Some old silliness from Livejournal. Written for ieatchu because she is awesome.

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"Nee, sempai… Do you dye your hair?" He pulled absently at a pink strand, looking closely at the root. Marui-sempai was sitting on the floor beside his bed, reading manga and ignoring him quite well.

"Nope." Pop. Ah. The bubblegum was almost the same color as the hair.

"But it's pink." He could not understand.

"Well, it's natural." Marui turned a page. Pop.

"But pink isn't natural." Kirihara pulled at the hair some more, this time earning a pained squeak for his efforts. His sempai glanced up at him in annoyance.

"You wanna know why it's pink?" Enthusiastic nodding. "Okay, once upon a time-"

"Is this a long story?"

They stared at each other.

"Okay, please continue sempai."

"Once upon a time there was a kingdom. Its main export was bubblegum."

"Its main what?" Kirihara's face appeared upside-down in front of Marui's.

"Its main product that it sent to other countries. Geez, you're really failing history, huh?" Kirihara pouted. "So it sent out this candy to everyone. But this candy was special-"

"Why?" Marui-sempai was giving him that look again.

"This candy was special BECAUSE it was magic, and it made everything that it touched pink." Pop. "In order to eat the delicious gum, you needed to be very careful or your whole body would turn pink forever."



"Sorry, sound effects."

"So, one day my dad was born in this kingdom-"

"Are you a prince Marui-sempai?!"

"What? …Okay, you know what, yeah, I am. So my dad, the king, loved me very much but he was also clumsy."

"Like you." Such a cute face from the little devil!

"Shut it. So my dad was holding me as a baby and he was chewing-"

"I bet sempai was cute as a baby." Kirihara was beginning to look a little bit dazed from his upside-down position. "I bet you were sooo cute…"

"Sit up, Akaya."

"Whew. What were we talking about?"

"My dad was chewing bubblegum and he got it in my baby hair, so that's why it's pink. Now the tragic tale is doomed to be repeated because I like it, too." Pop.

"Oh. I see." Kirihara pondered, and while he pondered, Marui turned back to his book. "So… It's really not dyed?"

"No, it is." Pop.

"But you said!"

"I lied." Pop.


"You talk too much, Akaya." A kiss soon put a stop to that.

"Yeah. So…"

"What?" Marui turned another page.

"Is my tongue going to be pink now?"

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