Doctor Who: Battle Wounds and Scars Galore

By Nathan Mullins

Starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Chapter Seven: A happy ending?

The TARDIS appeared from out of nowhere, on a street corner in Camberwell Green. No one had noticed the wooden blue box, and that was part of the TARDIS's charm. Every other man, woman, and child, went on with their everyday lives. They ignored the 'blue box' because of how it seemed not to belong to their 'modern day culture'.

The humans the Doctor had saved lurched from out of the TARDIS, the Doctor a close second behind them. Amy followed her companion, watching the humans in front of him, dancing around, with their arms flapping around in the air, with wild grins on their faces. Then, they all paused, and turned to the Doctor.

"Well?" cried one, looking up into the sky.

"Where are we?" asked another, looking at the Doctor for an explanation.

"Where do you think you all are?" replied the Doctor, raising his voice above the 'chitter chatter'.

No one dared to reply, whilst the Doctor was busy projecting his voice.

"I've brought you all home!" he exclaimed. "Is that not what you wanted?" he hollered at them.

They refused to speak up for themselves.

"Come on Amy, let's go," said the Doctor, taking her hand, and leading her back towards his ship.

"Where?" she asked him, not quite sure by what he meant.

"Anywhere you like," he told her.

"Through time and space?" she asked him, in all but a whisper.

"Yes," he responded, happily.

"Fantastic!" she stated, excitedly.

"That's what I once said," the Doctor added.

"And these humans?" she asked him.

"I've already given them their freedom, now it's up to them to do what they please."

The Doctor climbed into his ship, and then just Amy waved goodbye to those she and her companion had saved, she saw a girl, not much younger than herself, and she was metamorphosing into something other worldly.

She thought to tell the Doctor, but it was too late. He was already ready to take off, and just as she shut the doors, the TARDIS dematerialised. Within seconds, she and the Doctor were spiralling throughout the time vortex, on a whole new adventure, just waiting for them.

The Doctor and Amy are now traveling companions in time and space, and their adventures continue in...

- 'The Immortal King'