Oldness from livejournal. Another one of the drabble collections/writing exercises I was too lazy to finish. Still might be completed someday. ^^;

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1. Don't Look

He flattened his back against the wall, arms going protectively around his small frame. From the window the sun peered in, casting shadows onto his pale face. He clenched his teeth and a muscle worked in his jaw.

"Yuushi… Stop looking at me like that. I'm sorry." His voice was small. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. Are you mad?" Darkness shrouded his lover and Gakuto could not tell what expression shaped the boy's features.

A sigh.

"No, I'm not mad. I'm… Gakuto, come here." And his voice softened. The redhead crept carefully over, though he paused out of arm's reach. "When did he hit you?"

"Yesterday." If his voice became much softer, it would be inaudible. "It bruised." Yuushi bridged the distance himself and swept Gakuto into an embrace.


2. They'll Never Know

"Won't they find out?" A pink shirt hit the floor, flopping into a corner of the darkened room.

"No." Two jackets slipped from the bed, forgotten.

"They'll hear us, surely." Why was the goddamned buckle so hard to undo?

"No, they won't." A white T-shirt joined the pink one in a heap.

"Mmm… You're not worried at all?" One pair of jeans, one pair of capris. The damned belt followed with a clunk. A giggle.

"Shh… Or they really will hear us." Black boxers had never looked so artful before, lying near the floor lamp, dim light shining.

"They'll find out." A kiss, a moan in the throat. One more pair of boxers on the carpet by the door.

"Oh, they'll never know."


3. I Don't Get It
Warning: mpreg

"I don't get it." He gaped down at the stick in his hand. "Seriously, what the f-"

"What is it?! Gakkun, what does it say?" Jiro pounded on the stall door nervously. "Is it-? Is it-?"

"Shut up! Godammit yes, okay?! Now what am I supposed to do?!"


The word rang out unspoken through the room.

"Shit... Tell Yuushi?" Jiro glanced nervously into the mirror, his own pale face looking back without an answer.

"I can't do that. He'll, he'll- I can't do that. I want an abortion."


4. Found It

"I found it!" A triumphant hand emerged from under the bed, waving the notebook in the air. The book was blue with a black binding and had their names penned on it in a lovesick scrawl. "See, I hadn't lost it. How could I ever?"

"I don't know, but you seemed to have been doing a good job of it," murmured Yuushi, amused. He reached out and took the book as Gakuto wormed his way out, covered in dust. He sneezed as Yuushi flipped to the latest blank page.

"I want to write it."

"You wrote the last one." Yuushi pulled a pen from the breast pocket of his school jacket. "Now it's my turn."

"Fine." He climbed onto the bed beside the taller boy and snuggled next to him, peering over his hands at the book. "Make sure you write the date."

"I will. Let's see. February 14th, 20--. Today is the fifth anniversary of our first date." He stopped writing for a moment. "I can still remember the loving punch you gave my kidney and the sweet way you demanded 'Go out with me'."

"Yeah, yeah. What about that one time you serenaded me outside my window? And you can't sing, just so you know." A comfortable silence reigned. "I love you."

"I love you, too." A warm arm wrapped around Gakuto's shoulders. "Let's see if we can last another year."


5. The Writing on the Wall

"It says 'King Atobe is an asshole.' Oh man, this is great. Oh, oh, 'Hibiki is going out with…' No he's not! I would know." Gakuto pondered the black marker-writing. "Let's see… 'Hiyoshi…is…a…girl.' There." He capped his own marker happily. "Yuushi, do you think he'll know I wrote it?" The blunette looked up from his textbook.

"Yes. You're the only one I know with a pink sharpie and access to the boys' bathroom. Are you done?" He was tired of standing there while Gakuto slaked his thirst for graffiti.

"Almost." He looked around the room speculatively. Then his eyes lit up. "Pick me up, Yuushi!"


"I want to write something on the ceiling." He had his marker poised again and was eyeing a corner relatively free from the names of previous vandals.


"You'll see. Please? Just lift me up, okay?" Sighing, Oshitari did as commanded, boosting his doubles partner up to his chosen canvas.

"What are you writing?" He tried to see past Gakuto's skinny legs but didn't get very far.

"'Yuushi and Gakuto forever.'"

"Gakkun… Can't we just-?"

"No! This is our last year at Hyotei. We need to remain. We need to make a mark. Or nobody will know…" He finished the elaborate kanji with a flourish and Yuushi lowered him soberly.

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