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Kanda is beautiful. He has a fine, pointed chin, a sharp nose, and deep-set almond eyes. His hair is fine and very black, soft to the touch. His neck and chest are finely sculpted, honed by years of work and practice. There are no scars.

Kanda's soul is damaged. Lavi sees it in the way he gets out of bed to train. He sees it in how Kanda brushes his hair in short strokes and pulls it back sharply, that beautiful black hair. Lavi sees it in the lines around Kanda's dark eyes.

Kanda is beautiful, but he doesn't care about that. The only way Kanda sees himself is in the blade of his sword.



When Kanda speaks sharply, Lavi is surprised. For a Japanese exorcist he is remarkably impolite. From the first, Kanda does not like him. Unfortunately, it is Lavi's nature to be liked. He begins to study Kanda. He sees the pride in Kanda's face, the arrogance in the set of his shoulders. He hears the disdain that the man carries for his comrades.

Lavi sees Kanda's determination to win, his respect for the concept of an exorcist. He sees the truth. He cringes to see others ignore this in the face of Kanda's wrath.

So when Kanda snaps and Lavi hears more irritation than arrogance in his voice, he knows that Kanda is tired. He draws Allen away, he interrupts Komui's ravings. Kanda does not thank him, but he doesn't have to. Lavi sees that he is grateful.

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