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She was right, she does snore; but as I gaze down at her, caramel colored curls fanned out around her head and lips slightly parted, it's almost as if life has a mute button and I can't hear it. Part of me wonders why I didn't get here sooner, and another doesn't care; all that matters in this moment is that she's mine. She's mine and no one, not even Adam Ross, can take that claim. I can't resist the urge to trace my fingertips over the structure in her face, those delicious cheekbones that could slice Cheddar because they're so defined and sharp, that strong Greek nose, those plush lips that have the power to make me speechless. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful creature in my life. I don't deserve her. I really don't. My eyes continue to worship her nude body, partially covered by the white sheet of the bed and I realize that I don't want anyone else to see her like this, ever again. I want this to be my reality, every evening and every morning. She needs to belong to me alone, and I'm sure that whatever it takes, I'll make it happen.

I'd never contemplated long term futures with any of the others. The only one who even came close was Peyton and that crashed and burned. Stella's different though, she could be my future and I'd never think that I was missing out on anything. My hand settles gently on her ribs allowing my thumb to tenderly stroke the side of her breast and I am rewarded with a soft contented sigh as her eyes open to reveal those gorgeous green orbs.

She smiles sleepily and yawns, stretching that long lean body and reaching up to rest her palm on my cheek, "Mmmmm… morning."

I grin and lean down to kiss her languidly, "Good morning."

Pulling back from the kiss, I can't stop from smiling, seeing her eyes shut and lips still pursed from our kiss. My thumb caresses her lips and her eyes open again to meet mine, "You stayed."

Her content smile is enough to make any man want to get on one knee, but knowing that I brought that smile to her face has me ready to ask her now. I nod and caress her neck, "You love me Stell?"

Call me crazy, but that's the LAST thing I expected him to ask. I nod with a knit brow and speak softly, "Yes, Mac… I do…"

The look on his face is so endearing and I know I won't ever understand how Peyton was able to walk away from him. Last night was everything I'd expected, and to be completely honest, a little BETTER than I'd expected. I never pegged Mac as sexually adventurous but he surprised me. And now this question has surprised me even more. I'm not 100% sure, but something in my gut is saying that Mac Taylor has turned a new leaf. His hands capture mine as we lie on our sides facing each other, and I'm completely blown away at how natural this feels; how simply effortless it seems to have him here naked in bed with me.

"Stella, it's been a long time since I've felt this way. I can't… I can't remember the last time I felt so complete."

He brings my hand to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to my knuckles as he whispers to me softly, "I love you."

I think I just died.

I never expected that. Ever. Let alone so soon. I swallow slightly and reach up, brushing the knuckles he just kissed along his jawline, "Mac… you don't… I don't need to hear it."

His nod silences me and he captures my hand in his once again, "Yeah, you do."

The silence that envelopes us is deafening as he leans forward and kisses my temple speaking softly into my ear, "You're it Stell. I'm done looking."

Her breath catches as I nuzzle just under her ear and continue, "I'm not saying today, or tomorrow, or months from now… We have time… I just want you. I need you."

I pull back enough to see her eyes glistening as she whispers back, "You've always had me Taylor."

I grin and kiss her softly before speaking against her lips, "Not the way I've wanted."

I press another kiss to his lips and pull back, "What do you want?"

His hand tucks a tendril of hair behind my ear as he grins, "This."

I grin and nod and then he adds, "Til death do us part."

And then I felt love.