made it sound like a strong man, he didn't know how, if it even made sense, but she did.

She grinned at him and took a piece of hair out of his eyes. "Hunters need to stay together in this kind of situation. Nothing can get passed our gates, they're iron and salt. You're safe here. If you ever need refuge of some kind, come to the Harrisons, there will always be a room for you and your brother…you know you're going to have to talk to my father about the whole Apocalypse thing, unless he's already seen it with all these omens." Sam nodded. He didn't want to keep secrets from the Harrisons, he seemed like he was able to talk to these people. They were hunters that didn't judge and they were a family. A family that Dean and Sam never had a chance to have or even get close to. Maybe the Harrisons are what the Winchesters need after all.

A/N: Does anyone know where I got the name Baby from?!?! No NOT Dirty Dancing!!!