Chapter 3

Dragonballs Attack!

As Goku and Bulma where running down the road unknown to them an wild wolf-man had pick the old turtle for it meal. "Come on goku your so slow!" GHAHHHAHH!! Just then then the wolf-man appears out of know where an attacks with great speed. His mouth spits out white ooze, as he sword spin around in the air. His eyes rolled back in his head as his tail hang around his waist, but before he could make an attack. He was kick in the side of the head by goku flying kick. It was all over and done with.... Bulma didn't even see what happen, but she knew whomever it was. Was not an match for goku. After that little attack, Goku and Bulma decide that it would be best if they quit playing around, and head straight for the beach.

30 Min's later the three of them finally made it to the beach and, the trutle climbs down "thanks for the help you two, I want to give you an gift please wait here?" As the turtle turns and dive into the water. Goku along with Bulma watch for the shore as the turtle left. "Goku now that were alone along do you want to do it?" As Bulma turn to goku she pawns on the young man and is taken on the beach shore.

Elsewhere at an old house on an little island an old man was planning how to get an hot chick over his house. "hhheheh O I need a girl! An girl with lots of boobies, and some with an nice ass..." As the old man thinks his thoughts out loud. The sound of an turtle could be heard calling out.

Back at the beach Bulma was on all four barking like an dog as goku shove his manhood into her tight pussy. Bulma continuing barking as her pussy was already full of lustful saiyain juices. " Take it!!!" Goku call out the name of an attack "SEED!!" Goku dick fires like an rock sending Bulma in the ocean water head first. "DAM GOKU!!!" Bulma climbs out of the water and, looks at her fat stomach. "I need to clean myself out." As Bulma sit there spread her legs forcefully shooting out all his sperm.

As Bulma finished squeezing out all the man gush out of her swollen vagina . Bulma notices an weird shape in the distance. "He must be back" as she finish clean herself; she walks over to see that her dress has finally... "Good It, nice and dry... Goku the Turtle is coming back.... Goku?" As Bulma lefts the dress over her head she feel an incredible push and falls head first into the sand. "GOKU!!!!! NO!!!!!!!" But it was too late, Goku fire an shot so powerful it cover the young girl form head to toe. "GOKU!!!!" As the women jumps up form the incredible push she had once felt. She could now see the turtle was getting much closer to them. "Okay goku let get ready to met them and go get dress!"

An few Min's later the Turtle appears with an man on his back. Both goku, and Bulma look at old man "I back, and I want you to met an friend of minds. His name is KameSennin!" They both look at each ,and nod.... "Okay so which one help you out Turtle?" The turtle smile and point to the old boy. "Good job boy, I have an present for you... Come Immortal Succubus!!!" As they all look into the sky nothing happen then, "Master KameSennin the Immortal Succubus died form giving birth to 1000 babies." Bulma eyes look at the evil man with stupidly "Oh that's right okay then how about this... COME TO ME KINTOUN!!!" Bulma was the first one to notice the cloud approaching them. "IT AN CLOUD!! IT FLYING!!" Goku look at the cloud and tries to eat it!!!! Lucky KameSennin stop him with an good arm move! "You don't eat it you ride!!! IT WILL TAKE YOU ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!" Goku looks like it was all an lie, and with then "I'll show you how it will work!" Then the Turtle Master jumps high into the sky and with and BOOM!!! He crash into the ground and lands on his back. "THAT WHAT YOU GET OLD MAN!!", as bulma laughs out loud pointing at the man.

As the old man tried to figure it all out Goku jump onto the cloud and took off with and clash of lighting behind him. After an few min, Goku returns to the others with graceful eye's and "thank you for the cloud." As goku takes off on the cloud again, Bulma runs up to the Sennin "Can you give me an gift two?" The Sennin looks at the turtle and ask, "Did she help you out?" The turtle shook his head no, "Please give me something too!" Bulma look at the old man... "Hmm if you show me your panties I might have something for you." The turtle look at the old man and turn his head. Bulma smiled and nod, "Sure I'll show you my panties." With an quick pull into her bag she give KameSennin her underwear. "I hope you like them..."

The Sennin look at all the panties in his hand, and ask "Can you show me the kind your wearing?" Bulma look at him and grin, "Are you sure you want to see what, I'm wearing?" The Sennin nodded.... "Okay!! You ask for it!" With an quick move Bulma left her dress over her head and shakes her low have of her body and puts them back down. "HOW DID IT LOOK!?" The KameSennin face had turn beat red and his mouth was cover in blood... "I see was it that good? Hehe I might do more if it an good gift." The KameSennin eyes begin to bleed tears of joy as he thinks of other gifts. Just then Bulma notices the round object around his neck. Bulma looks at it with great joy and notice what it is. "THATS AN DRAGONBALL GIVE ME THAT!"

Bulma calls Goku over within an few second they do an small overwhelming victory dance. "I didn't say you could have that!!" Bulma smiles as she pulls out an camera, and thorough it at KameSennin. "I hope your ready..." as bulma starts to left her dress up nice and slow. The KameSennin does not misses his change and takes hundreds of pictures, and with that he leaves. "DAM I'M GOING TO LIVE AN LONG LIFE! I'm so glad I met them...."

Elsewhere Goku and Bulma had recalled there capsule form it pill,and bulma went to change her clothes. She exits form the building wear an all white outfit, with dark gray boots , and dark sun glass on. After she re-locks up the capsule house she hopes onto Goku Kintin, or should we say she tried to... It was an complete failure bulma gets up form the ground,and smiles. "I though so, I'm too broken heart to ride it, and with that two head off.

IT took them 3 days to get to the next town but what would they find.