The New Boy

This is my new story, obviously. It is another 'twilight-in-reverse' story, vampire Bella and human Edward. I don't own Twilight, Linkin Park, Flyleaf, The red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Muse. Also, I wish I knew Spanish, and I think that it would be awesome to move to Spain, or at least visit, but I do dislike math. Review are appreciated

This story is set half way through the school year, would anybody be able to tell me when American schools go on holidays? I know you get the summer off, but our holidays are different to yours. Thankyou.

"School! Come on everyone, today's going to be great!" Alice's thrilling voice carried up the stairs and into my bedroom. How can she be so happy when she has to go to school, learning the exact same thing that we always do, every time we go to a new high school, every time we move town- which happened way more often then we should have to. We could all teach all of these classes better than the teachers. Honestly, between us we had college degrees in all of the subjects that Forks High offered, plus a variety of others. Unfortunately small towns usually didn't have more advanced courses that we could occasionally learn something from, unlike the big cities. My family tended to stay away from big cities when we were looking for some place new to live – there was too high a chance that we would be recognized. Recognition was a very bad thing for us – especially when it was by a 50 year old classmate and you still looked seventeen, that's always hard to explain. Luckily, most of the human population is easy to convince. 'Oh Bella Swan/ Cullen/ Platt? She's my mother! How do you know her?' – that one almost always works. But then we have to find out if said person actually lives in the city, and we usually end up leaving early. You might be wondering why I would still look 17 after 33 years. Well, I'm a vampire. So is my family, but it's a secret. Obviously we can't tell the humans about our existence. They would be scared of us, avoid us even more. A few 'brave' ones would probably come at us with lighters, and that would just piss the rest of us off. No, it's better this way, even if moving is a hassle.

So why do we know the classes better than the teachers? To stay inconspicuous, my 'siblings' and I attend the local high schools. We start out as young as we can, stay until graduation and then maybe a year or two after that, then pack up and move, then we start the whole thing again. Sounds fun right? Well I'm being sarcastic. I can't really complain though, this lifestyle is so much better than being a nomad – I couldn't imagine living like that. By no means am I a material girl, but I like my stereo system, my car and having a bed to lay on, even if I can't sleep. Creature comforts, whatever. My family only drinks the blood of animals, that's how we are able to stay in one place for an extended amount of time. The nomads are usually the human drinkers. Just the thought of dinking human blood sickens me, as it does the rest of my family. That's why we have chosen this lifestyle, I mean, we were all human once and we didn't kill then did we?(except for Jasper, but he was a soldier, and I know that he didn't enjoy killing anybody.)

"Bella, stop moping and hurry up, you better be dressed, were leaving now!" It was a good thing that I had gotten dressed for school after hunting. Alice was always picky abut what we wore, but I don't understand why she complains. She brought most of our clothing, why does she complain when we wear it? I ran down the stairs, thanking the Heavens for vampire speed and gave Esme a kiss on the cheek before sprinting to the car, sliding into the open passenger seat and slamming the door, earning a hiss from Rosalie. She was driving, and she couldn't stand when anyone hurt the Mercedes. This car wasn't her everyday car, she had her M3, but she took pride in the appearance of all of our cars. She was our resident mechanic and God help you if you scratched, dented or crashed a car. She pulled away from the house and started to race towards the local school.

"What are you so excited about, it's just school Rose." I muttered, rolling my eyes. She was driving faster than usual, and her hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter than usual. "What's wrong?"

"Alice told me that we had to get to school early today. Some big emergency." She rolled her eyes – she shared my view, what could be important at school?

"Is this about the new kid? I think that he is starting today." Emmett was excited

about the new boy, I didn't need to be Jazz to see that. I just didn't understand why, but he was always the same. People like me hated change. I was happy with the way things were and didn't want anything interfering with that. Rose was like that too. Emmett and Alice were polar opposites. They embraced new people and things and changes – I don't understand why, but what did that matter to me? Emmett was Rosalie's mate. She saved him from a bear and they had been together ever since. Jasper was with Alice. They found each other in the fifties, after years of searching – even if Jazz didn't know what he was looking for, Alice did. She had a gift, she could see the future and as soon as she woke up, she had vision after vision of her and Jasper, and eventually them meeting us and our future together. She had no human memories, but said that she would trade all of her old memories just for that first vision of Jasper. She made sure to sit and remember it at least once a week, she wanted to be sure not to forget, even if she knew that she wouldn't. Jasper also had a gift. He was an empath, he could feel and control the emotions of those around him. Unfortunately, he could feel our thirsts as well. We had all thought that he was weak, until Emmett found his singer and not only did he loose control, but so did Jasper. He's doing better now though, we all make sure to feed more regularly so that he can stay comfortable, well, as comfortable as any empathetic vegetarian vampire that goes to school with hundreds of hormonal tasty human everyday can be.

"This has everything to do with the new boy." Alice was bouncing in her seat, again. I don't care if we didn't sleep, mornings just weren't my thing.

"Are you going to tell us what's going on sweet?" I could not tell if Jasper really cared, he was staring absently out the window, studying the trees if I didn't know better, maybe even counting them. He was probably just humoring his wife.

"Nope." She was still bouncing. She's my sister and best friend, but sometimes I just want to strangle her. Then I remember that lack of oxygen won't kill my kind, and Jasper would kill me if I did that, and I just sit back and think calming thoughts.

"Is Carlisle working today?" Carlisle was our leader, the father figure of our family and the voice of reason. He was married to Esme, the sweetest woman ever. She acted like our mother and always put up with us, no matter what we broke. Everything about her just screamed mum, and she was a wonderful replacement. I was closer to her than I was to my biological mother and had no problem calling her mum. She was a better mother than Renee ever was.

"In the night, him and Esme are going to go shopping for some new furniture today, apparently the boys messed up the lounge and table beyond her repair. Are you ever going to tell us what you too were doing?" Rosalie threw an annoyed glare at the backseat. She had been upset that Emmett wouldn't tell her what had happened. Alice didn't even know and as far as Rose knew, neither did I. What she didn't know was that I had gotten home earlier than she thought and had seen the whole thing. Jasper and Emmett had been shit talking each other as usual when Emmett let slip some really, really person details of his and Rosalie's sex life. Now Rose wasn't shy, but she would not want those kind of things floating around the household. Jasper had threatened to tell everyone else and then the match had started. The living room was a mess by the time the others had arrived, but Emmett had won and Jasper made true to his word. He hadn't said anything – I think that that was mainly because he was afraid of Rosalie, even if he would never admit that.

The school was coming into view now, and I started to mentally prepare myself for another monotonous day at Forks High. I tried to lift my spirits, if Alice said something new and interesting was going to happen today, it probably was. You never bet against Alice – I had learnt that the hard way. We pulled into the 'Cullen' car space. Nobody dared parking there anymore, they all got sick of Rosalie's glare if they did. She usually made the owner of the car who had stolen our spot move their automobile. We excited the car, Rose and Emmett heading to building four, the science block where the senior form classes were held. Jasper started to follow them, after kissing Alice on the cheek and taking a deep breath of unpolluted air. Alice and I started walking towards building eight, but before we got there she stopped me, turning me around and placing her hands on my shoulders.

"Bella, newbie will be in your history, your biology and your gym classes, alright?" She looked so serious. I nodded, silently questioning her why I needed to know this. "Just be prepared, alright? I can't tell you everything yet, but all we become clear, just trust me alright. Oh, and take these, you'll need them." I nodded again and she smiled brightly, her mood swings were worse than a pms-ing teenager. I got irritated when she got all mystic like this. She handed me a pair of gray leather gloves. They were stylish, but not to over the top for Forks High. She kissed my cheek and skipped to her form room, waving to me when she got to the door. I shook my head and walked to my room, entering the room and making my way to my seat in the middle of the room. I wished that I was at the back, it was so much harder for them all to stare at me when I was there, but they found a way. After being her for over a year, these humans still hadn't gotten over our looks. There stares pissed me off, if I was human, I wouldn't get a second glance. They didn't care what people were actually like. Angela Webber was so nice, she was caring and sweet, and she was the minister's daughter. But she was quiet and shy and hid behind her glasses. She had a small group of friends and was content with them, which was great for her, but because she wasn't the most attractive girl, and didn't wear revealing clothes, the 'popular' kids didn't bother giving her the time of day. Stupid sheep like humans. Everyone had to be the same. Than they look at people like me and Rose and Alice. We're beautiful to them, but we don't speak to them and if we do, it's usually just a few words or, in Rose's case, an insult, and they still hung off our every move, everything that we said. Just because we were pretty. Disgusting. I put the gloves that Alice had given me on. They fit perfectly, obviously, and didn't make a sound when a clenched my hand.

"So Bella, this Friday do you think – "

"No." I didn't even bother turning my head in Mike's direction. I had tried to let him down nicely, but this had gone on long enough. The boy just couldn't grasp the fact that I was not ever going to date. Everyone else had given up trying to date my siblings, it was obvious that they were all together. This is why it sucks to be the only unmated vampire in a coven of seven – I got all the unwanted offers. I was happy single. I had my family and I didn't need anything else. Plus, I couldn't give these humans what they wanted without killing them, or turning them.

He nodded solemnly and walked back to his seat next to Jessica Stanley, the girl that was quite obviously infatuated with him, but he didn't even notice. He was looking for romance in all the wrong places. I couldn't even say that he would get over me soon, because I had been saying that for months. Form went quick, with the teacher reading the announcements and doing roll call. I tried to block everything, nothing important was happening, just the same – like every other day. This existence wasn't really so bad, I get my family and I get to watch the world change. I hadn't left much behind as a human, so I had no one to miss. Having a child wasn't overly important to me, so now knowing that I couldn't didn't hurt too much. I didn't regret my change, I just wish that something interesting would happen every now and again. But according to Alice something would happen today, and you never bet against Alice. The bell rang and I made my way to English. I didn't have to go far, my form was in the English block so I was just a few class rooms away. We started a new book – Romeo and Juliet. Classic. At least there was a positive aspect about Forks High, the english class reading list was good. Many of my favorite classics were on here, and it made my day much more tolerable. I spent the class reading to book at a human pace, I didn't want to finish it by the end of class, only stopping five minutes before the bell so that I could copy all of the notes on the board. I made my way to the history class, which was only upstairs, but stopped dead when I entered the door way. There was somebody sitting next to my seat, nobody ever sat next to me anymore. They wanted to date me, but they were scared of me too. This boy had an odd shade of copper hair, slightly tanned skin, and gorgeous green eyes. I felt like I could swim in them, their colour was so deep and -

What the hell are you thinking? He is human, HUMAN.

This has to be what Alice warned me about. She didn't want me to be shocked and scare the boy. That was understandable. I put a smile on my face, careful to make sure that it didn't show any of my teeth, and went to my desk. He looked up at me from his folder, and his eyes widened. I made my smile bigger as I put my books on the desk and sat next to him. I took a breath, unaware that I hadn't been breathing, and stiffened. The scent coming off this creature was divine – but in the worst way possible, for him at least. He smelt like lavender and green apples and…. Sunshine? I don't know what urge was stronger, the want to hold him close and breath his scent in for as long as possible, or to snap his neck and drink him dry. Drinking him was winning. I clasped my hands together and thanked God that I gutted myself on animal blood last night and this morning. I don't think that I would be able to stop myself if I hadn't. I heard someone clearing their throats, and looked over to see the new boy smiling timidly at me, but wonder and confusion swam in his eyes. I tried my best not to scare him, for some reason, I wanted this human boy to like me, or at the least not to be afraid of me. He held out his large hand and said –

"Hello, I'm Edward Masen. It's a pleasure to meet you." His smile grew more and more relaxed as I smiled back at him.

The pleasure is all mine – stop.

The blood thirsty monster in me was rearing her ugly head, and I tried to stamp her away. I would not kill a human. I put my hand in his, realizing that Alice must have seen this moment. I wonder if she saw my inner struggles? Would she have warned me if she had?

"I'm Bella Cullen. It's great to meet you too." I wasn't completely lying. His smell was great, and it might get easier with familiarization Maybe I would be able to enjoy it after a while. I pulled my hand from his and clenched it into a fist under the table. I looked towards the front. Holding my breath, I pretended to listen to the teacher giving his lecture on the Civil war but was really studying the boy next to me. He had dark rings under his eyes – probably from lack of sleep The whites of his eyes were slightly blood shot, again probably from lack of sleep. His features were mature, he only had a little bit of childish roundness left on his upper cheeks. His nose was straight and angular. His lips were a soft pink, full and pouty. The looked so soft.

You could kiss him before you kill him. You would like that.

I shook my head, trying to fight away the monster. Why hadn't Alice warned me. Surely she would have seen me killing the boy. A little part of me still wanted to do it. Maybe I was strong enough. He moved then, sending a huge wave of his scent towards me. I stiffened again, I couldn't smell him, because I wasn't breathing, but I could feel his heat. He was to close. It would be so easy to do it now. But then I would have to kill the others. I could lure him out of the class room. Now or after class? It would be easier after. Maybe we wouldn't even have to leave. I could pick him up and run into the forest with him. I would tell him everything – he would know that this was nothing personal, not because of him, just his scent. Just the memory of it was enough for me to want to set my plan in motion. My phone vibrated against my leg. It was Alice,

You won't kill him, you don't want to.

He is special, he makes things better. Please trust me.

Stop breathing.

Keep thinking rationally – Carlisle, the family, you.

Stay strong – Alice.

So she had seen this. I closed the phone and slid it back into my pocket. Edward was looking at it. He shifted his gaze up to mine and blushed. The delicious pooling of blood right under his delicate skin.

Stay strong.

"Sorry." He whispered. "I didn't mean to pry." He turned away from me. Obviously he hadn't seen the text message, he would be running and screaming if he had – or laugh at me. He shouldn't feel bad, curiosity wasn't a bad thing, just as long as Edward didn't find out what I was – that wouldn't lead to anything good. But Alice said that he makes things better. What did that mean? What was there to make better?

"It's alright, just my sister," I smiled at him trying to reassure him. He snapped his head towards me and his eyes widened again. What had I done wrong? " Are you alright?" My voice was laced with concern. Probably too much concern.

He shook his head, like he was trying to clear it. " Oh yer, I'm fine." He looked at me curiously for a moment, I felt like I was being studied. I should have been more uncomfortable by that.

"Miss Cullen, Mr. Masen, are you paying attention?" The teacher asked. He was a stern old man who thought he was better than everyone else, especially those that he taught. If only he knew that a few of his students were older then him, I'd love to see his face.

"Of course sir, I was just telling Edward that I hoped that he was comfortable at the new school." My ability to lie had grown since I was human. Lying was a necessary part of my life. He nodded sternly and turned his attention back to the board, I turned mine back to Edward. He looked bored but was shooting me a glance out of the corner of his eyes, much like I was doing to him. Why was I so concerned about the boy, he was just that, a boy. I needed to speak to Alice. I glanced over towards him again, only to see him scribbling furiously on a piece of paper that he had ripped from his book. I watched in amazement as he finished writing and re-read the note. He rolled his eyes and looked over at me. I turned my head back towards the front of the classroom, not realizing that I had turned it. He pushed the paper towards me, than appeared to start to pay attention to the class. I opened it curiously, nobody had even passed me a note before. I felt like such an American teenager. Bring on the cliché's . He had surprisingly elegant handwriting for a teenage boy, one born in the 1990's at least. His writing was something that was more commonly found in the time period that I was human. It wasn't quite cursive, but some of his letters met. My respect for the human boy just increased. He had written –

So you have a sister? Do you have more siblings?

He was curious about my family? That was dangerous, but my insides got all warm and I almost broke my pen in my attempt to write an answer. I had to be cautious. I couldn't write anything that he could easily question.

I'm one of five. Emmett, Alice and I were all adopted by Esme and Carlisle. I'm the youngest, but I was the first that they adopted, then Emmett, then Alice. Jasper and Rosalie are actually twins, but they are Esme's niece and nephew. She fostered them from her half sister when she and her husband died a few years ago. Alice is with Jasper, and Emmett is with Rosalie.

I slid the paper back to him, and saw as he eagerly tore it open, reading with surprising speed. He raised an eyebrow, I am guessing that he had gotten to the part about the couples. Humans were to judgmental I mean, according to the story none of use were related by blood. He started to write again.

Wow big family.

I had to repress a smirk.

Yer, what about you. And I'm guessing that you're shocked about the couples, right?

He nodded sheepishly after reading the note. I took the paper back.

Not surprised really. Everyone is. But none of us are related by blood, except for Rose and Jazz, so this isn't a big deal.

He took the paper back, wrote quickly and then returned it.

If you don't mind me asking, do your parents know? Are they supportive about that? And I'm an only child, a bit different from you.

It's alright. My parents know and they have stopped fighting it. They know that they love each other and they don't like secrets in the house. They are just happy that we told them, instead of having to find out a different way. I know how you feel about the only child thing, I was one before the adoption.

He was surprisingly easy to talk to, well, write to. I hadn't been expecting that. I was interested to know about his life and that scared me. I shouldn't be getting involved with a human – it was too risky. The scent was getting easier to handle. I had started breathing again, trying to familiarize myself. I would have to hunt again tonight, maybe even during lunch. If I had biology and gym with him, where we would most likely be sweating, his heart racing, than I would definitely be hunting during lunch. I had to play it safe.

He went to write back to me, but the bell rang. He looked crestfallen, and I'm sure that I did to. We packed up our things and put them into our bags. He looked at me again and smiled.

"Well, I guess that I'll see you later…"

"Let me see your time table – I'll see if we have any classes together." He smiled brightly and rummaged into his bad, producing a slightly crumpled piece of paper that had his time table on it. Alice was right, we had another two classes together.

"Apart from history, we also have the two afternoon periods together, biology and gym." I smiled up at him, careful not to show my teeth again. "I'll see you then." I walked, a little to fast, from the classroom. Taking a deep breath when I got outside, I steadied myself for my next class, and the onslaught of the scent of human blood that I would have to endure. Making my way to the foreign languages block, I tried to focus on nothing but my French class. But for the life of me, I couldn't get the boy, or his scent, out of my head. What made him so important. He was just like the other humans, except that he smelled incredible. A part of me was dreading biology and having my throat flame when I was near him. I would be sitting next to him no doubt, the only free seat was next to me. The other, much larger, part of me was excited to be able to spend more time getting to know him. He was interesting and seemed to be generally interested in me. That was something different. Trigonometry didn't do much to hold my attention, but lunch was a different matter. I met up with Jasper on the way to the cafeteria, and he agreed to go hunting with me after feeling my intense thirst. I was making him uncomfortable, and I didn't like that, but at least he too would be better prepared. We waited until everyone else had entered the cafeteria, and than ran to the forest. We only took on some dear, they were easy to kill and we couldn't get dirty. By the time that we got back to school, the bell was ringing and we had to get to class, or in my case, I got to go and see Edward. I walked faster than I probably should, again, but this time to Edward, instead of away from him. I was the last one in the class, and his face brightened when he saw me. I sat next to him, and his smile brightened even more, I thought his face would crack.

"Hello again." I smiled at him, quietly putting my things on my desk and hopping up to sit in my stool.

"Hi. So what are the chances that we sit next to each other in all of our classes together?"

I laughed at him, unsure of what to say. Mr. Banner started his lecture then, drawing the attention of the class, except for me. I wanted Edward to start to talk to me again, but he should take his notes, it wasn't fair for me to take away his opportunity to learn. He only got one shot at high school. But then my troubles got solved for me, when he shoved a bit of paper at me.

Shouldn't you be taking notes, you might miss something important.

Ha. If only he knew.

Shouldn't you be? That's a little hypocritical of you.

His brow fell when he read my note.

I was in advance placement back at Chicago, I have already done all of this, my notes are in my old book, which I brought with me. I have an excuse. What's yours?

My mother tutors us sometimes, and I was also in advance placement at my old school. We did all of the basics of this before I moved, and Esme has helped us study it. I know this stuff like the back of my hand.

He re-read my note a few times, before responding eagerly.

Your new here too? When did you move?

We moved from Alaska at the beginning of last year.

Have they stopped staring yet?

I had to stifle my laughter. He must hate the attention that he was getting. I wasn't to surprised. I had seen him walking to one of his classes, after my French class. He was avoiding everyone.

Don't like the attention ? They still do sometimes, but five times the amount of people came when we moved, plus the whole ' siblings dating' controversy happened. That caused so much attention I just wanted to leave all over again.

He nodded sympathetically. We spent the rest of class like that, talking about what happened when my family moved here, and what he was to expect. The bell rang and we gathered our things.

"You want me to show you where the gym is?" Why was I nervous? He was just another human.

You keep telling yourself that, but do you believe what you're thinking?

"Yer, I'd like that." He smiled at me and we headed towards the gym. "So what sport are we doing?" He seemed eager.

"Volleyball, sadly. There isn't even any sand."

"Volleyball? Really?" I nodded my head, with a sad smile on my face.

"You missed out on netball and soccer. We still have badminton, track and tennis to do yet." Sport was horrible, around the humans at least. We had to keep our speed and strength in check, and that was just a hassle.

"Track is good, I can do track." He looked at me. "I like to run." He smiled mischievously. I laughed and shook my head at him, and his heart started to beat faster. Had I scared him?

"Are you alright?"

"That's the second time that you've asked me that today." He was right, I was getting too caught up in Edward, and I had no idea why. The gym uniforms were horrible. The shorts were made of an itchy material and the shirts were unflattering. Of course, Edward managed to make them look good. How did he do that? I couldn't even do that. We were pairing up to dig the balls to each other. I never liked this part of the day, either nobody would ask me to be their partner and I would have to go by myself, or multiple people would ask me. I wasn't sure which was worse. Today was different though. Edward swiftly made his way over to where I was standing, expertly dodging Mike, Jessica and Lauren in the process.

"Hey." I said brightly once he had made his way to me.

"Hi." He said back hesitantly. "Do you want to be partners?" He started to study his feet. He was embarrassed, and it was adorable. I had to resist the urge to coo at him.

"I'd love to." He looked up at me with a hopeful expression and his heart started beating faster than usual. We started digging the ball to each other. I found out that not only was he really good at sport, but he was really competitive. There was a competition every class to see which group could do the most digs in a row, and he was determined to win. We did, of course, and the smile that lit up his face was worth pretending to stumble and chasing a ball around in the air for 43 digs. What was happening to me? After a game of volleyball, the final bell rang and we went to change. Edward and I walked to the car park in silence, stopping only when we came to his car. It was closer than mine.

"How are you getting home?" He was nervous again, and I couldn't understand why.

"My sister Rosalie drives us." I pointed over to the car. Rose was glaring in out direction, but the others were ignoring us, even though I knew that they were eavesdropping.

"Wow, nice car." That made Rose's glare stop.

"Thankyou. Rose does a lot of work on them. "

"Your sister knows cars?"

"Yer, she's one of the best mechanics that you'll ever meet." Now she was smiling.

"That's cool." He nodded thoughtfully, stuffing his hands in his pockets. There was an awkward moment, before Emmett called out –

"Come on Bella! Some of us are getting older here!" The others were all smiling and laughing and I couldn't help the few chuckles that escaped. Yer, some of us were getting older, but it wasn't him.

"That's Emmett. Don't pay him any attention, he's an idiot/" And he couldn't even get me back, not here at least. He shouldn't have been able to hear that. Edward laughed and nodded, saying "I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled.

"Definitely." Walking to the car, I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at my retreating figure, before he saw that I was looking at him, and then got into his car and started the ignition of the silver Volvo. The others were all in the car by the time that I got there, so I slid in to the back seat, and we took off.

"So, Bella made a new friend." Emmett wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Shut up Emmett. Edwards nice."

"He's human." Rosalie's voice was stern and disapproving.


"So? SO he could find out!" Of course I had thought about this, but I didn't want to dwell on that.

"I will make sure that he doesn't."

"Did any of you meet him yet?" I was hesitant, something in my gut was telling me that the way he smelt to me was different than how he smelt to the others.

"I met him in the cafeteria line." Alice was cheerful as always. "And no, he doesn't smell the same to me as he does you. What happened between you and him is like what happened between Emmett and that old lady."

"You mean he's my singer?"

"What!" Jasper and Emmett.

"He can't be. If he was your singer you wouldn't have been able to survive three classes without killing him."

"But Emmett, I had to go hunting after the first class, plus I had hunted earlier. And You were still only like, twenty years old when you met your singer. I'm over one hundred." It made sense that he was my singer, for I had never smelled anything like that before, not even when I was a newborn. It was good that I was practiced, and it was good that I wasn't a human drinker.

"Well than congratulations Bells! I didn't even think about resisting." We were home now, and after patting my head Emmett hopped out of the car and into the house, turning on the TV and starting up the x box. Jasper ran after him, shouting something about guns. Stupid army boy.

"Were going shopping Bella, do you want to come?" Alice really did want me to go, but Rosalie's glare told me that I wasn't really welcome. I gave Alice a hug and said "No Thankyou." Than ran up the stairs, turning on my stereo and letting Flyleaf fill my senses, while I tried not to think about Edward Masen and the drama he was inflicting on my life, without even realizing what he as doing.

Edward Point Of View –

I watched as her car speed out of view, that blonde drove like a mad woman, she was worse than me. I pulled out of the parking lot and sped back to the house. The drive only took about ten minutes going at my speed, and soon enough I was locking my Volvo and trying to remember where mum had put the spare key. After checking the under the mat, under the little statue of a man holding a welcome sigh and on the top of the door, I sighed and put my hand into the pot plant, almost immediately finding the key. It was covered in bark and dirt, obviously she hadn't thought that one through. I couldn't blame her for being a little distracted though. Losing dad had changed her. She wasn't the fun loving, organized family woman that she used to be anymore. She still cared for me greatly, don't get me wrong. She would still look after me and went to work. She cooked and cleaned and asked me how my day was. She got the groceries and banked her paycheck but she just wasn't fully there anymore. It was understandable though, dad had been the love of her life, and now he was just….gone. She pretended to be alright, but I could read her like a book. I saw the way that she would sit at the table, staring at the door, like she was still waiting for him to come home. She checked her phone continuously like he was going to call her, saying that he would be late home again. She still brought his favorite kind of beer even though she didn't drink it and she wouldn't let me try any. Every Thursday she cooked tacos because they used to be dad's favorite food, and it had long ago become a tradition that we eat them every Thursday night. Typically, he was never home late those days. She thought she was fooling me, and I let her believe that she was, it seemed to help. He had died two years ago now. She had been depressed right after it happened, and neither of us liked to mention that time. She just slept all day and barely moved. I'd finally put my foot down. I had had enough of bringing her food that she would never eat and trying to clean her room but being yelled at. I had barged in there and thrown open the drapes, pull the sheets off of her and picked her up bridal style. I put her in the bathroom with clean clothes and told her that I wanted her ready in twenty minutes. She had done as I said and we went grocery shopping. We cleaned her room so that it was free of dust, but hadn't touched anything that Edward Sr. had ever owned or touched. After two years of living in that house, surrounded by memories, I had suggested that we move. I hadn't expected Washington. When I said moved, I meant a few blocks away. I didn't mean rainy, boring , three-thousand-population Forks Washington. But she wanted a big change. So we packed up and within the month we were on a plane here. We had gotten here last Thursday and she had freaked out and made us stop on the way from the airport to get groceries, realizing that we couldn't just order pizza like I had suggested, because it was Thursday night, and Thursday was taco night.

And I had thought that I was making progress. Maybe I should just face it. She might eventually stop crying every time a Van Morrison song played, but she would still be eighty years old eating tacos every Thursday night. Dad dying had affected me to, but I had my sulk and then decided to move on. Mum was still here and she was what was important. We hadn't been that close, the only thing we agreed on was baseball. He was a strict lawyer who fought all the wrong cases, if you asked me. He was harsh and very idealistic. He always worked late and I never really got the chance to get to know him. Whenever we had been alone together, everything had been awkward and we never really spoke, just simple small talk or arguments about everything – as if he didn't get enough of that at work. He thought that my 'dream career' was stupid, that piano was a hobby, not a career. He thought that I needed a hair cut and should have made more friends. He thought that I had bad taste in music and I dressed badly. The only thing that I could do right was hit a baseball, and I even got that wrong most of the time. We just didn't click. I wanted to play the piano for a living. I liked my hair long, and I don't care what he said, I would look funny with short hair and if I couldn't tame it now, I wouldn't be able to with short hair. I didn't want more friends, because I wasn't like most kids my age, or most people in general really. I had different interests and found most people at that stupid school boring. They all wanted to be the same and it irritated me that individuality was something to be ashamed of. I liked my music, muse and linkin park were awesome, and my clothes were comfy and they suited me. I was sad he was died and we loved each other, but that love was more of a 'he's my dad/son so I have to' kind of love.

The new house was a nice three bedroom, two story, two bath house near the forest. The forest was our neighbor on one side. The forest made me miss Chicago. You can't imagine that the sun is outside your window when you live next door to a forest in Forks. But it made her happy, so I shut up and dealt with this my own way. I ran up the stairs, started ITunes and made a start on my homework. Sad, I know, but the only other thing that I had to do was think about Bella, and I didn't want to do that. Homework would help me get my mind off her. But that could only tide me off for so long. I knew all of the answers and was done within the hour. I carried my laptop to the kitchen, starting on dinner and listening to the music, letting it take me away. Mum would be home by five, so we would just have an early dinner. That was a good thing, she would probably be tired. It was her first day at her new job today, and she was bound to be stressed. I let the steak marinate in the fridge and put glad wrap over the salad, putting it on the shelf above the steak. I still had too much time, so I paused ITunes and went to my piano, letting my fingers glide over the keys and thinking of nothing but the music. I was still there when Elizabeth walked through the front door.

"That sounds wonderful dear." She poked her head around the living room archway, smiling softly. She still had problems says the name Edward. That's why children shouldn't be named after their parents.

"Thankyou. Dinners ready, the steak just needs to be cooked. I'll do it now if you want." She smiled at me, nodding.

"Alright. I'll take a shower while you're doing that." I nodded, watching her as she walked up the stairs. I sighed, getting off the piano bench and going back to the kitchen, pressing play on ITunes and turning on the stove. The steaks were done at the same time that I heard the water turn off. I put them on their plates, then put those on the table. I got the salad and took off the glad wrap and put it between the plates. She came back to the kitchen, looking happier in her pajamas than she had in her stiff work clothes. "Smells great dear." I wish she would just say my name. I nodded my Thankyou and started to eat. I just wanted to escape to my new room. Everything was finally unpacked and I wanted to use that to my advantage. There had to be something up there that I could do.

"So how was your first day? Did you meet anyone new, or anyone nice I should say?" And now I was thinking about Bella again.

"Yer, everybody was nice. They all asked the same questions, how I was liking Forks, what Chicago was like, you know?" That had annoyed me. Obviously they would know that I had been asked that before. Wouldn't it be more comforting to ask a new question – make the new kid feel less pissed off. All except Bella, she hadn't asked me about Chicago or how I was liking Forks, and I was glad about that. She was different in all the good ways. "There was this girl, Bella, she was really nice. I have three classes with her. I sit next to her in History and biology and she was my partner in gym. We won the volleyball digging competition together. That was fun." And it had been. She had managed to make that ugly gym uniform look great, she could probably wear rags and make them look run-way worthy. I sound like a girl now.

"A girl?" My mother was surprised, I had never shown an interest in girls, I hadn't even had a girl friend. I had had offers, but they were never what I wanted. Dad had complained about that too. I rolled my eyes and smirked slightly.

"We're not like that mum, she's just my friend. Well, at least I think she's my friend." We had only just met after all. Maybe she was just putting up with me because I was new. Maybe she wanted to talk with me because, not meaning to sound stuck up, but everyone here seemed to want to talk to me. Maybe she just wanted the attention. Was she using me? She had seemed so nice….

One thing that Edward Sr.'s death had taught me was that you couldn't trust other people. The real kicker wasn't that he had died, it was how. But I was being paranoid now. Bella had been really nice and had been helpful. She hadn't dragged me around or even invited me to lunch like that Jessica girl had. She was obviously just talking to me for the attention. Bella had also seemed kind of shy. Jessica definitely had not been shy.

"Not yet, anyway." My head shot up to look at my mother. She was studying her steak with a slight smile on her lips.

"What was that?" I asked politely.

"Just my opinion is all. You've never been friends with a girl before, not since you were five. And you had a look in your eyes when you spoke about her. You like her." I blushed. That's right, blushed. Real manly Masen.

"I don't like her as anything more than a friend mum." I muttered. But I didn't, did I? I mean, she was obviously beautiful, everyone could see that. She was smart and caring and funny. She was very understanding and un-judgmental. She was different than other girls, or other people. She didn't seem to think like them, and I couldn't read her. I was usually very intuitive about people, what their intentions were. But it was like I was hitting a brick wall with her. I was confused, but I loved it. And just like that I had my answer, Edward Anthony Masen had his first real crush. Crap. "And so what if I do, she doesn't feel that way. Besides, she is beautiful, she probably gets guys falling for her all the time."

"Will you tell me about her?"

"I need to know stuff about her first." I smiled up at her.

"Well, tell me what you know."

"Her name is Isabella Cullen, but she likes to be called Bella. I only know that her real name is Isabella because her sister Alice started talking to me in the lunch line and told me. I don't think that she was born Cullen, or her biological parents last name aren't Cullen because Alice introduced herself as Cullen, and they aren't biologically related. She is one of five. Esme and Carlisle Cullen adopted her, then Emmett, then Alice. Rosalie and Jasper are Esme half sisters kids, but their parents died so Esme fostered them. They all lived in Alaska but moved here last year, so she was telling me what to expect. She doesn't like Volleyball or attention, and she was an only child before the adoption. She shy and funny and sweet and caring. She isn't like all the other people there, or in Chicago. She doesn't seem fake. She's also very pretty and her sister drives a kick-ass car. It's a really nice Mercedes. "

"And you don't like her at all?" My mother asked skeptically, with one eyebrow raised. I just shrugged my shoulders and kept on eating. I helped mum clean up after dinner, I washed and she dried. I played piano for a few hours while she read or watched TV. At nine, I stopped playing and kissed her cheek, telling her I was going to my room and that I would see her in the morning. I read until 11 when I fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the window and dreamed about Bella for the night.


I dreamt of her. Yep, I dreamt of the girl that I had only known for a day. The dream wasn't anything over exciting, except for the fact that Bella was there. All we did was walk through the forest, the one outside my window. Whenever I went to talk to her, she would turn to me and put her fingers to her mouth. I all ways stopped talking after that, even if I wanted to talk to her. After what seemed like hours, she stopped walking and sat on the ground. She pulled a pen and a piece of paper just like the one from my history note book. She wrote 'you'll figure this out soon enough,' I went to ask her what she meant, but she put her finger to her mouth again. I took the pen and paper from her and wrote my question for her on the paper. She smiled up at me and shook my head, writing 'It's time to get up now.' And than I woke up to the around of my phone alarm going of. The red jumpsuit apparatus was blaring from the speakers. I groaned and rolled over, slamming the snooze button and dropping my arm. I tried not to go back to sleep, but my subconscious wanted Bella. Eventually, I remembered that if I got up, I could see the real Bella, and that got me up. I rolled out of bed, almost falling on the floor, and slouched into the bathroom to take a shower. Dressing in black jeans, and a loose green and black shirt, finished with my ever-faithful Chuck Taylors, I made my way to the kitchen, where I found my mum was eating toast. I was late though, or more so I just wanted to get to school early, so I kissed her head, wished her a good day and grabbed an apple. I ran back up the stairs to get my bag and shoved my note books in there, then made my way to the Volvo. Speeding to school with Linkin Park blaring from the speakers, it only took me eight minutes to get to the car park. I was one of the first ones there. I turned the music down but didn't leave the car. It was warm in here and I would take that over the mist outside any day. After about ten minutes, the sleek Mercedes pulled up a few spaces away from me, and I watched as first Rosalie and Emmett excited the car. Stepping out of my own car, I watched as Jasper came out next, holding open the door for little Alice. Bella excited the other side, keeping her head down until a light breeze blew past me and towards her, and her head shot up towards me and she smiled brightly. That was weird, but it had to be some freaky coincidence, right? The others walked away, but Bella followed at a slightly slower pace. I walked briskly over to her, catching up to her fast enough.

"Hey Bella, how was your night?"

"Hey! It was good, did you sleep well?" Ahead of us, Alice snorted and her brother Emmett chuckled.

"Yer, strange dreams though." She looked at me curiously, but I just shook my head at her. "Don't worry."

We walked in silence to the english building, and she waved goodbye to me when she got to her class. I smiled at her, and continued down the hall.

"Hey Edward." Alice bounced up to me.

"Oh, hey Alice, it's nice to see you again." She looked like a pixie, she was tiny and her features were so delicate, they were straight and angular. Bella's were to, which was odd. Now that I think about it, all of them had very straight features, they were all very attractive, and I wasn't gay.

"It's great to see you too! Did your first day go alright? Was Bella nice in biology and gym?" She had a strange look on her face, a slight smirk and a twinkle in her eye, like she already new the answer or something – like she was just asking me to be polite.

"Yer, we were partners in volleyball."

"Oh that's good, well I'll talk to you later." She smiled at me again and hugged me tightly, before running off to her form class. I stood there, shocked, before running to class, I was almost late now. I went to my seat and tried to ignore all of the stares that I was still getting. Hopefully, they would finish by the end of the week, but according to Bella, it would be at least two. I was still a little shocked by Alice's hug, I barely knew her and she was already hugging me. Was she always that….friendly? She had been really cold too. Her arms had been very, sturdy. They were too hard for a seventeen year old girl. I shook off my curiosity and concentrated on the announcements. English blurred past, and I was finally in history with Bella. She had beaten me there today, and she was sitting up straight with her face blank. She turned in my direction when I sat down and smiled at me again.

"How was english?"

"Boring and respective, you?"

She smirked. "Pretty much, at least we get to read Romeo and Juliet." She smiled wistfully. So she was a fan of the classics, that didn't surprise me. Maybe that was where so got her vocabulary, she spoke so refined and used words that most teenagers these days didn't use.

"So you like classic books?" She nodded, smiling brightly. She never smiled to widely though, she never showed her teeth. I don't understand why, if she was really happy. She probably had straight and perfectly white teeth, Alice did, and they were similar in their features so far. "What other books do you like?" She shrugged.

"Older books, you know, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Victor Hugo. What about you?"

Now I shrugged. "Your favorites are alright, but romance isn't my favorite thing to read. I like mystery and Sci-Fi more." I blushed slightly. What was with me? I never blushed. "I like Anne Rice, even if the stuff she writes about is completely far fetched." Bella had stiffened in her seat, her mouth open slightly in shock. Had I said something wrong? "Bella, are you alright?" I put my hand on her, but pulled back almost immediately. When I touched her, a spark that felt like electricity charged through me, starting at my hand and flowing up my arm and around my torso. It was incredible, it was comforting and made me feel lighter than I had in years, but I was so shocked by its sudden appearance, that I pulled my hand back. She had snapped her head towards our connected skin, and gasped. Did she feel it to?

"Oh, yer I'm fine. I just saw something strange outside the window." Her voice was tight. I could tell that she was lying, but I didn't understand why. What was wrong with Anne Rice? I like her vampire stories. She nodded at my raised eyebrow and turned to the front of the class, pretending to listen. I saw her glancing at me from the corners of her eyes and chewing on her plump bottom lip. The motion had captured my gaze. They looked so soft and. I was onslaughted with pictures of those lips attached to mine, biting and sucking and -

Stop thinking about her lips, stalker.

I shook my head, trying to stop my incredibly teenage thoughts. The teacher was still droning on and on about a subject that I already knew about. He finished after about twenty minutes, twenty minutes of sideward's glancing and temptation to write notes. He gave us a worksheet to work on, and told us that we could talk quietly after we had finished, Of course, everyone else started talking straight away. I looked towards Bella hopefully, but she was already working on her sheet, and she was working really, really quickly. Not wanting to be upstaged, I started to work, flying through the answers, I had done this stuff in freshman year. This school was so behind. I miss Chicago. But there was no Bella there, only mindless followers. Mind you, the followers were here too but Bella was here, and she made everything better. I can't believe that I just thought that, but it was true. She was different, I already knew that, but I'm starting to think that there was something else different about her. Not just her personality or her interests, but her and her family. They were all freakishly graceful, including Emmett, who was oversized and looked like a twenty year old. They were all attractive and really pale, even more pale than the other people in this town. They all had perfect features and the same gold coloured eyes. I hadn't realized that about Bella at first. I swear her eyes had been black in history, but in biology they were gold, then in gym the were a darker gold. Either I was crazy, or there really was something strange going on. Bella was the same temperature as her sister, I had noticed after our hands had made contact and she was really old fashioned, her taste in books, her style of speech and the way she wrote. She wrote in cursive and it looked like something from an earlier decade – as in the early 1900's. I was probably just reading into things too much now though. Maybe I should stop with the Anne Rice, she was making me read to much into everything.

By the time that I had finished my sheet, I looked over at Bella and she was done too. She was looking at me curiously, biting her lip and staring at my sheet.


"You really know your stuff when it comes to the civil war." I nodded sheepishly.

"Advance placement classes." I shrugged. I had been advanced in everything apart from Spanish, and that was a boring subject though. Why did I need to learn Spanish, I wasn't going to move to Spain was I? She was obviously smart to, but I was curious about her. I wanted to know about her interests, her favorite kind of music, her past.

"You do too I see." Looking over her sheet, I saw that she had gotten all of the questions right. "How do you know so much about the civil war?"

"I was in advance placement for history at my old school and my brother Jasper is a civil was fanatic. He knows everything about it and is constantly reading history books trying to find out more, or comparing them. He also tells you little trivia facts about the war at random times, which are sometimes annoying but helpful." She laughed, and I laughed along with her. She had a beautiful laugh, it sounded like bells and joy, which was very fitting considering her name.

"So how come Jasper knows so much about the civil war?"

"He and Rosalie were born in Texas, so when he heard about the war from his dad, he got really interested. He just….hasn't gotten over the phase yet." She laughed again, and I smiled. "So what about you, any freakish hobbies or anything like that?"

"I play the piano, a lot. That and music in general, my IPod goes everywhere with me." I smiled and she nodded, her eyes lighting up.

"You play the piano?"

"Mm-hmm, I started when I was five, and just kept on going."

"So you didn't go through the winey 'I want to quit' phase?" She laughed.

"No, it took ages for me to even convince my mum to let me take lessons. I had already tried the violin and the cello, so she didn't want to waste more money. But I didn't give up and eventually she ended up just buying me the piano, instead of driving me to the studio everyday." I laughed at the memory, that was the best birthday. "Do you play anything?" She shook her head.

"No, I was always the more literate one, the hale twin's are the more musically inclined one's." She hadn't stopped smiling since the beginning of the conversation, and I liked the fact that I had put that smile there just a little bit too much. "So what kind of music do you like?" She asked.

"Alternative, you know, punk, emo, progressive rock. I also like indie, classical and jazz." I smiled shyly, nobody else liked my kind of music, and I had been picked on because of that more than once. But she liked the piano, and I didn't know anyone else who did, apart from my mum and aunts, but they didn't like the bands I did. Since when do I care what people think about me or my music tastes? The girl was making me crazy, but I was kind of willing to let her.

"I like that kind to!" She started bouncing lightly in her seat. She was a lot more like Alice than I had seen. "Have you heard of Flyleaf?"

I nodded. "I like flyleaf, I've never heard a voice like hers before, it's so different to most of the stuff you hear these days."


We spent the rest of the hour talking about different bands, we hadn't even made a dent in my album collection before the bell went, and I begrudgingly packed up my things and made my way to Trigonometry. This class was possible worse than Spanish. I tried to focus, I really did, but Bella managed to invade my mind again. At least I wasn't dreaming about her. There was something about her that captured my interest like nobody else even had. I hadn't felt this way before, this constant nagging in the back of my head that was wondering what she was doing, wanting to spend more time together, wishing that she was here so that we could make fun of this school and the teachers because we already knew what they were attempting to teach the other students, most of whom cared a lot less than I did. I wanted to be closer to her, I wanted to be her friend and maybe even more than that. I wanted her to want that too. At least I saw her again on the way to Spanish. She was leaving the foreign languages block and heading towards me with her head focused on the ground. She was heading my way, so she probably had a math class. She waved and said "Hey!" when she saw me, and I did the same in return. For the few moments that we were together, that pull in my head and chest went away, but as soon as she left my range of view, the tugging was back and I slouched my way to the classroom, smiling that there was a seating plan and I had a desk to myself. Jessica Stanley was looking at me from her desk on the other side of the class room and she smiled brightly when I looked up at her, waving her fingers flirtatiously and I resisted the urge to gag or roll my eyes. Lauren was next to her, and she was glaring at he 'best friend' but smiled and pouted her flat lips at me when I looked at her. Those two thought that everyone either wanted them, or wanted to be like them. And some people did, but not everyone. They thought they were above beautiful, but they wore to much make up, which really just lessened their beauty and besides, they had nothing on Bella. If only she were here.

Stop thinking like that, you'll see her at lunch.

Bur she wasn't there yesterday, just like her brother Jasper. I had seen them talking while I was walking to the cafeteria, and he had a pained look on his face. I hadn't seen them after that, maybe he was sick. I had made my way to the food line with my hood up and my IPod blasting 'Something' by Escape The Fate when I had felt someone tapping my back. It was Alice, she introduced herself and welcomed me to Forks. She said that I knew her sister Bella Cullen from my history class and I had been so excited that Bella had mentioned me to her sister. I had gotten my food, riding my happy Bella cloud and talking about the town with Alice, then had been dragged to eat lunch with Mike, Jessica, Eric and their friends.

Hopefully she would be at lunch today. I might be able to talk to her again, at least I would be near her. My table was only a few away from hers and her families. Now I was acting like a stalker, again. Maybe one day I would be able to eat with her at lunch. Trigonometry was boring, everything here I had already done. I forgot my hoddie so I couldn't listen to my IPod, and I was cold. Lunch came fast enough though, and I was the first one from the classroom, quite a feat considering I was in the back corner of the room. Turns out that Bella was looking forward to lunch too, as I was walking past the foreign languages building on the way to the cafeteria, she exited the building and almost ran into me.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going, hey Edward." If anything, she looked even more upset when she realized that it was me. I touched her hand and told her that it was alright. The electricity was back in full force, but this time neither of us pulled away. She sighed and closed her eyes, but she must have realized what she was doing because she opened her eyes and straightened up, but still didn't take her hand away. She was still cold, which meant that something was definitely up. The heating in the foreign languages block was up really high, I was warm there and I had no jacket, she was wearing a long sleeved shirt too, but also had a vest overtop and a jacket that almost went to her knees. She would have been hot there, but her skin was still freezing.

She was still smiling contently, as I was, even if I was confused. "Are you alright, your really cold." There went that smile. She widened her eyes and she pulled her hand away, looking over my shoulder for a moment before looking back to stare into my eyes, making me loose my train of thought. I had a feeling that she was doing that on purpose.

"I'm always cold, genetics." She smiled gently.

"Oh, that's weird, Alice is always cold to. Are you to related biologically?" I pretended to be confused, but she saw through me. She shrugged easily enough, but her shoulder were tense. She was either a really bad liar, or just didn't like lying to me. She had done fine yesterday trying to convince or teacher that she was asking me about settling here.

"Coincidence I guess, after living in Alaska for so long, we are just always cold skinned." She laughed lightly. "I wasn't like this when I lived in Chicago." She smiled wistfully. That caught my attention, she hadn't told me that she had lived there. Was she lying? No, she didn't even seem to realize that she had said it, and I trusted her, I don't know why, but I did. Plus, she just contradicted herself, she said genetics, but then blamed Alaska.

"You lived in Chicago?" My voice was louder than I had intended and she looked at me, startled.

"What?" She asked. I pulled her away from the door way doorway, we were getting in the way of everybody else that was trying to leave the classroom.

"You lived in Chicago?" We started to walk towards the cafeteria now.

"Oh, yer I did, before my parents died I lived there with them. The Cullen's where living there and had been talking about adoption, they decided that they were definitely going to do it. They found me just before they were going to leave and they adopted me. They moved with me up to Alaska and we have been there ever since. I was five."

Wow. "What were your parents names? You don't have to answer, I'm being rude – "

She smiled softly and shook her head. "It's alright, they were Charlie and Renee Swan. I was born Isabella Marie Swan." Her tone darkened and her eyes narrowed when she spoke about her parents, and she all but sneered her last name. But she had had such a beautiful name, I mean, her name now was beautiful too, but I could imagine her last name as Swan. She was graceful and beautiful and caring, just like swans are supposed to be.

"You don't like your parents?" I honestly didn't want to offend her, but I was so curious, I couldn't stop the questions. She looked startled by my question.

"Sorry," She said. "I didn't realize that I still said their names with such distaste. I don't remember a lot, but what I do remember, I don't particularly like." Seeing my questioning and somewhat angry glance, she continued hurriedly. " Don't get me wrong, they didn't….hurt….. me, they just weren't very good parents. They weren't ready to be parents and they weren't responsible enough to take care of me, or themselves really." I nodded thoughtfully, I could understand inattentive parenting, but I got the feeling that her case was a little more than overworking and arguments. We were at the cafeteria by now, and her sister Rosalie came up to us and grabbed her wrist. She started to pull on it and glared at her sister, but mostly at me.

"Come on Bella." Rosalie said, pulling on Bella's wrist. Bella had a slight scowl on her face, and her lips were moving very fast. Rosalie looked at her sister, than intensified her glare and looked at me again. I smiled sweetly at her.

"Hello Rosalie." She raised one eyebrow than rolled her eyes and pulled Bella away. Bella turned around to look at me, biting her lip and trying to hold in her giggles. She nodded at me, before almost tripping on a stick that Rosalie had stepped over, in four inch heels no less. I stayed to make sure that she was alright, than turned to the cafeteria and made my way through the students, lining up and hoping to get some food and go to my car before Mike or Jessica or Lauren or Eric could get me to sit with them. I wasn't fast enough. I made my way to the table with Eric chatting to me about the new action movie that was at the cinemas. I didn't care what he said, the movie was probably shit, and I wouldn't be going to see the movie with him. What kind of a name was 'Punch Face' anyway? Where was the creativity? At least the table was near the Cullen-Hale table. Bella and Jasper stiffened as I walked past her, and Rosalie glared at me. Alice poked her and she turned her glare on her. What was she pms-ing or something? Was she always this angry or did she just hate me and her sisters. Maybe she was a no contact kind of person. Not my problem.

No, she's Bella's problem.

And now I felt like Rosalie was my problem too.

"Rose," I heard Bella mutter.

"What, just because you….." I was pulled away before I could hear the rest of the conversation. Just because Bella what? There wasn't a reason that I could go back over and listen to the rest of their conversation. I could ask Bella later, but would she tell me?

"So Eddie – " Mike said as I sat at the table.

"Don't call me Eddie."

"Right….Edward, are you coming to the movies on Saturday?"

"No." Did they really think that I would?

"Why not Edward, we could have so much fun." Lauran's nasally voice reached my ears, and I had to resist the urge to cover my ears and sing. She started to lightly caress my hand with her own, but I pulled mine away before she could reach any further than half way. She pouted and looked confused.

"Because I can't." I need a liable excuse. They were all looking at me curiously. " My mum needs my help, we haven't fully unpacked yet."

"You could do it on Sunday, or Friday night." Eric was starting to wine, that was kind of weird.

"No, I have to do it on Saturday, and I want to."

"You want to spend your time unpacking?" Jessica started to giggle. I narrowed my eyes at her. I don't think that any of them would appreciate my real reason – 'No, I just don't want to spend any extra time with you.'.

"I want to spend the time with my mother."

"You want to spend time with your mother, instead of us?" Why was she so confused?



"Because she's my mother, and I love her, and she's also my friend. I want to spend my time with her, why is that such a big deal?"

Mike was sniggering, Eric had his eyebrow raised and Jessica had her mouth open.

"What?" I asked. They were annoying me. So what if I wanted to spend time with my mother? She was my best friend – granted, I didn't have many friends, but I was happy that way.

"Nothing." They all looked away and started talking between themselves, occasionally glancing at me. I looked over at Bella, and she was staring at me with her eyebrows raised, as was the rest of her table. I bushed, again, under their intense gaze. My glare disappeared and I smiled at her, before turning back and picking at my food, happy that she was looking at me but wondering why she was. Had she heard me from there? Did she think that I was a freak because I would prefer to spend time with my mother than with these teenagers? Why did I care that she thought that about me – if she did. I put my IPod in my ears and turned on Mayday Parade. Only ten more songs and then I would have two uninterrupted hours with Bella. I am way in over my head.