Sam, Dean and Kat were sitting in the study looking over a map of their little town in Alabama. "So what exactly is a shapeshifter and how can we find it and what it has done with Baby?" asked Kat. Kat and her family never dealt with anything else other than demons so right now she felt like a rookie in the supernatural department and she didn't like it one bit.

"A shapeshifter is what it sounds like," said Sam looked up from the map and at Kat. "It's a creature that was born just like a human. It can change into anything it wants but has to kill the person to be able to take its form."

"You think it killed Baby?" asked Kat.

"No, that's not really true, remember when one took my form, he just knocked me out," said Dean glancing up at the two and then back down at the map. "But it has taken the shape of Roxanne that for sure we know."

"But why?"

"A shapeshifter gets bigger urges than most humans and I guess this shapeshifter saw Roxanne's job and well…" Sam grimaced as Kat sighed deeply.

"We brought that thing here and saw a feast."

"More like a playground," said Dean. "Do you know where exactly Roxanne did her business?"

Kat bit her bottom lip and looked over the map. "Well, mostly around the edge of the city." Kat pointed towards the areas.

"Sam, didn't we see that those murders were found around here," said Dean pointing at a street with his knife, "and here?" Sam nodded. Dean sighed and ran his hand over his face. "Looks like this shapeshifter likes sex and murder." Dean smirked and Sam cleared his throat and looked at Kat. She was worried.

"Don't worry Kat, we'll find her," said Sam rubbing her arms reassuring her. Kat looked at Dean and he nodded.

"Yeah," said Dean and he looked down at the map trying to figure out where exactly Roxanne, the shapeshifter, would be. "Kat, is there any major water mains in this area?"

Kat turned back to the map. "Yeah, it starts here," said Kat tracing the lanes with her finger, "and ends here."

"Alright looks like we know where they are."

"How do we kill it?"

Dean and Sam grabbed their jackets. "Same as anything else." Dean checked his gun to make sure it had ammo and closed it smiling at her.


Baby shouted out in pain again and almost blacked out from it, it felt so horrible. Roxanne just stuck a little carving knife into her side. "Oh, Baby, you can live with one kidney." Roxanne laughed and took the knife out looking at Baby. Baby's right eye was black and blue, she had a bruise on her left cheek, her bottom lip was bleeding, and she had cuts in random places. Roxanne loved the feeling she was getting from this torture.

"Please, please, stop," whimpered Baby. "Please why are you doing this?"

"You know, you sound just like me when my parents tried to kill me." Baby tried to lift her head to get a good look at Roxanne but she just felt so tired and weak from the abuse her body has taken. "You see my real body is a hideous ugly thing, that's why I take shapes of other people. That's why my parents wanted to kill me. They say every parent loves their child no matter what they look like, well that's a lie." Roxanne picked up a lighter and smiled at Baby. "They tried to put me on fire in our basement, to kill me."

"I'm sorry," said Baby. She never thought she'd be saying sorry or begging for mercy to something like this. "I don't know how it feels to have a family hate you…"

"Of course you don't. You have the perfect family! The Harrison family."

"Perfect?! Haven't you been listening in the last forty eight hours, demons are after us, it's not that perfect."

Roxanne skipped over to her and put her hands on Baby's cheeks. Baby let out a breath of pain from her touching her bruised face. "But you have a family that loves you, cares about you, and someone that likes you." Baby looked at her face. "That's right, you see I study you people. I've been studying people for ages now, I know all the signs. Dean was lying to you in your room. He cares about you so much." Baby looked away not wanting to hear this. How did she know?! It's not true none of it. Baby saw something move behind Roxanne in one of the tunnels. It was Sam and Kat. "There's denial in your eyes." Baby looked back into hers. "But he does and you do too. You two are just so freaking blind! It's so amazing!" Roxanne let go of Baby and spun around in a circle and looked back at Baby. "When I saw you when I came into your house, I understood the jealousy Roxanne had for you. You are so beautiful, well was, and I saw the way Dean looked at you."

Dean was hiding behind the one wall waiting for the signal from Sam and Kat. He was standing there listening to everything Roxanne said and felt his heart beat against his chest. "And the way you looked at him, the fire deep inside of Roxanne knew she had to get you to think he liked her. It was wonderful." Dean saw a reflection of Baby and Roxanne in a piece of broken glass on the floor. He grinded his teeth seeing how battered Baby was. He felt anger wash over him and looked up wanting to know what was taken Sam so long! He wanted to kill this bitch before anything else happened to Baby.

"I had to make you two think you weren't suppose to like each other." Baby felt tears fall down her cheeks and Roxanne mocked her. "Awe, Baby girl don't cry. It'll be all over…later."

"Then what?" asked Baby. "You take my place."


"I think my family will know the real Baby from the fake one."

Roxanne grinned. "I don't think so. Then I can make Dean see how much you care about him instead of hiding those feelings like you do. I just can't wait to feel what you feel." Roxanne pulled out the lighter and flicked it with her thumb. She smiled staring at the fire. Baby tried to move from the chair but was too weak to even move her hands. Roxanne grabbed Baby's face. "Now, I'm sorry for this sweetheart but we're going to scar that pretty little face of yours." Baby watched the lit lighter get closer and closer to her face.

"Stop right there!" yelled Sam as him and Kat rushed out from the tunnel. Roxanne turned around and took a couple steps away from Baby.

"Where's Dean usually you two are inseparable? Or does Kat make up for him?" She laughed.

"Right here bitch," said Dean coming out from the wall he was hiding behind. He was waiting for Sam and Kat to come out so he could have a clear shot at Roxanne. Roxanne turned around surprised but too late to run from the bullet that shot her straight in the head. Roxanne fell back and hit the table with the instruments and fell to the ground. Dean turned around to Baby to find her passed out from everything. Dean touched the pulse on her neck to find that it was steady.

"Is she…" started Kat.

"No, no," said Dean untying her. "She's just passed out." He picked her out of the chair and held her in his arms. Sam and Kat looked at each other knowingly but didn't say a word. They all heard what the shapeshifter said about those two. Sam just wondered if the two would actually get out of their stubborn ways and talk to each other about everything.


"I still think we should have stayed until Baby woke up," said Sam as he and Dean unpacked their things in a little motel.

"She's alright, she has her family," said Dean. Truth is he wanted to be there when she woke up but he just couldn't get himself to do it. Seeing Baby all broken and helpless like that killed him inside and all he wanted to do was hold her and tell her it was all going to be alright and that he was going to be there to protect her. He didn't want any harm coming to her anymore. The shapeshifters words haunted him, every single word it said. "Plus, we can't stop hunting and doing what we do every time Baby or Kat gets in a situation."

"You know you don't mean that."

Dean took a deep breath and looked at his brother giving him that look as in I'm not in the mood to talk about this right now.

Sam nodded at his brother and then rolled his eyes when Dean turned his back on him. Sam understood why Dean didn't want to break down his walls and let his feelings out towards Baby or anyone but some day he is going to have to. At least he hoped.

Dean came back from putting his stuff in the bathroom to find his phone vibrating. He picked it up to find a text message from Baby. He opened it and it said…Leaving without so much as a goodbye loser.

Dean chuckled to himself and closed his phone as Sam walked by to get to the bathroom. He opened it back up when Sam closed the door. Didn't want to wake you. Dean waited till she texted back, he was actually waiting, Dean never waited patiently for anything.

I just wanted to say thanks. You guys seem to show up at the right time.

We're just great like that.

Cocky much?

Dean smirked and heard the door open in the bathroom. Sam quirked an eyebrow at him and went to his bed to sleep. Dean looked back at his phone when it vibrated again. Can I ask you something?

Dean felt something twist in his heart. You just did.

Asshole…meet me somewhere?

Aren't you supposed to be resting?

Restless, please?

Alright, I'm in the Blue Springs Motel.

I know the bar next door, meet me twenty minutes.

Dean shut his phone off and walked into the bathroom. He looked over himself in the mirror to make sure he was looking as good as always and grinned at himself. Of course he was. He headed towards the kitchen and made himself a little sandwich and waited a couple more minutes till he knew it was time. He wrote a note to Sam about where he was going on a sticky note and stuck it to his head. He laughed a little and walked out. He headed towards the bar and saw Michael's pickup truck in the parking lot. Yup she was there. He walked in and saw her sitting at the bar. He wondered, how the hell did she get herself in this place and sit at the bar without being carded? Unless…fake ID. He walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder. She turned her head and smiled at him. Even though she had dark bruises on her face, she still looked beautiful to him. "What's a girl like you sitting by herself in a place like this?"


It's been two months since the girls had seen the Winchester boys. They said they were working on getting the colt and to stop Lucifer. Meanwhile, the Harrison family was still trying to track down their own demons. Things have been quiet, a little too quiet, as if they were waiting for something and it was driving the Harrisons nuts.

Baby was in the kitchen with Sharon. "Oh, but Mama Bear I dance around in my towel and show Mr. Cranz everything I got!" Mr. Cranz was their next door neighbor who was old and a little out of it. Baby was cracking up at her mother's face.

"That is not funny!" yelled Sharon. Baby was backing out of the kitchen laughing when she heard, "Giving your mother a hard time again Baby?" Baby turned around to see Sam and Dean putting their bags down on the floor. A huge grin spread across her face and ran up to them.

"Sam! Dean!" She ran into Sam's arms first and hugged him.

"Hey Baby," he said and they let go. Baby turned to Dean and hugged him tightly. She hugged him a little longer than Sam and Sam gave them a weird look and she let go of him. She smiled at him and the boys noticed what she was wearing. A short black denim skirt, a gray vintage Batman shirt, from the original cartoon and knee high black boots.

"You do know it's fall right?" asked Dean raising an eyebrow at her outfit.

"Only outside," she said smiling still and she looked at the flowers in Sam's hand. "Awe are those for Kit Kat?"

"Figured I surprise her," said Sam smiling.

"Is that the reason you two are here? A surprise quickie for Kat and Sammy?"

Dean laughed and high fived Baby. Dean looked at Sam and stopped laughing when he saw his face. "That wasn't funny, Baby," said Dean coughing a little.

"I'll take you boys up," said Baby and they followed her up the stairs and towards the study. Baby knocked on the door. "Kit Kat?"

"What's up Baby Girl?" asked Kat. Baby opened the door and stuck her head in. "I got a surprise for you?"

Kat looked up and gave Baby a look. "Coming from you it can't be good."

"Oh trust me, it's good." Baby opened the door more and Sam walked in.

Kat's face brightened up. "Sam!" She squealed and ran jumped out of her chair and into Sam's arms. She looked up and kissed him tenderly.

Baby turned to Dean and smiled. "Why don't I show you to your room and we leave these two alone?" Baby closed the door and her and Dean headed up to the room he always stayed at.

Kat let go of Sam and smiled and then remembered what she looked like. A total mess. Her hair was all messed up and she was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. "Oh my God, I look horrible."

"No," he said and cupped her cheek in his hand, "you're beautiful." She smiled and he handed her the flowers.

"You are always so romantic." She kissed him again. "So, what do I owe this surprise visit?"

"Well, we were nearby and I thought it be a good idea if we came to visit."

"It's been two months." Kat pouted.

"I know but you know with everything going on, I can't be too careful."

"I know."

"How is the demon hunt going?"

Kat put the flowers down on the desk and smiled at him. "Does it always have to be about work?" He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her. She kissed him back tenderly and passionately. It's been two months since she has seen him and all she wanted to do was be as close to him as possible. Sam picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He sat her on the table and wrapped her arms around his neck. She ran her hands on his shoulders and then stopped them at his neck. They stopped kissing for a second and she bit her bottom lip. "Sam…"


"I think I love you." She ran her fingers across his cheek.

"I think I love you too." He smiled at her and leaned his forehead against hers. "No, I don't think…I know. Will you marry me?" She sat there staring into his eyes to see if he was serious or not.

"So, how long you and Sam staying?" asked Baby. She was sitting on the dresser in his room rocking her legs back and forth. Dean was unpacking the last of his things and put his stuff in the bathroom.

"Don't know, Sam and I may have found something about those demons that are after you." Dean walked back into the bedroom and smiled at her. He leaned on the dresser his arms on either side of her. "Did I tell you how hot you look in that outfit?" She smiled at him and shook her head no. He kissed her. She kissed him back and he let go. "So, when are we going to tell them?" He kissed her again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Tell who what?" She kissed him.

"Your family and Sam," he said and kissed her again. "About us?"

She tilted her head to the side and grinned. "I don't know this sneaking around is kind of fun."

Dean chuckled shaking his head and then leaned his head against hers. "You are bad."

"You know you like it." He nodded and kissed her. She sucked on his bottom lip and she opened her mouth letting him kiss her more deeply. She ran her hands through his hair and he stepped between her legs pulling her closer to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He missed her so much. The last time he saw her was a few weeks ago when he was nearby and he finished a job with Sam. He met up with her at another bar. It was an ongoing thing between the two for the past two months ever since that night he met her at the bar. He let go and smiled. "I forgot how good you taste."

"Well, I'm glad I could refresh your memory." She kissed him one more time. "Now how about we go downstairs and I cut you some apple pie."

He raised his eyebrows and smirked. "I have my own apple pie up here." He started nibbling on her neck. She giggled and gently pushed him away. "They may be wondering where we are."

"Hmmm…let them wonder." He kissed her again. "I've just missed you so much." The two were so involved with each other not to notice the door open and then quickly shut.

Sam looked at Kat and gave her a crazy look. She furrowed her eyebrows. "Well, is Baby in there?"

"Uh, yeah…"

"Well, why don't we go…" She started for the door and Sam stopped her.

"I don't think that's such a good idea."


"I warned you." Sam opened the door again and Kat's eye bugged out of her skull. Her sister was sitting there making out with Dean on the dresser. "Baby!"

Dean and Baby let go of each other and looked over to Sam and Kat. The two of them walked into the room and closed the door. "What the hell is going on?"

"I thought you would know," said Dean smirking. "You've been doing it with my brother every time we visit." Baby hit Dean in the arm gently telling him to stop. He gave her an apologized look and she smiled a little. "How long has this been going on?"

Dean looked at Baby again. "That's a long story…"

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