Unwanted Situations

Summary: Gohan gets caught up in a crazy life changing experiment when he attempts to rescues Erasa who was kidnapped. The results of the experiment leave Videl believing that Gohan has bulimia and she is out to prove it to the world.

Warning: This story does contain Male Pregnancy (Mpeg)

Chapter 13

Gohan was really nervous, it was the first time that he had been away since Chiko was born, he was going back to school for a month so that he could complete his final exams and nothing was going to stop Chi Chi's son from graduating; not evil scientist who made her son pregnant, gorges baby granddaughter that demanded food and attention 24/7, the school board, the city having it regular bomb threats or anything else which then had Gohan parading around as Saiyanman, girls except maybe Videl, or any other normal distractions for teenagers. It was actually a lot easier for Gohan to go back to school then what he thought it would be, but the teachers where practically jumping for joy when the Chi Chi had made the request for her son to return. They where only too happy to take back the student who had received perfect marks on the entrance exams and every single test he'd ever taken.

"You don't need to call your mother, Chiko will be fine" Erasa sighed as Gohan pulled his phone out, 5 minutes after arriving at school.

"Look who's talking" Sharpener teased. "You kept texting Gohan the whole of school for a full three weeks after Chiko was born."

"And then you old stopped when I destroyed your sim card" Videl sighed.

"I can't believe you ate it" Erasa ranted.

"It was the only place that I could think of that you wouldn't be able to get it." Videl blushed; she herself couldn't believe that she'd done that.

"I don't think that even I would eat a sim card to stop someone making phone calls" Gohan stated as he followed his friends to class.

"You'd just eat the whole phone" Sharpener laughed.


"As you can see Gohan Son has come back to school for the remainder of the year" there homeroom teacher told the class.

"Gohan, why did you leave?" Angel asked the question everyone wanted to know. They had all tried to get answers out of his friends but to no avail.

"Well uh … you see … I was" Gohan stuttered.

"He's a mamma's boy and couldn't stand the long days away from his mamma and was homesick" Sharpener even made a little demonstration to go with his speech.

The class started laughing at Sharpener demonstrating a mamma's boy.

"What's the real reason" a boy with glasses in the front row shouted above the other students.

"What Sharpener said was true" Gohan blushed.

Only after Erasa and Videl started defending what Sharpener said did the students finally calmed down so that they could begin lessons for the day.


"How are your flying lessons going?" Gohan asked Videl while following Sharpener and Erasa after school finished. Gohan was anxious to get home but the blonds had insisted on him coming with them first.

Videl sighed instead of responding.

"I can try to teach you, um, take over from Erasa" Gohan asked. "She seems more concerned with what Sharpener is doing than anything else at the moment."

"I thought you said you couldn't teach me?"

"Well I couldn't teach you before, but I can now. That is if you don't mind sharing flying lessons with my hyperactive younger brother and screaming baby."

"Come on Chiko's doesn't scream that much"

"Maybe not for you, but whenever anyone else beside mum, you or I tries to pick her up she starts screaming."

"I think your daughters trying to tell you something Nerd Boy" Sharpener shouted out.

"Not in my ear Sharpie" the blond girl hissed, rubbing her ear with her free hand.

"What?" Gohan asked slightly confused.

"That she wants Videl as her step mother." Erasa smirked, catching onto what her boyfriend was doing.

"Don't be silly Erasa" Videl mumbled. "She's only a baby."

"I think that I should be jealous of you, she's my baby but she won't even let me nurse her. You on the other hand …" Erasa chirped, not a hit of jealously or disappointment in her voice at all. "You were also there the first time she moved, I wasn't; you where there when she was born and held her before I got to."

"You could've been there babe, but you walked out" Sharpener reminded his girlfriend.

"That's not the point" Erasa snapped, not happy at being interrupted. The blond then continued on "And you two have both told me on separate occasions that you liked each other."

"When did that happen?" Sharpener asked, wondering if her girlfriend had made it up in attempting to get there two other friends together. Looking over at the two raven haired teens and how much they were both blushing he knew that what she said was true.

"At the martial arts tournament after Vivi was injured she asked if Gohan was allowed to visit, and when Majin Buu attacked the lookout Videl told me that she never got the chance to tell Gohan that she loved him just before we died."

"You really said that?" Sharpener asked, wondering why Erasa hadn't told him sooner.

Videl just nodded, her whole face even more red then before if that was even possible.

"You love me?" Gohan managed to stutter out.

Videl nodded again, wishing that she could curl up and die, but when she looked up Gohan just had a goofy grin on his face.

"We're here" Erasa said, breaking the silence.

Gohan looked up to see that his mother was there with Chiko. Forgetting what they were talking about the teenage father forgot his embarrassment and ran over to his mother and basically snatched his little girl from her arms.

"Chiko I missed you so much today" he said, pulling his baby daughter protectively closer to him "How was she?" he asked his mother.

"She missed her daddy and cried most the day. Other than that she was fine" Chi Chi smiled.

"Erasa what are we doing here?" Videl asked, wondering why Chi Chi was there as well.

"Have fun you four" Chi Chi said to the teenagers. "And Gohan …" the over protective mother pulled her son to the side and gave him a lecture about looking after Chiko while she was away. "I'll have to pick up Goten from Bulma's. I will see you later tonight. Chiko you be a good girl for daddy."

After Chi Chi had left Erasa finally decided to tell Gohan and Videl what they were doing.

"A family portrait, why am I here?" Videl asked.

"Because you are Chiko's future step mother" Sharpener answered on behalf of his girlfriend.

"But Videls not even my girlfriend" Gohan stated.

"You two like each other don't you?" Erasa didn't even bother waiting for a reply before she continued. "So you two are now dating whether you like it or not."

"But" Gohan started to retaliate.

"Don't you want Videl to be your girlfriend?" Sharpener asked.

"I didn't say that I didn't not want her to be my girlfriend" Gohan said slightly confused at what was going on.

"Let's go in or we will be late getting our photos done" Erasa pulled the two blushing teens into the building they were standing outside of.


12 Years later

Gohan, Erasa, Videl and Sharpener watched as their three children were playing. "Zciz sure does look like Sharpener" Videl said looking at her friend's daughter.

"Well Pan sure does look a lot like you when you where younger Videl" Erasa said looking at the girl wearing red.

"She looks a lot like my mother as well when you look at pictures of her when she was that age" Gohan answered.

"I don't get to see Chiko much; do you think that the kai's really did wipe her mind print?" Erasa asked looking at her eldest daughter playing with her two half sisters.

"I guess only time will tell, she's not showing any signs of having a higher than normal ki for her age. In fact she's not even a super saiyan yet." Gohan said hoping that the day would never come where she would complete the purpose she was born for.

"I always have to remind her to be gentle with Zciz when she stays with us" Sharpener said looking at the dark haired daughter of his wife and Gohan.

"Pan's way more rough then Zciz" Videl said with a sigh thinking of how rowdy the two girls could be when they where over excited or fighting.

"She gets that from her mother" Sharpener said in a teasing tone.

Videl gave Sharpener one of her stares warning him to go no further in teasing her.

"Kids lunch time" the voice of Gohan's mother called out from the house next door.

"Coming grandma" Pan yelled, running inside the house as fast as possible, knocking down a portrait of four teenager, Videl holding infant Chiko sitting next to Erasa, Gohan and Sharpener standing behind the girls.

"I think that means us as well" Gohan said standing up and walking towards his parent's house. Looking in the window seeing that his eldest Chiko was already at the table smiling and laughing, totally unaware of the dark existence of her creation.

Authors Notes:

Sorry for the very long wait, this has been finished since before I posted the story. I recently moved house so slowly getting everything back together. My computer that I write on is still packed away at the moment but luckily my stories are stored on an external hard drive, otherwise it would properly be another couple of months before I posted this.

Zciz – Scissors

This is the last chapter and I hope that you all enjoyed.