Unwanted Situations

Summary: Gohan gets caught up in a crazy life changing experiment when he attempts to rescues Erasa who was kidnapped. The results of the experiment leave Videl believing that Gohan has bulimia and she is out to prove it to the world.

Warning: This story does contain Male Pregnancy (Mpeg)

Beater read by ASP AUS

Chapter 1

Walking away from the school or Orange Star High school were four teenagers, two with blond hair and the other two with black hair.

"Videl, do you want to come shopping with me this afternoon?" asked the blond haired girl, Erasa, who always perked up when school ended.

"I hate shopping," Videl replied in a dry tone, "and I have to train with my father in his dojo this afternoon."

"Aw, how about you Sharpie?" Erasa queried, turning her attention to the other blond teen.

"Love to babe, but I also have to go to Hercules Dojo and train as well" Sharpener replied thinking of the fact that he was one of the lucky few that got to train personally with the man that defeated Cell.

"What about you Gohan?" Erasa asked clinging to the arm of the quiet teen.

"I kind of live far away from school, so I have to head home now if I want to make it home before morning" Gohan answered, glad that he could use that as an excuse to get out of shopping even if it did only take him 15 minutes to fly home when he took his time.

"I guess that means that I have to go by myself then" Erasa pouted - disappointed by the fact that she'd have to go alone.

"If you took any of us it would be like shopping by yourself anyway" Sharpener said. "I only go to the store for the sports centre, same for Videl, and Nerd boy would properly only go there for book stores and nerdy thinks like that and the food court, then you would get kicked out because of the amount of food that he eats."

"I can control myself eating in public." Gohan said defending himself. "Now if you had been shopping with my dad or my little brother, they properly would get you kicked out of the food court."

"I think that is the first time I have heard you mention any other family members besides your mother" Videl grilled Gohan.

"My dad died a few years ago, I was actually meant to start school the year that he died but mum kept me home a few extra years so I could help if anything went wrong while she was pregnant then while my brother was little. It still kind of hurts to think about dad. As with my little brother we have never really had a conversation before where it was worth bring up." Gohan replied.

"Your dad died that must of been so sad" Erasa said.

"Sorry to be insensitive Nerd boy, but Videl and I really need to be heading off." Sharpener said saying his goodbye.

"See you both tomorrow at school" Videl said annoyed at being pulled away from her Gohan grilling session and followed Sharpener to her father's dojo.

"I'm sorry about your dad and it sounded like he died before you brother was born, that must of been hard." Erasa said kind of awkwardly before running towards the shopping centre. "I'll see you tomorrow at school" Erasa shouted as she turned around to wave.


Around a corner not that far away from the teens, where two men who had been watching them for the whole afternoon. Both the men had dark shades and hoodies making it very hard to recognize facial features. The shorter of the two men cleared his throat and began speaking. "Both those kids are our targets. Which one are we going after first?"

The taller of the two men who seemed to be in charge though before answering "The blond girl, the boss said the black hair kid was going to be hard to trap."

"But he seemed small, frail and quiet the geek" the small man argued.

"He is properly able to think his way out of any situation, we better get a move on if we are going to bring the girl in." The tall man said walking out of the shadows and in the direction that Erasa had headed.

Erasa was halfway to the shopping centre when she noticed that she had two people following her. She could not see them following her but she could sense there ki. Erasa had learnt basic ki control and ki sensing from her father as well as extensive martial arts. Erasa believed that she could beat Videl in martial arts quiet easy but knew that it would be a blow in her friend's ego if she ever did. Not liking the situation Erasa changed directions and started to head towards the train station instead. It was closer to her location and should have a heap of teenagers heading home from school which she could hide amongst.

"We make our move now, the girl is onto us" the man said.

"All right" the other man replied, speeding up.

Before Erasa had any chance to react the two men jumped out, trapping the blond.

"Who are you people and what do you want with me?" Erasa demanded not letting the fear show in her voice.

"It's not us that want you, it is our boss" the tall man said towering over Erasa.

"And we do not know why he wants you, we just do as he says" the shorter man continued.

Both men put a hand each onto Erasa's shoulder. Before she could make any move at all to defend herself she felt energy drain away and herself slipping into unconsciousness.


It was the next day and sitting at the back of the classroom in their usual spots was Gohan, Sharpener and Videl.

"Does anyone know where Erasa is? Sharpener asked. They were already up to the last class of the day and Erasa had still not shown up to school.

"No, and it is not like her to miss school without telling me about it" Videl said checking her phone for messages for the 20th time in the last 5 minutes.

"Maybe she is home from school sick" Gohan said thinking logically.

"If she was sick she would have been messaging me all day." Videl said still looking at the phone.

"Would you three up the back stop you chattering, this is a time for learning" the teacher scolded, silencing the three teens.


The three teenagers waited for the bell to ring which signalled the end of school for the day. Instead of heading out of the school grounds and their separate ways like the day before the teens went and sat at a table under a tree where they often had their lunch. They had only just sat down when Videls' phone stated to ring.

"It's Erasas home number." Videl said and then proceeded to answer the phone. "Videl speaking."

"Hi Videl. This is Erasa's mother, Mrs Shinhan, did Erasa stay at your place last night? She didn't come home and I have not been able to get a hold of her on her mobile." Came the voice of Erasa's ditzy mother.

"Wait. Did she say her last name was Shinhan?" Gohan asked in a whisper.

"Yes, nerd boy that is Erasa's last name" Sharpener answered back in a whisper, "now shut up so that I can hear the rest of the conversations."

"Mrs Shinhan, I have not heard anything from Erasa either. I will check in with the police station and see if anyone has reported anything." Videl replied, now quiet concerned and ended the conversation.

"Is Erasa related to Tien Shinhan?" Gohan asked as soon as Videl got off the phone.

"Who is Tien Shinhan?" Videl asked.

"Tien Shinhan was the winner of the 21st Martial arts tournament" Sharpener replied, proud that he knew something about martial arts that Videl didn't. "And I never asked Erasa if she was related to him."

"Well I'm going to check at the police station like I said I would to Mrs Shinhan" Videl said.

"I'll check the hospital while you are doing that" Sharpener replied.

"I'm going to find out if Erasa is related to Tien." Gohan said thinking that if Erasa truly was related to Tien there was a number of people that would want to take her down.

"What is finding out who Erasa is related to going to prove?" Videl asked.

"There has been a number of times when pervious people that have fought in martial arts tournaments have been or had family members targeted." Gohan replied remembering a story of King Piccolo stealing the names from the martial arts society and targeting the martial artists on the list.

"If that is the case wouldn't that also make Videl a target." Sharpener said.

"I guess." Gohan replied thinking that it would also make himself a target if that was the case.

"I can look after myself, we will meet up at my house in two hours time." Videl said who turned to run off the school grounds.

"Videl." Gohan called, stopping Videl in her tracks.

"What is it Gohan?" Videl said annoying at being slowed down from finding her friend.

"I don't know how to get to your house." Gohan confessed knowing that he could properly find it by locating her ki but knew that Videl would grill him about it later when she realised that she had not told him how to get there.

"Oh right, you've never been there before." Videl said and got a pen and a piece of paper out of her school bag and started writing directions on how to get there. She handed Gohan the piece of paper and put the pen back in her bag and started heading to a safe location to decapsulize her helicopter.

Gohan walked with Sharpener for a bit before going their separate ways. Once Gohan was sure the no one was around he pressed the little button on his watch which transformed him to Saiyanman and started to head towards Capsule corp. to see Bulma.


It was not long before Gohan could see the yellow domed building in West City which was Capsule Corporation. Gohan flew in trough a window which was the Briefs residences and pressed the watch to once again revert him back to normal clothing.

Looking around the room Gohan saw the normally hyperactive Trunks fast asleep on the lounge sucking his thumb; he could here Mrs Briefs in the kitchen most likely cooking dinner. Gohan then proceeded down the hall towards Bulma's lab where he could sense her ki.

Gohan politely knocked on the door before proceeding into the lab. "Hi Bulma." Gohan greeted.

"Gohan, I wasn't expecting you today." Bulma said, always happy to see the teenager. "What brings you my way, that watch of yours giving you trouble?"

"Nothing like that, I came to ask a question regarding Tien, do you know if he ever got married or if he has any kids?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah Tien is married to one of my friends Launch and I believe that they have a daughter named Erasa who is around your age. Why the sudden interest?" Bulma asked.

"I go to school with Erasa and she has gone missing" Gohan said. "I only found out this afternoon that her last name was Shinhan."

"Your thinking it's possible that one of the Z Gangs many enemies may have resurfaced and kidnapped her" Bulma said.

"That's exactly what I am thinking" Gohan replied.

The next hour Gohan and Bulma went over the possible enemies that could have possibly been responsible for Erasa's disappearance and possible locations.

"How come Tien never mentioned Erasa before?" Gohan asked after not getting closer to who could have kidnapped Erasa because of the number of enemies that the Z Gang had collected over the years.

"Your mother never liked Erasa's mother much. Launch has multiple personalities and is a dark blue haired ditz normally, but when she sneezes she becomes a blood haired machine gun wielding bank robber" Bulma said thinking of her old friend.

"Is she a saiyan?" Gohan asked "You know the whole hair going from one colour to blond."

"I never thought of it that way before. If she is, she is the first super saiyan and not Goku" Bulma joked.

"What's this about a saiyan?" Vegeta demanded, who had come back after a week of training on the other side of the planet somewhere.

"My friend Launch, Tiens wife. Whenever she sneezes hair turns from dark blue to blond and her personality changes." Bulma said.

"Maybe she was sent to the planet to be Kakarot's mate, that often happened when missions where meant to be long-term" Vegeta said.

"Maybe it was one of these surviving saiyans that kidnapped Erasa" Gohan said not really thinking.

"Saiyans kidnapped earth stationary?" Vegeta said "How bizarre. Why would they do that?"

"Erasa is Launch and Tiens daughter, she goes to school with Gohan and she has gone missing" Bulma explained to her husband.

"Bulma. I have to be going, I agreed to meet up with Sharpener and Videl and tell them what I found out so far." Gohan said.

"Don't tell them too much, and I will call your mother and tell her you will be late home, actually you come back here after you meet up with them. I will tell her your spending the night, I want to know what your friends were able to find out and it will save you the trip of coming back out here tomorrow when you are meant to baby sit Trunks" Bulma said.

"I guess I will see you later then" Gohan said walking out of the lab, pressing the button on his watch to once again turn himself into Saiyanman and jumped out of the closest window and flew towards Videl's house.


Gohan stood in front of Videl's house double checking that he defiantly was not still in his Saiyanman costume before he rang the door bell. "Videl's house is just as big as grandpa's house." Gohan said as he waited for someone to answer the door.

Hercules himself was the one that answered the door, which was really rare. "I only have time for one autograph and a photo." Hercules said to Gohan.

"Mr Satan, I'm a friend of Videls and she asked me to meet her here" Gohan replied.

"Videl! If you are trying to date my daughter, there is no way that is going to happen!" Hercules bellowed, noticing how scrawny Gohan looked.

"I'm not trying to date Videl" Gohan choked out in embarrassed.

"Then what are you doing here?" Hercules demanded.

"Gohan, what are you doing here already?" Videl said coming up steps followed by Sharpener.

"You said to meet here in 2 hours time and that was 2 hours and 10 minutes ago." Gohan said looking at his watch.

"Has it really been that long already?" Sharpener said looking at his own watch. "I thought we had only been gone and hour and a half."

"Videl! What is Sharpener from the dojo and this scrawny boy doing here?" Hercules asked.

"I asked them to come over, Dad" Videl said.

"But Videl ..." Before Hercules could continue Videl interrupted.

"Our friend Erasa from school has gone missing. Gohan went to find out information on Erasa's father, Sharpener went to the hospital to find out if she had been checked in there and I was at the police station seeing if any information of her whereabouts may have come through. We are now discussing any information that we may have found out."

"Erasa, that blond kid that is here nearly every weekend?" Hercules asked.

"Yes, now come this way to the kitchen and we will discuss what we have found out so far" Videl answered.


The group of three teenagers sat in the kitchen of Satan Mansion, Videl's father checking in on them every now and again to make sure there was no funny business going on.

"The only report that I have close to Erasa's resemblance is a blond haired girl getting mugged by two men near the train station yesterday afternoon around the time school finished. The person reported that the three of them just disappeared into nowhere. He was drunk at the time so the information is not all that reliable." Videl said.

"Erasa was heading to the shopping centre, why would she go in the opposite direction to the train station, she does not even catch the train to get home." Sharpener said.

"I don't know but it was the closest thing that I got." Videl grumbled with a sigh.

"Well I have nothing. No one of Erasa's description was bought into the hospital." Sharpener said. "And I checked out the clinics and private practices with the same results. I even spoke to some of the guys I know she has dated in the past and none of them have seen her either."

"All I have is that Erasa is Tien Shinhan's daughter" Gohan said.

"So we have Erasa possibly being mugged by two men near the train station, only witnessed by a drunk and it that was possibly a revenge thing because her father was a World Champion of the Martial Arts tournament and if she was injured she was not taken to any of the medical facilities in town." Videl said writing down the little information that she had.

"Maybe she realised that she was being followed and tried to lose them by heading somewhere else that was still well populated." Gohan said "At that time of day there are lot of students heading home on the train."

"We're going to have to call it a night." Videl said annoyed at the thought of her best friend in danger and not being able to do anything. "We will regroup here tomorrow morning."

"I'm not going to be able to join you" Gohan said "I have to babysit for a friend of the family all day tomorrow and then babysit my own brother all day Sunday. I will continue searching on the internet and see if I can pull up any leads there."

"Gohan, do you need a place to stay tonight?" Videl asked realising how late it was and how far away Gohans house was.

"I'm staying with friends in West City tonight, the ones that I'm babysitting for tomorrow" Gohan said glad that he had a legitimate excuse.


Gohan played with Trunks most of the next day and occasionally spared with him while constantly searching for a sign of Erasa's ki. He didn't have much to discuss with Bulma the night before, but the mugging story did seem plausible and it was very possible that the men just moved faster then what the human eye could see

It was late afternoon before Bulma and Vegeta returned. Gohan was filling Bulma in on his day when he sensed a weak ki belonging to Erasa.

"Bulma, I have a lock on Erasa's ki, tell my mum that I'm going to be late home and tell Tien that I think I found her." Gohan rushed not giving Bulma a chance to answer before he was gone.

Gohan was already flying over the city before he pressed the button on his watch changing his clothes to his Saiyanman costume. He has lost Erasa's ki again but knew an approximate direction to travel. Just on the outskirts of a small town he found a cave that seemed to be the underground base of some organisation. Once inside the cave he was able to pick up location of Erasa's ki. Sneaking through the base he found a small room with Erasa in it, he forced the door open scaring the captive teenager.

"I'm sorry miss." Gohan said in his super hero voice as quietly as possible.

"Lookout behind you" she screamed, but it was too late, someone had grabbed hold of Gohan quickly draining his energy and slowing Gohan's reaction time. The other one injection Gohan with something that confused his senses making him drowsy fairly quickly.

"The boss really was right when they said he would come to us, Bob." said the shorter of the men.

"The boss is always right Frank." the tall man called Bob said while taking off Saiyanman's helmet. "I didn't know the target was posing as a super hero. If I knew that it would have been easier to set up a trap."

"Gohan!" Erasa blurted stupidly, not really believing that the nerdy guy that she sat next to in school was the super hero Saiyanman that was always saving Videl's life.

"You be quiet there girly" Frank threatened, throwing Gohan in her direction.

"Leave him here and activate the shield. If the boss is right it should weaken him considerably" Frank said walking out of the room. Erasa felt the shield take effect and went and sat down next the unconscious Gohan. Even though Gohan was unconscious she felt a lot better knowing that she was not going through this alone.


Half an hour later the two men returned, injecting Erasa with the same thing that they used on Gohan. It was hours later before either of them awoke and they where no longer in the base when they did, they where somewhere in the desert.

"Erasa, are you ok" Gohan said feeling a bit sick from whatever was in that drug.

"I don't know" Erasa said and weakly hugging the young superhero.

"Do you have any idea why we are in the middle of the desert?" Gohan asked looking around.

"No, but I know that they had something planned to do to us when you arrived." Erasa sobbed.

"How did you end up there?"

"I was going to the shopping centre and could sense two ki's following me" Erase said getting ready to explain what ki was but seeing in Gohans face the he knew what she was talking about she continued "so in an attempt to lose them I started heading towards the train station. Both of them put their hand on my shoulder but one was jabbing me with the injection while the other was draining my energy so I could not resist."

"Do you think that you will be able to walk?" Gohan asked, wanting to get out of there as fast as possible.

"I still feel sick and dizzy from the effects of the injection and I have no idea what they did to us while we where unconscious" Erasa said while being helped to stand by Gohan.

"I guess our first priority is get back to safety and then work out what they did to us. Nimbus!" Gohan called at the end of the sentence knowing that they would not get very far on their own energy. The golden cloud came into distance. "Apparently only those pure at heart are able to ride the nimbus cloud."

"I don't think I will be able to ride it." Erasa said attempting to get on the cloud, falling through it just as she thought she would.

"I'll hop on first and you can sit on my lap" Gohan said sitting cross legged on the golden cloud.

Erasa then sat on Gohan's lap, Gohan holding onto her waist. "Korin's Tower" Gohan told the cloud once he was satisfied that he was not going to drop Erasa.

"I think it is the safest place to go at the moment" Gohan explain as they were flying through the air.

"I agree" Erasa said remembering watching her mum trying to climb the tower so she could be with Tien when he was training for the arrival of the saiyans.

In the back of her head there was something that was telling her that she was dreaming, while another part could not believe that she had met someone her own age that could do similar things to what she could.

They were not far from their destination when Gohan felt himself starting to lose consciousness again. He felt Erasa go slack in his arms losing consciousness herself. It took all the energy that he had to keep conscious. Instead of stopping where Korin was Gohan had the cloud fly up the Guardians lookout after sensing that Piccolo was there. When they finally arrived at the top and where a good distance away from the edge Gohan let Erasa slip from his arms onto the stone floor of the tower before slipping off of the cloud onto the ground beside Erasa.

Piccolo sensing his student's ki dropping as soon as he reached the top of the tower grabbed the arm of the young Namek Guardian with no explanation at all and dragged him to Gohan's side.

"Oh no, Gohan, what's wrong with him?" Dende said looking at the lifeless body of his friend. "And that is Erasa, Tien's daughter. The same thing that is wrong with Gohan seems to be wrong with her."

Dende got straight to work at healing both the teenagers, alternating between which one he would heal. "It is strange, there seems to be something draining there energy."

"Are you able to heal them?" Piccolo asked concerned about his pupil.

"No, whatever they have is draining the energy that I use to heal" Dende said.

"We'll fly them to Capsule Corp, Bulma and Vegeta might be able to work out what is wrong with them. Plus I don't want his mother coming up here demanding to find Gohan when they notice he is gone." Piccolo said and then bent over to pick up Gohan. Dende picked up the much lighter Erasa and then followed the older Namek to the surface of the planet towards West City.


It was very early Monday morning when both the teenagers awoke. Erasa and Gohan found themselves once again awaking in the same place as each other. Erasa even though she did not recognise her surroundings knew that she was safe because her mother was asleep in a chair beside her bed.

"Where are we?" Erasa asked Gohan in a whisper.

"Where in the hospital wing of Capsule Corp" Gohan answered back, who was trying to move without waking his mother since she had fallen asleep leaning on Gohans bed.

"I'm pretty hungry, do you want me to make you something to eat" Gohan offered as he hopped out of bed testing all his joints making sure they still moved the way they were supposed to.

"I am pretty hungry, I didn't have anything to eat the whole time I was held captive" Erasa said hopping out of her own bed.

Chi Chi sensing movement woke up. "Gohan? He's not here!" Chi Chi screamed, not noticing Gohan standing behind her and also waking up Launch in the process.

"Where am I?" Launch said rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

"Mum, I'm right behind you" Gohan said to his mother, followed by Chi Chi squeezing the air out of Gohan.

"My baby, what did they do to you?" Chi Chi cried.

"I don't know, but I seem fine at the moment" Gohan said trying to peel his mother away from him.

"It was really strange." Erasa said "Why did they dump us in the middle of the desert after the caught you?"

"No idea, but standing around talking is not getting us food" Gohan said with only one thing on his mind at that time.

"I will make you something to eat right now" Chi Chi said.

"I'll help" Launch offered "If Gohan anything like what Goku used to be when it came to food."

"He does not eat as much as Goku and has better manners, but he still eats a lot" Chi Chi said walking with Launch to the kitchen.

Erasa and Gohan followed, listening to their mother's conversation. It didn't take Chi Chi or Launch very long to make something up for the starving teenagers. Coming in just as food was being served was Vegeta, who had just returned from a midnight spar.

"I see that they are both awake." Vegeta said looking at the food.

"Yes you can have some." Chi Chi said "But let Gohan and Erasa have their pick first, they have been held captive a need a good meal."

"Vegeta" Gohan asked, not sure if he wanted to have this conversation in front of Erasa, even if she was a member of the Z Gang. "Normal human sedatives don't work on saiyans, right."

"That's correct" Vegeta affirmed, curious at the teenage half saiyan had been taken captive.

"The two guys that caught me, one of them drain my energy when he touched me while the other one injected me with something that knocked me out fairly quick" Gohan explained.

"That sounds like a technique the Tuples used to use on saiyans that where in small numbers" Vegeta said "But if they where Tuples, they would not have let you go as easily as what they did."


Around 7.30am Bulma – who was not a morning person – had surfaced from sleep having been woken up by Trunks and Goten who had became really hyperactive when they saw that Gohan was awake. Tien and Chiaotzu was soon to join everyone else after their morning training, Tien looked worn out from worrying over his daughter's condition and had only agreed to train after Chiaotzu insisted that he do something to keep his mind off Erasa.

"Erasa, your ok" Chiaotzu said happy to see his best friend's daughter well.

"What day is it?" Gohan asked.

"Monday" Chi Chi answered.

"It's a school day already" Erasa said disappointed to have lost a weekend.

"You two can both stay home after you ordeal over the weekend" Chi Chi said.

"If I don't turn up to school today Videl would properly try to hunt me down and kill me" Gohan said.

"Why would she do that for you missing a day of school?" Erasa said before any of the parents could interpret what Gohan said there own way.

"Videl was really worried about your disappearance and I was meant to be searching for clues about your whereabouts over the weekend and report to Videl and Sharpener about what I found today.

"And you ended up finding me" Erasa said.

"I can't tell them that, but I also did not do any internet searching so I can't show them that anyway" Gohan said.

"Tell them that Trunks destroyed your computer while babysitting him, so you couldn't get on the net" Bulma said coming up with an excuse for Gohan.

"I'll go to school as well so that Videl and Sharpener don't worry about me more than they already are" Erasa said.

"What about getting rescued?" Launch questioned. "Isn't that the first think that they will ask?"

"I'll tell them that Saiyanman saved me" Erasa said remembering Gohan opening the door to her cell in the Saiyanman costume.

"If we're both going to school, we have to start getting ready." Gohan prompted, looking at the time.

"Spare clothes are in the bag at the end of your bed" Launch said to her daughter. "Erasa, make sure you say goodbye to your sisters before you leave, they have both been worried about you"

"Where are they at the moment?" Erasa asked.

"Still sleeping, I will get them up in a minute for breakfast" Launch answered, "just make sure you come out and say bye to them before you leave."


Gohan and Erasa got to school a bit earlier than normal and walked in together which was seen by some of the schools top gossip queens.

"Your sisters are twins?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah the blond one is named Li-an and the blue haired one is Yi-an"

"Yi-an is the splitting image of your mum except for the third eye."

"Both girls are actually are the splitting image of mum, Li-an looks like Mums other personality which you're properly not aware of. The girls even though they look like mum, they have a personality similar to Dads"

"Bulma told me about your mums other personality when I asked if you where Tien's daughter, said that she was the reason that we never knew each other growing up. You don't have a third eye either, considering both of your sisters have the third eye."

"Nah, I'm lucky and missed out on that. There would have been too many questions from Videl otherwise." Erasa said, realising that she would have never had as many dates that she currently had if she did have the third eye.


Just before the bell rung Sharpener and Videl turned up at the school, they where both happy to see the slightly ditzy blond at school.

"Erasa where have you been!? We were worried sick about you." Videl scolded, actually hugging the blond girl which was rare since Videl hated hugs.

"I was kidnapped by these two men in an alley near the train station" Erasa said "They drugged me so I couldn't struggle. I have no idea where they took me or what they did to me, but I was rescued by Saiyanman late last night."

"What are you doing at school if you where only rescued last night, you should see a doctor to make sure you are all right" Sharpener said full of concern.

"I came to school so I could get my mind off of what happened and I saw a doctor last night and this morning" Erasa countered.

"Were you at the hospital to see a doctor last night and this morning" Vidle asked, suspicious.

"The doctor that I saw last night is my mum's best friend. We stayed at their place over night so they could monitor me properly." Erasa explained.

Walking over to the group was one of the girls in their class Angel "Hey guys."

"Hi Angel" Sharpener said.

"Gohan, Erasa, it's rumoured that you both got to school early and arrived together, is it true that you are dating" Angel asked the question that every other student in the school wanted to ask.

"NO!" Erasa said and at the same time Gohan answered: "Um no."

"Okay" Angel said happy with their answer but not believing it and walked off.

"Why did you two arrive together at school this morning?" Videl asked curiously.

"The people who are friends with my parents that I was babysitting for on Saturday which ended up lasting the whole weekend since Mum decided that I could look after my brother there so he could play ..." Gohan said getting interrupted.

"What does this have to do with you and Erasa coming to school together?" Sharpener said irritated.

"What Gohan was trying to say my mum's best friend who is the doctor that I stayed with is Gohan's parent's friend who he babysits for. He ended up babysitting their son and his brother over the whole weekend while his mum and my parent's friend tried to calm my mum down and telling her that I was going to be all right" Erasa explained finishing with a large breath.

"So nothing happened" Sharpener said.

"We found out we are cousins" Gohan said making Sharpeners and Videls jaws drop.

Gohan and Erasa both knew that they were not really related but Goku, Bulma, Launch, Krillen and Yamcha – once his relationship ended with Bulma – considered themselves to be family since Bulma was an only child and the others had no families of their own.

"How are you related and not know about it?" Videl asked sceptical of the fact.

"My mum and Gohan's dad are brother and sister" Erasa said.

"My mum though that I was going to be corrupted if I spent time around Erasa's mum" Gohan continued.

"I think we missed the first class." Sharpener said trying to distract Videl who was giving Gohan strange looks.

"I didn't really want to go to the class part of school, I wanted to see you guys, plus I missed my weekend. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was last here" Erasa grumbled.

"I'll just tell the school that I was called out on Police duty" Videl said.

"I'm expected to wag a certain amount of classes each term to keep my cool statist so this will just count toward that. Bet Nerd boy is worried about missing class" Sharpener said

"Not really, I already know everything that we are meant to be learning and I skip classes all the time out of boredom, skipping a few more will not make too much difference" Gohan said.

"So you actually say you are going to the bathroom five minutes after Videl leaves to wag class. What do you do?" Sharpener said.

"Catch up on my homework for the college courses that I'm taking" Gohan replied, which he had actually done a few times when he realised that Videl didn't need any help from Saiyanman.

"You're taking collage courses, while you're in high school! Why are you even in high school?" Videl bleated, stunned at this new discovery.

"So I could learn to socialise with people my own age" Gohan answered "Mum almost made me become a High School teacher since I've had my teaching degree since I was 12 but changed her mind because I would not socialise with the students the same way as what I do as a student."

"You... already have a teaching degree" Videl murmured in disbelief.

Erasa, Gohan, Videl and Sharpener spent most of the day in the shopping centre since they did not go to school that day. Erasa happy that the ordeal that she had gone through over the weekend was not bough up to much and Gohan glad that Sharpener and Videl did not know the extent that he was involved. Gohan was also hoping that his mum would not mind him missing school since he said that he would go even though she said that he did not have to.


Chi Chi was anxious when Gohan finally got back to Capsule Corp. "Where have you been, young man? I was worried sick about you."

"Schools not meant to finish for another 20 minutes, so why where you worried about me?" Gohan asked wondering if his mother had rung the school to check up on him.

"I didn't want you to disappear again." Chi Chi cried, squeezing her oldest son. "And why did you leave school early?"

"That's my fault Chi Chi. When I got there and saw Sharpie and Vivi I didn't want to go to class so we spent all day at the mall" Erasa confessed.

"You didn't end up going to school?" Launch asked, who had only heard the end of the conversation. "I guess that's ok. A day with your friends should have done you good."

"Your home safe now, that's all that matters." Chi Chi said.